Teacup Without Handle Emoji

A teacup without a handle, which is commonly used in Japan to drink matcha.

Matcha is a powdered tea that has a distinctive green color, and is served in a small bowl, which otherwise looks like a teacup without a handle.

Teacup Without Handle was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🍵 Green Tea

🍵 Matcha

🍵 Matcha Green Tea


🍵 U+1F375




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kat ‏@messyjeongin

@stayminsungg tea for today 🍵

EWE @ shizun’s donghua fan ‏@eweiwuxian

@MotherOfBees Part 2: here's the Bingqiu we did 🥮🍵🍘🍡 (LBH by Steph & SQQ by Ewe) #ScumVillainsSelfSavingSystem… https://t.co/O69CzKi4Y0

Iain Anderson ‏@iain_w_anderson

@DrToennesen Actually I’m a peppermint tea 🍵 man myself - have not drunk coffee since 2004 🤓

Broadway Deli ‏@BroadwayDeliUk

Today’s hot homemade soup is butternut squash, chickpea & coriander 🥄🍵

🌸 ѕυgα кσσкιєѕ & тαє 🌸 ‏@Janime110

@HerTearAnswer_ Pressed? Not sure who they talkin' 'bout but I'm pretty sure I know who's more pressed than ratmys… https://t.co/ekdT0z0VrM

Uncaptured Soul ‏@khozak

I knew it’s coming soon... Calls for 🍵 @TembekaNgcukai1 Congrats brother well deserved 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿 https://t.co/nof2B8eCnd

🔱 ‏@hoenolulu69

Month full of tea 🍵🤦🏻‍♀️

kacheng_king @ BAM11 ‏@kacheng_king

Katsu Chicken Curry 🍛 and Matcha Latte 🍵 at Kuu Café, South Melbourne https://t.co/wMJFWIWsFA

Debbie Watson ‏@WatsonDebb

Still laughing 😂🍵 https://t.co/n12oO9xNHB

Just Josh ‏@someotherjoshua

Here’s the mfing tea 🍵 My Bumble notifications are more supportive than my friends

z ‏@zallielvictoria

Today’s tea: check ericka and nadine’s ig stories guys HAHAHAHAHA they’re shading each other i cant 😂🍵

Dee ✨ Hobi 💞 ‏@SOPEshands

@simplybenlogica was on fire with the booty guru tea in the last video 🍵

🤡 ‏@h56809087

@sethfis_ @Johnniev03 @JeffreeStar Aged like fine wine 🍵 But u forgot that part where everyone sucks his dick for it

Yume Anime Network ‏@kotatsugroup

A recent design for NPW! based on a compass jellyfish (chrysaora hysoscella). the "tentacles" form from her hair. 🍵… https://t.co/wblvbGP9Rr

Marissa Bjorn ‏@shimmerywaves

MMM, @_DARRIUS_ is servin’ the g o o d tea TODAY 🍵✨ https://t.co/iwOSuNWMVO

Camellia Tea Ceremony ‏@camelliakyoto

Ryoan-ji may be a bit of a trek from the city centre, but it is well worth the effort...& happens to be right next… https://t.co/zy47fuWoQO

seyi ‏@uaxseyi

pizza and green tea 🍵

👑 ‏@stmhpxcara

and that’s the tea 🍵 https://t.co/w5BRC31mtq

Mel Oldham ‏@oldhammel

@tappetgap @MotofestIOMTT @CostaCoffee Double shot espresso for me what's yours Mr T 🍵🏍👍

Kerra is officially stanning Loona ‏@Dionysus_pink

@gcftaennie Gay for all the members 🍵

oreo🍓seeing bts in 🇫🇷 ‏@iloveuyoongs

stolen as usual shjssj what do you think about me? ☁️ : you intimidate me ☕ : i want to be your friend 💫 : i hav… https://t.co/cx9wOlbmEI

##ky 🐣🐥 ‏@pjmsylph

stole this from oomf ♡ what do you think about me? ☁️ : you intimidate me ☕ : i want to be your friend 💫 : i hav… https://t.co/NFGtN0Ikfh

MascotteChows ‏@MascotteChows

🍵 GreenTea Latte Double Shot 👍🏻 https://t.co/5OMDYnP4EV

Staminade ‏@staminade_aus

Did you know Staminade is great for recovering from feeling unwell? 💚 It's a fantastic way to replace lost electrol… https://t.co/0eful0KwNn

Julie Long ‏@JulieLgemini

@stripey2121 Good morning Steve, happy Monday, damp here.. Hampshire play Notts today, not at the Ageas but Newport… https://t.co/2Qbwqk5UQK

Innoveat ‏@Innoveat1

🍵 Darvilles Of Windsor 🍵 Their #tea range includes black teas, fruit and herb #infusions and green teas! Darville… https://t.co/2Zo1sbUr1w

Rebekkaレベッカ😽🌿Weed legalise it in JP‼🙀🆘 ‏@Rebekka_Laurie

It started raining here☔in East Japan🍵🎐 https://t.co/GDkuU4yAWk

Bea💜🌈/ ~BTS PERSONA~ ‏@yiyi_BTSstan

@Renee_Monie @7BTSaf Tea of the day❤️🍵

ari ‏@moonchildontcry

stole this from oomf ♡ what do you think about me? ☁️ : you intimidate me ☕ : i want to be your friend 💫 : i hav… https://t.co/PN9N8KX5Ma

Wait.. Im thinkin ‏@_KookiesCarrot

@bamtseokjin_ @BTS_twt Hmmm... I wonder why 🐝🍵🐉 liked this tweet... how random 🤣

Dom's Sandwich Factory ‏@domsotgiu

Fancy A Brew? Mint 🍵 Tea? Coffee ☕️? Italian espresso based drinks served here all day! Top quality sarnies , vegan… https://t.co/ydTzQzbs3D

cypherddaeng_ ‏@INFPandALONE

@Yoongimoon__ BTS made their own genre wbk 🍵 https://t.co/MOdFWftzYy

yana ‏@alyanabesamis

@_fgxbrielleee should I spill the tea??? chzzz 🍵

U̶̲̥̅̊che P.® ‏@theRealUche_P

@elharsh This Lipton I'm drinking this morning is hanging in between my teeth. Lemme just use tooth pick to pick them out while relaxing 🐸🍵

kristine ‏@starstruckbws

Big tea🍵, indeed 😂 https://t.co/kbMfdL2Spt

수빈 | 🍞 ‏@glazedsoobin

@authentxt @TXT_members beomgyu has a lot of tea to expose🍵🍵🍵

missing 14u :( ‏@mingyuslut

My DGT teacher talked about this and he said he’d rather mark the papers than have students go through that so 🍵

trice 🍪 ‏@authentxt

tea: time 🍵🍵🍵 @TXT_members https://t.co/uD29kxiAVU

bea ‏@beaacxsta

the shade 🍵🍵🍵

Leticia Rangel ‏@collegechica_07

@JeffreeStar The beauty community needs a detox 🤢🤮☕️☕️🍵🍵 too much tea & drama for the rest of the century

#RespectEllaGatchalian ‏@RuzzElla_ph


Enigmatic Ruth™ ‏@NeptunesMonster

@Pratyush0012 It would be my pleasure. 🍵☕

bea ‏@beaacxsta

settlement is being shaded rn 🍵

ً ‏@jonginjournals

@skinnyIisa (i dont know who ur talking ab but!!) theyre not only snakes and just fake people, they're also pussies… https://t.co/ghM0Zovcjx

Sudocrem ‏@sudocrem

Which is best? 🍵 🍫 #soothing #ahhh #anothersoothingmoment #soothingcommunity https://t.co/wvphWjDM45

QUEER OF ENGLAND ‏@elijahjms

Pewdiepie who? We only know the TEA Series by Tati, James, amd Jeffree🍵

Lauv Añover ‏@KoalaBoyy_

@cuddleboii_ @onegreattamaraw the tea 🍵

Llama_the_drama ‏@Llamathedrama1

@emmaneilsonnn @FiffanyLuu @TheAustinPorter The tea is spilled sis🍵🍵🍵

Amanda Victoria🍵 ‏@TeaWithMandyxo

Hello! I'm kinda sad because Game of Thrones ended tonight 😭 So let's cheer up with some cozy Skyrim (ps no got spo… https://t.co/b3NKUcodVv

gwiyeowosoo ◝(ᵔᵕᵔ)◜ ‏@ot9hoe

@lejindaryskj @glpheri tea 🍵 all that and sm is till on top 😂

Elle 👑 ‏@daddyncocogirl

And that's tea 🍵 https://t.co/kGul0ltjrK

🎲 S͓̽i͓̽m͓̽o͓̽n͓̽ ͓̽T͓̽ 🎲 ‏@simontubey

@TwiningsTeaUK I just wanna say thanks for your Earl Grey tea! I mean... I'd tweet Twinnings Australia, but I can't… https://t.co/H5UkMmEG57

Lka_🌼 ‏@IceKopiii

🍒;; @chocolatteii dm moko ill tell u the tea🍵

Office Coffee Co ‏@OfficeCoffeeCo

Time to ease yourself into Monday morning! Whats your favourite brew to start the day?🍵😴 https://t.co/Otmrsn7vWu

Alex ‏@alexpurpletooth

Tati also deleted the "Bye Sister" video...interesting🍵 https://t.co/IsmTllbEZv

Meal Plan ‏@HailieXie

Breakfast: 🍵 Teacup Without Handle (2 servings) Lunch: 🍫 Chocolate Bar (2 servings) 🥕 Carrot (1 serving… https://t.co/QO0QcBEFyV


@MadHatter__666 Good morning Hatter!! 🍵🎩🐇 Let’s hope so!!🤞🏻 I really don’t like Mondays 😫😆 Have a great day my frie… https://t.co/1yQWYzD4sP

I Am Rabbit , Hear Me Roar ‏@Mark76367454

all at CBS3, 6abc, WBAL1090, Philly, South Jersey, DE, MD, The Swamp, and Germany. So have yourselves a cup of coff… https://t.co/sawLcAbSKK

road to 52 ‏@jxbrkn

9:09 ~ 20/05 : no binge 🍵

Elsa Martres ‏@ElsaMartres

It’s time for a break :D ☕️🍵 #PauseCafe #Workinprogress https://t.co/8jAHmn6kri

adrian ‏@adrianjnario

btw if Dave and Dan have been ready to move on from Thrones to rush the last season and upset such a large portion… https://t.co/0dSAkc0lW3

Momi @eating chicken off the 7/11 curb ‏@pastel_pink99

Man, i just wanna watch Arthur and cuddle 😔🔫🙏🙏🙏🍵💅

sane ‏@rsnner

@iMizann em no thats green tea!!! 🍵

lily ‏@lily35995176

@Michael35356041 I am Chinese from Hong Kong China. 🍵🌸😋

Matteo Tarabini Castellani ‏@MatteoTarabiniC

Kinda upset for @JeffreeStar ’s response. Meaning I’m happy he dealed with the situation responsibly but gurl I was… https://t.co/3ri87GWa0J

Z❄️ ‏@zenayee55

OH my-🍵 https://t.co/59wEo0xzR5

El Chico Restaurant ‏@elchicorestro

This healthy & clean soup is a perfect mid-day snack. 🍵 https://t.co/Jtlfy7d7YN

Euphorium ‏@euphorium_uk

Another Week, Another Monday! We hope your week is as bright as this evergreen Matcha Latte!🍵😍 #MatchaMonday… https://t.co/KuCTnVwqwk

biggie smalls italy ‏@tranny_killa

@mobgao_wives @untmpz okurr sis that's the tea 🍵🐸

Peter Blythe 🧚🏻‍♂️ ‏@PeterLBBH

💘🍵The Dixie Cups🍵💘

Aryaaa Stark ☀️ ‏@goal_digggger

Just saw this comment posted on @PBBabscbn FB page and everything he said was on point! So why vote for Ashley? Pl… https://t.co/A2jRuoJQVE

angelica |18| ‏@angelica_sucks

@Rithicc24 @ItsKrazeyJazzy She’s a little slow 😗🍵

Jennifer Paola Teo ‏@paola_teo

Too bad you can’t relate. 🐸🍵


that Human Doings Is apparently the "glue" of the relationship and is the only reason as to why GW and Earth have s… https://t.co/1lgmlG13C0

🕊jrѕĸr🕊 ‏@xJaede

@twitchshaflam @Kylizelol Whatever you say short neck headass 🐸🍵

Arianna Casadevall ‏@joggergirl1965

Then jefree bluffs about having receipts then realizes he has none and had to play “victim” of hopping into the dra… https://t.co/1TieKwbhDo


Is apparently the "glue" of the relationship and is the only reason as to why GW and Earth have still not pulled ea… https://t.co/lx7bmlqm5t

starky ‏@draizenjigs

tea for the directors 🍵 https://t.co/4Cox3MFlgx

Kayla ‏@writtenshawn

So I hear there’s drama on Shawn with some girls at a club? Das none of my business 🐸🍵 so unless I accidentally rea… https://t.co/J6LgIZWu4V

Pachi ‏@pacholo__

It’s been a year since I started using this alter account. Truly blessed with the friends I made and the experience… https://t.co/WJoaO5hjBV

August Moon Tea ‏@AugustMoonTea

☀️ | H A P P Y M O N D A Y | ☀️ ⠀⠀ It is going to be a lovely week for all of you! ⠀⠀ ——— ⠀⠀ We open at 10 am tod… https://t.co/o0gqPIHcGI

not carey ‏@jejeaneane

The 🍵 I can't spill... https://t.co/rP943Aqd8U

Skye-怜 🍁 @ soon it's SangYu week! ‏@skye_lian

@yeasting_laozu There, there Nan. Everything will get better. Let me make you a nice cup of tea 🍵💕 https://t.co/wqis8S2cyL

Maie 🖤 ‏@trishissues

Mah fave morena girl serving us 🍵 https://t.co/KRmPXQIUbT

ℳÃgíÇ 🎩ԎrådℯЯ ℱoЯeX ‏@MagicTradrForex

📈Future outlook for 🇬🇧🍵 $gbpusd #pound based on #banks #institutions 🏦💰 #positions #cftc data 📚 & analyzing 📊 the… https://t.co/JBsE1uXAIh

Kanzaemon ‏@Kanzaemon16

Drawings from yesterday in Yokohama! In order : Yamashita Park, Hikawa Maru, egg coffee in Chinatown 🌿🍵 https://t.co/EYhk91bTS2

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