Tent Emoji

A tent, used for protection from wind and rain when camping. Often shown at night time, under stars.

Tent was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

⛺ Camping Tent

Apple Name

⛺ Tent


⛺ U+26FA




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⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🤠   ⛺⛺⛺ ⛺ ⛺ ⛺ 👇 ⛺⛺ 👇   ⛺ ⛺   ⛺  ⛺   👢 👢 howdy. i'm the sheriff of tent

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Goodnight all. God Bless all you good people. 🏫🌆⛺#offline.

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Always love seeing reactions like this! 🦄⛺ Then receiving this feedback: "Thank you. Girls loved it they said their… https://t.co/32w2REpP1P

Childrensactivityco ‏@kidsactivityco

Always love seeing reactions like this! 🦄⛺ Then receiving this feedback: "Thank you. Girls loved it they said their… https://t.co/tsU95b1H8k

Katarina Ješić ‏@Darinka984

Meanwhile in "slobodna zona" 🌦️⛈️⚡💧⚡⛈️🌩️⛺🚀

Tynee2012 ‏@missdjupset

Lord ONLY knows How Much I miss My Grandma💔😩 #Maworld🌏 #MaSafeHaven⛺ #MaTearcher📒📗 #Maprotector💪🏿💪🏿 #MYEVERYTHING… https://t.co/dfNv4Moxph

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Cubs have had a great weekend at this year's #WolverhamptonNorth District Cub Camp, including ⛺🏹🏎🕸🔥 Many thanks to… https://t.co/JaatnKWLAA

Big Brother Culture Clash ‏@BBCultureClash

So last night I didnt announce anyone due to #Eurovision commitments. 2 NEW HOUSEGUESTS REVEALED TONIGHT! #BBCC7 ⛺⛺⛺⛺⛺

Tsunami Vapor & Glass ‏@TsunamiPremiumV

Don't forget to pack your pipe for your camping adventures! ⛺ #TsunamiGlassandVapor #herb #cannabis… https://t.co/vKf8BGkjHo

Mas & Mbak Duwis Pekalongan ‏@DWKabPekalongan

LACCOUSTIC CAMP ⛺ https://t.co/OwOVoQLcD7

SADIK KHAN🇮🇳 🌹صادق خاں ‏@SadikKh3999

@sHiFa___0302 Ohhhho kya bat hai Good night✨🙏🌠🌃⛺🎠

🌻Ashianna Laderas🌻 ‏@Ashianna_L

Camp🌀⛺ https://t.co/kex9nah41z

jackie harrison ‏@jaq421

Looks beautiful Karen thanks for sharing it with us xxx “Our happy place😎⛺ — at Shell Island / Lanbedr”#sybilontour https://t.co/qIyBY2fbce

Fantasy Character Bot ‏@fantasycharbot

Name: Weaf Doul Look:🦄🧥 Sign:🐓 Specialty:💪 Likes:🐈🥭🥛 Dislikes:🧅🐂🐢 Inventory:🕯🍦📏🏮 Home:⛺

Angelique Mitchell ‏@mamapanda1993

Had a awesome little vacation with the family at the lake. 😍🌞⛺ https://t.co/0E9XBcKxDx

Banner and Oak ‏@bannerandoak

Perfect for the adventure ahead. Nebo Leather - Black was recently rated 5-⭐ by Tim A. Order yours with free shippi… https://t.co/UOP8WL0Oyy

Waybeyondempty ‏@Waybeyondempty2

@Yidette_1882 @MJDtoffee65 There's a situation in Iran right now if it goes South on us, well there will be a lot m… https://t.co/dSXwEe9N2Z

I'm Fine ‏@NotMine10994313

Tonight Moon⛺ https://t.co/yOgTsRI1M1

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Go glamping not just camping @ShawneeInn! Enjoy both a luxurious stay and the peaceful outdoors on an island in the… https://t.co/JrRNIIK5Iy

A N G E 🐰 ‏@A_seventeenth

Moonlight by the beach 😍⛺ https://t.co/gplfAFFZPo

Susan Cord ‏@sue_cord

Ross Presbytery's tent ⛺ is all set up & ready to welcome you. Our 1st visitor got their lovehearts Find us near th… https://t.co/WB9KOMmVqN

The Clowder ‏@LucyntheBoys

I'm in my tent for #Catboxsunday #Murphy ⛺😺 #StrayStrong https://t.co/T5P7SKngkh

K ♀ ‏@krisetteromero

I love you three hundred. 😂⛺🍺🌊 @chalanugan @YanikaIlagan https://t.co/AdtZrgjQO6

Dad Does Drugs Podcast ‏@DadDoesDrugs

In this episode I talk to my 6 & 11 year old girls about drugs: looking after yourself, your friends & not being pr… https://t.co/xkwpnpxHD6

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Toonami_Luv ‏@LindaCote06

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Rupsas Gujun ‏@GujunRupsas

@hvgoenka Is nt the sermon li'l too late in 7 phases of #Elections2019 ? So most imp evaluation criterion for votin… https://t.co/bztuITHQGP

Stella Huntley 22 ‏@22Huntley

@tentsme Wow..this looks amazing ⛺🏕️

Stephan Tietz ‏@stephantietz

Occasionally I tweet about running 🏃, mountaineering ⛰ or the great outdoors ⛺ more generally. In future you will f… https://t.co/C1UTJbN2t1

Julia Johnson ‏@JuliaJo73466165

@TheFestivalsUK Awesome,Cool and Fantastic Prize.✌⛺🎧 https://t.co/WSgktQXilk

bakker1337 ‏@bakker1337

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🤠   ⛺⛺⛺ ⛺ ⛺ ⛺ 👇 ⛺⛺ 👇   ⛺ ⛺   ⛺  ⛺   👢 👢 howdy. i'm the sheriff of tent

name cannot be blank ‏@friendshiptree3

The other day marked a year since I received my Gold @DofE award after waiting 3 years to receive it. I loved spend… https://t.co/Q7D7xf7Jox

Rupsas Gujun ‏@GujunRupsas

@smitaprakash Well, long weekenders achieved everything India could offer. They are not compelled to drink dirty, c… https://t.co/lxUEwfR0cr

genise ‏@gtrrzgns

Overnight ⛺ swimming 🏊 05. 18. 19 💚 https://t.co/OBWHMOKFQ3

James Aria ‏@JamesAria1

@LVTIA @CityAttorneyLA Your Team is needed in CD7, Glenoaks and Osborne, Foothill and Osborne, Van Nuys and Laurel… https://t.co/eDLd2OXCwI

Donna St. Pierre ‏@donnastp

@SawyerFrdrx Goodnight Sawyer 😊⛺🌠😴

FewtureMD ‏@FewtureMD

Spending my weekend camping ⛺ https://t.co/Vg3Ago0QeG

Mark Cipolla ‏@markcipolla

CAT TENT ⛺ https://t.co/pdzoxTapEZ

Fallboard @ BLFC ‏@fallboard

@fuchstraumer @TheRealAsswolf @poodlewool @daijoubucat @killapede Thanks man you guys are so welcome ❤️⛺

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💛♻️🐝🍃🧚‍♀️ ‏@Choose_Lovee

I'm so excited campgrounds opened back at nimisila; full moon looks gorgeous over the lake 😍😍🌅🌌🌕🍀🐰🐸🍄🌲⛺

Crysti Hicks ‏@crystihicks

@pjsilverjeep @fansmattgannan Jeeps 🚙 and more #Jeeps in Aurora, KY/North end of 'The Trace' 68/80 #KenLake ⛵… https://t.co/RcgjYRmDtf

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Theophilus Tettey ‏@Bra_kwetey

I think say the #EclipseOfTheMoon🌇🌆🌒🌑 dey happen for #VGMA20 Tent⛺ under... 😂😂😅😅

Cahya S. Negara ‏@CahyaSwandhika

Camp ⛺ https://t.co/mg088R4WWJ

Fuck Every Emoji 🇬🇧🍆 ‏@fuckeveryemoji

fuck a tent ⛺⛺⛺⛺⛺

Roseto Bandits ‏@RosetoBandits

It's effing happening, people 😒😔😞🐘🐒🐗🐑📷🎃💾🎈🎁⛺🏩🏬⛺💒🔼◀↙🔡 https://t.co/kupuyRUvmG

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Taylor The Tailor ‏@Skye_Bambi

@poicipensoalnik I prefer the objects like 🍩🍪🎂🍰🍫🍬🍭🍮🍯🍼☕🍵🍶🍭🍸🍹🍺🍻🍴⛺🎠🎡🎢🎪✈⛵⚓, as it is communication, it's specific to th… https://t.co/sBLGv0IOkI

NeiLLSTeD ‏@tneilly5

"🤔NoBoDy Wanna PLant Da 🌽🌽🌽🌽BUt EVeRyBoDy Wanna RaiD 🌪🌪🌪⚡Da⛺ BaRn!!!😒😤"

Kyle Humphrey ‏@Astute_Ape

Hey @JeffProbst we have a spot open for you at #jalamabeach the weekend of June 28th! Join us! Wine tasting as well! ⛺🏕🍷

G-Dub (hungry hungry) 🅱️ippos ‏@GDub_B

Congrats to all our graduates this weekend! No one knows how you did it!🐍🐎👌👶🦒🥦🧗‍♀️⛺🗑

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Fantasy Character Bot ‏@fantasycharbot

Name: Rinsteri Idriadour Look:👾🥋 Sign:♊ Specialty:🛡 Familiar:🐜 Likes:🥃🍸🍓 Dislikes:🍪🧰🎣 Inventory:🎫🥁 Home:⛺

Revd. Christopher ‏@TweepMeisterSE

Goodnight all. God Bless all you good people. 🏫🌆⛺#offline.

Khalid Elghali ‏@Khalid10elghali

I miss camping ⛺🍳😭 @ Shenandoah National Park https://t.co/GLkG2giSu9

TroutensTinyHumans ‏@TrtnsTinyHumans

Another awesome Camp Edgewood in the books! Morning calisthenics, yoga, bug study, read-rest-relax, mail call, cam… https://t.co/MzbvAeO9ES

Streetly DofE ‏@StreetlyDofE

Both Gold groups safe at campsite after a classic Welsh hill day. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🐑⛺

Mr.Saddam Hussein ‏@SaddamH57747037

⛺#Cramped living conditions 🚱#Poor quality water 💉#Inadequate vaccination coverage These are some of the factors t… https://t.co/d8UJxhdHdh

AMP Street Stars ‏@AMPStreetStars

Out here having a blast at the Bow Valley campground!! Free swag bags all thanks to @ArrkannRV_CGY We're on to the… https://t.co/43jfoo2xvY

Sami Al-Subaihi ‏@SamiAlsubaihi

⛺Cramped living conditions 🚱Poor quality water 💉Inadequate vaccination coverage These are some of the factors that… https://t.co/8bUDT1l5r1

MSF International ‏@MSF

⛺Cramped living conditions 🚱Poor quality water 💉Inadequate vaccination coverage These are some of the factors that… https://t.co/1XFReleUFI

Weekly Humorist ‏@WeeklyHumorist

⛺🔥 Regional Variations on S’mores ~ by @brianbooone Vermont. Everyone gets a little bit of each s’more, because t… https://t.co/hRroQRMnZe

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No matter whether you are 👀 looking to have a complete 🏡 house renovation or need to 🚧 construct a new ⛺🏰🏯🏠 house… https://t.co/dNK4KWzHlD

Sir Twonkalot ‏@dribelad

@chrissiepebbles @bpackingbongos Did you buy his t'other tent 🤔⛺

What is data? ‏@dataphors

#Data is the new ⛺ “Data is nature's way of promoting the motel business.” - Dave Barry

Camping Dolce Sole ‏@DolceSoleCamp

#camping⛺ #mototravel #toscana #campeggio #mototurismo @ Camping Dolce Sole https://t.co/XtZlmUAgie

IBEX Camping ‏@IBEXCamping

The generous team @ColemanUSA Coleman U.S.A. are giving away a #Free Large Event Shade with selected tents this su… https://t.co/OsGc69chVt

Green Fusion LED ‏@greenfusionled

👍vegging #scrog🌿 #screenofgreen⛺ #outdoors #pipe #grass #keef #morellove #fuckfame #down #dope #rap #music #smoke… https://t.co/cgIGsGfAHC

SdotS💕 ‏@SdotKdotS

#fishing sounds good. #relaxation #outdoors 🎣🎣🏞⛺

Girl Scouts NorCal ‏@GSNorCal

It’s not just camp. It’s Girl Scout camp! This summer, put her on a path to success designed to bring out her very… https://t.co/7Fuz6cLP4z

Outdoors.com ‏@AlwaysBOutdoors

🎥🎥 [VIDEO] 🎥🎥: Learn to set Up Your Campsite, Anytime and Anywhere. ⛺🔥🔦🍖🌲 https://t.co/yRy0wqTvM5 #camping… https://t.co/8Q06DVFbYv

Banner and Oak ‏@bannerandoak

Perfect for the adventure ahead. Bull - Black was recently rated 5-⭐ by Hailey R. Order yours with free shipping +… https://t.co/zigqYQwE4v

Clouds/Nature📷 ‏@donder1969

@luketaplin42 @Macinnesplant @IrishPixel @enjoyscooking @AnjaOlaf @KinlochSusan @Antiss69 @EarthandClouds2… https://t.co/RTA0cq3FFh

Clouds/Nature📷 ‏@donder1969

We had a lovely mini 🚴‍♀️trip.Sleeping in a ⛺. A bit cold😂 @Macinnesplant @luketaplin42 @IrishPixel @enjoyscooking… https://t.co/BVUiuVOrcX

HCS D of E ‏@HCS_DofE

We've arrived safe and sound at @info_BCHP Burton Constable campsite. Tents are up, tea is cooking. Hoping to see 🦇… https://t.co/nhBi28ErI3

Robert Redmayne Hosking ‏@redmayne_robert

@TanzaniteViolet Bless Them Jay! 👍😊⛺ That's Lovely! 😁 Souds Like You Had A Really Good Day! 👍😀😀 I've Started On A B… https://t.co/mRoT6L24uX

Craig Twigg ‏@Craig_Twigg

@glastonbudget Thanks for replying see you soon! ⛺☀️🎶🍺

janaki lagadapati ‏@janakirajagopal

Sweet Home⛺ — in Dubai https://t.co/iieyYcE1YS

Green Fusion LED ‏@greenfusionled

🌏🏕️#growtents are easy to use⛺🎪😁 #stoner #killergreenbud #hrbnlife #higherthanmost #blazeit #blazedaily… https://t.co/Z6USSj23k8

SweetSouthernSavings ‏@SwtSthrnSavings

🔥 Have More Fun With This #WildVenture Hexi Do Anything #Camping #Outdoor Insulated Throw #Blanket ⛺ #tailgate… https://t.co/Kr9v07fuUI

James Aria ‏@JamesAria1

@ladailynews Will it be safe? Will this be Garcetti'$ New bridge ⛺ Shelter 🤔, 💩🤦🥃

Michelle Booze ‏@DrMLBooze

The best thing about being done with mentally heavy professional stuff is thinking about my list of creative things… https://t.co/XzG3fPRG8s

Calvinnn ‏@cal_vinnnnn

almost campppppp yussssss ⛺ 🌲🌳🌷🌹🌺🌻🌌🔥

Banner and Oak ‏@bannerandoak

Perfect for the adventure ahead. Sierra - Black was recently rated 5-⭐ by Charlene M. Order yours with free shippin… https://t.co/qlQFVIG95P

Mortimer Nannies ‏@MortimerNannies

Our @WildernessHQ sessions sold out in record time so we have added a second Yurt & doubled our capacity ⛺ Book yo… https://t.co/gsi204JoHa

Chicken Baby ‏@nick_flipp2

j staats got the granny smith apple 🚮 🕑 ⛺ Take it easy, -flippo the chicken baby

benz jedd saratao ‏@benz_saratao

Youth Camp ⛺⛺ https://t.co/PVL1Fg7P2a

ScotlandINTOPS ‏@ScotlandINTOPS

Camp Brave will bring international home - don't miss out! ⛺🌎 #InspireGirls https://t.co/EmyH67wVzR

Call of the Wild Galway ‏@WildGalway

Instore #familycamping Offers from #easycamp ⛺ Huntsville 6 person tent - Was €370 Now €280 ⛺ Huntsville 8 person t… https://t.co/Utns0bylS9

Sir Twonkalot ‏@dribelad

@bpackingbongos @chrissiepebbles @blgpackinglight @markswalking Did you manage to get it up ok last night 🤔😁⛺🏕️

Snow Owl Confectioners ‏@SnowOwlHotFudge

⛺ 🔥 Are you planning your camping trips for the year? Make sure to take this recipe with you! Grab your skillet, a… https://t.co/DsnmOn8w7d

J.J. Frega ‏@JJFrega

⛺ Video Gaming at #CampACen 🏕 #ACen #AnimeCentral #acen2019 @ Donald E. Stephens Convention Center https://t.co/QM9k7vyR4b

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