Tent Emoji

A tent, used for protection from wind and rain when camping. Often shown at night time, under stars.

Tent was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

⛺ Camping Tent

Apple Name

⛺ Tent


⛺ U+26FA




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#TalkToTheCounsellor ‏@KaluleAdriel

Paul was a tent maker⛺, Peter was a fisherman🐟, Jesus Christ was a carpenter🛋. What is your Pastors day job? 🤔🤔🤔

✨ShineBright✨ ‏@SmSharlene


God's nunuza ‏@LuluGala

Guys i really wanna go camping😢 ⛺

🎧ister Chris😎🔇🔉🔊 ‏@NorsemanMr

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Karen🌸 ‏@KarenBarionuevo

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Happy New Year Camping isn’t really a vacation, but it surely makes for good memories ⛺🎊♥ https://t.co/OPy7DpuRS4… https://t.co/cpPr3hZG9U

Aosom ‏@BeAosom

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Goodnight all. God Bless all you good people. 🏫🌆⛺.#offline.

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