Thinking Face Emoji

A face shown with a single finger and thumb resting on the chin, glancing upward. Used to indicate thinking, or deep thought.

Can be paired with a thought-balloon or a light bulb, to indicate an idea, and is sometimes used to question the intelligence of a written statement aka throwing shade at a person or concept.

One of the few smileys to feature a hand or hands.

Thinking Face was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🤔 Chin Thumb

🤔 Thinker

🤔 Throwing Shade


🤔 U+1F914


Tweets For 🤔

Gary Wood ‏@gdwood01

@CPFCbants Wait a minute my son was born in 1998 and his name is Gary 🤔

Shell ‏@shell1404

@RainbowStephan Thanks Oddly not a fatigue flare up even though I felt a lot more tired after it, I suffer with pai…

Ronitkarmavat ‏@Ronitkarmavat1

@FortniteBR When is the update come 🤔

Amelia Jane Ⓐ☭ (they/them) ‏@ames_jane

😺✏ — Boy if this is the depth of US political analysis I'm not surprised they "elected" a narcissistic tangerine 🤔

Time for change ‏@FootballTshepo

Thinking of going to the Derby 🤔

Diamond Heating Ltd ‏@diamondplumber

@AntParkes @GasEngineerSoft Wierdo!! I’m 61 and I love the electronic stuff. You sure you’re 25?🤔😂

💲 ‏@Mula1st

Thinking bout sliding to west ga 🤔

Detangled-Don't touch my hair ‏@Duli__1

@Fact Let's all leave this place they named Earth and find out real home.🤔🌍

Wop 🍦⚡️ ‏@Juvie_2Cold

@LoveSantana_ “Blow up & I won’t take my gold out” 🤔

●Paul_EssDee ‏@PSD11233597

@LynehamTaid @FionaHoareau @simonrug @WalesRugby It's Rolland who heads up & directs the high performance refs - I…


Constant Battle, Endless War... #Life 🤔

Londonseye40 ‏@Londoneye40

@AlishaValerie @GMB @RoyalFamily @BorisJohnson Really? Thats what happened? 🤔 The Queen went into parliament to ope…

David McFARLANE ‏@DavidMc41068227

@KarenBevan75 Be careful you dont scratch the floor 🤔 I was always told to lift chairs don't push them. 🤣

enKore 👌🏾 Dallas 3-2 ‏@kidencore

toxic ? 🤔

hitin ‏@hitinder

@RazorpayCare How long do you need to complete the investigation? It’s not like that it’s a murder investigation! O…


You see this trouble you are looking for enn 🤔

Matt ‏@MattMelsuine

Since I’m not feeling sleepy at all rn should I just play some #eso for a bit? 🤔

ANTIQUE ‏@enock_bits

@PrinceRaymondHD @IamPamellah Abd where were you 🤔 #SiestaNitesAtH2O

Chota George™ ‏@ChotaGeorge

@Fridalouie Would you be okay with your current partner getting money from his ex based on the fact that they were once together?🤔

asfia l spn spoilers ‏@mishncas

@3000stiel That means Sam stepped on you before Rowena did 🤔

S.L.E.E.M✌ ‏@slimYAY

If you could speak for 1 minute and be heard by everybody in the world, what would you say?? 🤔

MITCH$ ‏@kaleha21

I think I want black hair again 🤔

⚡️Jagdeep Shah⚡️ ‏@shah_jagdeep

Dr MMS is an exemplary Gentleman and Economist 🤔

Judy g. armes ‏@judy_armes

Matt LaBlanc,hiking with kevin nealon..🤔 🤔😨🤣😊🦋🌷🌻📺☕☕ 🐧

Mac Dee ‏@MacDonalldd

@RachelMwaleJC Hehe feeling motivated. Wait, what were you training for with the soldier? 🤔

Lu//SOTUS on loop ‏@smittenperaya

But I think Singto applied the cream on the wrong area tho 🤔

ramen ‏@soreyoriramen

every time i try to take a nap these days i conk out for 3+ hours 🤔 it would be great if it weren't during hours th…

Deepikatawar7 ‏@deepikatawar7

@ABPNews Crores of jobs had gone already. Many educated youngsters sitting at home without job. And they are saying…

Oh Fabulous Me ‏@OFabulousMe

What do you consistently do to improve on you yesterday? What do you need to change about yourself in order to beco…

K H A Y A M 🤡 ‏@KhayamSays

@indians_indian @MehranAfzal9 @GautamSethi14 @JunaidMcCullum1 @ICC @babarazam258 How many centuries Scored by Willi…

TDS_Decorating ‏@tds_decorating

@sfjohnson54 @Tikkurila_UK @RabartDecor It's certainly very interesting 🤔

Mixr ‏@MixrCreative

@Aperta What we could do is get 3 people and just each pick one and share them 🤔

Bell 🧜🏻‍♀️ ‏@itsbxllaxs

So um me, myself and i 🤔

EU Queen. #FBPE ‏@VeeCee30

@PoeticJustice23 @Liberal_Isms @bobbybobbyrees And yet it doesnt seem to help at the ballot box. Its almost as if i…

c_f ‏@cyclo_furious

@VincentStops @cyclisethecity @BBC Cycling accounts for 100% of cycling 🤔 p.s. Not just a sport 🤷‍♂️

St�phanie Walter ‏@WalterStephanie

4 ads for 4min worth of content that just lists PWAs ressources... This is a crappy experience I don't even want to…

percy 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@fuIIsinz

@dumpstergranola interesting 🤔

Lee Gray ‏@_leegray

GURL, I love me some Zoe Kravitz especially in Big Little Lies but I dunno about this casting right here... 🤔…

Doctorgolf Academy ‏@doctorgolf247

@GaryLineker @georgiebingham He seems to be the only one standing up for racism?!?!🤔

Julian On Da Radio ‏@julianondaradio

I didn’t feel it at all. I feel left out 😳🤔#bayareaearthquake #earthquake

𝒶𝓃𝒶𝒽𝒾 ‏@annaa_sanchezz

I really wonder what’s the wildest purchase someone has made with their fafsa money 🤔

Lester Burnham ‏@paymeinbeahhh

@realDonaldTrump Some kids work for their Daddy. Cuz who else would want to hire them? Besides, say, Russia... 🤔

Maria ‏@_Maria_G_C

I forgot my brithday is a monday. Lol. Wow in one week i be 28. 😱next week is going my last time being 27. 😱damn th…

Alien with extraordinary abilities ‏@Kris90776104

How is all this fan recast for Taron as Hawkeye even work?!🤔 sure T is absolutely will nail comic Clint, but in MCU…

Sona ‏@Sonamdi13403658

jikook vmin yoonmin minjoon hopemin who?🤔 I only know snowmin 😏😂🤣(snowman+jimin)

Andrew ‏@1Druestar

@warjudo3 I stuck with PS3 & lost interest in GT6 but the vision cars were always great to see. This though, not sure 🤔

michele ‏@Whiffenpuff

@Thegeekycrafter Yep but also remember if they’re looking thru your account, they are trying to find something 🤔 t…

Pherkeh ‏@pherkeh_

@OtterInABowler @LamarPlatinum @OnePieceAnime I can’t really say which is my fav 🤔... every scene has a memory or a…

cinnamon girl ‏@rishatheangel

@LKLS_5 No & it doesn’t matter lol why do you feel the need to be with someone else after a couple of weeks? 🤔

Woho'EHii ‏@Ameadewody

@ameyaw112 Why you did it in B & W.... l can only say something if it is the colored one 🤔

WolfRhymes ‏@WolfRhymes

You know what @johnmacarthur I judged you because your sermons were too harsh but I think 🤔 you’re ok👍 you’re right…

Gym Leader Koga ‏@togaparty_trev

@jonborgkid Where do we send the piss people though 🤔

Christina Clifton ‏@csdorton

You think 🤔

Mi-Soul ‏@misoulradio

Do YOU remember? 🤔 Starting your day with some throwback soulful classics, plus we are giving away tickets to see…

Glynis Whitbread ‏@GlynisWhitbread

@lostinmusic1982 Should've used a black cat 🤔

Luis Alejandro ‏@LitLikeLouie

@sIIept literally just did this today no cap🤦🏻‍♂️🙄 was like, and i’m supposed to respond to this how?🤔

Pauline Hardman ‏@PaulineHardman2

@UKDemockery Can I not do both? 🤔

Danny ‏@PdannyH

Hmmm, feeling a bit AC/DC this morning 🤔 #TMRGUK #NetworkSouthEast #modelrailway #750Vdc #scratchbuild #Hornby…

👁️ القرد سافر خارج اليمن. ‏@IehabAl

@thehill Saudi Arabia looking and Search for ARM chemical havy wopns from Russia to use to killing people on Yemen so do know what rizan 🤔.

David ‏@dewgood

@fbnewsroom @ewarren This reply coming from FB’s Public Policy Director, Global Elections who before joining FB was…

Kev ‏@GaviotaKev

@jamesWMS @AndrewBrookLdn @DKShrewsbury @ShrewsburyChron Easiest deal in history, sunlit uplands, Norway-Norway-Nor…

ANJAN SENGUPTA ‏@anjansengupta16

I had no idea that there is even a “Dark Grey” list - all this time I was under the impression that it’s either Gre…

Val Flynn ‏@flynn_val

@Diplomat_APAC New group ‘Talibran’🤔

SGH ‏@SGH41217399

@peterpobjecky @AngieSkys I also had it the other way. I retweeted once a statement of Saudi MOFA and was wondering…

مزاح بخیر ‏@satirist_pk

So you're telling me that govt hospital may operations hotay hain ? Hum tau samjhtay thay k ye "qasai" sarkari hosp…

🔎 ‏@TruthRW

@CNNPolitics Can someone fact check the new Project Veritas CNN undercover videos about Trump obsession over reporting real news.🤔

Tracy SxX ‏@TracySxX48

@GMB @piersmorgan Love piers..brightens my mornings..only speaks what we all think 😂👌🤔

David Esq. ‏@ceadog

I’m not and never will be an English football fan,( mainly because I’m just not a football fan), but the racism aga…

Tim Hayden ‏@SLRAsset

@LeonardRoxon They have a vetting process ? 🤔 ‏@bts____addict

@ArmyBtsPics2 I mean I really really miss his long hair but I accept with whatever decision he makes or maybe he ha…

Tebogo Molefe ‏@MadamTebo

Apparently red cars get pooped on by birds the most? How true is this? 😂🤔

Mark Savage ‏@mrdiscopop

Katy Perry’s lawyers seem to be arguing her plagiarism ruling shouldn’t stand because the song she’s accused of ste…

Existing Ironically ‏@BlubberDubber69

@CinnamonGhoul Endgame tho 🤔

DG1 ‏@VerdiGg

Perhaps the “Gekaufte Journalisten” (Udo Ulfkotte) Britain’s MSM are awash with do not report on Zionists with ‘spl…

RoyalBeaaautyyy ‏@RBeaaautyyy

Who tryna text me 🤔?

Katleho Moloi ‏@KatlehoOnline

@Modikoe_ Who sent you?🤔


@EdwardsVernon2 @toshpolela @enelcons You mean exported criminals...🤔🃏

Michael J. Sarni, CPP ‏@Secur80Consult

@KennethEvoy3 Because we keep stating them 🤔

who-get ‏@huguettesilvaa

@BrandxnVu What’s fake 🤔

Ogastro ‏@OgastroUg

@cypd Some questions 🤔


“I wonder if ice cream thinks about me too.” 🤔💛 #MagnoliaWelcomesKathryn

nurse dee. ‏@_DeAndrea__

feeling like I wanna cut my hair..🤔

Hassan Sani Safana🐦 ‏@thisisjaguar

@phran6_47 @jimidisu @MBuhari For long now, I have stopped listening to his radio program... He always think of him…

gunter zonder hasj ‏@gunterderwa

@MarieNinaah Jawadde!🤔😳

Kumkani se Pa ‏@DiTools

@Man_Lu_ @Mbongo_Tako @thwami92 @SilentMunyai @AdvBarryRoux So cr7 won a final with his country and Messi hasn't? 🤔 Is that what you saying

cap'n nahab ‏@n_nahab

@shitzmcgee @AstroEsfm @neiltyson not to celebrate what exactly? 🤔

Ladi Kosoko ‏@ladikollection

How do you not know your child's blood type? 🤔 Ko ye mi o! 🙄

Baz (let's get brexit done) ‏@Baz09965075

@JeremyVineOn5 More faith in him than some of the bullshit on your program 🤔🇬🇧😂😂

Paul Stacey ‏@paulstaceyshow

🚘 What percentage of British drivers have admitted to parking on double yellow lines? 🅿️ #VitalStatistics Any thou…

Dianne Teodoso ‏@fdiannet

Should I be worried? 🤔😅

Rogelio Felix-Ayon ‏@rfelixa27

Can I report EAs FIFA 20 account because of how shit broken their game is? 🤔

Jojoe tinka ‏@JojoeTinka


tot✨🧸🍯💛 ‏@cheesytotsCPR

@Lovebacon56CP I love that he has 2 mouths. Really makes you think deep 🤔 very impressive. Thought provoking

VanderFEAR 😱 • Commissions OPEN ‏@ShinyEevee

Gimme a random Pokemon and a pokemon type (or duel type) 🤔

Mark Wild🇪🇺🇬🇧✊🏻 ‏@MJTW1972

@itsnotgonewell @WASTED_VIDS Stop Drop Roll? Or flap arms around vigorously?🤔

➕Ȼɍɏᵽŧø Ȼøłłɇȼŧøɍ➕ ‏@CryptoVertex

When will $XVG more pairs @binance ? 🤔 One of the best communitydriven projects on the market👌

E! ‏@true_ric

@laurenrbrown18 What on that day daughter 🤔

Alice Karsevar ‏@alicejoyk

And now that I know Disney owns 73% of Free Solo (National Geographic) when are they putting rock climbing rides in…

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