Thinking Face Emoji

A face shown with a single finger and thumb resting on the chin, glancing upward. Used to indicate thinking, or deep thought.

Can be paired with a thought-balloon or a light bulb, to indicate an idea, and is sometimes used to question the intelligence of a written statement aka throwing shade at a person or concept.

One of the few smileys to feature a hand or hands.

Thinking Face was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🤔 Chin Thumb

🤔 Thinker

🤔 Throwing Shade


🤔 U+1F914


Tweets For 🤔

Mia ‏@Petty_Mia

@AllTimeADreamer @TEOROfficial Maybe I am a superhero? 🤔 😂

💰 ‏@TracklifeDee

Grandma told me be careful son them niggas you hanging with ain’t really for you 🤔

IG: RedBone_Debbie ‏@RedBone_Debbie

@UniversalAmani I got sage but I've never used it before. I was going to use it tomorrow but now u got me thinking 🤔

WeTheNorth ‏@deeprathi

@dpatil How not to hit on someone,s head?🤔👀

TYpingTENtacles ‏@YpingTe

@jaejalyong im thinking bout it too well... i may hv too 🤔

Kristian, PMP ‏@blkincyber

@ThugDebugger Found the gown?? What is this you speak of 🤔

Shanda Hughes ‏@TheShandaRenee

But why #ravensymone look like @TaRhondajay 🤔 @lifetimetv #TheKamiyahMobleyStory #Lifetime #lifetimemovie

DesiBAE aka Big Horchata ‏@sarcasticstyle

Does it have THC in it? 🤔

🧕🏻 نور فضيلة ‏@fadilahjamal9

Yesterday night, husband asked for mooncake (serious, mana nk carik?) & A&W. I told him, we can eat A&W in April as…

charis_lee303 ‏@Lee303Charis

You know how when you take a picture there can be random strangers in the background... do you ever wonder how many…

MeKhaiaaa🦋 ‏@khaiaavanti

I think I want some black & Blue Box braids 🤔

C IVY Stephenson ♔ ‏@CIVY_Vintage

@WonderboyMMA Umm 🤔 it was tough to know who won the 1st rd

Shane Pascoe ‏@shane_pascoe

@AndyOstroy @realDonaldTrump @JudgeJeanine @FoxNews Mmm 🤔 @AndyOstroy loitering on Twitter ready to pounce on ever…

darklord 🌚 ‏@LoveMyPinkk

wait a damn minute 🤔 I don cut everybody tf off.. welp, looks like I’ll be going out by myself 😂

sp ‏@stephcurlyy

but I wanna go see a movie 🤔

•PezBongo• ‏@SweetAsCandie72

To watch live PD or try to get into YOU again... ?? 🤔 Was not impressed the first time I tried to watch it.

Ron ‏@catman1631

@JoeSilverman7 @Apple Perhaps they’ve been hacked by Iran?🤔

sarah ‏@_misslovato

“injured and still going” hmmm 🤔

Christopher Meyer ‏@Christo76444109

@SayAnythingH Literally had scrambled eggs and broccoli for bfast today 🤔 small world!

Sar-trap ‏@Sarahi_Fett

Well well... 1800 followers... Interesting 🤔

Mississippi1 ‏@Mississippi116

Definition of a joke...a person who makes a statement...that the mark ...dosent understand...but they get it...🤔

🧟‍♂️ 6’1 ‏@papii_wavyy

What does vegan pussy taste like 😂🤔

justin moore ‏@jmoore918

@d_notalwys_nice Lol you be hyped on here so idk about that 🤔 🧐

Jess ‏@jessxoo_

medusa might be the move 🤔

Yean Know?(80s 6a6i) ‏@grind2getitUP

power out... oh well; been enjoying @almazan_kitchen for years now... gonna go outside and see what I can put toget…

•E ‏@Rockets_Fan007

@Risa62123359 @RealBigKahuna1 @AlHolmes66 @kristinerockwe3 @SCNorman1 @topsecretk9 @ChienneLuv3 @TexasTea18…

MX7 Protection Squad ‏@MX7_ProtectSQ

[HNB] 😱THE NEW TAGS ARE HERE!!😱 👏🏼 I REPEAT 👏🏼 ⚠️NEW TAGS ARE HERE!⚠️ #OurHeartsAreWonhos #원호_우리_같이_놀자 - Wonho…

˚✧₊⁎massy⁎⁺˳✧༚ @ hanako-kun🐠 ‏@furyohsa

@tenderships @friedspiderlegs @staryshards you: wants to protect random intenet people also you: wishes death upon…


@laviishlily I always had a feeling 🤔

Wynn Lare ‏@RippleCreekNW

@SimmonsBart No debate! Bartasaurus 🤔, Maybe I should open a consulting house for getting this done. I mean GETTIN…

bren ‏@brennanccaber

@mukio__ regardless of that idgi why schools don't like anything "inappropriate" when its normal for everyone most…

wavy 🇦🇷 ‏@davyfer

Cerrone in the 3rd 🤔

Doug Barnette ‏@dougbarnette

@MyLeadFeet If only I could run the double for the low price of just one marathon.🤔

M3 ‏@YuH8TM3

🤔 So New York Wants a Wall? 🤣 200 Billion Dollar Wall? Stop it.

terrell halliwell ♌︎ ‏@foreverterrell_

The older I get, I become more of an introvert in certain settings. I wonder if it’s like that for all Leo’s 🤔

Mama D 🗽 #Warren2020 ‏@mamad87369917

@IAmKrishanPatel 🤔 tulsi Gabbard. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure that one out. If she runs as a thi…

Janis conley ‏@Janisconley18

@DevinNunes @CNN @ATT You're on the take and crooked 🤔

kay ❁ ‏@__itskaylaa

drunk words are sober thoughts 🤔

Morgans Graphics ✨🥂 ‏@MorgansGraphics

Whose watching UFC 246??? 🤔

S A D I DA = 'Always The Truth' ‏@rozaimialiasak

@mimimarinajaaf1 @AzminAli "The hypocrites are in the lowest level of the Fire. You will not find any one to help t…

𝙼𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚊𝚊🦋 ‏@Mxriiaxo

Based on psychology facts, they say that spending money on others makes you happy 🤔 is it tru

Paul ‏@Paul20044150

@FawnMacMT Martyrdom seekers. 🤔

2/10 🤘🏽💙❕ ‏@dee__ski

Good sex right now a = a baby in October months 🤔 wat sign is that

Thatgyalalex ‏@ThatGyalAlex

What’s that 🤔

Jim Miller ‏@JimTXMiller

NO GOOGLING ALLOWED. Do this using your own brain power. 🤔 Every answer must start with the first letter of your FI…

melancholic 🥀 ‏@sstephanierenee

🤔 probably briony

LJ9🥀 ‏@larasjeann

Or just Archen copying his P'?🤔#J9

Nishaa💕 ‏@Slimslimm_

@driz_7 so basically you trying to get her pregnant off tht one 😅🤔

Joseph DiBiase "JD” 💎 ‏@joey_promotions

Ok look at Pelosi’s net worth & how it dramatically has climbed every year..ok now look at how her district during…

Aiden McLaughlin ‏@Womble101

@huw_beynon 2% 🤣😂 That’s hedging if ever I heard it. Has it been through WASP 🤔

Brendan⚾ ‏@Brendanemmerich

@super16natural Something doesn’t add up here 🤔

Nasty Woman Voter ‏@buzzzbea

@chucktodd I think you have a lot to apologize for.🤔😡

. ‏@marceline26293

@realJRLeandre Ya, & the Foot injury too. That's how much I haven't been paying attention 🙄 It seems like you woul…

derek ‏@derek_mcn

@JakeDMcNulty That's a lot of decent birdie looks from 170. Can you putt? 🤔

𝕄𝕣 37 ‏@_Dinero37

Let Me Find Out I Got Kawalled 🤔

Christian ‏@notyonormaldude

@ejfanatic @DavyPGH @LimitedRunGames @SuperRareGames any extra danmaku 3 cards 🤔

wop ‏@Dopestdope

@dahniwxyz Which round tho 🤔

Märtïń G ‏@Fukn_Martinn

@TheWeirdWorld Idk about that. 🤔 they can “declare” themselves as the good guys, but as an individual, you should actually know.

Primal Joel ‏@primaljoel_

@lchfRD Very low calorie / surgery, or just restrict carbs? 🤔

Tony Graham ⭐⭐⭐ ‏@GhostRider23

🤔 I get the same, result on Reuven Rivlin.

Agent Plasma ‏@JasimPlasma

@Agent_Mab *static* Hunter: 🤔 Mab - 🪓 = ⭕️⌚️🏆 You cannot run away from me! 😆

LexLex ‏@LexusDeAnn

Drinky drinky ? don’t mind if I do 🤔

Kevin Burke ‏@CoachKevinBurke

I heard that somewhere 🤔

Tabitha Monaco ‏@MonacoTabitha

@breannamorello @JFNYC1 But apparently they can sexually harass you like Harvey Weinstein 🤔

Manimal ‏@MtManimal

@grodhome @mel456545 I loved it. After the guinea pig scene my attitude about the female alien changed drastically. 😳 🤔 🤘😃

Fiorebianchini 🇦🇷 ‏@Fiorebianchini2

@NiallOfficial Niall . Have you seen any Latin American or Spanish series ??? 🤔 👀 " You, me, Netflix, think about…

.. coya 💕 ‏@YungBtw18

@HissCigarette wait cus who pussy you bumping otha den mine BM 🤔

hoshi_dani213 ‏@HoshiDani213

@kazurindagane WOAH that's a lot of places :0 I bet they're all really interesting in their own way, so far I've o…

aввy мcnaмara🌻 ‏@abbymcnamara_

@Lexiiiiss Who you talkin about ? 🤔

Des 10 ‏@Alex27Dee

@ROBYTIC I did have a Ben Wolf toy tho 🤔

Bottom Bitch ‏@MIMIXBEY

so... if we drink our drinks... should i we food our food? 🤔

Mane-iac Mayhem 🦄 ‏@Mlp_Mane_iac_

@realPrincessTia I can give you for free, I think 🤔

Soul Soldier ‏@MangerRaymond

just me or did Lev Parnas take all these pics so he later work the leverage on these dumb azz traitors aka Republicans 🤔

Catfish Comstock ‏@SEOCatfish

So that we have this genetic engineering thing going full force, could we get mood rings genetically implanted into…

Alexia @ Yuzuru love bot ‏@aaangel98

@minahomine Ohhh that's true, I didn't think of that 🤔 this is the first time I've personally encountered chinese m…

BaseballTraveler ‏@BaseballTravelr

And all the while our current President was fighting off bone spurs. Makes you think 🤔

Evan Schemenauer ‏@SchemLax

I'm not sure what I'm more stunned by tonight, the Swarm losing to NY or @TyMerLax admitting faceoffs matter. 🤔

lama ‏@LestatBarbie

@GeorgeTakei Perfect! Exactly what I was thinking 🤔 #Insane

Category 5 🌊 ‏@idMistakn

I want to ride round the city then again I don’t 🤔

d ‏@delaanijo

Did your school have Kanye West preform at it??? 🤔

Brandy ‏@BrandyyDark

@C0lmun @SoundSmithTF2 🤔 y'know what, stay on fortnite because we don't need people like you playing anything else.…

kEiTh ‏@DuKeith_

Sometimes I wish I didn't care so much, how do I stop giving a fuck? Lol 🤔

🇺🇸✨Shawna✨🇺🇸 ‏@Shawna_7777

@RoyHeim1 @TrilliaCelaeno @JackieB71794128 Didn't know about that one! 🤔😳

BOOM Capital Markets ‏@boom_cm

@Amdalleq Is that Palladium, or the S&P 🤔

☯ Sad&Boujee ‏@_TheYin_

Idk him and baby killer Casey Anthony have the same lawyer...🤔

Al ‏@nept2no

@NightlyPolitics What good name..🤔??

Mayee Gonzales ‏@mayee_g


S̾a̾u̾l̾t̾y̾ ‏@Saulty4k_YT

What Team Should I Grind For ? 🤔 @ Them

Hoejack Whoresman ‏@ashisgarbage

I thought y’all said they weren’t giving white men specials 🤔

Carrie ‏@MyHappyPlace07

@KattFunny Zach is clearly the Most Handsome Boy Ever! What is wrong with people? 🤔

♡𝓚𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓪♡ ‏@HerKarmaa

🍨0ffers on my Ice Cream Truck?🍨 •😄 yesh• •🤭 add• •😟 nty• •🤔 maybe• ♡ #Adoptmetrade #Adoptmetrades #adoptmetraders…

Kaylah ‏@Kaylah_423

@hallmarkchannel, am I seeing something happening between the tour guide and horse girl? 🤔 #LoveOnIceland…

Marco ‏@Marco99799642

@sebastiankehl @ErlingHaaland @Gioreyna10 @BVB09 @FCAugsburg Do you know Reyna contract is only until next season??…

Adam ★ ‏@par_lath

@musickazoo 🤔 He's no Mineta, but Birdo is also good

Jennifer Grady ‏@jenngradybklyn

@briebriejoy How about no fights? 🤔 But since the Sanders Campaign is specializing in attacking every other actual…

💛 ‏@TheBeautyCadet

Do you really not like someone or do you just not like that they do something you do your best to suppress/keep you…


@Its4EvaCashh He cheated with white women 🤔

Miami Beach Board♥♫☮🇺🇸 ‏@ZaharaMossman

@DatelineNBC Very, suspicious that the all his stuff “conveniently” float up after the crash &the girl couldn’t cut…

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