Cloud With Lightning and Rain Emoji

Cloud With Lightning and Rain was approved as part of Unicode 5.2 in 2009 under the name “Thunder Cloud and Rain” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Unicode Name

⛈️ Thunder Cloud and Rain


⛈ U+26C8

️ U+FE0F


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znabignuy🧕🏽 ‏@yungibanz

She said she love but she don’t even know my real name ⛈

Mr. Siriram ‏@AndreSiriram

NEBRASKA Win !!!!! What a fun game to watch !!! ❄️⛈💨☔️

MillyCat ‏@millyfromoz

@ColobusFelton It is ! But you love storms Felty!! ⛈🌩⚡

The Lead Rainmaker ⛈ ‏@willstauff

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M.. ‏@199_meemo

The monster in me loves The monster in you..✨⛈

BrownEyedGrrrl #TrumpFatigue 🌊🇺🇸 ‏@CarlaBGood

@Kalaax008 @toferj_ @BetsyGervasi Hope for lightning ⚡️⛈

JUJU: El phenomeno 🌈⭕🇫🇷 ‏@JulieMp90

Grey's Anatomy ⛈🌬😲 - S15E08 sur TV Time

𝓀𝒿 ‏@kxngjoey

New StoneAge Cypher 🗿 out on youtube ⛈

Kevin ‏@kevbcon

i miss ron bare☹️🤟🏼⛈

Ben Strawhecker ‏@Benstrawhecker

Y’all watch this ⛈⛈

м а s o и 🦇 ‏@masonn_p

give credit where credit is due⛈

JAMfest! ‏@JAMfestEvents

ICE Storm just took over the stage! Great job ladies! ⛈😍😍😍

Hanna Starbirdie ‏@hstarrbirdie

⛈Everything you say is just a false reality & I'm so tired of checking theforecast.🌩Tell me, how long will this nex…

KHXOS ‏@TheKhxos

Hurricane Season 🌪⛈⚡️ lincoln3dot @firm_music1

Rotoworld ‏@rotoworld

[email protected] gives his forecast for Week 11 in the #NFL ⛈

T W I N N 💯 ‏@WalkByFaith94_

@OhioStateFB now let’s take the 4th quarter by storm ⛈ 🤞🏾🔒 win by 14

Sim, Esq. (dj Sim) ‏@SimShady1

Good way to start the weekend ⛈ @icarted 👨🏽‍🍳

jennah_anne ‏@jennahannee

I hope it rains!!⛈ Trump in California to view fire devastation he blamed on forest mismanagement via @usatoday

🇺🇸B_StuckinSeaOBlue ‏@b_sohn

@Dbender22 D. Don’t get urself all worked up. Her research is based on a jaded perspective spoon fed by those that…

🔱✡🇺🇸 WOLF 🇮🇱✡🔱⭐⭐⭐ ‏@Alexand94127901

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Shereen N. Mesa ‏@Shereen_Mesa

⁣⁣ #Gratitude30 Day 17~ Weather⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I am so truly grateful for Weather!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Weather is like a moody embrace from…

Stealth Elite ‏@Stealth_Elite

Add the members on Epic Friends: SpMe Penguin HarryJDGold JimmyTheBurgerYT Natorou LiamKillsZomb15 ⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈⛈

َ­pinned tweet ‏@perfectlysabs

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Emma Watson ‏@emmawatson0623

The game has started.... 🏒⛈💙 Come and see us at the break for an “on the ice” VR experience!!! @MIDCommsUK…

JonathanDinero ‏@LouieMontanaG

When It Rains ☔️ It Pours ⛈

UK Weather Live ‏@UKWeatherLive

@cycleaddict001 Uhhh so am I! Although managed to get a decent shelf cloud from one of those showers last week ⛈

16 ‏@MatthewJanekse1

Peanut butter wit shrooms and honey 🍯 🤮🍯... @ da farm rn 🌿💐🍃🌸🌔... ....2soon +18 outnoq I’m going Brazy rn 🎡🎢😔🌈⛈®

Mayuni NinetyX ‏@Mayuni_NinetyX

Season ⛈ Out Now!! Link:

16 ‏@MatthewJanekse1

🎡 new kicks 2019 ⛈🌳🍄🚧 💤🤮 🦇

elemental1025 ‏@elemental1025

@audiosampling @EL_Hetherington @inkedautistNI @sapphoattica @kliplet @SuperThunk @Girl_by_the_Aga @Kosjenka…

SCC Men's Basketball ‏@SCCBballNE

Good win by the fellas. Got everyone some clock. Next opportunity is Tuesday! #SCCNeb #StormNation ⛈🌪

Nathan Wall ‏@coachwall2001

Commitment #13 for the @DC_Scouts Teacher All-Star Game Ernie Valentine Principal Langdon, ND ⚡🌫⛈🌧⭐ Recruit Fun Fac…

HUEY✊🏾🐌💵 ‏@Marc_MyWord

I’m not even talking about it… 🤐⛈

Kimberly Calderbank ‏@kimcalderbank

Lightening & thunder ⛈ #NotQuietAtTheLibrary

جيـج آلـ؛عبدالله🎶 ‏@ja___112

@English2Z Hi I'm jamelh👩🏻 I will describe myself now ...🖊 My hobby is photography📸 Best color black🖤 I love the ra…

harold urena ‏@haroldur

DR - ⛈ #republicadominicana #earth #lightroommobile #everyday #adobe #lightroom #photography #stormphotography…

ChuckimusPrime ‏@ChuckimusPrime

Hey uncle @andyeverett760 I’m still here🔶🔷 #BirdsUp #AllWeatherFan🌪💨⛈❄️

Rotoworld Football ‏@Rotoworld_FB

[email protected] gives his forecast for Week 11 in the #NFL ⛈

T. BIY🅰️ ‏@timbahland

Hail + Cowbells + Bulldog They really should be the Mississippi State Storming Cows... ⛈ 🐄

D Ø M Ś 🤬 ‏@JohnDominick027

There’s always a rainbow after a bad storm ⛈🌈

Mary~🤓 ‏@Marylee_NCGirl

@GwenPo IKR!? I kinda know how she feels~when we traveled back to NC *our home state* from FL where we spent 12 yea…

Ashley Cheng ‏@AshleyC47850633

Kia ora, ^ ^/ The future, the present and the past walked into a cool bar. Doesn't need toI think. ^-^ ^0^ 🌈⛈☁️

eternal classic ‏@etrnl_classic

in time⏰⌚⏱🕰🕖, like tears😭😭😂😢 in rain☁💧💦🌧⛈🌫☔ Time to die💀💀💀😵😥😥

Stephie Elli Jaeger ‏@StephiJger

Yeeeeah such great news 😁😍🌩⛈💨🌪 can’t wait for one of my favorite villain to return ❣️❣️ See ya in Central City…

Adam Sidwell ‏@adam_sidwell

Masterclass calm before the storm 🌊⛈💄❄️💄⚡️🌧 @ Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

V V H S Pom Line ‏@VVHSPomLine

R:Readiness! When the moment comes you give it your all. You leave everything on the floor. Make each motion, every…

Manchester Storm ‏@Mcr_Storm

🚨DOORS ARE OPEN🚨 - 60 minutes until face off here at @PlanetIceUK #Altrincham !! #WeAreStorm #altrincham ⛈

Francesca Simone ‏@simoneonguitar

@keyonchrist hell yeahh⛈

beezyzeed ‏@beezyzeed

Fortnite time! Ft Capt SUS 🌈 ⛈ PLAYING WITH THE FOLLOWERS 640+ wins // 410+ solo wins‼️ #fortnite #fortniteStream…

LLD ‏@LiveLikeDavis

This next Single Im about to drop is gonna be EPICCCCC ❄️❄️⛈😨😨

David Miles Funeral Celebrant. #funeraldavid ‏@FuneralDavid

@surieofficial Team SuRie can do it!! 💜⛈ xxx

NoSideBaby ‏@HumbleYng

I'm Tony in my city I been trappin montana @HoodFameGoYayo ⛈🎃

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Jassim S Moh’d ‏@Jsmohd

@YousefAlDawoud Kuwait ⛈

Emma Watson ‏@emmawatson0623

💥 We are all set up @Mcr_Storm Excited for tonight’s game ❄️🏒⛈ Come and see us to have a go on our VR “on the ice”…

Мерлин💮 ‏@Y179s

I’d pick your thunder, I’d pick your rain; over anyone’s sunshine. ⛈

t🍜 ‏@trinitybeann


W🤐P ‏@LilBoowopDDB

They all know Wht happen nxt month so they bail Brodie been told me 😎 I just gotta walk through the storm ⛈🚶🏾‍♂️on some Gshyt

UK Weather Live ‏@UKWeatherLive

Well since it’s that time of year where we all get exciting about snow and stare at lampposts at night for any hint…

Jovette Muniz ‏@JovetteMuniz

😏 Today is Storm ⛈ Saturday!! BE THE STORM💪🏽🤗!! @ San Antonio, Texas

Hi 🙈🌊💕 ‏@Diriamba66Maria

@realDonaldTrump @GOPLeader @RepLaMalfa @KenCalvert @fema Please don’t come it’s pouring rain 🌧🌧⛈🌨🌩🌬🌦🌧⛈🌩🌨🌬💨🌨🌩⛈🌧❄️🌬…

Mariano Waldemar ‏@MarianoColla

⛈⚡️ en General Belgrano Bridge

Debbie ‏@DebbieZimmer54

@VespertineTito Greetings💦☔️🙏☀️🌧❄️⛈🌟🍀🍂🍁😸🐾

Adrainia Mingo ‏@Adrainia_mingo

I am not interested in no ones content that’s not interested in mines. IFB💯👉🏾🐌⛈💦👍😉✌🏿

2BLKHEARTED JAN 3RD🖤 ‏@gottithepopstar

New Project W. Slime Dropping Next Week 😈🌴paperrouteshawn_ #ROUTE9⛈🏎 @ Just Rockin' Out

La6ifah ‏@ll6ii_44

Rain drops ⛈💗💗:

Anita H ‏@Bottscat

Bit of a breeze ⛈

Nurse Rabbi ‏@NurseRabbi

@CanadianPM @APEC @WHO @ancc_cnac @JimCarrey @jimmykimmel @PresidentIRL @KremlinRussia_E @POTUS44 @senatemajldr…

MYOWNENT 🐐 ‏@lilbra_myownent

Been Thru The ☔️ Felt So Much Pain Past Couple Years Time 2 Explain/ Piss 4 My PO Got Ah Loyal 1 She Ah Leo 🦁 Been…

MotoGP on BT Sport ‏@btsportmotogp

🌩 Storms ⛈ Thunder ☔️ Torrential rain Please not another repeat of the BritishGP 🙏

MYOWNENT 🐐 ‏@lilbra_myownent

Been Thru The ☔️ Felt So Much Pain Past Couple Years Time 2 Explain/ Piss 4 My PO Got Ah Loyal 1 She Ah Leo 🦁 Been…

Carraswell IOM ‏@carraswell

@NeilHodgson100 who’d have thought the IOM would have better weather than Valencia this weekend? Think Cal made the…

Binal Patel ‏@thesciencebean

Day 17: You are the sky 🌌 everything else... is the weather ⛈ #Gratitude30

WV Reign Elite ⛈ ‏@WvReignHoops

Good luck to my guys @DariusStills56 & @DanteStills this afternoon in Stillwater ⛈ #StaySpooky

TheRealTshego ‏@Tshego_Fvo

@ThatSamboGirl All i see is a heavy storm ⛈ coming your way

Ludmila ‏@LudmilaaMB

Netflix por todo hoy ⛈

Omar Caicedo ‏@omar87342

Rainy ride ⛈⛈⛈⛈💨💨💨💨#Triathlete #trek #ironman

IG: selfcarenichee ‏@selfcarenichee


96⚡️ ‏@96sinz

Playing assassins creed🎮smoking weed weed ⛈🍀

joel ♦ ‏@okgloel

@_JJimenezz doves flyin ova mah head 😢🕊⛈

Tabish Khan ‏@imtabkhan

God is my rainbow 🌈 in the storms ⛈ of life.

david brodie ‏@davidjbrodie

Today’s “weather through the door of an Irish Bar in Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria” is:- “puckin’ fissin’ down but at l…

Threadzz ‏@Threadzz6

Cute emoji combos - 🌈 🌷💫 -💘✨🌿 - ✈️ 💓💦 - 🕊 🏹 🍼 - 🥂 🍰 ✨ - 🌴 💞 🍭 - 🌷 🍌 ☁️ - ☔️ 🛵 ⚡️ - 🌿 ⛈ 🍡 Hope you enjoy follow me for more!

Old Man ‏@AngeloZack

Beautiful rain in Pretoria ⛈

CAMI ✨ ‏@camiiladeleon

Voy a dormir toda la fucking tarde 😴⛈

ryanplaysdrums ‏@ryanplaysdrums

There was a point in this run when the thunderstorm came and I was getting drenched. “Sing” by Blur came on in my h…

Top Rank Boxing ‏@trboxing

Tyler Howard brought the Thunder to Chesapeake Energy Arena last night ⛈ Definitely a fighter to keep your eye on 🥊…

Mullin's Maniacs ‏@MullinsManiacs

Great team win! 🔴⛈ #sjubb

Ra1nyDa3 ‏@Ra1nyDa3_NoComp

I came A LOOOOONG⛈ way and I’ve already had one of a kind experiences I GET SO EXCITED because I know there’s milli…

publzx🍑 ‏@publ_z

1-riverdale🎀 2-The rain⛈ 3-American Horror Story💕 4-Elite📚 5-The Good Place🌻 6-Mundo Sombrio de Sabrina🐱 7-La cada…

Fiso_Says ‏@Fiso_Says

Rain 😍⛈🌧

2Point0 🤖✨ ‏@kollywoodnow

For @actor_jayamravi👨🧢 Fans #Diwali💥😁 lies on #December⛈ in Year.. His Next🚓👊Cop Action Thriller #AdangaMaru👮‍♂🔥 is…

Genna Bain ‏@GennaBain

@Qikzsd @esportsdreamvn @sc2vn @Voguekun Shhhh me and my gurl SynthA are gonna take Korea by storm. ⛈ ❤️

seriouslykelso ‏@srslykels

my heat goes: 😅🖤🙃🚬🤪💔⛈💩😪👿☔️😐💀☹️ when i wake up and realize i dreamt about you again

Nieara ‏@knee_air_ahhh

My lil nigga begging to let them send some scattered showerssss ⛈💥

Jeff Bechtle ‏@Bechtle4

Weather is all around us and yesterday Captain Jolley a United Airlines Pilot paid our class a visit to share how d…

JONAS ‏@wangxiaosan76

Only He Who Experiences the Work of God Truly Believes in God #God #True 🌦☁🌧⛈🌈🌦☁🌧⛈🌈🌦☁🌧⛈🌈🙏🙏

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