Ticket Emoji

A paper ticket, which may be for a theatre show, sporting event, or other ticketed performance. Shown in blue, yellow or grey on most platforms.

Ticket was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎫 Ticket Stub

🎫 World Tour TIcket


🎫 U+1F3AB




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おかん♥OKAN ‏@okan0115

@WM_ONOFF 4.11 ZeppTokyo 티켓🎫 득템❗ I want to go see everyone in 🌸April /11♡ I'm looking forward to seeing meeting… https://t.co/mJqHYXBsmf

Wakefield Trinity ‏@WTrinityRL

TWO days until we’re back in action at the Mobile Rocket against @wolvesrl! 🎫 Tickets are on sale in our club shop… https://t.co/auZDhIQUCi

тιиα ‏@tinatwitte482

🏹Get Ready To Gain New Followers 🍹🍻 🏋🚴. Retweet 🏆🎖 🎨🎫 Follow RTS 🎾⚽️ 🍩#1DDrive #TEAMSTALLION 🍭🍨

What We Did Next ‏@whatwedidnext

Two tickets to Arendelle please! 🎫🎫 https://t.co/6c4yniKe8s

Garsington Opera ‏@GarsingtonOpera

🎫 Booking opens at 10am today! https://t.co/Ku0cOBXCnP #GOFantasio https://t.co/WXl3DoB3cL

SportPesa Care ‏@SportPesa_Care

🛬 Karibu Kenya 🇰🇪 Catherine Phiri safely lands at JKIA ready to take on Fatuma Zarika for the 2nd time. Don't mis… https://t.co/aFgvKb9ASW

Murad ‏@muradk23103

@_definitelydee_ You’re not getting bts tickets lol 🎫.. i gotchu on some aseed and zoum tho

Dr.SaharShah ‏@SaharshahDr

We watched our son Vajdaan Shah’s Play : “Jack-e-Azal” bought tickets 🎫 Vajdaan played the role of Rustam and he w… https://t.co/suCdxVTe6q

Official ‏@billinghamrufc

We're back in action this week against Vale of Lune. 📅 23/03/2019 🏡 Greenwood Road 🎫 £5 🏆 Northern Premier ⌚ 2:… https://t.co/WkQb6866iP

North Shields FC ‏@NorthShieldsFC

MATCH DAY!! ⚽️ The Robins v @RACAFC1970 🏆 Mid Season Friendly 🗓️ Tuesday 19th March 2019 🕒 19:30 🏟️ Daren Persso… https://t.co/4IxEZ1lnhs

Joyous Celebration ‏@JoyousSA

LAAAAALEEEEELA!!!! 💃🕺🎊🎉We are just a month away from Launching MTN Joyous 23. Where is your ticket? 🎫🎫🎫 ➡️… https://t.co/iJE8sxTGtz

xc ‏@miccdrop_xc

Anyone selling Ateez tickets 🎫 #ateez #ATEEZinLondon #ateeztour #ateezo2 #ATEEZExpeditionTour #ATEEZExpeditionTourlondon #o2forum

Capital Brighton ‏@CapitalBrighton

Wanna go see 😍 @duttypaul @BrightonCentre later this year? 🙋 Lock in to @DavidGoodings and @MirandaDaisy94 on… https://t.co/emznftArhK

Lilis Pujiati ‏@lilispujiati

Selling BTS <LOVE YOURSELF WORLD TOUR IN BANGKOK > ticket. 📆 7 April 2019 🎫 Two ticket 💺 B3 zone (BP06&BP07)… https://t.co/oucBlvrTip

Andrea Motturi ‏@GuinnessGirl_1

Live from Derry Ireland, @rebeccaharkin's Worldwide Online @stageit on Thursday, March 21st, 4:30pm Pacific, 7:30… https://t.co/yn7tDtGf37

Byron Yoga ‏@ByronYogaCentre

Have you applied for our Golden Ticket yet?!! 🎫 Only three more weeks left!! This amazing prize gives the lucky win… https://t.co/C9dfrf0dWN

beckiii ‏@U_Ni_Que_

I’m just a little upset... when will you hold the concert in China mainland...it’s so hard for us to buy tickets 🎫… https://t.co/wjZ90b9gnt


Poetry . Art. Music . HOUSTON. March 21, 2019 tickets 🎫 below https://t.co/4FdF3UlrVa


🎶 Bye, bye Miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry 🎶 Channel your inner rock star at… https://t.co/QxfRG1l8RO

Time Square ‏@timesquareza

The one and only @ebenet is ready to hit the Sun Arena on 6 April. You definitely do not want to miss out on Soulfu… https://t.co/msOOuX0qip

erika savage ‏@erikasavage

Concerts were better when you had to demonstrate commitment to make an actual trip to buy your tix 🎫 in person from… https://t.co/hn22b0gQyv

Koko Di Sciascio ‏@KOKO_DSAS

There is an event next month I want to win tickets for and they have used gamification. They have created a point s… https://t.co/HcOpYjvQoI

oohbanny ‏@dhtpgn

@BURNINGTIME71 I have 2 spare tickets 🎫 check DM please❤️❤️

T̴h̴i̴e̴n̴a̴ G 🍡 ‏@_Xlulu20

I want a 🎫 😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/FnLTQJCyVP

ACE W.O.L.F 🐺 ‏@trill_skill

Memories got saved up like coupons 🎫

Sibaya Casino ‏@SibayaCasino

The hilarious Aunty Sheila is back this March with her hit show, You're Hired. The not to be missed comedy-drama is… https://t.co/Q6sxWyVmUd

PAPPY THRILL ‏@PappyThrill

Catch “Gemini Major” Live at the #thrillconcert 🔥🔥🔥 Grab Your Ticket 🎫 Now! https://t.co/aLRKLKdNFL Song:… https://t.co/S5DpiulYtq

ハルヒ💫 ‏@Wakaka_mui

💥Looking for BTS world tour love yourself ticket in HK💥 Date: 21/3, 23/3, 24/3 1 ticket 🎫 seated area (Preferably… https://t.co/ueiTU2Lx0P

Chloe961711 ‏@Chloe961711

【Selling】one Monsta X melbourne VIP High Touch GA package🎫🎫 Original Price! DM me if you interested!!… https://t.co/MwBuGzjc8d

Abe ‏@sktrabe

@hellokyara Let’s get tickets 🎫 https://t.co/kNwb6Uikf2

Chloe961711 ‏@Chloe961711

【Selling】one Monsta X melbourne VIP High Touch GA package🎫🎫 Original Price! DM me if you interested https://t.co/jT2khW7dsE

amanda sandoval ‏@mindddddy

Honestly, need a sugar daddy to get me front row tickets 🎫 💕to #SweetenerWorldTour https://t.co/chmFWZHjXC

ʲᵒᵒⁿ ‏@Yoongheee

2.6M preorders in some DAyS kings✨🎇🎆🎄🎉🎃🎃🎃🎋🎊🎊🎊🎍🎑🏆🏆🏆🎖️🎫🎀🎀🎁🎁🎗️🎗️

Football Fed SA ‏@FootballSouthAu

FUTSAL ⚽️👟 | School holiday Futsal carnival confirmed! 🗓 Tuesday 23 April 🕘 9am-4pm 🏟 St Clair Recreation Centre 🎫… https://t.co/CDkkARhPnN

🐇Killer Kross ⌛️💀❌ ‏@realKILLERkross

I get that a lot. Because I give people what they want to see. 🎫 = 💵 https://t.co/ZI5TZCgTon

Sherry Aguero ‏@curve_ur_beauty

i WILL NOT allow myself to be boring this summer so who’s down for: 🚗road trips and vacations✈️ 🌕all nig… https://t.co/9E47rapEWO

Arsenio Hall ‏@ArsenioHall

#LOSANGELES!!! 🎤 This weekend ... #joinme ... @thecomedyunion. We have a lot to talk/laugh about! 🃏 March 22 (2… https://t.co/s8iOsZRdUG

Becky ‏@AngelBB49

My Hubby bought me an early birthday gift!! I'm going to see @derekhough Live!, y'all!! April can't come soon enoug… https://t.co/hs8qRuuh1b

SwaggyD 💎 ‏@sweetDREAms510

I honestly hate when you tryna get gas or something hella small and the person in front of you buying hella lotto tickets 🎫

Mai Ho 🏳️‍🌈⃠ ‏@PhucMaiHo

Sold my sweetener ticket 🎫 going✈️ Gucci

jimmy ‏@jimmy_jkmorgan

@dbongino Talk. Where are the cops? A parking ticket 🎫... Something that tells us we have Justice.

BigBabyDaniD ‏@__CaliDreams_

Friday Mar 22nd🔥TCB Returns To Bliss🎉 w/ TRINA Performing LIVE🎥 21+💯10p-3a🔥Get Tickets https://t.co/QOQdNdDGbi🎫 Tables 2028088600 #FreshGeek

Tigrikorn 🐯🦄✨🌈 ‏@odouglasj

@MichaelGalanin What we can’t see is the fish at the bottom selling tickets 🎫🐠😂

Remyyyy ‏@RemyNelson7

Friday Mar 22nd🔥TCB Returns To Bliss🎉 w/ TRINA Performing LIVE🎥 21+💯10p-3a🔥Get Tickets https://t.co/QLjhptooEv🎫 Tables 2028088600 #FreshGeek

sheispending_ ‏@xoshotsss

Friday Mar 22nd🔥TCB Returns To Bliss🎉 w/ TRINA Performing LIVE🎥 21+💯10p-3a🔥Get Tickets https://t.co/wd0jBlIYkD🎫 Tables 2028088600 #FreshGeek

Trill 💲mith: Da Fresh Pimp ‏@YungDre15_slick

Friday Mar 22nd🔥TCB Returns To Bliss🎉 w/ TRINA Performing LIVE🎥 21+💯10p-3a🔥Get Tickets https://t.co/iOGzWRxbFE🎫 Tables 2028088600 #FreshGeek

becky: a 00line army ‏@beckyxtang

🌸SELLING: 2 tickets🎫BTS in London Wembley on 2/6 (Day 2) at face value Section D2 Row L Seat 6-7 (Circled in red) D… https://t.co/GLndq9rhkH

syl ‏@YUBlN

Hddhdh a couple years ago I went to see fob for my birthday and bought him, his friend, and my friend tickets 🎫 eve… https://t.co/qb6xueZSJ4

🎵 Nettles Nation / Sugarland Music Fan Zone 🎵 ‏@NettlesNation

[email protected] Presents @carlypearce at @Wilson_Creek Winery in Temecula, CA on Sunday, June 16th! 🎫🎟:… https://t.co/SYM5J7aLtO

Kevin Joralemon ‏@kevinjoralemon

@Heyitstrinnn 🎫 LETS GOOOOO

SweetHyunHun티킷대행 ‏@SweetHyunhun

📍Ticket selling service BTS Word Tour Love Yourself in HK ticket service🎫 📅日期: 2019.3.20-24 if you are looking for… https://t.co/QaINwl0Szk

real_hyun'ㅅ' ‏@Baekhyun_lss

Tickets for Selling~ BTS Word Tour Love Yourself in HK ticket service🎫3.20-24 if you are looking for BTS in hk. DM… https://t.co/MGyoE9l16b

Alex Malay ‏@ShopAlexMalay

28 Tickets 🎫 Left https://t.co/fq1f6KzUly

Devon Peart RD ‏@DevonP_RD

@RedWebster1 @SignalCrasher @danpfeiffer @ewarren Would buy tickets to that show 🎫

ETX 🎬 ‏@EastTxColleges

ETX @DaRealFredoBang Will Be In Tyler April 5th #FredoBangLive 🎬🔥 Student Discount (ID Required) $20 Presales +… https://t.co/zE4W3lNHOH

Jess ‏@justjessNC

"Hungry like the Wolf @PackWomensBball " 🐺💃🏻🏀 🎫 #ncaaW https://t.co/vMwam1fk5z

WHAT! Wrestling ‏@WHATomorrow

The biggest match in WHAT! Wrestling history goes down THIS Sunday in Providence❗️ 🚨Dan Maff vs @ARealFoxx 🚨 $20… https://t.co/6C2NWhUMXg


@t.r.u_entertainment THIS FRIDAY " NYC ARENA LOUNGE " Tru Entertainment Mook Dimond doing it again. Pisces & Arie… https://t.co/eGaGadPhOn

Live Nation ‏@LiveNation

Sing-along to all of your favorite @ArianaGrande songs on her Sweetener / thank u, next tour 🎤🌑💞 🎫… https://t.co/oQsr3TU4Xb

Bo Lassalle ‏@thevetwithpet

@FrankCaliendo I just got tickets 🎫 for your Chicago show ... Thanks to your interview with the Drew and Mike Podca… https://t.co/NBDoKCecTh

kevie 🧚🏽‍♀️💜 ‏@kevieekev

Presales gettem while you can ❗️💰🎫 $20 ✅ April 5th ❗️💨 220 N. Glenwood Dr. Tyler, Texas 75702 📍 #FredoBangLive https://t.co/V2OVBvgLr2

kevie 🧚🏽‍♀️💜 ‏@kevieekev

Presales Going Fast 💨 Gettem While You Can ❗️ Presales Starting at $20 💰 VIP Specials 🎫 Free Shots 🥃 ⚠️ Doors… https://t.co/UrzxSbyz4l

kevie 🧚🏽‍♀️💜 ‏@kevieekev

#FredoBangLive April 5th ‼️🙌🏽 $20 Presales 🎫💰 📌 220 Lounge ❌❌Early Arrival Mandatory ❌❌ https://t.co/3iEKIh5v1j

Live Nation ‏@LiveNation

🎶 Break up with your girlfriend 💗 Yeah, yeah, 'cause I'm bored 🎶 @ArianaGrande Sweetener / thank u, next tour 🎫… https://t.co/WdQmrRLVBb

Frontier Touring ‏@frontiertouring

PRE-SALE RUNNING 📣 Frontier Members now have early ticket access to see @OfficialMonstaX in Melbourne & Sydney this… https://t.co/YT0x6OdgZJ

Sydney Swans ‏@sydneyswans

10 days until our first game at home = 10% off Round 2 reserved seats tickets* Use the Password 10TOGO to take adv… https://t.co/Y9QTo9yJqS

Big Time Wrestling ‏@BTWrestlingCA

#RAW fans! This Friday we return to the historic Newark Pavilion!! Doors open: 6:30pm Belltime: 7:30pm. Remaini… https://t.co/vj3LFpTTE2

Pure Organic Henna ‏@pureorganichena

🧡 I take my themocmoc everywhere I go ☘️Ready for #spring2019 season! I am! 🍀 We have the Henna 🌿and the Jagua 🍈 &… https://t.co/NsNgLWBzX9

Mill Tiket ‏@Wb_tiket

This Friday🎟🎫‼️‼️#Slide #352 #ocala #milltiket #yungeenace @ 8 Seconds https://t.co/yTEVZcLhty

BZYEST ‏@zhyre_

[plz!!!] I’m looking forward the LY concert ticket in Hong Kong on 20or21March plz dm me if u have the ticket wh… https://t.co/CqeODXV0et

Pure Organic Henna ‏@pureorganichena

Fresh #hennastain after 12 hours ☘️ Ready for #spring2019 season! I am! 🍀 We have the Henna 🌿and the Jagua 🍈 & you… https://t.co/2BL23JeD3S

Pure Organic Henna ‏@pureorganichena

☘️Ready for #spring2019 season! I am! 🍀 We have the Henna 🌿and the Jagua 🍈 & you have to get ready and make your ap… https://t.co/QL6HuuNgy6

Live Nation ‏@LiveNation

What a set by @Normani 💜 @ArianaGrande is up next! Sweetener / thank u, next tour 🎫 https://t.co/fDxVnuQmC6 https://t.co/J85JKgSZuU

tallulah pr+mgmt ‏@tallulahpr_

Get yo tickets 🎫 🙌🏻 https://t.co/m43UvJtZib

Tiba Ent Omega ‏@tibabadboyQ

The Original Detroit Tigers 🐯 Opening Day & Night Event at Floods! On Thursday 4-4-19 🔥11am-2am Complimentary Vip T… https://t.co/7UVJGNPfIe

Tiba Ent Omega ‏@tibabadboyQ

The Original Detroit Tigers 🐯 Opening Day & Night Event at Floods! On Thursday 4-4-19 🔥11am-2am Complimentary Vip T… https://t.co/Kzti30KMRJ

🦋💗 Follow🌻💗 11k ‏@Yessamin_

👀 Follow everyone who Likes and 👅 Retweet this 🎫

Live Nation ‏@LiveNation

[email protected] kick off the 1st night of @ArianaGrande's Sweetener / thank u, next tour 🔥 🎫… https://t.co/aICH0dAy7M

Mara Babyy 🦋✨ ‏@ItsMaraaBabyy

@Im__AnnMarie #TheTriPolarTour starts in 12 days. If you haven’t gotten your tickets 🎫 yet GO GET THEM ASAP NO ROCK… https://t.co/JISQj3nUjG

#SocialRecruiting ‏@HiringOnSocial

Strengthen The Contacts You Make At #Networking Events By Following Up: 🎫 https://t.co/8VposlLU7c - by @JMMuscarello https://t.co/1J72AGNr6S


✨ Seems we’re not the only ones who think @sharonvanetten is pretty fab! Vivid Sydney have announced their program… https://t.co/prwah0EWvL

Sweet Pea & Little Wolf ‏@sweetpeawolf1

🌿🐰🦊 So excited to have our lovely friend @csawhair with us on the big day!! 🌺 Grab your tickets 🎫 guys & come say h… https://t.co/H2oQF7b8vo

Aisha ‏@im_ur_hckleberi

Skate to the U.K. Fundraiser for Manaii & Kilah Of @girltalkphilly GET YOUR TICKETS EARLY! 🎫🎫🎫 Rolling Thunder… https://t.co/PQ1w4d6c9f

Davidson Women's Basketball ‏@DavidsonWBB

Tickets are now on sale! 🎫 Get yours here: https://t.co/rDmzGcWjAm

Austin Jacqueline ‏@Geminivisions2

#Repost @thespotmovie with @Geminivisions2 That new @Wandoe_ dropping at 4pm #comeback #dir❌beasyjones #beasygram a… https://t.co/667XaMdrHH

Pamela Northington 3️⃣ ‏@PamelaNorth323

@DonnieWahlberg Loved #VeryScaryPeople!!! 🤡 Still cuddled up with your towel that you gave me at the Tutwiler Hotel… https://t.co/5rSewM90aB

NMLite ‏@NMLite_

Next stop: #Luxembourg! 🇱🇺 @NICKIMINAJ and @JuiceWorlddd are coming to Esch-sur-Alzette for the #NickiWRLDTour! 🎉… https://t.co/pnU3pv2eA0

Alexis Morrast ‏@AlexisMorrast

Get your ticket now 🎫 https://t.co/xpdN65daku

Iman Jefferson ‏@ImanJefferson__

Working on new music and starting a company at the same time. Both endeavors will be a challenge I look forward to.… https://t.co/PsGgXOtIoe

@Roddtheartist♕ ‏@DopeRodd

FASHION SHOW VIBES ,13 days away from #TheFashionShow @DopeRodd GET YOUR TICKETS 🎫🎫🎫 https://t.co/z7mkDE6KjS

SelaineVanGrothesque ‏@VanGrothesque

So many questions! Where to buy a ticket? 🎫 Who’s going with me? 🤷🏻‍♀️ What time to be there? ⏰ What item should I… https://t.co/MDAoLGY4nx

Hispanic Heritage ‏@hispaniccanada

Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council Convertation with Senator Rosa Galvez. 170 St George Street,. Toronto. Jackman… https://t.co/jLL2ajliyY

laura ‏@tattooedmyheart

Sweetner tour…mayhaps I need a ticket 🎫 💗🤷🏻‍♀️

Angela K. Wilkins ‏@ladyawilkins

Get Your Tickets 🎫NOW GUARANTEED TO BE LIFE-CHANGING 🔌 https://t.co/8ulG7rzJtN

Jenny B ‏@JennyB1717

@DonnieWahlberg Scratching lottery tickets 🎫

turner_angel ‏@turner_angel

@tweetmommybop @gtconway3d Not hard.. a) George is a decent attorney b) he was offered two positions in the Trump A… https://t.co/SHGaZzXssz

St. Mark Maga, the Catholic ‏@MarkProkop2

March has 2 promos‼️ When you buy a HEMPWORX BATH BOX 🛀🧼 you’re entered into the contest to get a GREEN TICKET 🎫 i… https://t.co/o34FfNeZCb

🕯12th Planet🕯 ‏@12thplanet

This week on the #swamplextour Tix: 🎫 https://t.co/JsJOr6gOg7 ✅ Wed: Portland - @45eastpdx ✅ Thu: Vancouver -… https://t.co/tyVjo5Xgkm

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