Tiger Face Emoji

A tiger face, which is displayed on major platforms with a cute cartoon appearance.

Tiger Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🐯 Cute Tiger


🐯 U+1F42F




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MStar11 ‏@MStar119

@afishhhhhh @pinson61242909 Baby and Baby taking care of each other 🥰🥰🥰❤️🖤🐉🐯 and we become ☺️☺️☺️… https://t.co/lKy6WAJ6hW

对🥕说对不起的🐰 🖤♥️ ‏@Rabbits_carrots

@yoop3230 Thanks for your trans. In fact, he is also a person who encourages us. Will always support and love.🐯💕

wolverine ‏@DadaVenkat

@Nithitweetz One n only the Prince 🐯

Min Min ‏@minnanhh1

FANGIRL FANGIRL FANGIRL... AAAAAA 😭😭😭🖤🐯 #The18sPERTH https://t.co/CHVjmvdpSF

Ốc Trần ‏@TrnThHn32798057

💕The love brother 🐯 💕 #รอยยิ้มของชูครีม #The18sPERTH @perthppe https://t.co/sTIXZzhAbZ


#The18sPERTH It’s never too late to be the person you want to be.😘🎉🐯Fighting😘 Love u forever🌺 cr.AllAroundPERTH https://t.co/34bgEGj6JW

lailai ‏@elayshiiii

my baby tigeeeer grr 🐯💛 https://t.co/Vp4VbJSKte

⚔️TonythetheTiger 🐯 ‏@tonythethetige1

It’s time for more #ApexLegends! We are live now with shenanigans on the #WildFrontier at… https://t.co/cD9sDF7D9D

arathemy ‏@arathemy

you look innocent makes me wanna do bad things to you rawwwrrr🐯 charot lang

Paci Rhutmos ‏@PaciRhutmos

Best of luck to @ustprime and @USTGalvanize as they represent the entire Thomasian community in the UAAP Season 81… https://t.co/jxl03kv5fr

psloveforever ‏@psloveforever1

Happy birthday my cute 🐯 ,handsome tiger 🐅 #The18sPERTH https://t.co/owJLFCjmGx

I LOVE YOU ‏@CL_ILoveBangTan

Reply some emoji that you will remember taehyungieeee. Mine: 💜 and 🐯

🐳Cá Voi Xanh🐳 ‏@caxinh1

Baby, no matter what happens, mom love you and believe in you Hope the 1st FMT in ThaiLand successful 🐯🖤… https://t.co/eldJnsJari

Brandon ‏@Bnabrandoncorps

On the run # part. II # Beyonce & jay z #ireallyhaddreamofsong🐯🌍@[email protected]

ANH_dears ‏@Anh_Gacktfanvn

You don't have to talk much, what you've have done already show how sweet and great you're. I'm the one have to say… https://t.co/QlCi7PG7Xl

jadsaj ‏@itsjadagermaine

she a cat who rawrs🐯 https://t.co/2bSas1DucT

Mizzou Track & Field ‏@MIZ_TrackField

Herm Wilson Invitational | Women's 3000m Steeplechase Melissa Menghini finishes first and records the #7 time at… https://t.co/7l4Enygd9h

Jayvee P. Navarro ‏@JayveeNavarro28

Wishing the @ustprime and the @USTGalvanize the best of luck for the upcoming UAAP Streetdance Competition! #GoUSTe 💛🐯💛

CahyaquePerthsaint😘 ‏@Nurcahy31786810

@perthppe Love you🐯

Lucy ‏@lucylalaby

Hello, 18sPerth. 🖤❤️🐯🐉Nice to meet you. #The18sPERTH https://t.co/mufdLQjnvv

Baby Binnie 🐰💙💛 ‏@WhatAmI_Dreamer

The baby roar ugh! So cute! 🐯💕💕💕 @TXT_members https://t.co/gWoAXMIIej

💰MoneyJay💰 ‏@MoneyJay901

@4k_Jeremiah Thank you Peso‼️💯🐯🏀🔥 #Tiger4Life #GoTigersGo

Kylie Bree™ ‏@Kylie_Bree17

I have a set of softball cards that say “Kylie Tigerina” 🐯 https://t.co/TuXdiUDPM6

Black ‏@Daisying5

Hope you enjoy every day of life . will love you more and more 🐯❤ Cr:logo #PerthTanapon #The18sPERTH https://t.co/5JNCLVLaRj

mikayla ‏@mikaylasasnett

itching for a new tattoo 🐯

Mizzou Track & Field ‏@MIZ_TrackField

Herm Wilson Invitational | Women's Hammer Throw Jordan McClendon and CeCe Johnson throw program top-10 marks. 1.… https://t.co/hka8p7XrI6

perth的海贼大王! ‏@PerthCf

#รอยยิ้มของชูครีม #The18sPERTH happy birthday🐯💛 enjoy today @perthppe https://t.co/PtPTNQpzVR

Malachi ‏@Malachixp123

@SeoulDynasty On Saturday it will be my birthday and I was wondering as a gift from you guys it would be winning ag… https://t.co/6bVsxz9MWA

Lisa Herman ‏@Rocknsoul1319

@4k_Jeremiah It’s been so fun watching you grow over the years! You will be great wherever you go 💙🐯💙

Souixsie Que ‏@SouixsieQue

Relationship Status 😽🐾🐯 https://t.co/RYs7hc8OfS

denZa CheeZa ‏@dZcheeZe

My baby 😊😊😊😊 no matter what happens N’Perth, yes!! of course I love you so much... we love you so much... Always st… https://t.co/A43fxuplX6

🔥ForestFyr💜PERSONA ‏@ForestFyr

@lmalexander78 @lsgrlr @BTS_twt They’d just use their own names w an animal emoji 🐨🐰🐯... no one would even question it.

Mizzou Baseball ‏@MizzouBaseball

🚨🚨🚨 TIME CHANGE 🚨🚨🚨 Due to forecasted inclement weather Saturday (March 23) evening, game two between #Mizzou and… https://t.co/paK7rsHHgs

王小明 ‏@psorsp

Hope you will be happy every day after you turn 18 years old. Wish you have a bright future. We will always stand b… https://t.co/vQKB35BYEu

Ben Brady ‏@BenBradyLocal4

VIDEO: Hastings baseball (@hhsball1) hangs on to beat Omaha Skutt, 8-6. ⚾️🐯 @J_Shaaw_22 @mikeboeve05 @swibbels… https://t.co/deTFwYfHBZ

MStar11 ‏@MStar119

Good luck and all the best 🖤🐯 #The18sPERTH #PerthSaintSation https://t.co/yDWCSzpFTH

Towson Women's Hoops ‏@Towson_WBB

History was made tonight! Q. Murray set a record for most assists in a season with 147 #IAGDTBAT 🐯🏀 check out the r… https://t.co/s8HQs9QtGX

Alice Pasoquin ‏@LingPasoquin

God Bless to @USTGalvanize and @ustprime reppin all tigers for UAAP Street Dance! 🐯

claire ‏@clretura

GOD BLESS AND GOODLUCK FAM!! 🐯💛 https://t.co/IQNmF8Nbeu

Mizzou Basketball ‏@MizzouWBB

Game time set. 👇 🏀 #Mizzou vs. Iowa ⌚ 1 PM CT on Sunday #MIZ #OurTownOurTeam 🐯🏀 https://t.co/ncINItfO9a

Destinee 🍯 ‏@destineedaviss

real ass bitch💋👸🏽 give a fuck🖕🏽 bout a nigga👋🏽🗣 big birkin bag👜 hold🤲🏽 five5️⃣ six6️⃣ figures💰💵💸 stripes😜 on my ass… https://t.co/StpnUrC0U9

Esther🐯🐲 ‏@pinson_esther

My dear son Love you🖤🐯🐯🐯 cr logo #รอยยิ้มของชูครีม #The18sPERTH https://t.co/bTZqkH6x3b

🐯 FollowHelp 6k 🐯 IFB ‏@Follow_Gainzz

Follow everyone who retweets this. 🐯🐹

rin, and a flower 🌼 ‏@chansoothings_

cuties 🐯🐧💛 @weareoneEXO #CHANSOO #찬디 #灿嘟 #ニョルド https://t.co/RmNiWR3yVC

LeeY_PS_yingzi ‏@leey_ps

#The18sPERTH love you~HBD~🐯💕🎂 https://t.co/7kLYTSqBhg

Mizzou Baseball ‏@MizzouBaseball

🔊 SOUND OF THE GAME | After outstanding pitching from Cantleberry and @jgoob55, senior RHP @cam_dulle locked down h… https://t.co/HEDd9cwOaq

genie: 🤰 ‏@PurpleHyunggu

He does look like one~ 🐯🐯 @CUBE_PTG #MiniUniverses 💜💕💜💕 https://t.co/7PPmWS9L6i

Esther🐯🐲 ‏@Estherloveps

Love Perth🖤🐯🐯🐯 cr logo #รอยยิ้มของชูครีม #The18sPERTH https://t.co/LdfrvHR2pd

Tommie jones ‏@Tommiejones19

@rtralphy Nice mate I am also a MCC member and follow the tigers 🐯 the MCC is the best club to be involved in and… https://t.co/7jRgc9Nqq2

Lisa Herman ‏@Rocknsoul1319

@j5_twann @RivalsBmoss You got it kiddo! 💙🐯💙

‎َ ‏@katieabalos

Get that gold! @ustprime @USTGalvanize 🐯💛

Black ‏@Daisying5

I hope you will always be healthy and happy🐯 Love you😊 Cr:logo #The18sPerth https://t.co/lP1U9ofIDn

Perth_Ming ‏@perth_ming

HBD na our 18th 🐯 I will always love you and hope you happy and healthy forever. I think you need to get your 🎁 fro… https://t.co/3XQ8EYQHZP

m a d d e ‏@aippew


Jenny McCarthy 🍀 ‏@tigerfanjenny

@Coach_JEsposito @ima_hooper34 @Mikeboogieparks @raynere_3 @_bvcketz @Memphis_MBB Thank you, Coach! 💙🐯💙

Dunham Athletics ‏@DunhamAthletics

🚨🚨Great team win for the Lady Tigers! 🥎 Port Allen Softball Tournament 🐯 Dunham Softball wins Game 1 vs Port Alle… https://t.co/GTwbTZ3Lnw

Daniel Jacob Behnke ‏@danjakebehnke

@RITMHKY Good game. Great season. Thank you! 🐯🐯🐯

denZa CheeZa ‏@dZcheeZe

My baby!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I’m happy to see you lil tiger... eventhough you are already 18th years old but you are still… https://t.co/ttkADmrXyI

Mizzou Baseball ‏@MizzouBaseball

🎥 HIGHLIGHTS l #Mizzou improves to 9-0 at Taylor Stadium this season, while tallying its first SEC victory #MIZ… https://t.co/NJwqhwwiGa

kiyoo ‏@aldzjayy

wish me luck later🐯💛

Pramuka Indonesia ‏@pramukaupdate

Because we are a leopard🐯 - . . Post by @nartiindriani Follow @pramukaupdate . . #pramukaupdate #infopramuka… https://t.co/Jk5SVivjGJ

Jenny McCarthy 🍀 ‏@tigerfanjenny

@raynere_3 Well done, Raynere! Thank you for everything! Tiger forever! 💙🐯💙

Arena🍉 ‏@Arena_fufu

HBD my boy 🐯 Happy everyday 🎸 Love U💕 #The18sPERTH #รอยยิ้มของชูครีม #PerthTanapon #Perthppe https://t.co/QvKOu92r3L

⚜ ‏@JustDwana

#GeauxLSU 💛💜💛💜💛💜🐯🐯⚜️⚜️⚜️ we got this! https://t.co/LgtYtlmYeF

Catnip Enterprises ‏@catnipent

abbydowse hoping you all have a great weekend 🖤 @OfficialPLT tan tiger print lace dress 🐯 Follow ⬇ @catnipent 😻… https://t.co/iBpXlTybPk

Kenneth sosa ‏@Sosakenneth1027

@TWHSMensSoccer can hall give Conroe there 3 points back we feel likes is unfair like y’all still qualify we need t… https://t.co/4OHMM17RKN

Jenny McCarthy 🍀 ‏@tigerfanjenny

@4k_Jeremiah Thank you for everything, Jeremiah! One of my all-time faves! 💙🐯💙

🖤❤️Ley 🐉🐅 ‏@Ley23duoduo

Love you guitar boy 🖤🎸🖤@perthppe 🐯🐯🐯 cr:logo #The18sPERTH https://t.co/RuYwDoPLzl

Maybank ‏@MyMaybank

Don’t forget your Sunplay sunscreen available at The Village when you’re out and about atb#MaybankChampionship! 🌞🐯… https://t.co/WdKsxnoq2W

Mizzou Baseball ‏@MizzouBaseball

🎥 POSTGAME INTERVIEW l Junior LHP Jacob Cantleberry (W - 6.1 IP, 6 H, 1 ER, 1 BB, 8 K) discusses the Tigers' series… https://t.co/wzKidJ6emU


When u look me in the eyes~~~ And tell me that you loveee meee~~ Right here by my sideee~~~ When you look at me i… https://t.co/O5b0Ak0Nft

hwan_jeab ‏@jeabjeabbb

Fighting...🐯🐯🖤🖤✌✌💕💕 #The18sPERTH #รอยยิ้มของชูครีม https://t.co/zj5XCTXECF

Mario Bravante ‏@mariobravante

#ShowMe the kind of day that makes this job AMAZING! 🐯 Let’s Keep It Rollin’ 👊 https://t.co/WpCFMetkSI

Jason Ford ‏@jhford72

@j5_twann Thank you!!! 🐯💙

태태 🐯⚡ ‏@gabitae1

@BTS_twt You are the best person I met 💜💜🐯 #BTS #방탄소년단 #taehyung #V #taetae https://t.co/D1dJQOWQay

John R. Smith III ‏@VoxTheDevil

Hey ! I saw @TigersMusical tonight and it was genuinely a great damn time. 🐯👍

Michael Miles (Mike) ‏@mrmiles86

@MikeMiller_13 And we look forward to you coaching the players up next year GO TIGERS 🐯

VA🥀ENTINA (New Account) ‏@Valentina_Sassy

@ryanlagosee Just reading it ..hurt me ! 🤪🥵 You’re brave ! 💪🏾💄🏆 I prefer shaving ,- zero tolerance for the pain ! Pu....ssy Girl🐯😇

Mlungisi Richard ‏@d950f2ec48ef4d7

@realMadumane Ndlebe timqewane🐶🐯

EricSingers Cat Army ‏@NeonsKISS

KISS - The Soundchecks https://t.co/6ws7O1QzVk via @YouTube @KISSOnline 🤘🏻⚡️🐯😈🌟

Its Mike Not Michael ‏@Kingmikethe2nd

🐐way to play every game with ya heart on the line 🐯🔥 https://t.co/35bRDeIJ98

The Oil Derrick ‏@daoilderrick

@raynere_3 We are going to miss you Ray. Thank you for everything that you have done for us. Sometimes it’s the one… https://t.co/qsKqKNBf1t

Perthsaint火箭大队~小老虎 ‏@wangpaopao4

Love you, baby. You are the only one in my eyes. ♥️🐯 PS火箭大队🚀 Cr.logo #The18sPERTH https://t.co/Zns6TeQCVj

Mizzou Baseball ‏@MizzouBaseball

RECAP l Another nail-biter in SEC play for #Mizzou, but the Tigers come away with a thrilling 2-1 victory Friday ev… https://t.co/GnZMVcJikX

Gina ‏@redhed67

Symbolically #ADOPT an Animal!! 😀😀🐺🦁🐯🐻🦇 #Rescued from #abuse and suffering – now you can help give these #animals… https://t.co/UvIuXUKNsx

Mizzou Athletics ‏@MizzouAthletics

WHAT A DAY FOR #MIZZOU 😤 @MizzouBaseball @MizzouSoftball @MizzouWBB @MizzouWrestling #ShowMe #MakeItRight 🐯 https://t.co/5mHu58g7Pg

Nicolás Barraza ‏@_Nico_Barraza_

@AmyCim SLAYING YELLOW. 💛👑👍🍯🌮🌞🐤🦒🐯🍋🍌🧀🚕 #AppreciationTweet #YellowQueen @Cimorelliband https://t.co/3ICNsSwh2e

David Greenhill ‏@dgreenhill65

@FlicJohnsonGolf @CHamiltonGolf @DavidGallichio @Richmond_FC It’ll be a special experience lol 🐯

Min Hobi👽 ‏@MinHobiTWT

Meoww🐯🐯 https://t.co/XcAmiWMR9c

The Oil Derrick ‏@daoilderrick

@j5_twann We are with you side by side with no daylight in between. It’s GTG to the bitter end‼️🐯🐾🙏🏾

暖心泡芙love ‏@loveperthppe21

Happy birthday 🐯🖤🎂🎂🎂#The18sPERTH https://t.co/coy667m9Ql

Felicity Johnson ‏@FlicJohnsonGolf

@dgreenhill65 @CHamiltonGolf @DavidGallichio @Richmond_FC I’m all aboard the 🐯 train come Thursday

Kendrick Omar ‏@OmizzleYT

@Roylee_11 Go get her tiger 🐯

PerthSaint火箭大队~陈瑶瑶 ‏@shanglinyaolove

"Never complain about what has happened, or change it, or accept it quiet. 🖤♥️🐯🐉 PS火箭大队🚀 Cr.logo #The18sPERTH https://t.co/eFD1o9gMIs

Dr. Katie Nichols ‏@katie_halfdimes

I see you @Danielleelittle !! 💪😤🐯 https://t.co/2vHWNc2XYC

#TigerStyle ‏@MizzouWrestling

RECAP | #TigerStyle In Fifth Place, Has Four All-Americans For Third Straight Year After NCAA Session IV 🔗… https://t.co/es2pkqTCMJ

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