Timer Clock Emoji

Timer Clock was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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⏲ U+23F2

️ U+FE0F


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Empire Taze ‏@Tazeeey

Hope to see all you Devils in tonight's stream its gonna be a lit stream 😈🔥⏲ @OJayMn @BadamEmpire @MixerPromote… https://t.co/fnDybEuozu


Very cool have I mentioned how much I love @PlayGwent speed mode 😈⏲ https://t.co/A1KnSxctcd

ohanayasann ‏@130629130629

@ProfBen66 Good night! Sweet dreams! 🤗🌺 It's morning here in Tokyo-8 hour time difference ⏲ Take a rest and I wish… https://t.co/figAN02GPv

UDEISMO ‏@udeismo

4' 4Q ⏲ | UDEA #Algeciras 61- @CirculoGijon 47.

💧Harum Scarum ‏@this2_willpass

@Pat1066Patrick Delay by design - favourite LNP tactic to keep services & financial support from people who need th… https://t.co/Pj7fEM2mwF

Amy Jean ‏@amyjean5000

4 more hours till happy hour ⏲

Ramalan Eisa ‏@RamalanEisa

Do you know ? 2015 #PresPollSL 1st postal vote result released at 11.30 pm. 2015 #GenElecSL 1st Postal vote result… https://t.co/6rZGkENga2

warrens_warrior ‏@WarrensWarrior

🔏📗📝📗⚛️🔯♑️💟🈷️🛑💽⏲🎚📞🏬⛱🏜🚖🚛✈️🏵🎗🥉🚣‍♂️🎭🤽🏿‍♂️🎤🍑🥭🥑🍑🥨🔥🌘☁️🌔❄️🌏🌪🐲🐿🌵🎄🦐🦍🐬🦈🐟🙉🙉🐮👢📂📐📋🔗📇🍑👎🏾👍👩‍🌾👩‍🌾🧙🏾‍♀️🧖🏽‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👦‍👦🧳🥾🎒👑👑👑🐭. Go warren 2020!!!!

Renault F1 Team ‏@RenaultF1Team

Both cars have now set their laps, Daniel breaking into the 1:08s. Currently P12 with Daniel and P15 with Nico thou… https://t.co/yeUazpDSQW

Football Tips ⚽️ BookieBoost ‏@BookieBoostApp

🏟 Germany v Belarus Preview ⏲ Kick off 19:45 📊 Pre-match stats ⬇ 🔎 https://t.co/VdorakwJUh https://t.co/74PAmlELKI

💎Aaron💧IFB ‏@ATheReaal

Woooo 1.7k thank you all so much!! 🥳🥳🥳 Keep following! Stay ACTIVE, COMMENT, LIKE, RETWEET and let’s get our foll… https://t.co/PtX92Z3XB0

adele stancati ‏@adelestancati

@FChiusaroli @ineziessenziali @ame_vox @tueetterin @fedram67 @f_petrossi @rogighiro @zizzo_zizzo @pal_lore… https://t.co/PAX6kXt43r

GV Wire | News & Politics ‏@GVWire

⏲ Catch up on the latest headlines with this week's News Minute! Also, remember to subscribe to our newsletter here… https://t.co/xqQRD1e7zM

HelloFresh Canada ‏@HelloFreshCA

Bring a new meaning to #NationalFastFoodDay. This Herby Turkey Sandwich comes together in just 30 minutes! ⏲ HERBY… https://t.co/WsCL0lN9gg

Tiara Nicole ‏@IAmTiaraNicole_

I can tell what you’re passionate about simply based on how you spend your time! Determine your distractions and… https://t.co/yqq1PGeIjN

Keith Wilson ‏@Regrix

@realDonaldTrump Way to hoist your own petard, you loser. Tick... tick... tick... ⏲ your time is running out Donni… https://t.co/AhorsnQobH

KC Jockey ‏@KCJockey


Woody Brown ‏@woodybrown

@MichaelBuble 🎄 album on blast ✅ Tangled lights in labeled boxes ✅ 👦🏼👧🏻🏃🏻‍♂️around in excited circles ✅ It’s ⏲ to… https://t.co/nScqvMTLlT

october 🌙 renmin au ‏@myoctoberain

-449 Break time ⏲ https://t.co/co0Axq2lWe

RollingStoneed . ‏@LordSleepy01

i wish #oomf was mine 😍😍🍭🎏🛎🧬🦠🚿⛓🛠⏲🔋📡💽

SubKulture Entertainment ‏@SubKultureEnt

Minneapolis and Houston MIDZY, you’re up next 😝 Tickets for #ITZYinMPLS and #ITZYinHOU go on sale in one hour ⏲… https://t.co/Uhac98eYBg

Barbara ‏@Barbara38887996

Wait till they go on BREAK 22nd. I have a FEELING it's GOING DOWN 🙏🙏🍿🍿🇺🇸🇺🇸⌚⏲ https://t.co/bLuRSPfc39

SAS Software UKI ‏@SASsoftwareUKI

Is anyone getting some ergo practice in this weekend ahead of the Mizuno @BritishRowing Indoor Championships in Dec… https://t.co/85atvZw0Rq

Hamed kh. ‏@Hamedkh55

The First Workshop Series in Introduction to Holly Quran & TADABBUR 🆓 > _You are invited to THE RIGHTNESS 📅⏲Monday… https://t.co/Kivozbze09

T.C.Harrison Ford ‏@TCHarrisonFord

#UsedCarOfTheWeek 🚗 #Ford #EdgeVignale 2.0 EcoBlue 238 5dr Auto 💷 £32,295 (finance available) 🎨 Ruby Red (Exclusive… https://t.co/enLtFVdS3B

Amy Lynn ‏@mylynn1981

@Jaclynhill My alarm is set so you can afford your tank top 🥰😘🤣 11/26⏳⏰⏲🛎 🔊📢📯💻💡🕯🔦🖌🌟⚡🍾

Box_Repsol ‏@box_repsol

The clock is ticking⏲. #Moto3 riders on track to battle for the best possible grid position. Let's go #AlonsoLópez… https://t.co/eWVUg6a5Be

SC Villa ‏@SCVillaJogoo

🔥N E X T F I X T U R E 🔥 🏆 #StarTimesUPL ⚽ Onduparaka FC v SC Villa 🏟 Greenlight Stadium, Arua 📆18 November 2019… https://t.co/QWlCyvBF2F

Self Care Bot ‏@selfcare_bot

If you don't get to it today, there's always tomorrow. ⏲

Football Tips ⚽️ BookieBoost ‏@BookieBoostApp

🏟 Forest Green v Plymouth Argyle Preview ⏲ Kick off 15:00 📊 Pre-match stats 👇 🗞 https://t.co/Ibd1T3ryXT https://t.co/bX5olKErLu

ArdfinnanGAA ‏@ArdfinnanGAA

📣 FIXTURE ANNOUNCEMENT 🏐 Clonmel Oil South Tipperary Junior A Football Semi Final 🇶🇦 @ArdfinnanGAA V 🇧🇼… https://t.co/kRIuNtJXeZ

PrimeTime JP Sports.com ‏@PrimeTimeJP21

⏲to chill... the JP way! https://t.co/ITlr3Fqm5S

Here, Have a Bot ‏@HereHaveABot

Here, have a time. ⏰⏱⏲⌛️⌚️

super top secret alerts ‏@SecretAlerts

⏲🔳 🍬 STATUS: BUBBLEGUM 🍬🔳 ⏲ An unsanctioned poster reading 'You don't have to have criminally low impulse contro… https://t.co/YyAzqtFpRF


“Time is for the ancients for the sun and the moon sake, stars in the sky seem less and less the more I wake...” -V… https://t.co/S1yUCLFlau

joao. 🌻 ‏@heyoongirl

- liked my comments ⏲ https://t.co/Bn72QdaIYG

#DayOfTheYear ‏@dayoftheyearPH

today is day 320 of 365 #DayOfTheYear #320of365 #day320of365 #page320of365 ⌚⏰⏱⏲🕰 https://t.co/tIxzCXKqlS

celdon manning ‏@cmanning_28

Brodie cold✊🏽 time to wake up on him⏲ https://t.co/4Xay0eO2RD

Botisimo Streams ‏@botisimostreams

It's Time! ⏲ OptikSavageYT Is Live Playing Fortnite! https://t.co/JWTsWtPsW1

. ‏@DucksInnaRow

@Amy_Siskind @DonaldJTrumpJr I agree with Amy. Tick Tock ⏰ 🕰 ⌛️⏱⏲ donnie.

うさぎ(🐰)ダイエット垢 ‏@Diet_Rabbit2

Changes(📆11/13 )📌 ⇢ -0.6kg ✓ Weight ⏲ ⇢ 56.0 ✓ BF📉 ⇢ 32.8 ✓ BMI🖱 ⇢ 24.2 ( Nov.16 morning ) #ダイエット記録

lyes ‏@lyesskarna

@lilbenzz___ Tic tac⏲

🌪 Clare #WifiChallenged Winger Harris 🌴 ‏@ClareWHarris

@PassionPopSoc 🤣🤣🤣 Other legit noises that work... 🌊🐝 🌧 🌬 ⛲️ ⏲🚰 🐚 Lol... is there no vacuum emoji? 😂 With my son… https://t.co/adkiZO9zrL

Botisimo Streams ‏@botisimostreams

It's Time! ⏲ ISgtZodiacI Is Live Playing Delta Squad! https://t.co/ry8SHvl3MD

Harley-Raine ‏@HarleyRaine1

Now if WASHINGTON would 🚫 Stop the impeachment sham and actually start taking care of the important things like 📢M… https://t.co/Pb7T0sWtUV

Dale Schalow ‏@daleschalow

#Modesty shall accomplish greater, since there’s no time put into boasting every minute you’re making it. ⏲⏳

grape ‏@iozap

I refuse ☝️to have 🍆🛏intercourse 👉👌with🙊 slutty men 🙍‍♂️🙎‍♂️👳‍♂️👮‍♂️👴👨👦who've had lots of sex👉👌 with different wome… https://t.co/HToQg7HwpO

Sam₿TC5150 ‏@SamBTC5150

Keto/IF update: • Clothes continue to feel looser 👕 • I have fasted a total of 11 times. Average fasting time is 1… https://t.co/lMd7BOSEV2

97.5 WONE-FM ‏@975WONE

It's An All About Time Weekend only on 97.5 WONE! ⏱⏲⏰🕰⌛️⏳ What do you wanna hear?? 👇 https://t.co/Z3zdxIukPA

A Torch ‏@Torcho

People just playing with the toys. A 15 minute timer has been set. ⏲

Petunio, the Avuncular ‏@UnclePetunio

THEY'RE HERE but I promised I would be a good partner and wait until @itshamhocks gets home from work...⏰🕰⏳⌚⏲⏱ https://t.co/pMPpEPpkXb

✨👾DaSpaceMan👾💫💫 ‏@xesthastar

T i m e T r a v e l W i t h M e !📡 ⌛️ ⏳ 🤖 ⌚️… https://t.co/tDWaZKwr6c

Football Tips ⚽️ BookieBoost ‏@BookieBoostApp

🏟 FC Dordrecht v Roda JC Preview ⏲ Kick off 19:00 📊 Pre-match stats ⬇ 🔗 https://t.co/HEMuFcutqB https://t.co/bWnAtrq68w

Marissa Maltz ‏@maltz_fcs

Testing my Hotel Restaurant Management students on their kitchen safety knowledge... will they pass inspection? 🔐🔎⏲… https://t.co/S3UGADz08W

Lovejoy Boys' Basketball ‏@LovejoyHoops

🏀🚨 Its Game Day! 🚨🏀 Opener is on the road at Frisco Lebanon Trail TONIGHT! ⏲Freshman&JV @ 5:30 pm Varsity @ 7:00 pm⏲ #conquertheday

Football Tips ⚽️ BookieBoost ‏@BookieBoostApp

🏟 FC Oss v FC Volendam Preview ⏲ Kick off 19:00 📊 Pre-match stats ↙ ✏ https://t.co/a2N6kYvoxo https://t.co/90LbbkvOoz

arqegf ‏@nana_gza

@realDonaldTrump ⏰⌚⏱⏲Tic....toc. ....tic....toc... https://t.co/jmBWDcMyoW

krychick ‏@krychick

Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. 🥰 Superior to all other candy. Also the most delicious food for #munchies… https://t.co/bL68QCeHbg

Paper Planes Bot ‏@BotPlanes

All I wanna do is ⏲⏲⏲⏲ and a 🖊🈯️ and long your bondage

Wanda Torres ‏@wit5252

Another charge! SpeakerPelosi was right, Trump’s impeaching himself through his lawless actions. #TickTock 🕰⏰⏲… https://t.co/nLBKj1MrxK

Beyond Routine Plnr ‏@BRPlanner

Time to get those hands dirty! 👐🏾Today is National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day 😖.... It may not be fun, but thi… https://t.co/9U369lWJGM

✨✨✨ ‏@meilindanurrf

Lets Join Us ​& Save the date​ 📅 : Kamis, 21 November 2019 ⏲ : 08.00 wib-selesai 🏢 : Aula Gedung Home Theater Fakul… https://t.co/ImvW2O61DD

Eli$e’s Oath of Office ‏@CurmudgeonCD21

@RepStefanik Did you line up your Fox slot for tonight at seven? ⏱⏲⏰ So much to say about witness intimidation,… https://t.co/arAaAUYoRU

C••°○●°•○●•° ‏@carefreexox

Baking this morning away with my beautiful daughter 💖⏲

Anand S Bhange ‏@AnandSBhange1

congratulations ⏲⏲⚘⚘ https://t.co/aeYQ3rKXht

Football Tips ⚽️ BookieBoost ‏@BookieBoostApp

🏟 Norway v Faroe Islands Preview ⏲ Kick off 17:00 📊 Pre-match stats ↙ 🔎 https://t.co/NN6ds3wfIu https://t.co/GtuNydCzR7

_Real_Khathazest🍕 ‏@Spheh_Shoesher

I might act like everything is okay but deep down I want a phone📲 that can chill underwater⏲ so that I can take a selfie underwater🧖🏻‍♂

👻👑 ‏@GhostkingIsDead

Word to the three due busses ⏲

FOLLOW HELP 32K ‏@followprojecten

follow everyone who retweets this ⏲

DMA Tax ‏@DMATax

Searching for the perfect venue for 45 different events can be time-consuming.⏲ Discover how @federalconf used… https://t.co/N2xxkE4dZn

Sn❄w🐶Champ🏂ion🗻 ‏@SnowdogChampion

@kayesem @PearlJam @PJRadio @PearlJamHolland @PearlJamNordic @PearlJamOnLine @JeffAmentsArmy @SGossard… https://t.co/hrNRg44MtO

Sn❄w🐶Champ🏂ion🗻 ‏@SnowdogChampion

@kayesem @PearlJam @PJRadio @PearlJamHolland @PearlJamNordic @PearlJamOnLine @JeffAmentsArmy @SGossard… https://t.co/rTrZkFuNe8

Infinity ‏@_infinity_co

⏲ The countdown is on. The #uksearchawards are next week, who's going? We're up for the Best Use of Search… https://t.co/spkN6LuVYW

Sn❄w🐶Champ🏂ion🗻 ‏@SnowdogChampion

@kayesem @PearlJam @PJRadio @PearlJamHolland @PearlJamNordic @PearlJamOnLine @JeffAmentsArmy @SGossard… https://t.co/3gTfk0POZ5

Sn❄w🐶Champ🏂ion🗻 ‏@SnowdogChampion

@kayesem @PearlJam @PJRadio @PearlJamHolland @PearlJamNordic @PearlJamOnLine @JeffAmentsArmy @SGossard… https://t.co/Kng3GCx4Ao

Sn❄w🐶Champ🏂ion🗻 ‏@SnowdogChampion

@kayesem @PearlJam @PJRadio @PearlJamHolland @PearlJamNordic @PearlJamOnLine @JeffAmentsArmy @SGossard… https://t.co/BnGnR4hP3c

Robert Burns Birthplace Museum ‏@RobertBurnsNTS

Join us THIS SUNDAY for our next Sunday Talk which will be a delightful performance 🎶 by The Mamas & Papas Choir fr… https://t.co/nGBwBgLvrD

Stake.com ‏@Stake

Our favourite part of the weekend is only 24 hours away.. #megarace ⏲ 90 minutes ⏳ 12:30pm GMT 💲 0.58 BTC ($5,000)… https://t.co/2ctvOVxeJi

Football Tips ⚽️ BookieBoost ‏@BookieBoostApp

⚽ Armenia v Greece Preview ⏲ Kick off 17:00 📊 Pre-match stats ⬇ 📈 https://t.co/gvQjoyX9vJ https://t.co/Iv4rZ67iFl

Botisimo ‏@Botisimo

It's Time! ⏲ incontrovertible Is Live Playing Sea of Thieves! https://t.co/p9TIZBHltx

Pee Dee Academy Football ‏@PeeDeeFootball

It's 🏈 Playoff GAMEDAY! ➡️ SCISA A Semifinals 🆚️ Thomas Heyward Rebels ⏲7:30 pm 📍 Lon M Spivey Field

Botisimo Streams ‏@botisimostreams

It's Time! ⏲ FroZen_ghol Is Live! https://t.co/mLbbkWrM7s

Day Trade The World™ ‏@DTTW_Daytrade

📆November 20, 2019 ⏲12.00 PM E.T. @danschlaepfer https://t.co/H5lP6Emg1I https://t.co/vYruJkgDKM

Football Tips ⚽️ BookieBoost ‏@BookieBoostApp

⚽ Hungary v Uruguay Preview ⏲ Kick off 18:00 📊 Pre-match stats ↙ 🔗 https://t.co/wD9cpGNJ2D https://t.co/WKbDpoHKas

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⚽ Brazil v Argentina Preview ⏲ Kick off 17:00 📊 Pre-match stats ↙ 🗞 https://t.co/8TuHIjb6K7 https://t.co/cwtBvjAgUZ

Botisimo Streams ‏@botisimostreams

It's Time! ⏲ TheFitnessPsycho Is Live! https://t.co/FMFNl4yblk

Brandough B! ‏@brandoe_b

Breh, DJ trump is the biggest boomer of all! He’ll be gone soon show a little respect ⏲🙄

Paper Planes Bot ‏@BotPlanes

All I wanna do is ⏲⏲⏲⏲ and a 🇫🇮♍️ and admire your intersection

Botisimo Streams ‏@botisimostreams

It's Time! ⏲ Ivan solis Is Live! https://t.co/q8P4273U6m

Jasmine Z. ‏@zamorame

#AdultingTip I set timers..all. the. time. When I have to finish getting ready. When I have to leave the house for… https://t.co/USqdn8JDUo

#DayOfTheYear ‏@dayoftheyearPH

today is day 319 of 365 #DayOfTheYear #319of365 #day319of365 #page319of365 ⌚⏰⏱⏲🕰 https://t.co/fqOMxKZeXJ

Alterio Faivish ‏@AlterioFaivish_

ㅡ ALTERIO GOODIES PREVIEW .♡ 🗓 : 𝟪 DESEMBER 𝟤𝟢𝟣𝟫 ⏲ : 𝟣𝟣.𝟢𝟢 - 𝟣𝟧.𝟢𝟢 📌 : Caffe Bene BTPN. ( @CaffeBeneINA ) https://t.co/ytkjmmFveM

Botisimo Streams ‏@botisimostreams

It's Time! ⏲ DoomGX14 Is Live Playing Fortnite! https://t.co/tlA9DUrW2z

MentPlus • 🏹🎯 ‏@MentPlus_

@MSXIISound Patiently waiting ⏱🕰⏲⏰💯📠

The Wound® ‏@soap911

Economics time 101 30 minutes go! ⏲

I deserve better.. ‏@777Azoooz

Time to end this neglect..,⏲ 00:00:00🏁

🇹🇹😘🌻Çèłîñé🌻😘🇹🇹 ‏@Melanin50008542

Want me to take my time⏲, Maybe I'm just not your SPEED😏🤷🏽‍♀️.

Codecks ‏@codecks_io

⏲ Time Tracking now natively supported in Codecks! ⏲ https://t.co/REedwgcqIp #gamedev #indiedev https://t.co/cutb96LFf6

うさぎ(🐰)ダイエット垢 ‏@Diet_Rabbit2

Changes(📆11/13 )📌 ⇢ -0.0kg ✓ Weight ⏲ ⇢ 56.6 ✓ BF📉 ⇢ 33.0 ✓ BMI🖱 ⇢ 24.5 ( Nov.15 morning ) #ダイエット記録

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