Tired Face Emoji

An exhausted-looking face with an open mouth and tightly closed eyes. On some platforms this emoji is similar in appearance to the Weary Face, and not to be confused with the Sleeping Face which is actually asleep.

Previously shown yawning with tiredness in Windows 8.1, which would have been more appropriate for sleepy face.

Tired Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😫 Exhausted

😫 Fed Up


😫 U+1F62B




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ahmad_ali_khan_afridi ‏@ahmadaliafridi0

@m_royalleo And ur reaction 😌😫

ZG ‏@1zahirahg

I’m in so much pain😫

Ifeanyi - IFLO 🇳🇬 ‏@IFLOifeanyi

@mhistaniya @PamzTm Where is my anon😫😫😫😫😫 I wear size 45/46😭😭😭😭

ɥɐuuɐɥ ‏@goddessarigb

@chrisweetener i need to be back on that level again i used to have over 1k 😫

Sharms 💙💙 ‏@sharminf95

I'm sat at my desk doing @SourceOfBolly bollywood song challenges with my colleague via skype... This was a bad ide… https://t.co/cwBJhYUabS

SPORTbible ‏@sportbible

That's got to hurt 😫😫 https://t.co/PZz6ABpjf3

Immanuel Odum ‏@im_odum1

@Queen_Minic 😫💔’ We gas learn to teach everyone how not to protect family image oh’ especially when it’s a wrong th… https://t.co/slsQMuDDCK

Howard U. Likakis ‏@GaddiGinot2

@JGilliam_SEAL @realDonaldTrump dead right its absolutely hilarious how he can send them all into a psychotic downw… https://t.co/6xuzPd2b5a

🦄msmazzy may🦄 ‏@ms_mazzymay

@trishapaytas You're an entire mess sis😫🙄

Muandeh Marido💙🛩🇱🇷 ‏@ramedlav_

People who snores are selfish In sleep 😫😤... like you’re literally enjoying your sleep why the next person gotta fi… https://t.co/F8mvX8uk0P

Nandipha 🇿🇦 ‏@Nani_Dubula

@MsSihleBolani I'll just get rid of the whole thing 😫

Kim Possible ‏@Meh_lele

Waxed pussy 😫 https://t.co/OTq7Ybd7ik

Rizwaan ‏@RizwaanAkhtar91

@LupeFiasco Bring this to Europe! 😫

bianca ‏@junhongssi

can someone educate me abt himchan’s issue huhu i’ve missed out on a lot and i want to understand what is actually happening 😫

4/14 🔞 ‏@suamyaa

Imma Post Whoever I Feel Like Posting Cause Ik How 2 Fight 😫🤣 https://t.co/rtWGhzhYq0

El8Ball ‏@Poohdusss

I missed 1700 falling asleep early last night 😫

Cee💋 ‏@BoyThatsTaee__

Ouuu I can’t wait to shakebikeeeee 😫🥴

Danica ‏@d_izzzle

So my new kitten was really sick for a few weeks, and after some daily medication... she’s finally healthy, happy,… https://t.co/RsvDLOLRqt

Jess 🎀 ‏@Jess_Grace13

Why would I think it’s a good idea to put my phone on my car roof.... lasted a whole year & a half without cracking the screen 😫😫

Louise Lavery ‏@louiselavery_xx

This toothache is driving me insane 😫😫

Mega🌺Con🦋 ‏@ngonjo22

Cardi’s press video littt Af. ESP after DING DONG 😫😫😫 sis did that #PressMusicVideo

D' Legend ⚡️ ‏@SkylierLegend

aAaAAaaAghH!! she’s comin’ just to see me😫❤️

Sarah Sherlock ‏@isarahkate

But WHEN is logic gonna include individual clip gain 😫

Bambino ‏@iTweetOnDeyFace

I need a big stupid ass breakfast in the morning😫😫

Queen Aminatu. ‏@Zu_Noma

@Black_Doltjie I hate how one needs to gym for that mess eish😫Gonna try bring someone, mara batho have no patience.

senr_man9🇨🇦 ‏@bamzyosho

@wilfriedzaha yo sign for Arsenal 😫😫😫

what is this behavior ‏@Tamrinsummer

@mamaash_ Lmfaooo! I think it was bc I had been in labor for like 18 hours before I got the epidural and I was tire… https://t.co/p0Vy4MUVX7

•A• ‏@xashleighxoxo

Someone ft me 😫

Mike ‏@AlterPasay15

Fever strike 😫😷🤒

daphne🥰 ‏@_queenmo__

can’t sleep 😫

Luke Chappell ‏@LukeChappell8

Got to say I’m not jealous of anyone at Glastonbury at all 😫😫😫

Kaytso Nubiana 💫 ‏@Kaytso_28

Sad Reality.. The Rightful Things Never Take Place. Constant Suffering For Our Birth😫😩 https://t.co/bvKW4dXj27

heyash ‏@heyash

so ive had the song Hungry Eyes stuck in my brain for literally a week now. 😖😖 its a classic song. great song in fa… https://t.co/3Jr8EowRIR

capo640 ‏@capo640

Gm mfers 😫

WavyBaby ‏@Bayanda_Nyoka

There needs to be a carpool of sorts 😫

Hot girl Lilienne💰💉💊 ‏@The_HauteNurse

This weather.😑🥶 I miss him😫

Jesse Peebles ‏@TheyCallMePeebs

So sad I’m not at electric forest😫😫! But to those who are have a great time and dance your ass off for me! RAVE ON! Love you all

🦄msmazzy may🦄 ‏@ms_mazzymay

@lMMUNlTYIDOL ABSOLUTELY YES!!!! Ha and I'm finally all up to date and started the newest season that's airing ever… https://t.co/gqSqcqhcp6

🤪 ‏@reeemymartin

I want to sleep so bad 😫😫 idk how I ever use to work graveyard lmao shit hard af now

Lizeth 💀 ‏@FkingQuesadilla

It’s my brothers bday 🎉 awww my bby is turning 20 😫

P.M. ‏@Passeks

@SnakeJunior_ Lmao. And there’s nothing fun about working out 😫

‎ً clowneia ; yeonkai 📌 ‏@KAIPREMACIST

@Kawaiipeach19 thank you ate 😫💓


@RaAlGhul120 @Blaugranagram @FCBarcelona What if valverde play MSN And sub greiz and dembouz after 70min 😫😫

GA❗ 🦌 Oma 🐰 ‏@Dandeerlion99

@Jae_Day6 We need a comeback for jaesix 😫

Nini ‏@nanninamarie

i just want a big hug rn, preferably from my mammma 😫

masasekani😍 ‏@LeratoRamaphoko

Yohh heavy😭😫 https://t.co/X5yqHgrU10

💧Julie Lyford ‏@JulieLyford

The Star Wars tattoo will be the highlight! 😫 https://t.co/HTkuBIyVea

Yomi ‏@Adelu__

@_SuckMyDope The engineer is so good, apart from the time, the battery level only dropped by 2% 😫. We all know how iPhone battery is 😅.

UniQuE🤑❤️ ‏@AmeirrMuvaa

I don’t get off till 10am 😫 I missed the 3rd shift life but I’m sleepy as fuckkkkkk .

هديل الخليفي ‏@HadoulAlkh

@Aysha_AlHouli Awwch😫😫💔

☁️ ‏@pickseunsang

@dohyeunsang same 😫😫😫

Stacey #FBPE 🔶️ 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 #GTTO ‏@quaizer79

@LoveWestley Christ to fuck! We *already* engage with the rest of the world! Brexit makes our world smaller! 😫

Glow omi ‏@shemadloud

God whatever prayer Bill Gates prayed AMEN!!😫🔐

요한🌻 ‏@bbyutuan


Circe ‏@MachineCirce

@RamsesDecrees Still sticking with Edelgard huh? 👀 I honestly might switch to Blue Lions bc of Dimitri's change and… https://t.co/PSCzlyh3k6

𝖈𝖑𝖆𝖚 ◟̽◞̽ ‏@yufookinlosah

@NiallOfficial u are so fuuuuckin beautiful how do u that😫

harri ‏@harriettdiamond

@katiemayxx Yep they got to be gone from this vote surely 😫, yessss we can

nadine ‏@naaadinev

So my moms booking a trip to Cancun and I told her I didn’t wanna go but now I kinda do😫😫😫

awkhwaad thethil 🐢 ‏@VuyoGaju_

I haven’t posted about this trip Bc it’s been SO holistic and mad spiritual and so blessed WOW 😭😭😫 shout out to San… https://t.co/IVbUTxmf4B

gun (ia) ‏@qrc_soobin

@qrc_yeonjun @tzuyucums New goal 😫✊

AstraPlys🇨🇦 ‏@AstraPlys

And suppressed smg 😫🤧

Barfeee ‏@NotYourBudhi

When sonu nigham said in a song: “Mera dill, jis dill pe fida hai ... Woh BEWAFAA hai “ i deeply felt that😫

s7nine2 ‏@s7nine2

When are they going to announce the “and more” part fo the tour 🤧😫

Demeter ‏@DemeterWaterSol

When we went on site to investigate, we found the expansion joint on the hot water system had split causing these h… https://t.co/srLyjVv0D1

emonie ‏@emxnie

see this why i barely let ppl on my finsta 😫

Beautyluv Makeovers🇨🇦/ Your Fav Sneakers Plug 👟 ‏@Beautyluv007

@Virus_pluto 😫😫😫I know how to wash car o,I will scrub the tyre wella

Brianna ‏@FOXYBRI_

@DIYolie That man just cooked an ostrich 😫🤢

サナペン☀️🌔#TWICELIGHTS🍭 ‏@sanatanslator

@myouiwaddles @ketchupmayo9697 😫yepp

shifa ‏@4deIia

hate bitches who tweet provocative tweets and then say crap like “it’s not that deep😫😂😂👊🏼 y’all triggered 🥵🥵🤪”

Liz Holland ‏@AnxietyandLiz

@Amy_May_J @AutisticFitChic @LovePopcorn6 @bournemouthgirl @WriteBluesAway @TheAnxiousTeac2 @astoldbykirstyx… https://t.co/AtTfF4I7Nn

ʅαʂԋαყ 😻 ‏@iceleemf

snapchat saw it first but finally he went to sleep😫 https://t.co/TkXXmw1e32

Ngw'ayiphathwa ‏@HRH_SD

Grandma's impromptu trips to town will be the death of me 😫 ndfuna ukuhlala endlini mna

Lindsay ‏@Terrordoll_

@annabrandberg Deserves a straight up, non-censored “fuck 😫”

Intrepide ‏@Myhardy_Mofo

Well damn 🔥🔥🔥 This bitch over here could never @BSetlogelo 😫😩💔 https://t.co/Z5dLYGPlYC

gayle ‏@kathleeny_gayly

My Tom with glasses are soooooo daaaaamn attraaaactiveeeeeeee wtf 🤯😫

Zhyvel Mallari ‏@zhyvelmallari

wlang tulogan😫 it's gonna be a long and exciting day laterrr

Renttt💋✨ ‏@ImRentBytheWay

I hate laying with him bihh have his legs locked on mines 😫

POPPE SHOP PH ‏@poppeshop

May available pa po ba kayo BP Welcoming Collection? If yes, how much po? — Sold out na po yung welcoming collectio… https://t.co/oh2T1N0coP

.moeshaaaaa♥️ ‏@RavishingTP

waitttt Cause I was serious i really need help on a finding a good paying job and sis went to far 😫😫😫 Im to aggravated for this

AstraPlys🇨🇦 ‏@AstraPlys

Pumps back while I’m on vacation 😫

MistressTessK ‏@MissTessUK

@Vivienne_Hardyx @smallmac15 Super out of shape and feeling like I really need to get back of the wagon for My sanity😫

Aaron ‏@KeCAaron

Im dying 😫

Alhaji himself ‏@alhaji_himself

I have been watching the press music video for like 100 times😫😫😫.i can literally die for that video😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️@iamcardib ❤️❤️

Ri Ri ‏@Rizz_Dizz

@shyguyjohn @talk2_me_goose Thank you...still in hospital today/tonight. I have a kidney stone 😫

Barbara Kennedy ‏@BarbaraKPiano

@socialsoprano This must be a parody account....😫😒

; ‏@kgfy1230

@Claud9inurarea Sorry na please 😭😫☹️

t bell🤩 ‏@taylonkeshea_

i love foreplay mannn 😭😭💕😫🤤


I'm not happy my HIMsters !! Work was a total mess again yesterday ! 4 hours of down time. so now we WILL be WORK… https://t.co/loCMsuHJs6

Dee🖤🥀 ‏@dee_web_

Fucking finally 😫🥰 https://t.co/lENpFEoMPe

Ilmiuiui ‏@ilmimik

@pirdhakn Plis fir 😫

DaddyNextDoor ‏@TerzDaddy

Person look me upandan blow me lie say Wizkid used to sneak into Abj to sleep with married women for money because… https://t.co/ip6lodeRQ1

~ Chelsea 💫 ‏@_bangtan111204

@Breazy210597 IKR Its summer for me rn! Iwas not expecting to do work over break 😫

TomDaniels Clothing ‏@F_Matesclothing

@nwachukwum @ikoreal2005 @abuzaidnaija @IsuphJt @TheNationNews You guys are really funny,so warning the Nigeria gov… https://t.co/Y1YOMKgM6u

dumpling ‏@ellencsvllg

But I know in my heart, you're not a constant star 😣😫

ang ‏@colbysrings

@colbysknuckles @wbkbrock @colbysforeskin @LiamPayne @LiamHemsworth @liamgallagher he’s almost there 😭😫

Brix ‏@iamjennee

I need 3 more friends in hp united😫 halp!!!.

josh ‏@JoshyLondon

@mayaaron27 Imagine him Anderson fornals and Gomes 😫

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