Tooth Emoji

Tooth is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🦷 U+1F9B7


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Light 🥀🃏 ‏@xxMadjesterxx

@SamDalglish @Obscurus_Lupa I hear your Relative opinion and I beg to differ chicken cordon Bleu. 🦷

Vallen ‏@theeee_V

@Shyann722 Ahhh I kinda just free handed it! It’s just coconut oil & baking soda! Then like 3-4 drops of spearmint…

Jon M ‏@ItsSpelledJon

@LucieEbrey that is one big toof 🦷

Malinda Ann Hill ‏@MalindaAnnHill

@LeahCville Considering the condition of my teeth (and my missing tooth 🦷) maybe I shouldn’t be eating jelly beans 😬😭

wldflwr 🇻🇨 ‏@wldflwr_

@501Corliss wait til the end. spoiler w/o context: 🏠 🦷

Stef Guarnaccia ‏@SteffyG30

@Awinston77 @KatieRHKate @aaroncarter @brbkillenyahoo @DenishLawrence @aaronsangels_ @Aaronators4Life @pound123456…

Fresco Creative ‏@Fresco_Creative

@james13690 @wehttam2112 @Lord_Sugar She needs a trip to the dentist 🦷 followed by the gym! 😂

Axey ‏@Axechucker

@JillybeanButtle Worse, I tried getting in between him and a cat. On the plus side, the cat got away without Schnau…

Teresa ‏@chattypixie

🤔🤔🤔 sorted the picture so you’re smiling now @JamesBourne also you now have some gold teeth 🦷😂🙈

☾ rh:anna ★ ‏@RhiannaMcMahon

Anyone have any advice on how to stop grinding your teeth in ur sleep? 🦷

donghyuckface ‏@fllsun

LIFE. N IS SO. UNFAIR. OLEA S S REIK K OCM EBENB 😏👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩😲😁😲😭😲🤮😮🦷😮👃🏼👏🏼😁😳😢😭👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩😏GODI. FREAKING MISS U

i love hansol ‏@yeolbie

if SM does not give us a tour, someone’s gonna get dragged! 🦷

twoghoulsonegrave ⚰️ ‏@2ghouls1grave

“Roses are red, Violets are blue, They’ll need dental records to identify you...”🔪💔🦷 #horror #horrorpodcast

Partof SHAN ‏@Partof_SHAN

#OOPS 😬TASTY!!! 🦷 🦷 🦷 • • • #toothpaste #handcream #toothbrush #tooth #mistake #illustration #weekend #humor…

Jessica Estrada🦁 ‏@jesssicaa_9

The first thing I look at when I talk to someone is their 🦷. God you can tell when someone doesn’t brush 🤢🤢🤮

Vee ‏@vgpbeauty

I bought Orajel for my wisdom tooth 🦷 🥴pain and I applied too much my gum went numb. I was drooling 🤤and didn't car…

Leia 💙 22194 🦉 ‏@bluechuii

And that great 😦🤢🤐💩😺😽🦷👵😭😬🤯🤫🤞👀

bobbie ‏@bxbbiie

@conangray no one: conan: i haven’t had my first kiss yet😔😔😔🦷

ChardonSchFoundation ‏@ChardonSchFound

🔦Sunday Afternoon Spotlight🔦 Thank you ♥to 🦷FENELL ORTHODONTICS 🦷 (w/offices in MUNSON & SOUTH EUCLID) for so gene…

I am not Da Rocha ‏@abboybobby

@ObajemuJnr My teeth 🦷 🙄

RotaryMidland ‏@RotaryMidland

The Tooth Fairy has spoken! Go to today to start bidding! 😁 🦷 🧚‍♂️

Dee-on✨ ‏@_dionnea

So proud of my sis @loveDEJA_ 🤞🏾🤸🏾‍♀️💕🦷

Luke ‏@Luke_Egg19

I just wish my teeth would stop hurting! One minute there fine, and the next they hurt! Least my filling is fine now! 🦷

brickcoin ‏@girgisimo


Brattie bri😈😛 ‏@briannacaspary


✨🕯Soulful Beauty🕯💫 ‏@DeevaLaDeeva

Dental care is important not only for humans but also pets. 🐶 🦷 🥰

Big Kemz ‏@KemzieeA


🦄🧜🏽‍♀️💜 ‏@PureBeauty_C

But anyways let me get backs to books and make sure my patient is all set for tomorrow 🦷😬

OneSmallStepForADad ‏@ONESTEPDAD

The littlest big man just lost his first tooth 🦷 Looks like we're in for a visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight 🧚‍♀️…

Dunc_N_Donuts ‏@dunc_n_donuts88

What kind of personal hygiene do you perform before going live? Do you brush your teeth 🦷? Style your hair?…

OneSmallStepForADad ‏@ONESTEPDAD

The littlest big man just lost his first tooth 🦷 Looks like we're in for a visit from the Tooth Fairy tonight 🧚‍♀️…

Beck ‏@fiftyfive70

Sundquist in the running for the most abused face this season. He’s really trying to lose those toofers! 🦷

Hayleigh-Anne ‏@hayleigh_ann

George has finally cut his first tooth 🎉🦷

Tanner ‏@TannerRhines

Completed the otter for otter dental 🦷

Levon Clark III ‏@levonclark

When the dental plan is absolutely on point. 🦷 #dental #plan #teeth #captain #thecaptain #tooth #morgan…

courtney simons ‏@courtneysimons3

@Leddie98 @Dr_Heavenly Yesssss I love me some @Dr_Heavenly she my dentist 🦷 in my head

m ‏@juliettemuuu

“the tooth emoji is kinda thick tho 🦷” ....i

Health Tourism Albania ‏@HealthTourismAL

We Only Work With The BEST Experts! That's Why Dilo Dental Center Is A Close Partner Of Ours! 🔥 What They Offer:…

Maisy Baby MBE ‏@maisy_baby

@furkyourwurk @vfinch @Mrsdowgert1 Hold on I gotta brush my teeth 🦷

Tay ‏@tsitesxo

Taylor Sites, Certified Dental Assistant 🦷 ..... my heart is happy❤️

🇺🇸Ryan Armitage🇺🇸 ‏@RyanSaylor100K

#seanhannity it’s funny that the fake news media is always trash talking 1% of Trump supporters about there Teeth…

Brandi ‏@brandiiodonnell

Who wants whiter teeth?! All you have to do is brush... seriously!!! I have 3 on hand ready to be picked up!! 🦷…

☆ ‏@leeknqw

drive me to the dentist then — 🦷

Danielle Berger ‏@Danstinn

I think I have a cavity 🦷

TesstheFirst ‏@tessthefirst

Bailey English Cream lost 5 teeth 🦷 this week 📅 (that I know of) and think there were a few she ate on accident or…

Azola ‏@azoladanisa

@That_Zulu_Guy8 @Oley_Mnqai Gold 🦷 is a deal breaker for me .......andizi

Ze Gambler ‏@gambler_ambler

@SkyNews 🦷 🦷 🦷 sympathy for those gnashers!

[email protected]@AnickUAren

@Dax_x98 Have a root canal 🦷...

haley ‏@_haleyerickson

rami malek really might win an oscar next week for being like 👁 👁 👃🏻 🦷 “dahling”

moodcherries ‏@moodcherries1

-Your mind isn’t playing tricks on you when you “see stars.”⭐️ -Your taste is off after you brush your teeth.🤯 -Yo…

Will Fit Training ‏@Will_FitPT

Bootcamp!!! Monday 0900 Friday 1600 Saturday 0800 Great fun Great exercise Open to all abilities £4 per c…

Antonius ‏@Anthony_Nero

@TyJohnsonNews Jesus dude give it a break. Is this news to you? It will never stop, people are flawed and pig heade…

lil 19 ‏@philiplestr

🦷- i don’t talk to u much but i’d really love to!!! u seem really sweet n ur account is so cute!!! i love ur layout…

Grand Maester ⛓ ‏@INTLRich

🦷 <—- How half of ya’ll look these days

Brittle Egg ‏@Brittle_Egg

@chili_phil @Sammy_Six All I can take from this is that a woman actually let Corbyn near her and impregnate her!!?…

😔👊🏻 ‏@scorbus__

🦷- ur one of my favorite mutuals even tho we haven’t interacted. u seem kwl n stuff :)

Chrissy Fern ‏@FernChrissy

@brewersfayre 32 teeth 🤞😊🦷

Tanner Mason ‏@TMASON611

The BEST work family ever. Nobody does team building like we do 😷🦷❤️ #TeamDamSequestrums vs #TeamWhatTheFulcrum…

keith brooks ‏@skeefuss

@BreitbartNews Ouch. Stop using your 🦷

Charlene ♡ ‏@Gee_Whiskers

February is the National Fresh Breath month and I was sent another great kit of Sunstar GUM products by @ivohealth.…

Jerry Lore 🦅 ‏@jerrylore

Now how come I couldn’t come up with this @ashleydepascale 🦷 #patents #genius #kids #hygiene #fingerbrush

Year of the Yoon. ‏@johnjac43552154

@ColinMair3 @bpth67 @Capekness @bmccaughey66 @AndrewE31603880 @Albaneoeisime @TS_3502 @JohnTho29498413 @BoyFitba…

jasmine 🥨 ‏@jasmineeec

it’s on amazon prime rn! middle of the world 💙🌊 janelle’s face when mahersala says “unless.…

Peninsula BDS ‏@PlymUniBDS

@PUNCadp @PUNC14 Hey 👋🏼 and thank you! (The best we can find: 🦷 ... Not sure it’s cheerful though 😬)

RH Ray Allen ‏@RobinHoodNation

Wish I Had Sumbody 2 Rub My Face Da Side My 🦷 Hurt On

Robert reid ‏@trebor8688

@bluejaybusstop Hello Imogen are you coming to the Bungalow in paisley with manoeuvres OMD 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 pic great are yo…

Kazza ‏@Kazza89108988

Crown fell out.. oh joy date with dentist 🦷 tomorrow

drmansum ‏@drmansum

Which dental chews to give your dog: a veterinarian’s review of 4 dental chews 🦷…

scar 🕊 ‏@scarlettahaney

look at her little bottom teef in the 2nd one 😫🦷 my little angel 💗

Reham Alsarraf ‏@iRahoOom

Dental implant surgery done ✌🏻🦷 #الحمدالله

Mike Evennett ‏@ParkgateRunner

@runhappydad @UKRunChat Cheers Paul! Hope you’re on the mend from the tooth 🦷 now and back to VLM training

— Alice — ‏@moonsonata__

someone said seductive sunday 🦷👼🏼

Augustus ‏@JarredGraham

First Cusp of Carabelli ball in the books 🦷 #MeharryMade

Shirley Gnome ‏@ShirleyGnome

Uncensored and teeth bared tonight at The @wisehallandlounge downstairs 8pm start, featuring @hulloharris as the op…

Mt. Laurel AH & ER ‏@MountLaurelAH

Visit Dr. Hoffman at Petvalu Marlton to answer all things dental! Pets always welcome! 🦷

Paul Griffiths ‏@Swaggrotech

@piersmorgan No doubt the first thing she’ll do if she comes back to the 🇬🇧 is use the taxpayers money 💴 to sort th…

Daniel Ultraläufer a.D. ‏@Endurange

@FellRunningBoy Der 🦷 isses

FUCK YOU, AND YOUR LITTLE WALL, TOO! 🍊🐖💩🍼 ‏@LaurieSorensen7

@realDonaldTrump Using REAL wood...🏌🏿‍♂️and also some of these 🦷⛏ for fillers.

Dent4SpecialPeople ‏@TeamDFSP

🦷Brush & Floss Everyday, To make sure your strong, healthy teeth stay that way!💙🦷…

Moore Choices ‏@moorechoicesnc

At Pinehurst Dental, you get an oral cancer screening with each dental exam! ⬇️These are startling facts!⬇️ Let the…

Avery ‏@Vexxxotica

Next fix me up is my teeth 🦷

Project Follow Help ‏@ProjectFollowHe

Retweet to win followers, follow who retweeted and follow back who followed you. 🦷

Ryan Lebster ‏@RLEBDDS

This explains the gold tooth 😂🦷

❣️Monnie ‏@DGAFaboutYOU_

My tooth 🦷 really hurt so bad

Pat Ryder ‏@pat_ryderr

my 8 year old cousins note to the tooth fairy 😂🦷

Nomsa Mdhluli ‏@Nomsa_Md

You’d think gold is being mined in KZN #datemyfamily 🦷

Nontu Nonts ‏@nontuzas

Did she just say “Golideir siliv tooth 🦷 “ 🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️🙆🏾‍♀️😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oh bawo!! Senzeni!!#DateMyFamily

Bri Bri 🧠👩🏾‍💻✊🏾💅🏾 ‏@Brii_toe_knee

My son is turning 7 and has never lost a tooth 🦷.... Should I be worried 😩😩.... I don't want him to be 13 with all his baby teeth 😂😂😂

Veronica Cooper ‏@ISeeYouVee

I really broke one of my back teeth 🦷 eating Boston Baked Beans... smh #brokentooth #dentist

Catalina Ramírez ‏@catalina_rovira

Surgeon cats is ready to roll 🦷

ryan ‏@im_ry4n

this is such a vibe 🦷 rawr x

Steven Conners ‏@CaliforniaAZguy

She has a dentist appt tomorrow 🦷

Andrea Bisogno 🎗 ‏@BisoBus

@Larryvich @PierroooRolland @VitalConcept_BB A lot of condiments and a lot of kinds of pasta, but as @Larryvich say…

Weaboltonsquid / Bela🐙 ♂ ‏@evilspacebela

Teeth 🦷

Chloe Piper ‏@chloexopiper

Happy new job day to me 🦷👩🏻‍⚕️🥂

Aman Ghag ‏@ghag_aman

Lost her first tooth 🦷 @grohblue4

Global Pet Foods ‏@gpfcambridge

We have toothbrushes to suit every dog! Maaaaaybe brushing every day is a little tough... so grab these tasty & eff…

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