Tooth Emoji

Tooth is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🦷 U+1F9B7


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griggles 🥀 ‏@ToniGriggss

@gemmarobxx Well that won’t happen 😂🦷

Old Mill Dental - Sixmilebridge ‏@OldMillDental

Fun Fact!! 25% off adults don’t brush twice a day 🤭😮 🦷

Herbert the polar bear ‏@MuslimJesus__

@nakedtupac No it’s 🦷

Katie Sinclair ‏@katiesinclair20

I don't know what's more painful - having my wisdom tooth removed or the current state of British politics. It's al…

_opreturn ‏@_opreturn

Uploading cat images via! Clean your Teeth always! 🦷 🤣🤣 #cat…

Maria Johnsen ‏@iMariaJohnsen

This may be the future of what has always been a long and invasive process in #dentistry 🤓👆🦷👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ #innovation…

Sandy Rashty ‏@SandyRashty

Most days I hate coming to the dentist. It’s the pink water, the goggles, the whole thing. But today - I really don…

Nadia Balfe ‏@nadiabalfe

🎼 “All I want for Christmas is my teeth pulled out...” 😭 🦷 At least the half hour extraction gave me time to plan a…


Day 12: Dental injuries 🦷 with paediatrc nurse, author and founder of CPR Kids Sarah Hunstead 12 days of kids Chr…

Monica ‏@ahh2fly

Day 11 of “31 Days of the Little Things”: Ooo. Ooo. Ooo. Oral-B Super Floss. 🦷 🧵 I have a permanent bottom retainer…

Darren Camilleri ‏@camo2572

@SometimeMJM1 Take a bow 🙇‍♂️ no one will beat that whack to the chops 🦷👏👏👏

J a n e ‏@_reyesjaney

15/15 yaaay productive day!! 🦷💉

Felicity Loughrey ‏@felicityloughre

Come closer 🦷✍🏽🌀

Karissa 🔇 ‏@karissakyla

I’ll eat u bitches like cereal , crunch no captain. 🦷👩‍✈️

Julia De Soyza ‏@JuliaPHNurse

@DrRichHolliday @NewcastleSDS Not too good for the 🦷 either 😉

emily hahn ‏@emgates93

My second wisdom tooth broke surface today 🦷 😭

Miyah’napua ‏@mdizzwitthathiz

Fuck all that “who trynna cash me out” bullshit ... who trynna put me through dental school 🦷 🏫 ??

Pastor Nestle ‏@Lavar_Bald

🦷:30 What time is that?

Bassam ‏@ButtoBassam

@yaraGHkhoury Just extract all of them in one day and all the fun will begin 🦷😅

Dott.Sam Tabban ‏@drsamtabban

Buongiorno .. Lets straight more teeth in kuwait 🦷 🇰🇼 (@ Royal Dental Clinic - @royaldentkw in Kuwait City, Hawalli…

💕Peytons’ Mommie 💕 ‏@QveenSaucey_

Butter DOES NOT Go On Teeth🌕🦷🙅🏾‍♀️

issa baby ‏@issaberena

Rip, getting the rest of my wisdom teeth taken out this week 😷🦷

a b e™ 🌵 ‏@abigail_moffitt

I don’t understand why people leave the water on the whole time they’re brushing their teeth 🦷


Happy birthday Bra Kwaku Baptism AKA Mr white teeth 🦷 more grace Bossman 😍🙌🏿❤️ #bap @kesarfo

Vinyl Dial ‏@VinylDial

Thanks to everyone who checked out my music video for Aeronausea. The amount of dental floss I used in that video i…

Lil Porno 👉🏾👌🏼 ‏@Lil_Pxrnx

@naturalwayj 🦷 TEETH 🦷

Lauren Fleming 👑 ‏@_laurenfleming

As of today, we have completed 3 semesters of the Dental Hygiene program!!🦷 One more to go😍 don’t blink❤️

Denise Bickford ‏@Poet_and_Cowboy

@Tru3stD3t3ctiv3 @kathrynjensn Idk what this means but teeth are nice 🦷 👍🏻

Cristian ‏@MigoxChapo

Losing Me Is Like Losing A Front Tooth 🦷, You’ll Never Smile The Same Again 💯😬

Noemi L. Dado ‏@momblogger

@DoubleDamage40 Break a tooth 🦷

Bruce Devlin ‏@BruceDevlin

@mzm_tweet @TOMFORD @LouboutinWorld @Lamborghini It was actually very bizarre, it’s like those loosing teeth 🦷 drea…

linds ‏@_lindseybrooke

If you’ve never brushed your teeth with a Ultra Soft toothbrush you’re truly missing out. It’s like butter to your teeth 🦷

parker ‏@parker2197

The dentist got me dead rn 🦷

Leanna ‏@leanna_mom23

Cole had a very busy day today...starting with a visit to the best pediatric dentist ever, Dr Whitfield!! 🦷 He (and…

ella ‏@smilefordolan

@hallwayamour Buckle in sexy 😉😉😉🦷

Alex Moran ‏@Amoran227

I am very far down the rabbit hole that is YouTube videos of dental hygienists cleaning teeth 🆘🦷

Jake Lawall ‏@JakeLawall

@fourzer0seven @SMii7Y Nah let the man be 🦴🍎🦷

Jake Lawall ‏@JakeLawall

@SMii7Y Bone apple teeth mate 🦴 🍎 🦷

Princess Juni ‏@coffeeandcreeps

My last post was to be read as SCREAMING not saying ahhh like at the dentist 🦷

ⓩⓞⓔⓐⓝⓝⓔ ‏@Whoa_Zoe

...I kinda wanna keep it? Is that weird? 🦷

Riley Novak ‏@novak_riley

Floss yo teeth 🦷 not your legs🦵

✝️ JesuServant ‏@MykeyKtm

🦷 😱 😭 The demonrats got nuthin but commie crap 💩

Sel 🥴✨ (Ψ◕‿◕)Ψ ‏@selpuku

First consultation with my dentist 🦷✨ If everything goes well I’m gonna get my teeth braced

Conic Wysinger ‏@conic_wysinger

Thank you to my Dental 🦷 Team and my Amigas 👭 for blessing me with what I truly wanted today! 🖤 UGH store here I co…

Goliath ‏@JohnGthe1st

I guess I’ll get ready for bed. Teeth 🦷 brushing and ass washing coming right up 🧼

Kobain ‏@myjoyvance

I came home to find this in my mailbox today 🦷 it is the absolute cutest, I love it so much!! Thank you…

Western University Thailand ‏@ThailandWestern

Premium Dental Open House 🦷👥 @ThailandWestern

drugfreedivide ‏@drugfreedivide

As a Medi‑Cal member, your benefits and your child’s benefits include dental coverage at little or no cost to you.…

adam | eccc ‏@rozwelI

I’m gonna get these babies tattooed. 🦷

Murray T Yates ‏@HammondDentist

If pain or bleeding occurs, see 𝗗𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝗛𝗮𝗺𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗱 in emergency to prevent any serious consequences. Get dental care…

A S I A . ‏@AsiaLilBadAss

Lookin for a nigga with a sweet tooth 😛👅🦷

Amir Amsyar ‏@amramsyr7

@OmgItsDiyana Awww thank you 🦷

jaecee ‏@_jaeeceee

Just bought my DAT practice book... 🦷🙏🏾

Stu ‏@theycallmeStu

Aiden finally lost his first tooth! 🦷

Marlee-G™ ‏@Marlee_Kat10

My baby’s growing up😭 I never thought I would see the day when he would lose his baby teeth. 🦷

Honey Bae ‏@BSeeprs85

@cats_quakes And the main reason we invented dentures 🦷....

carly mitchell ☃️🎄 ‏@carlyy_mitchell

it’s amazing to me that i’m only 23 years old and i’m living the life i’ve always dreamed of; happily married and w…

Coach Phil Jackson Jr.👑 ‏@skipbaelessjr

I guess I’m not a freak cause if you spit in my mouth you might have a 🦷 missing

mya✨🌙✨ ‏@sensualshamya

my son teething but where his teeth at tho???😭🦷

Black, Connoly. ‏@ConBlck

Do you see the little 🦷😂♥️ #DoseofRayne

u n d r e a n a💓 ‏@Chief_undreeeee

My big girl tooth 🦷 loose 😁 I think I’m more excited then her 😭

𝒿𝒶𝓏𝓏 🌻 ‏@prncssjvzzmin

gentle reminder: please don’t forget about your teeth/oral health when you spend all of this money on your body/face/etc 😁🦷

White Johnson Dent ‏@whitejohnsonpd

🎄🎄TOMORROW the Jacksonville office will be having a PAJAMA DAY!!! So feel free to join in 🥳 We also will be handing…

Kunio Hara ‏@Hara_UofSC

@Cat_Keyser @gwoertendyke1 I will keep that in mind 😆 Things are better thanks to dentists (multiple!) who could see me right away 🦷👨‍⚕️👍

Aimsss ✨ ‏@Aims09

1st semester down for dental hygiene school and I am finally stress free for 3 weeks!!!🦷💗

Jennifer Rooney ‏@vegaspeacock

At the dentist 🦷 again getting the other side done. No movie just weird pop holiday songs from like Nelson 🙃

𝘔𝘢𝘵𝘵 𝘏𝘰𝘱𝘤𝘳𝘢𝘧𝘵 ‏@Matt_Hopcraft

@WeDietitians @adavbpres It’s the sugar reduction that’s the real key! And the fluoride in toothpaste is pretty important too 🦷

KBG Delaware ‏@KBGdelaware

Did you know that a pack-a-day smoker will lose two teeth 🦷 every ten years? #toocoldtosmoke #smokefreedelaware

🥂 ‏@RichGotDam

Mfs with gap teeth 🦷 cheat the most! They always got space for another mf! 😂🥂

Courtneyy Destinn Roncali Rochelle ‏@roncali20

Sydney..... 🤦🏻‍♀️ put some sensodyne toothpaste on and leave it for like 5mins, then brush it off.. Use sensodyne…

ashley. ‏@asshley_w

Took my X-rays today and I have zero cavities 🦷✨


Among the gifts exchanged: historical romance novel 📕, toothbrush 🦷, body fat caliper 📏

PiperSaidWhat? ‏@pipersaidwhat

Mom: Maizy you need to brush your teeth for as long as I brush your retainer. Piper, from the shower: YOU’RE GOING TO GET GINGITITIS! 🦷

triple🅱️lack ‏@_Rock718

My brother lost a tooth 🦷

Kaylee ‏@kaylee_mcook

Getting 🦷 tattoos next Friday with my work fam

the business bitch ‏@_wengappo

Got my teeth cleaned today for the first time in a year and DAMNNNN does it feel good 🦷😁

Baby Elephant Ears ‏@babyelephantear

“And here you have it! A toothless boy for Christmas!” 🦷🎄

Adventure à la Mode ‏@VentureALaMode

LAST CHANCE to win your own @SBwhitening whitening kit! Contest ends at 11:59PM.😁🦷 Read more about our experience…

Anita Hamilton ‏@VirtualOT

Fantastic presentation by @rkbenvic on @PebblePad ePortfolio integration in 🦷 oral health and dentistry 🦷 @latrobe…

Liz Fohr ‏@liz_fohr4

No matter what kind of day I had at work, by the end of the day I’m always happy. I love my job! 🦷👩🏼‍⚕️

eve ‏@sheyelleth

my wisdom teeth are coming in just in time for finals!!!👅🦷😩👏💞🤪💦!!!!

Suzanne Pilaar Birch ‏@suzie_birch

@Mammals_Suck @robingnelson I have a cast of my whole mouth from when I got a crown back in UK. It's on a bookshelf in my office 🦷

QueenK ♑️ ‏@ItsKJones_

But I have no cavities 🦷🙅🏽‍♀️

Corunna Athletics ‏@cav_athletics

Thank you to @SteveHollister1 for supporting our kids and their bright, beautiful smiles! 🦷 #Gr82bGOLD…

Modema Rose ‏@RoseModema

@channeledfour @ChanneledTree @desantis @SIRISYSPrime @zithax_ Oh!! and you forgot 'MindCluckery' 💄🦷👂

maggie ‏@maggiebrizuela

she’s insisted on reading this book three times so far. future hygienist? 🦷

Illuminate ‏@IlluminateITW

🙏🏼 4 ya boyyyyy‼️🌊💦🦷🚀

Illuminate ‏@IlluminateITW

🙏🏼 4 ya boyyyyy‼️🌊💦🦷🚀

кαтнαℓιηα ιѕℓαη∂ 🐝 ‏@thriftshopgirl

all I have left is my golden implant ✨🦷😆🌟

Community Renewal ‏@CRI_WeCare

Check it out!! Christmas Trees at both 🦏☕️ and 👨‍🔬🦷 locations! Giving is where it's at!!

Pets ‏@petsitcanton

You know you're old when you get excited to use your new toothbrush 🦷

RIP YaYo ‏@ayeeSMURQ

Damnnnn moe member cardi b had that lil ass front tooth 🦷

Kimmi Kartier💎✨ ‏@IAmKimDesires

I love @killahdiorr teeth 🦷😩mg 😍😍😍😁

penelope felipe III ‏@penefep

Whense the seasoning 😎😀😱ate coming out becaus I need vbuxk chert #52 🦷♏️and palese tell 😃👈🏻

Seanne Falconer ‏@SeanneFalconer

Twin A lost his #firsttooth. I do not have a solid read on the current exchange rate and the market is opaque. I do…

Sam Miller ‏@SamWriteThings

@margecarmody 👋🏻 so I popped the only filling I had from childhood, you know the patch job on the front 🦷 it was th…

Andy Coyle ‏@Andy_Coyle6

@DJTrev252 Sounds like @SnoopDogg after Dental 🦷 Treatment

Dr. Danilo Cervantes ‏@Rockdj06

@HowardFarran The weird things of life... in my place there’s a lot of dentist but not enough patients looking for…

Jodie Chapman ‏@jodiechapman89

Just under 3 weeks to go!! 🙈🦷 #Excited #IfYouKnowYouKnow

Quality Ortho Care ‏@QualityOrtho

We have some pals around the office! Closed for the day! See you all bright and early 8 AM tomorrow! 🦷🙌😁 • Don’t f…

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