Top Hat Emoji

A top hat, worn in traditional British weddings and other formal occasions. This is also a popular playing piece in the game of Monopoly.

Top Hat was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎩 Formal Wear

🎩 Groom


🎩 U+1F3A9




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@SimoMCFC @indykaila Haha 🎩’s off, fair play.

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@tokenpay @dropjeee @derekcapo Have some patience all, everyone is working hard at the @tokenpay headquarter 🕋 All…

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Do your magic mate. 🐇🎩✔

GOTHAM ‏@AlfredRelli


Ed Guccione ‏@triweasel

@kayguccione Also, you couldn’t run at all because of injury 2/3 months ago. 🎩

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The best day of my life. 💓🎩🍾🍻🍸🕺🏻

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Rahul ‏@floodedsauce

@duena23 😂 *tips the hat 🎩 and bows*

Lynn Heiden ‏@LynnsWPics

@ellentudor Happy hols x Nice Hat 🎩

Janet ‏@McNaughty1969

@CrissAngel @marcuslemonis You do have an amazing crew ! The best in the business! And you know what they say The…

Oddschanger ‏@Oddschanger

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@itsmaab_ @_Noha___ I salot ur courage n sticked by the truth 🎩

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Sanjeev Kumar( Dablu yadav) ‏@Sanjeev20208774

@JM_Scindia @AScindia @Yale 👍✨✨✨ 🎉😊👏😁👏😃🎉 Congratulations! 🎩 😁 👕👍Great! 👖 👩💬Cool💫 👚👏💥 👖 👠👠

Kevin Ryan ‏@Karyan1Ryan

@BenSuttonISP @thetreysutton @WakeForest @DemonDeacons Congrats 🎉🎓 🎩👍

GOTHAM ‏@AlfredRelli

WHO LOVED THIS MAD HATTER MOMENT FROM #GOTHAM SEASON 3 @batcatfanspain @bestofgothamfox @Gothamite486…

PBS Radio Melbourne ‏@pbsfm

Come join our spellbinding coven! 🙌🎩 -

Bernard Fitzgerald PGA ‏@bernardfitzpga

@robrockgolftour @RobRockAcademy @Ruddgrange Top job Rocky 👏👏 🎩 off doing a great job with juniors across the water 👍👍

cassy💋 ‏@cassyambermarie

Just saw a cloud that looked like a sea horse with a hat 🎩

Editor @ Absolute Sussex ‏@SussexEditor

@rth_brighton @CoolBrighton Absolutely! What a fabulous idea. I look forward to seeing the final reveal 🎩😍👗

Kang Sena ‏@Rasona7

@UtopialandP Ndul 🎩 😁 👕👍Great! 👖

MحmouD™ 👾👷 ‏@modestboy27

Ask me anything !.. 🎩🍑

Tha Bishop Byron ‏@byronS_art

@She_Nairobian No hard feeling honey 🌹🎩


@MadHatter__666 Good morning Hatter!! 🍵🎩🐇 Let’s hope so!!🤞🏻 I really don’t like Mondays 😫😆 Have a great day my frie…

Ochu_Mpwemuka ‏@mpwemuka_ochu

Leo Messi Kwenye Klabu ya Barcelona Msimu huu. 📅 49 games ⚽ 50 goals 👟 19 assists 🎯 8 goals from free kicks 🎩 4 ha…

Fabinho Fan Account✌🏾 ‏@mvsego

@_KageVersal_ without a doubt! Heisenberg (sp) 🎩 a legend

Taegan lincoln ‏@taehyeongr

[Preview] 190519 SYS in MetLife Stadium Hat Drop 🎩 #뷔 #태형 #태태 BTS_twt

Vegan ᵐˡˡʳᵈ ᵛⁿˣ #4GISBACK ‏@vabnte

〔Vegan Upchar〕[Preview] 190519 SYS in MetLife Stadium Hat Drop 🎩 #뷔 #태형 #태태 BTS_twt

Serrano ‏@PedroSer10

@itsmeeetiagoooo Magic Mike 🎩

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When the conference hasn’t even started but delegates sneak in early to meet @OutSystems at @Gartner_inc…

𖤐﹗ 𝐄𝐋𝐈𝐀𝐒. ❜ ‏@paroxysmantic

@anthophilovs No, I’m a guy in a play from the medieval times with the right trousers, m’lady. 🎩

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🎓 EDUCATION 🎩 Are you a Primary School looking for someone to deliver High Quality PE and School Sports provision…

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Ondřej Mirtes ‏@OndrejMirtes

And one more thing - after you install phpstan/extension-installer you no longer have to care about including exten…

Mustafa Maryam ‏@MustafaMaryam3

@MessiStatsHQ @LR10Elite_ Next season buddy, just wait and see ✅🎩

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Stuck for the perfect wedding gift? Perhaps you’re looking for the best way to say thank you to your bridesmaid or…

JH. ‏@p_zhixun

Henlo, new peeps. My name is Park Jihoon from TREASURE13. Have you heard about TREASURE13? We're rookie group who's…

Lisa Goodwin 🐝 ‏@LisaGoo07645616

@fiftyminus2 Good Morning Shaz 😀 Gentle Monday hugs. 💙💊💉💣🎩 I hope today goes as swiftly and easy as it can for you 😚 xx

Sohan Bishwas ‏@iamBishwasSohan

@sardesairajdeep Looking at Sample size your prediction maybe near to actually results. 🎩 Up to u

🥨 ‏@mishca__

I attended this one to Aly & Fila last summer at Soma Bay 🎩🎩 Aly & Fila with Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif feat. K…

Drew.Smith ‏@DrewSmi52922047

🤢21 in less than 2 days. 🤧🎩🙊 Won’t be enjoyed this year either too much work to do

🌹 Bernt Squanus 🌹 ‏@Squanus1

@Demandin_Better @bern_identity Right. The good People don't have a party. We either make one or Take one. Either w…

sobersal ‏@2015sober

@Fabstemious @sober_mom @RedCoco3 @AlcoholicDad4 @TerminallyNice @OlRedEyesIsDead @lyndilula @thepublandlady1…

Mr J in the UK ‏@mrjintheuk

@k_mcclean For a nineteen year old, no. 🎩👌

#FREEOWAY🎩 ‏@oway600

Gettin Shifty Video Back Up🎩 RUN IT UP #FreeOWay #PlusTax

🥨 ‏@mishca__

Chuwaya trance ba2a 🎩 Mohamed Ragab - Excelsior Sessions (February 2018) Winter Selection by Mohamed Ragab #np on…

Mary Denton 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇳🇱🇪🇺 ‏@zephyrdenton

@fiftyminus2 🎉Goodmorning Shazzy🌸Hope your Monday behaves itself in a moderately decent fashion🎩The weather is glor…

Pony 🐴 (short trouble maker) ‏@co_pony

Racing folks, look closely. That is a bit-less bridle. A hackamore. This lady has #skillz. And that is one…

James Edwards ‏@JR007Edwards

@tanya_plibersek I do hope your time will come Tanya. Luv your work. 🎩🌹👏👏

Penny Farthing #PeoplesVote 🇪🇺🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ‏@barbhumbug

'Staggeringly silly': critics tear apart Jacob Rees-Mogg's new book | Politics | The Guardian #🎩

Ashraf Mohamed ‏@ashrfmohamed12

soo it seems we have to wait patiently our cop #BarunSobti as #yousuf character in his new challenge web film…

GOTHAM ‏@AlfredRelli

Who Loves Ben McKenzie’s Role As Jim Gordon On FOX’S #GOTHAM @angelamorales18 @thankyougotham @batcatfanspain…

Lady Indigo ‏@LadyIndigo7

Changing things up after this nap I just took. We never know so just enjoy the now... 🎇🎆🌈👽🎩🎓💝🎒🔮🎈📷🎥🎆🎇…

Sera ‏@Sera188

I finally watched a full episode of #GentlemanJackHBO 🎩 on my TV by casting my @CraveCanada app for @HBOCanada 🇨🇦 o…

Eleanor ‏@eleanor_jewers

Thank you @CapRocat we can’t wait to be back in July ✈️🌴👰🏼🎩 @ Cap Rocat Hotel

yana ‏@AthanasakiYana

Top interview 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Bravo🎩🔝@nikosaliagas @Europe1 #Europe1

Lucas Vidal ‏@vidalito05

Anoche @Slash en #EstadioGeba thanks for the invitation @todddammitkerns @franksidoris @MylesKennedy @brentfitz…

MrBaldyMan64 ‏@baldy_man64

@SylvanOfficial What a KILLER pic. Great work from Conny. The Hatter lives! 🎩

Ashraf Mohamed ‏@ashrfmohamed12

@jana_akef @BarunSobtiSays @TeamBarumArg @Barni317 @BarunSobtii0 @baruninmyheart @BarunSobtiTurky @Sengul1955…

Jacob D. Morgan ‏@jdm92_5

I liked the ending. Isn’t that what the big draw was anyhow? Unpredictability and savagery. Jon Snow was always two…

Ashraf Mohamed ‏@ashrfmohamed12

@Maria40713435 @BarunSobtiSays @BarunSobtiPage happy Monday to you dear❤ &to all supportive sweety #Sobtians 🌸…

Suzan ‏@itssuzann

@baddogs4343 You tell them J!!! 🎩 to you and everyone who speaks up!!! 😊

jyecee ‏@Cal_RFC1

@bjsaunders_ just managed to catch your fight 💪🏻🥊totally outstanding performance hat of to you champ 🎩🏆🍾

Salamander ‏@SalamanderCorfe

One for the chaps 🎩

Adrián Mayorga ‏@hellhoundMX

Macizo. Respect. 🎩

SmileWitME ‏@MusicSmileWitME

.I have much on my palate to gradually take a piece Of and form it into something bigger than Mountains follow ME f…

henry lopez ‏@DorlandiloLopez

Caray !🎩

Peya 🥑🇲🇽 ‏@peya_silva

my boy’s killing it ! 🥵🥶 another 🎩trick for him 💪🏼💪🏼 #Baller ⚽️ @dtrejo_10

adri ♛ ‏@adriofwands

also we met these VERY GOOD dogs !!! 🐶🎩🐶🎩

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