Top Hat Emoji

A top hat, worn in traditional British weddings and other formal occasions. This is also a popular playing piece in the game of Monopoly.

Top Hat was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎩 Formal Wear

🎩 Groom


🎩 U+1F3A9




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Jaiदीप Seन ‏@jaidsen

Hats🎩 Off to the Eternal Magic of कुछ कुछ होता है🤗 Revered Yash Johar Hi🙏 on hearing the below is Smiling😊up there👏…

S!mply M!chael ‏@michael_n78

Scoooooore! Hatty for @TomasHertl48 🎩🎩🎩 and @SanJoseSharks win it in overtime! #comeback

CrawDaddy ‏@leahtrevor

@RichardEGrant @melissamccarthy @cyefm @SearchlightUK You are truly a great actor with out the accolades. The nomin…

Molly Jong-Fast ‏@MollyJongFast

@igorbobic Because white boys in maga 🎩 are always the real victims

Alexis “Bring Back Bunheads” Wilson ‏@sassyblackdiva

some personal news: i have (finally) been invited to my first gay wedding 🎩 🎩🌈✨

1st Man, The Adam. ‏@adamuciroma1827

See passion from the way @biolakazeem spoke on @Sports_Cafe_909 Wow!!! I doff my 🎩 cc: @olywal @TheWaleAgbede

🌸✨Fattie Pattie✨🌸 ‏@SheSoDopee_

The Magicians 🎩 😇

DP4 ‏@DP4_Party

Falling in Love My 2018 years work of Weddings 🎩 Pt.1 • • • • #destinationwedding #video #videography #luxury…

farhan farid ‏@far1134

Entrepreneur______2018, Film Recognition________ NOMINATION EXPECTED FOR BEST story, DIRECTOR, FILM, AND MALE…

🎩 Little Tongue ‏@Lethal_Word

@so_unimportant 🎩 I'm not bothered. I can't wait to get off Twitter 😂 Gospel truth 👍

gracie mae🌻 ‏@GraceDurhamm

Lets kill tonight 🤩🎩

Luca Minori ‏@LucaMinori

👉🏼 Customize ✍🏻 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 👖 #trousers 👈🏼 ✂️ #madetomeasure 📐 🇮🇹 #madeinitaly 🇮🇹 🇬🇧…

Sol Systems ‏@Sol_Systems

Interested in being the next great addition to our team? We're hiring for 10 positions across the company. You shou…

🎩 Little Tongue ‏@Lethal_Word

@LikeAPhoenix4 🎩 It's Ali mummification ✔

Tazzy ‏@thetass10

@Sidra619 @Ustadjii Hats 🎩 off to little princess 👸

🎩 Little Tongue ‏@Lethal_Word

@so_unimportant 🎩 That's why the Witch does it - talks to itself, to prevent complaints about its tweets. I'm again…

Harry T Hat ‏@harry_t_hat

@mikeharnden1 @mariocosentino7 @MapleLeafs Read my mind 🎩💀😳

Danny Dunkeren W. Ørndrup ‏@Dunkeren

Ron de Jeremy XO LINK TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL IN THE BIO ⚔️🎩👊🇩🇰🤘🍻💪⚔️ #togetherwelift #rondejeremy #luigibormioli…

🎩 Little Tongue ‏@Lethal_Word

@LikeAPhoenix4 🎩 The Witch with the warty nose complained about my tweets, probs in conjunction with it's deceased…

stoneswift at the oscars ‏@eyesopens

in case you havent noticed 👀 i'm weird. 🕴🏻 😱 i'm a weirdo 👽👻 i don't fit in 🙅🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♂️i don't wanna fit in 🚫🙍🏽‍♂️…

17 + 5x5 = Q ‏@qanonfanof

@Redtowel4 @NPJules If one of them had a #MAGA 🎩 hat on they would be burned at the cross

Oddschanger ‏@Oddschanger

🎩 TONIGHT'S MIXED TREBLE! 🎩 11/2 with Betway! Join today & get a FREE bet up to £30 when you join HERE 👇…

Lord Brasic ‏@lord_brasic

@HA11NNH @HA51NNH He needs a heated garage🎩

Wildmanx7 ‏@Wildmanx71

@Goofy_Teamo We call them hoes my good sir 🎩😂😂

Kannan ‏@Kannan60822211

@V2online98 @Arunan22 🎩 😁 👕👍Great! 👖

Zippy, el más veloz 🐨 ‏@nachiopistachio

"We decided to go with the '70s." 📷🕺🏽🎩 #MiloMurphysLaw

تسنيّم الحمّود ‏@Tasneemhamoud

@Tarek_Raya1 An iconic tweet 🎩🎩🎩

Simon Currigan ‏@beaconsupport

🌈 NEW: Ever wished you could instantly focus an unsettled (or ‘fussy’) class on their work? 🎩 This proven 3 step p…

bacbruce ‏@bacbruce

The Raconteurs Live COMPLETE at Montreux 2008 🎩👌🏻

Cpt T.MadHatter🇬🇧 ‏@Kaptain_Hatter

@lucyxxxstephens I've done it far too many times, so I'm not surprised lol 🎩🙂

AmyEsther ErynIsaac ‏@AErynisaac

@djaznh @LauraGarciaNBC @nbcbayarea 🤨🤔 since when goes geolocation have to do with one’s own perceived cultural sup…

Anita Swartz ‏@AtwiggsSwartz

Just a tiny bit of the Wedding 🎩 👰 #fsf #JamieDornan as #ChristianGrey #DakotaJohnson as #AnastasiaGrey

Cpt T.MadHatter🇬🇧 ‏@Kaptain_Hatter

@lucyxxxstephens That's skill there 🎩😆

EscapeZoneLongIsland ‏@EscapeZoneLI

#EscapeZoneLongIsland #StJamesNY #Smithtown #SuffolkCounty #LongIsland #NY 🚨BOOK NOW🚨 #EscapeGames #EscapetheRoom…

Melissa Jane Bee👑🐝 ‏@Melissabee7

Viewing yet another wedding venue tonight 👰🏻 🎩 💫

EscapeZoneLongIsland ‏@EscapeZoneLI

#EscapeZoneLongIsland #StJamesNY #Smithtown #SuffolkCounty #LongIsland #NY 🚨BOOK NOW🚨 #EscapeGames #EscapetheRoom…

Ram Ureste ‏@RamJam_13

We'll there this weekend 🎩🔪

Washburn Athletics ‏@wusports

[email protected] back on the road tonight | 🎩 vs 🦁 🆚 - Missouri Southern ⌚ - 7:30 pm 📍 - Joplin, Mo. 📻 -…

Jeff Stanley ‏@JeffSta86028422

@ScottFalco Fantastic! I tip my HAT to you. 🎩 😋

Damion Potter ‏@damionapotter

@dayanxt @jmj_es This kind of sombrero 🎩?

💕🐾Dawn Adams🐾💕 ‏@DawnieEA

@WillGowing I’m in 🎩

ElectromagneticBeing ‏@GoldHardShell

The 'G' stands for Golem: controlled from above and below 🎩 Mark Passio 🔥 Humans Have Become Mindless Golems 🐉…

Steve robinson ‏@Stevero49468564

@bbclaurak Maybe though their car keys into a hat 🎩 🤷🏿‍♂️

ElectromagneticBeing ‏@GoldHardShell

🎩 Mark Passio 🔥 Humans Have Become Mindless Golems 🐉 via @YouTube

Sharon Lisman Baxter ‏@BaxterLisman

@BlueLine614 @hwholcomb @Goz_1911 @ChristieC733 @Jamierodr10 @DanCovfefe1 @ConservaMomUSA @carrerapulse…

TimotheyK101❌ ‏@Tim69819043

@Education4Libs My question is, what will the msm do when the Democratic Party is decimated in 2020? With the WALL…

Sir Spyro ‏@SIRSPYRO

Watch back @ThisIzLusion @JAMAKABI @Realzonline @Jammz @Bruzaonline @Novelist @logan_olm @ItsBigZuu @Armourhotwater…

Venture Capital ‏@kelly2277

🤔Maria Katasonova “Russian hackers / Russian hackers. Soon on your monitors - whether you like it or not.” 🎩 tip…

EscapeZoneLongIsland ‏@EscapeZoneLI

#EscapeZoneLongIsland #StJamesNY #Smithtown #SuffolkCounty #LongIsland #NY 🚨BOOK NOW🚨 #EscapeGames #EscapetheRoom…

EscapeZoneLongIsland ‏@EscapeZoneLI

#EscapeZoneLongIsland #StJamesNY #Smithtown #SuffolkCounty #LongIsland #NY 🚨BOOK NOW🚨 #EscapeGames #EscapetheRoom…

EscapeZoneLongIsland ‏@EscapeZoneLI

#EscapeZoneLongIsland #StJamesNY #Smithtown #SuffolkCounty #LongIsland #NY 🚨BOOK NOW🚨 #EscapeGames #EscapetheRoom…

EscapeZoneLongIsland ‏@EscapeZoneLI

#EscapeZoneLongIsland #StJamesNY #Smithtown #SuffolkCounty #LongIsland #NY 🚨BOOK NOW🚨 #EscapeGames #EscapetheRoom…

Misty's Toy Aussies ‏@MistysToyAussie

🎤Introducing 🎤 these precious pups 🐶 who turned 4 weeks old yesterday 🎉 From left to right is Bang Bang 🔫, Honeybee…


@JulieTCouret @WWLTV Congratulations!🎉👜🎩

🦋🌹🇧🇷Franci.🙏🌹🦋 ‏@maemuller

@NBCBlacklist Nothing. 🙏🎩🌷❤

Axel Segebrecht ‏@axelsegebrecht

Today was one of those days when I get to wear many hats: 🧢 User Experience researcher ⛑ IT support engineer 🎓 Pro…

Victoria ‏@abheath1

@BestRDSP OMG. Who is Chris Cuomo when you need him🎩

Vicki ‏@Vicki21417114

@lesmisofficial Kyle Tomlinson Vocalist, Opera, Musical Theatre Has new business cards! 🎩🎼🎤

Jay Dee ‏@JefferyDaniels_

but I told her either way I ain’t goin to no school‼️🚫 🎩

Duncan ‏@keshee29

Pulled it off!!!! Massive respect 🎩

Vicki ‏@Vicki21417114

@LondonPalladium Kyle Tomlinson Vocalist, opera, Musical Theatre has New business cards ! 🎩🎼🎤

TimotheyK101❌ ‏@Tim69819043

@donnajgalindo @TeamPelosi @SenSchumer Not a racist but I believe you are for even bringing it up. Most ppl don't h…

Stefanie Reines ‏@stefaniereines

Hate The Sin Love The Sinner. @ArizonaCoyotes I’m only on loan for JW and when it doesn’t mess with us 😘.…

Zendaya ‏@z_maree96

BTS of TGS 🎩✨

NineFrogs ‏@pattibokowski

David Beckham / Men’s Fashion / 🖤🐝🎩🐝🖤

WARLORD ‏@DjLORDofficial

“The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”🎩 @prophetsofrage (coming soon to WRECK a stage near YOU) @bradwilk @B_Real…

Ayoub A!TO ‏@AyoubATO1

@iMohaven You're the #BEST man 👨‍✈️ 💛🎩

Vicki ‏@Vicki21417114

@LWTheatres 🎩🎼Kyle Tomlinson Vocalist, Opera, Musical Theatre Has new business cards!

Kashmirgirl🌞🌿🍸🔮🍹🌎😎 ‏@nancy_nicolai

@jarpad @JensenAckles Yeah, I can see it💯😍💜🔥🎩💋#TheBacchusKing👑 #SPNFamily😎

Cpt T.MadHatter🇬🇧 ‏@Kaptain_Hatter


reillocity ‏@reillocity

Preliminary (Video to View) Ranking of 2018 College Signees as SP Prospects. "Bottom 3 of a MLB Rotation Candidate,…

Louise Thompson ‏@FlexHappy

It occurred to Pooh 🐻 and Piglet 🐷 that they hadn't heard from Eeyore for several days, so they put on their hats 🎩…

Bethel ‏@ZyaireRosier

My mama taught me Léogâne magic Ever notice me and Tonton Macoute wear black hats 🎩

SirBucky McNally #DissolveTheUnion ‏@mcnally_bucky

@Beth4Freedom19 @NyoEi @Trish1911 Services to trout ticking🎩😋


On my soul I gotta hear that everyday... WIT RACKS LIKE THIS!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚫🎩🤙🤙🤙🤙

One Of “Those” Wesleys ✌️♥️ ‏@steenwes

@SlightComplex @chachch_changes @pattonoswalt You’re very welcome, and a tip of the Hatlo Hat 🎩 to @pattonoswalt fo…

QWEEZii That Monster ‏@ItzQweez

R yu creeping me out into thinking a conversation like that is possible no you r not hasing sex with Sochitta 🎩 magic

Motherwell FC ‏@MotherwellFC

Let's see who can produce a moment of magic 🎩 Get your tickets now or pay at the gate:

Javier Pérez F. ‏@JavierPerezF

Arthur, De Jong y Aleñá. Sign me up on that midfield 🎩✨

❤️One Barca ‏@hsoonader

Mood🎩 #دي_يونج

🎩Operation Mockingbird🎩 ‏@WTS_PodRadio

@beatlesstory *Cheese Dreams not included 🎩👍

QWEEZii That Monster ‏@ItzQweez

That’s the only way it could work ok he missed out on petite spunky honey c he got who come on he’s a winner 🎩 2 is…

QWEEZii That Monster ‏@ItzQweez

That is 2 booties ok he didn’t get sochitta’s petite thing but 🎩 but but

Jane Cancevski ‏@cancevski

@NoFearChivette AWESOME... 😝😜😇👋👌👍🎩👒👞👠👖👙👔👗🎼🎶🎸🎹🎷🎺🎈💐🍴🍕🍟🍗🍷🍻🍹🍧🍰⚡💥🔥♐♈♋💋💋💋💙💚💛💜💖🎆🎇✨🎉🎊🎀👻👻👻

NEC M. Basketball ‏@Pilgrims_MBB

Jason Jones beats the first half buzzer! #GoGrims #d3hoops 🏀🎩

Iron Grate Bbq Co. ‏@GrateBBQ

***BEEF RIB WEDNESDAY*** 🕺🏻🎩😍🍖🍖🍖 While they last #woodsmoked #bbq #beefrib #mkelunch #meatsweats #mkeats @ Iron Gr…

QWEEZii That Monster ‏@ItzQweez

I’m gonna be best friends with Justin for this guys 🎩 I deserve it Mickey Mouse club I did not have honey C

aiyash ‏@yash_chetan

@gimmeonion @PaladinsGame 🕵️👮💂👷👳🎅👲🤶🚴🚵👒🎩🎓⛑️👑🎎🛂🛃enjoy

NEC M. Basketball ‏@Pilgrims_MBB

3-ball corner pocket! ☔️ #GoGrims #d3hoops 🏀🎩

SirBucky McNally #DissolveTheUnion ‏@mcnally_bucky

@Trish1911 @Beth4Freedom19 Jack the Ripper was my dear old great grand daddy🎩🔪😋

NEC M. Basketball ‏@Pilgrims_MBB

Izaiah Winston-Brooks with the behind-the-back dime to Alonzo ! 😳 #SCtop10 #GoGrims #d3hoops 🏀🎩

QWEEZii That Monster ‏@ItzQweez

Selena wasn’t a distraction she was a improvised great idea 💡. Now that’s 2 booties tinashes and Selena’s Justin is…

Carol Carlson ‏@icarolacarlson

@StephKnappCPA Earn 2 Credits Continue Professional Education Introduction to Protect Yourself Be ready to Advi…

NEC M. Basketball ‏@Pilgrims_MBB

Stephen finds Alonzo Cooper for the corner 3! #GoGrims #d3hoops 🏀🎩

Jim Turnbull ‏@sharkmaster88

@tylermadarasz47 Best part of#8Ovis hat trick is CAPs lost to #48s 🎩 Trick!!!!

pleasant yhetti ‏@pleasant_yhetti

@ShawnBillington @Vej_Gee @CamArnott @GinaNJoey ahh medium aristocrat🧐🎩

N. ‏@Kuntastic_

@Guardiolista01 @BoredEderson @KyleWalkeer @TikkaMangala @djwskyblu @woyonp @ThatchersElbow @debrxyne @MCFCTone…

Clare ‏@day_to_dayccv

Still recovering from watching that #SJSvsWSH game last night. What a crazy ride.. #SJSharks 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🎩🎩🎩🧢🧢🧢

NEC M. Basketball ‏@Pilgrims_MBB

Jason Jones goes euro-step ! 👣 #GoGrims #d3hoops 🏀🎩

NEC M. Basketball ‏@Pilgrims_MBB

Jason with the rejection, Jamal for 3! #GoGrims #d3hoops 🏀🎩

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