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Trident Emblem Emoji

A trident is a three-pronged spear, that appears similar to a pitchfork. Often held by Greek or Roman Gods in statues.

Trident Emblem was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🔱 Pitchfork

🔱 Trident


🔱 U+1F531




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Absolute Aesthete ‏@absolutaesthete

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Absolute Aesthete ‏@absolutaesthete

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IncognitoSSR ‏@SSRIncognito47

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Loving his dreams, Living his Dreams❤️ ‏@LeeD67696494


Shibaji Das ‏@ShibajiDas15

Everyone pls join tomorrow (15th aug) at 10am and pray for our beloved Sushant #GlobalPrayers4SSR #cbiforsushant… https://t.co/il2sHn5mLL

British Titan 🔱 Tacha’s flat tyre ‏@BritishTitan_

Who ever wants mess with Tacha’s grace, 600 years of suffering will be for you 🔱 #GraceFoundTacha https://t.co/oGxBkl9Mog

Rajnish Narayan ‏@rajnish_narayan

#GlobalPrayers4SSR #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput #CBIForSSR @arnab5222 @ishkarnBHANDARI @KanganaTeam @Swamy39 We… https://t.co/fP3tpNvMYh

twin.t ‏@afeigo_11

Come and see 🔱Carol周五PV𝒩𝒟's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: 500peakview🥺 https://t.co/5K5qAsQ6tE https://t.co/Zj54cZVkcB

Writings on the wall ‏@gypsyheartgirl

Let me wander with the ones, who are tangled in stars and tethered to promise. ~ Dreamer❤️🦋💫🌟✨🌪🔱🦄🐬🌻 https://t.co/Xs79Wl9Vx6

DarrenXeroHo ‏@XeroHo

Road to 500 Peak view hotlive now! Come and see 🔱Carol周五PV𝒩𝒟's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE https://t.co/GmdrXIkuFy https://t.co/YgRqE3Agvq

Subhadra Mallick ‏@Subhadra_21

Love you sushant ♥️🔱 We will get justice for you🙏 #GlobalPrayers4SSR #CBIForSSR #justiceforsushantsinghrajput… https://t.co/WyIgKxlqV6

Sushantphilic ‏@sushantphilic21

Everyone pls join tomorrow (15th aug) at 10am and pray for our beloved Sushant . . . @shwetasinghkirt… https://t.co/CXGplC6JuF

Shivi Singh Rajput ‏@itsSSR23

It's already two months and I know are happy wherever you are... Prayers for Sushant🙏🙏🔱✨💫 #GlobalPrayers4SSR https://t.co/i6S36ehqwQ

British Titan 🔱 Tacha’s flat tyre ‏@BritishTitan_

Titans go interact with all the recent tweets on @Symply_Tacha 🔱 #GraceFoundTacha https://t.co/daRCCIn3P9

SSRfrvr ‏@RfrvrSs

We all are praying for you🙏 But we know your soul won't rest in PEACE until the justice is served, until the Truth… https://t.co/3kg6gpsyBf

𝐽☹︎☯︎︎ ‏@jesse_ornelas13

@tatumvarela5 the way Tatum defends her boy bsf is such a energy u🔱

#GlobalPrayers4SSR ‏@dravvya

@shoumendu989 @pradip103 @anky1912 @shwetasinghkirt @vikirti It’s already 2months Sushant and I know u are happy w… https://t.co/XnGHczn2vq

#GlobalPrayers4SSR ‏@dravvya

@Archana26141210 @pradip103 @anujakapurindia @mamta_kale @ishkarnBHANDARI @anky1912 @shwetasinghkirt @vikirti It’s… https://t.co/KVh4e4tKYP

Sarsati Adhikary 💫 ‏@Sarsati_adh12

@Swamy39 #JusticeforSushantSinghRajput #SCForSSR #CBIForSSR #2monthstoSSRdeath #2monthofinjusticetoSSR @republic… https://t.co/9LvVqfMQPj

#GlobalPrayers4SSR ‏@dravvya

@sambitswaraj @republic @anky1912 @shwetasinghkirt @vikirti It’s already 2months Sushant and I know u are happy wh… https://t.co/rbPUk4FiCO

akanksha ‏@iamakki_7

@anky1912 Dear god, plz help us to seek justice..🙏🔱💫 #CBIForSSR #GlobalPrayers4SSR https://t.co/wS4CWa04w2

Sakshi Saxena ‏@SakshiSaxena08

@vikirti The pain you all are facing we even can't imagine or think about it, its nothing infront of our pain as a… https://t.co/RjB5RHKOaj

British Titan 🔱 Tacha’s flat tyre ‏@BritishTitan_

We are so close to 1.4 million on Instagram. Titans tell your family, friends and enemies to follow Tacha. Always… https://t.co/ePlhvxfEKP

Natasha Blackthorne ‏@Nblackthorne

🔱"A very emotional read that really had an edge."🔱 https://t.co/hlxiYKT0T4 Hot & Steamy Historical #Romance USA… https://t.co/yzASnH1E4a

#GlobalPrayers4SSR ‏@dravvya

@anky1912 @shwetasinghkirt @vikirti It’s already 2months Sushant and I know u are happy whenever you are..😇 Every… https://t.co/DrSOlS8QC5

manjuisme ‏@manju_vashi

@anky1912 Def hv been doing and wont stop till SSR gets justice🇮🇩 @anky1912 and only the power of prayers will show us miracles🌟🔱🇮🇩

Supriya Moni ‏@supriyamoni

Pray for justice!! One day truth will win.. #GlobalPrayers4SSR #cbiforsushant #justiceforsushantsinghrajput… https://t.co/h4Z5CvHdpV

Jyoti Dwivedi |Justice For SSR💫🦋 | ‏@Jyotidw20509024

@anky1912 We will never keep calm We are united forever ✊🔱🙏 #CBIForSSR Continue praying for Sushant’s justice g… https://t.co/y3bHjmzg8X

Yogita K ‏@YogitaK11

It’s already 2months Sushant and I know u are happy whenever you are..😇 Everyone pls join tomorrow (15th aug) at… https://t.co/21C9og9nSL

Manuchoudhury ‏@ChoudhuryManu

@deepikapadukone Chhipkali, Stand with truth if not justice to SSR otherwise your fate will be like film Padmavat.… https://t.co/vQGAYdWcOQ

Pratikshya Tripathi ‏@PratikshyaTri11

It’s already 2months Sushant bhai and I know u are happy whenever you are.. Everyone pls join tomorrow (15th aug)… https://t.co/ZodRLEggqp

chhavi vashishtha ‏@chhavi14nov

@anky1912 🙏 everyday in our prayers #SushantSingRajput ❤️🙏 Har Har Mahadev 🔱

𝐊 𝐫 𝐥 𝐨 𝐬 𝐬 𝐑👽💎 | 𝐓𝐎𝐏 𝟑𝟔% ‏@krlossrp

@OnlyfansPromoh @DeviOni4 Hi guys! Follow me and Subscribe for more content 🔥🔱 ➡️ Instagram: @krloss_rp… https://t.co/nO8sViLWa2

Nivedita ‏@Nivedit89231597

#SCForSSR #CBIForSSR New Zealand World's first cinema tribute to Our #SushantSinghRajput 🌠🔱 https://t.co/LM89rK9J2l

Sunil Yadav ‏@sunilsonu911

Everyone pls join tomorrow (15th aug) at 10am and pray for our beloved Sushant #GlobalPrayers4SSR #cbiforsushant… https://t.co/yvnCzDqbb0

So_ning ‏@so_sningexo

Prayers and positivity. 🔱 Hopefully justice will be served soon 🙏 #CBI4SSR #CBIforShushant https://t.co/E4BbNMfxzx

Selvarani Subramaniam Ruth @itsSSR ‏@Ruth96444672

@ishkarnBHANDARI Broyher don't stop, you are accurate as hell. Your value is your blunt honesty. Time will age th… https://t.co/rBsFNMV695

Manuchoudhury ‏@ChoudhuryManu

@Varun_dvn Thanks Varun, For your stance with Justice. Please be a good human being first, M sure which you are to… https://t.co/9hhuj0w2N8

Yogita K ‏@YogitaK11

@anky1912 Sure diiIt’s already 2months Sushant and I know u are happy whenever you are..😇 Everyone pls join tomor… https://t.co/2NP5Ov6oYC

Ankita lokhande ‏@anky1912

It’s already 2months Sushant and I know u are happy whenever you are..😇 Everyone pls join tomorrow (15th aug) at… https://t.co/395hzCMbUF

Satender Singh ‏@satender986

@hkp253 @republic @kritisanon @itsSSR I got your thinking now. Nasty comment? Lash out on @kritisanon ? Really ? Ju… https://t.co/BRHUOUFROf

Fenn ‏@Ooga_Chaka

The circus peanut isn’t lying. This will likely be the most rigged election in US history, though not as portrayed:… https://t.co/uloUPbxiCJ

Katura Onawa ‏@KaturaOnawa

🔱https://t.co/J14Xd9YhHc💖 you sure know how to make a puddle of blood, look pretty 🔱https://t.co/spdIUl5zou💖 https://t.co/C3bdX8YWAQ

pRaDeEp ThUmMaR ‏@pradeep_t13

Set short term goals, Set long term goals & be disciplined...✍🏻 #ProudToBeIndian! #MaHaaDeV🔱 #kE🕉 #PuJaaRi🔔 #सुप्रभात. . .☀

Deepakmalhotra ‏@Deepakm73226451

@BatMan_285 @narendramodi @arnabofficial7 We r together ✊✊ Sushant will be alive always in our hearts ❤❤❤❤❤🔱🔱

Emdee ‏@EmDiiiiiii

May God bless SSR's soul and also ease the pain of everyone who loved him. Also will meet you on the other side SSR… https://t.co/TUibyuMMdr


@SanandaEmanuel Shiva🔱

manjuisme ‏@manju_vashi

🙏prayers from day 1 and growing stonger in prayer day by day for SSR why?? Becos he matters to us too🌟🔱🇮🇩… https://t.co/A7C16sfrG3

✨agu ✨ ‏@ftdt_larry


General strike. ‏@DailyRational

#GeneralStrike Pitchfork time 🔱

CoCo Clay 👑 ‏@cocobuttaa1

Come and see 👑HARLEM 🔱's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: Talent show the 18th https://t.co/yugyNJmDm0 https://t.co/rzeuGoHPNW

NEL-LEE 🌸🌠 ‏@NELLEE31782831

@Symply_Tacha I have no regrets coz Queen T has never dissapointed. I STAN🔱 RESTAN🔱🔱 AFGHANISTAN 😅 PAKISTAN 😂 #WeAreProudOfTacha

netoone ‏@3rdnep

Why cant i find atlantis 🔱🤷‍♂️

{✊🏾NATIONx™✊🏾}TheRealEzekielx ‏@Kng_Zek

#BHG🔱 !Discord !FB !Addme !Esports✊🏾EFT- https://t.co/3I1Kc71Uq8

Demigawd Athletes 🔱 ‏@Demigawds1

Ironman was FICTION... Demigawd.. REAL‼️ “On my Mova”... in the words of my guys. 😎🕺🏽🔱 https://t.co/Znmcev6mD7

Seema Paul ‏@imsimeepaul

@shwetasinghkirt @itsSSR God is with you and we are also with you 🔱 Om Namah Shivaya 🔱

Aishwarya ‏@Aishwaryagaik18

More power to u & all family including his close friends & fans. Now almost 2 months of silence & fight.The loss is… https://t.co/83pv50Qk96

Jenn Sims ‏@RavenclawSoc23

Continuing with my introduction to super hero movies: Aquaman. I usually dont like fight scenes but when theyre und… https://t.co/9z5PjdBThV

Shreemya ✨ ‏@_FiguringOut_

@shwetasinghkirt @itsSSR Never stopped and will never stop praying for him!! 🌪💫🙏❤🔱

pragya chakraborty ‏@pragyachakrabor

2 months without you @itsSSR Still can't believe that you are not present in the humanly world but have descended… https://t.co/I3BUiP1Q6M

ROMEO👑 ‏@Akshays_Storm

GooD MorninG 🕉️ Har Har MAHADEV 🔱

♤ #Oyin 🔱♤ ODOGWU Titan ♤ Tacha_Hype~god ♤ ‏@Great_Oyin1

Morning Digest🔱 “Taking pains to remove the pains of others is the true essence of generosity.” We are here To e… https://t.co/XH8asrmqQR

Natasha Blackthorne ‏@Nblackthorne

. 🔱He wanted her more than anything else in his life.🔱 https://t.co/hlxiYLaChE Hot & Steamy Historical #Romance… https://t.co/ursI0N5Cl0

Rahul Bhardwaj ‏@chitreshpandit7

@shwetasinghkirt @itsSSR I'll support every voice that is with #SushantSinghRajput I don't care you've 2 follower… https://t.co/4YlkF0CVHY

Maine⁷☆ |ArmyBang💣| ‏@The7thShade

This is D-Day😍😍😍 OMG!! I can't wait to see them on I-Land💜 Our Kings🔱 #BTSIS7 #BTS #BTSARMY @BTS_twt https://t.co/HRmZ2fNrzj

Emdee ‏@EmDiiiiiii

2 months :( Both the day 14th and a Sunday has become scary :( May be you are dancing among the stars ⭐ God bless… https://t.co/XrjzeE4rdV

Ujjwal ‏@iujjwalthakur

@shwetasinghkirt @itsSSR B strong mam❣️.v r wid u.Justice will b served.Truth shall prevail😇#GlobalPrayers4SSR… https://t.co/5kKK7h1slk

Kapo 🔱 ‏@MaseratiKapo

Free the homie 🔱‼️ https://t.co/Uv0uXBdyG2

Akanksha Mishra ‏@Akanksha_M24


akanksha ‏@iamakki_7

Trust in god..🙏🔱💫 #CBIForSSR #justiceforSushantSinghRajput https://t.co/mw7HCoPYfY https://t.co/BxFUCrhJXV

♻️ कर्म ♻️/ 🔱 TÜŠHÃR 😈 ‏@wandur_lust

This thread is ❤️ 🔱 https://t.co/SApudWLBfL

Dani ‏@cryptoexp32562G

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Sunil Yadav ‏@camsunilyadav

,🔱🕉️ Jay Somnath 🕉️🔱 https://t.co/cUt5NCnzT7

Manasvi ‏@Manasvi66110251

@shwetasinghkirt @itsSSR #GlobalPrayer4SSR #CBICantBeDeniedForSSR #CBIForSSR #JusticeforSSR Peace and love for his positive soul🔱

Shreya 💫🦋| Justice for Sushant ‏@SSR_EYA

@shwetasinghkirt @itsSSR My prayers are always there wid u dii. I have complete faith in God that he will do justic… https://t.co/chYCprKwyb

ᏂᎥᏖᏋᏕᏂ👑 ᏒᏗᏠᎮᏬᏒᎧᏂᎥᏖ 💥 ‏@rajpourohit

@TechnicalGuruji Nice🔱🔱🔱🔱 https://t.co/vx4FBdnE4r

Yash ‏@TheNameIsYassh

Lots n lots of love #SushantSinghRajput #CBIForSSR #CBITakesOver #CBIEnquiryForSSR #SushantWasMurdered… https://t.co/SID0CxmSUS

Neeraj Dangwal ‏@NeerajDangwal5

@Being_GauravDas @BNGoswami10 A very very happy birthday brother.. god bless you.. aap hmesha taraki kro..🙏🙏🔱

Sushant Our Verb ‏@OurVerb

I request everyone to join hands in prayer for our beloved Sushant 🙏🏼✨ On Namah Shivay! 🔱#GlobalPrayers4SSR https://t.co/J7bSi3rtiw

Flowers4S🔱🦋 ‏@Flowers4photon

It’s been 2months and my soul is restless. Waiting waiting and fighting! #CBIForSSR lots of love prayers and healin… https://t.co/FWnZif6OHN

Official Aquaman Ⓥ ‏@Aquaman_2022

Today's Aquaman 🔱 #Aquaman #JasonMomoa #KingOfAtlantis #ATideIsComing #HomeIsCalling #JusticeLeague #JamesWan… https://t.co/ltpCGvDyvR

Assi a SSRian(#JusticeForSSR) ‏@HazraSibangi

It's very hard to read with teary eyes. God it with us & Sushant surely will get justice. Jai Shiv Shambhu🙏🔱… https://t.co/OpafTUbWP0

EvertBeethoven1827@EvertChan1 ‏@EvertChan1

@YellowRibbonToo What are you talking about, Mr.Liu⁉️ Plz. pay more attention to what the great philosopher Schopen… https://t.co/zTbtJGrved

VARON G ‏@crudeperception

I am done with them , better yet everyone , Hs rise up and live up , on your own 🇮🇳🇮🇳🔱🔱🙏🏼🙏🏼 https://t.co/7J3EhtsiPw

Infinity #SonaArmy♥️ ‏@Riya12590937

They were Fab 💥 The Ending was 💔 My Heart aches for Aditya Neha #KaranSinghGrover 🔱 #BipashaBasu ✨ https://t.co/liOtMuRYXi

Natasha Blackthorne ‏@Nblackthorne

🔱Naughty girls need love too.🔱 https://t.co/hlxiYLaChE Hot & Steamy Historical #Romance USA Regency Era Rea… https://t.co/Ob2kTWECsy

Pardeep Singh Raghuvanshi 🇮🇳🚩 ‏@Sonu32650116

@Elaine834349801 @mauricedubosson Welcome dear friend and you too, enjoy your sweet night। 😊🕉️🔱🌺🏵️💕💮🌸💐❤️

Ritobrata Seal ‏@itsrituseal

@iRaviTiwari Who d **** is he to tell everyone to shut up?? He's d one who should shut up. Standing against truth m… https://t.co/ztBOa9egZ0

pedro ‏@pedro73740331

Come and see ᴛᴊ␆🔱ᗷᗴYᗷI🐈🍾🌸's LIVE in #BIGOLIVE: 4 STAR PLEASE ❤️🤘🏽 https://t.co/qz5k4M9lEK https://t.co/0DoJ85RvQ8

stephen cimini ‏@stephencimini

🔱 yellow gold beauty 🔱 https://t.co/slFqyJwIKo #abstractart #interiordesign #originalart #artcollector #art… https://t.co/72xghb2vdH

Kaur ‏@pari0412

@vikirti ONLY IF we could go back in time. ONLY IF time could give us back, what’s lost. Sending across Strength to… https://t.co/s3mktZSRNg

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