Tumbler Glass Emoji

A flat-bottomed glass, often associated with drinks such as whisky or rum. Shown with ice cubes and liquid inside the glass on most platforms.

Tumbler Glass was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🥃 Bourbon

🥃 Rum

🥃 Whiskey

🥃 Whisky


🥃 U+1F943


Tweets For 🥃

Steve Wade ‏@swade1987

@sublimino @marcwickenden @lukeb0nd @stephenaugustus @michellenoorali @JamesMunnelly @JoelASpeed @ipedrazas I'll be drenched in whiskeys 🥃

Whisky Tasting Co ‏@WhiskyTastingCo

@RaasayHouse Congratulations - well done & #Cheers! 🥃 We hope to stay one day & judge for ourselves too 😊 #bestinthewest #raasay

Last Call ‏@lastcallbev

Upgrade your ice game with a hand-carved diamond 🔪💎🥃⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #respost licensed_to_distill @tim_mckee ⠀⠀⠀… https://t.co/WQcWBDkC0b

Leondre Douglas ‏@leondre_douglas

Today marks two years since you left us! RIEP till we meet again. 🇯🇲 🏏 🥃 @ Rose Green & Bristol West IndianPhoe… https://t.co/uCbWzZNpTk

ibuki taiko ‏@IbukiTaiko

@melanie_brock @womenofjapan It’s been a fabulous project and superb to see so many brilliant women profiled! But y… https://t.co/ZXB5GGL1jj

MONIB AHMAD ‏@monibahmad103

@neotruthseeker @Jan_Achakzai @narendramodi @SushmaSwaraj See u proved again u r best #Chussar of the century. Once again🏆 😂😂😂😂 🇮🇳🐄🥃

Mr. Jameson 🇿🇲 ‏@machiyadaniel

kill two birds with one Whiskey 🥃#JamesonConnectsZM https://t.co/rQt2OjGmh6

Omo Ibadan To The World 🇨🇦 ‏@phemmzyy1

@DJECOOL 🍁🥃 Manage that

Deep13Korey ‏@ThatEvilTedGuy

“Move On”, “Hope (Feat @revt23)”, & “What’s in Your Head” are just one of the many song there are & will be on my… https://t.co/rEtia6RIfI

Melanie Brock ‏@melanie_brock

Feeling equal parts giddy and sad but the @womenofjapan project is winding down. Just posted #profilenumber353 and… https://t.co/rItuyuFRST

Boycey ‏@KevinBoyce2

@JimSemple9 @RAWgolfdesign @archerfieldgolf @DJRussellgolf Machrie on Bucket list. Playing Machrihanish and Machrih… https://t.co/rVVm9tQ8ix

hic ‏@ayetaeri

the details is on point... 🥃

MeMe✝️ ‏@Al_EX_Sandra211

@achaab301 Happy Birthdaaaaaaay 🌷🎊🍡🎂🍰🍦🍩🍪🥂🍻🍺🥃

CryptoDoc #HODLay ‏@CryptoDocHodlay

@CryptoGayGuy You don't say 🥃

Govan SNP ‏@GovanSnp

R/T scotgov: Do you hold a personal licence to sell alcohol in Scotland?🥃 If your licence was issued on or before… https://t.co/945kCZG6aw

La petita de Cal Poma 🎗🎗🎗 ‏@LadeCalPoma

@DoctorMoasia @anecgroc I ara, un whisky per tirar avall 🥃

Fetch the City ‏@FetchtheCity

@WhiskyoftheWeek Ginger and whisky... that sounds delicious! 🥃😀🇿🇦

Mark Connelly ‏@Whisky_Mark

@tonisuisse No idea, sorry. You'll have to ask @Arranwhisky 🥃

Jasson Hernandez ‏@jhdzaranda

The banking I’mma be doing once this degree hits is my motivation 💯🥃

Cracking ‏@coldonesent

Haven’t done the henny in a long time. It’s been whiskey over here 🥃

JOYCE/DIVISION ‏@Danbuckjoyce

#youcanmakehistory Premiere this Friday 22nd March @houseofvansldn with @long_live_sb @southbankcentre @sussexuni F… https://t.co/k0MdLGFHH2

ChloeOmunique 😘👑💞 ‏@ChloeOmunique

We partylike its 1999 🎂🎂🥃🍻🍺🥂🍹 https://t.co/KN8uoqLYje

DiCE Imaging ‏@DiCEImaging

@hyweltowel Give me a couple months then is game on 💥📦 🚲 🥃

Daniel Fong ‏@danieldyfong

Three star Michelin chef Tak gor came out to say hello after another awesome lunch #whatisdanielfongeating… https://t.co/OBRAtBWc9t

Marquese Tayborn🦅💰✡️ ‏@TheRealMarquese

I’m getting irritated for no reason lol I better make another drink 🥃

Jay Hung 🥃 ‏@jayhung

Excellent read and research by @NYTimes' Robert Simonson on Theodore Proulx, the first known person to pen the reci… https://t.co/TAudVhCafH

➰jus_simply_chris ‏@Cx_Burners

3 type of drunk depending on the bottle 😬🥃 https://t.co/8Gb2dBMX3f

Isaackea ‏@isaackeea

I’d really go for a drink rn 🥃

Patriotic RN🇺🇸🗽 ‏@stac_rn

@AOC I wouldn’t even trust you to mix me a drink 🥃

Heavy On It🥵 ‏@BankRollPoppa

I like em dark like d’ussé 🥃👅😏

emilywhitebull ‏@emilywhitebull

you’re as smooth as tennessee whiskey 🥃

Scαяℓα Αηgεℓα Яσsε /rebooting/ ‏@scarla_rose

🥃|all found on pinterest https://t.co/VoKQAfpEea

bittergiantsfan 🥃 ⚾️ ‏@bittergiantsfan

“We Built This City on Giants’ Ball” #SFGiants 🥃⚾️ . https://t.co/mtuJdI5q4H

WebbieG ‏@lng_webbie

Honey bourbon 🥃 my favorite type of backwoods they just come out all fucked up tho

☘️Auntie Wendy ~ EVIL IRISH INTERNET EDITRIX ~ ‏@This_Actress

@porpeeka #AuntieWendySez ~ "Same reason they can hurt you the most: They're under yer skin. (YW)" 🥃🚬

IG: @_fred2cold ‏@_fred2cold

On this henny 🥃

☘️Auntie Wendy ~ EVIL IRISH INTERNET EDITRIX ~ ‏@This_Actress

@porpeeka @AssOnHat Yer welcome. 🥃🚬. 💣

LO ‏@cutieee_boooty

ACV shot time !!🥃

Sergio Tee ‏@djsergiotee

This Saturday I’ll be back playing a nice 5 hour set at The Tara on Rokin 85-89 in Amsterdam. Starting at 9 PM. Who… https://t.co/aqVKrHDWO1

Brass Monkey Hotel ‏@BrassMonkeyWA

🔥🎶🥃 Mondays are coming back strong with the launch of our newest event - Monday Social - with an awesome lineup in… https://t.co/q2w74YCXSG

Ally Kat ‏@allytay36759268

With a dash of Jack Daniels on the side????💋🥃 https://t.co/iUdfhMuCM6

Rachel ‏@RaitchR

@ZeroTimeToPlay I am listening to the original Podcasts of All Work No Play and you two are hilarious! I feel like… https://t.co/a3aObqFGzo

buttercup ‏@VGardini25

@huevonaxa I really felt that 🥃

Stonie ✨ ‏@Tookkieee

Sweeter than cotton candy 🍭, stronger than papa’s old brandy 🥃

Dave Worthington ‏@BoutiqueyDave

@shiner_sam It’s a Rock’n’Roll style Whisky tour, we’ve even got tour sorts made 🤘 Heading for Chengdu today for th… https://t.co/cgBkMr9MMp

🅺🄴🄽 ‏@CestMoiKen

🥃 Scrreeeww upp https://t.co/qfVRnmf0Ft

bittergiantsfan 🥃 ⚾️ ‏@bittergiantsfan

Giants Commercial: “We built this city on Giants ball?” 🤔 I see they’ve cut the marketing budget. C- #SFGiants 🥃⚾️

PRO Kumaresan ‏@urkumaresanpro

#kolaigaran teaser from tomorrow 😈🥃👊 @diyamovies @simonkking @vijaytelevision @akarjunofficial @hotstartweets… https://t.co/BvICgXkzrp

Sathish Kumar M ‏@sathishmsk

#kolaigaran teaser from day after tomorrow 😈🥃👊 @diyamovies @simonkking @vijaytelevision @akarjunofficial… https://t.co/MkHvfISxtd

💰Frankie💰 ‏@BrizFrank

We fucked up 🥃😩

We Talk Of ‏@wetalkof

Barefoot, Jack Daniels, Heineken... My kind of woman. 👍🍷🥃🍻

Ally Kat ‏@allytay36759268

Happy Birthday Brendan!!!!!🍻🥃🍹🍸🎂🍰💋 https://t.co/rHcJN2nsNE

ⓨⓐⓓⓐⓡⓘ 👑 ‏@__iraday

I need a drink 🥃 💆🏾‍♀️

IG @ Hadiyah ‏@iPushlilkids

Jack & ginger on deck, chill ass night 🥃

Celestial Groyper (lost plz help) ‏@CelestialGroypr

My gambling motto is: When you take a big loss, just double down the next night and have a drink 🥃 🙏🏻😎

Chris to pher ‏@CHR1S2FOUR

How to tell you’re sliding into adult hood like a champ...its 10pm on a monday night and im watching the news while… https://t.co/ROKAPPUEqS

David S. Tradewell ‏@dstradewell

@vintagetrouble Wow! Looks amazing @TaylorTy ☮️♥️🙏🥃🇬🇧🇺🇸🏴‍☠️

Rose Cafe ‏@Rosecafehookah

Come enjoy our Ladies night 30% of everything for ladies only 🍾🥂🍸🍹🥃 RSVP 7146353333 https://t.co/gogwbLAnDV

Corey Stewart ‏@CoreyAStewart

@berniewilson Bourbon better. Cheers, bro. 🥃

Dlo Montana ‏@DeangeloThomas8

@ParadiseP_ I just left a party and I’m drunk asf?.... Drunk Sex 🥃😂

Maria Maclean ‏@dippyntig

Well its just gone 5am and MBT is on the piss already. It can only mean one thing.... Rrrrraaaaarrrrrhhhhhhh! Im… https://t.co/MkLPG4d9Vg

MountPleasantVillage ‏@Mt_Pleasant_BIA

Living a colourful life through these #cocktail in #MountPleasant at @marigold_indian_bistro 🌈🥃🍹🍷 📷 by… https://t.co/gV8WZIN5Q1

Sweet n’ Southern ‏@Lai_2xs

I’m in a mood 🍺🥃🍹 https://t.co/1dtawGZyns

Maverick ‏@yzma123

May you find whatever you’re looking for at the bottom of the glass 🥃

Smooth Lake District ‏@SmoothLakes

Good Morning from @pyewithay ... Serving up the finest songs on Breakfast for Tuesday...Love this 'Pub for the Wife… https://t.co/lC0ICSjBLu

Ritchie ‏@Ritchie_L50

The guy suing @TheNotoriousMMA for smashing his phone is a little bitch. You’re a grown man who called the cops c… https://t.co/854iF21IzF

☘️Auntie Wendy ~ EVIL IRISH INTERNET EDITRIX ~ ‏@This_Actress

@AnythingPork3 @caldmurchfield (Whether you REALLY want to or not...) 🥃🚬

Maybe Sandy ‏@makingmirrorsai

Dragon whiskey secrets 🥃 #illustration #dragon #whiskey @ Los Angeles, California https://t.co/QAeowjaP5G

MOE ‏@Moniquenlawson

@Sauce_4_Sale Happy Birthday!!🎉🥃 Live it up, I hope it’s a great one!!

CocktailBot ‏@CocktailsBot

Chocolate Milk (Alcoholic) 🍸 Shot Glass 🥃 1/2 shot Chocolate liqueur 🥛 1/2 shot Milk 🥃 1 dash Amaretto #cocktail… https://t.co/fngbbESLK7

alwaysdearie ‏@alwaysdearie

@TheGlenlivet_US On the rocks 🥃

miri ♡'s yoongi ‏@mireyanotmaria

if y'all ever make one of my tweets blow up i want it to be one that allows me to spread my Beaner™ bangtan agenda.… https://t.co/xduIHzCdso

_ericaaaa ‏@erica_jonhnson

Cramps are no hoe 🍬🥃

Meat.Pilot 0311 ‏@SmokerMeat

@mitchellvii Shed be enjoying a free visit to the all you can eat stone buffet . 🥃

🌹 ‏@StevenKRosario1

#GoodNightEveryone drink till you pass 🥃

Andrew Cameron ‏@Andrewemcameron

@SamSykesSwears We will keep the pools of maple syrup warm for you to bathe in when you return. Feasts of backbaco… https://t.co/CZ970joTX2

Widnes Branch Royal Artillery Association ‏@ArtilleryWidnes

@RoyalNavy @HMSDragon BZ Dragon and her crew! You’re really sticking it to the smugglers, pirates and terrorists on… https://t.co/ZogruyC8IL

macaframalama ‏@jdizzlekinda

@swole____patrol @occupied_stall I just need a joint whiskey 🥃 and that’s liquid viagra

The_Ordinginal_ ‏@Zayyum_Zaddie

I was lit 🔥🥃 https://t.co/kcaQ1CkeOc

Dave Harris ‏@DaveHarris47

@DrunkFootbaIIer @DJBoabSpence A bit like yourself, he hit the bar ! 😁🥃🍺

Lynnae ‏@NBA_Mone

@zmitchell24 A drink 🥃 Patron margarita with double shots


I want to go to the #CokeStudioSummerConcert because i want to feel happiness. 🥃🍻

Ronnie Carbis ‏@StormBomberIce

@BalmainParis33 Remedy: Gargle then swallow alcohol 🥃

pop lies ‏@kpopliar

@elfiepike WE GOING 🍵🥃🎤!!!!

Scαяℓα Αηgεℓα Яσsε /rebooting/ ‏@scarla_rose

🥃|huh... the whole time I was drawing my romance muse was high And it still is

Jess Tharp ✌♀ ‏@jezzdog

Enjoyin an amaretto & cream w my huz at @thedinernash & our server told us that the only other time anyone evr orde… https://t.co/TtiH4uLsMW

Deverik ‏@DRich_4

I want a drink 🥃

i'm a boss haaha ‏@geedy25

Drinking and not thinking 💭😫😜🥃

Sam ‏@__Saaaaaam__

I want to go to Miami 🌴🥃

JeffreyMatthewYoung ‏@topdocjeff

@_ElleJohnson I love your T shirt it just whistles and yells irsh🇮🇪🍀🥃

i'm a boss haaha ‏@geedy25

I’m outside tomorrow night 🥃

Scαяℓα Αηgεℓα Яσsε /rebooting/ ‏@scarla_rose

@WSLCaptainNate 🥃|she never blows smoke in people's faces Well unless you annoy her

Radiant ‏@CRAVENurTL

I’m off and want to go have a drink 🥃

Scαяℓα Αηgεℓα Яσsε /rebooting/ ‏@scarla_rose

🥃|Ok I'm done with my drawing! I'm free to rp!

Reg 🐐 ‏@Og__Regg

#HennyFest April 27th 🥃

Sarah / SB Good Eats ‏@sbgoodeats

Tom Cat Gin + pineapple 🍍 + raspberry liqueur. 🥃 Love making cocktails with watermarcfotography! Master mixologist!… https://t.co/GGnQBTuEXi

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