Turkey Emoji

A turkey, a bird that is often cooked and eaten at Thanksgiving or Christmas. This emoji displays as a live turkey (similar to the presentation of the bird emoji) as opposed to turkey meat such as the poultry leg.

Not to be confused with the chicken emoji.

Turkey was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🦃 Thanksgiving Turkey

🦃 Wild Turkey


🦃 U+1F983


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Madam Deadpool ‏@madamdeadpool

"Tis the season" has definitely started already.... #wineoclock #wine #boxofwine #crazystraw #holidayseason… https://t.co/H3I0mkf9ng

Echelon Foods ‏@EchelonFoods

#Turducken 🦃 delivery in time for #Thanksgiving is guaranteed for orders placed before November 17. Order a tasty😋… https://t.co/fpvIEQdvnS

Duyen ‏@sooodirty

My parents are in vn this year for thanksgiving so if anyone wants to adopt a hungry viet kid for dinner HMU 🦃

stephanie ‏@stephan57782558

I put areas in my yard to help them get out of the cold. Even built a lean to for the deer 🦌 and Turkeys 🦃. #HELPKEEPTHEMWARM

The DIS ‏@TheDIS

Many restaurants at #WaltDisneyWorld are serving special #Thanksgiving Day menus – have you made your reservations?… https://t.co/kTlpHhqgKs

Jim Owczarski ‏@JimOwczarski

#Packers road opponents in 2020 & last time they went international. I have a feeling GB due for a 🦃 @ Det, so mayb… https://t.co/0k8TttbvsM

Sarah Brooks ‏@s4r4h_br00k5

@_benzzz23 Gobble gobble 🦃

WTIU News ‏@wtiunews

We want to hear your Turkey Day traditions and memories! Our #CityLimits project would like to hear from you for o… https://t.co/LdDgM2xorB

LastChanceForAnimals ‏@LC4A

#Turkeys are friends, not food. 🦃 #ThanksGiving2019 https://t.co/Sqxh3bHYWS

Jennifer Pietrzak 🇺🇸💏🇵🇱 ‏@LeeJenniferlee6

@dbryan296 @dcb97 I’ll bring tofu turkey 🦃

Streets of Brentwood ‏@BrentwoodCA

Don't miss the 6th Annual Brentwood Turkey Trot for Schools on Thanksgiving morning at 8am! 🦃 The 5K Run/Walk rout… https://t.co/fKDzD6ElWu

🆘Ҡɛʟʟʏʀɛsɨstɛʀsɨstɛr 🆘 🦃🐾🦃 ‏@kellylucido

@Joie_de_Vivre__ @Tracy9672 @victorkhoshoob @StephanieDNV @WeaponizedVoter @Asweetdiversion Following all and shari… https://t.co/UNmhSl5Nbm

Chowhound ‏@CHOW

. * * .🧂 * . * 🌟. * . 🦃 * . * 🥔 * . * . the ultimate guide * to per… https://t.co/EQg02WOHQi

Jessica Grey ‏@jessdgrey

I love my office! After our monthly we had thanksgiving lunch and felt like a family feast together. 🍁🦃 . . . . . .… https://t.co/Jn0kugbMQK

CW39Houston ‏@CW39Houston

🦃 How a local organization is treating senior citizens to an early Thanksgiving surprise! https://t.co/QxLUGDjkOE

SOUTHSIDE HIGH ‏@sshspanthers

🦃 🥧 🍰 Support Southside High School by ordering your Holiday Cakes & Pies using the electronic order form attached… https://t.co/xSaftTGU1q

Animal Ag Alliance ‏@animalag

Allyson on our team got to visit a turkey farm 🦃 and a cranberry bog - AKA a Thanksgiving farm tour if you ask us!… https://t.co/JiIMSbXKm6

Kyle D ‏@YoKyleATX

The @WalterPMooreEng #Austin office enjoying an early Thanksgiving lunch! 🦃 (And now ready for an afternoon of sna… https://t.co/Lt6DDFmYtc

Brian Cronin ‏@briancronin73

Reminder of next week's 🦃  Networking Event  🥧 @Iron Hill Brewery 🍻 - https://t.co/dbHWhPf3A5

Mrs. G Appliances ‏@Mrs_Gs

Ready to learn how to cook a better bird with a Traeger? Get ready to #TraegerThanksgiving and head to Mrs. G Satur… https://t.co/O8PhB13A81

Golden Turkeys® ‏@GoldenTurkeys

#thisweek We’re highlighting our highest independent standard for Traditional #Slowgrown #Freerange… https://t.co/IrielgKAtu

Lidia Pastrano ‏@ViejaPastrano11

What’s a good #Thanksgiving movie to watch?🍁🦃

Holy Cross Dining ‏@HolyCrossDining

🍁🦃🍂 On campus for Thanksgiving break? Don't forget to check out our Thanksgiving break hours in this link:… https://t.co/thYQ6E9vy1

Erin Shannon ‏@EShannonMC

Coding unplugged! Teamwork in the media center 🦃 #bcpshuskies #ignitelearningbcps https://t.co/7B9bJghl6g

EightyHD ‏@EightyHDMusic

🙋🙏🦃👉👨 The perfect way for you to unwind after Thanksgiving: 🎟️ for @ChrisWebby’s 10 Annual Black Friday Show! Get… https://t.co/BrPIH2F9hd

Mrs. Domenus ‏@domenus1st

We are ONE THANKFUL CLASS! 🦃❤️ https://t.co/JNGfTyPPgP

🐐 ‏@moneygoat8

@quisdaboss33 🦃 dass it though

Swank PR TMI Series ‏@Swank_TMISeries

***#THANKSGIVING*** 🐯 🐅 @FortManer #GIVESBACK on NOV 23rd #FeastofTheBeast Come to the #Flagship STORE to celebrate… https://t.co/fFrdPFchdi

Athens Church ‏@athenschurch

👋 College Students 👋 Before finals craziness starts, come to the last #CollegeNights of the semester. In light of o… https://t.co/RU9EDJbh5X

Phi Omega Sorority ‏@PhiOmega_MU

Need a pie to bring for Friendsgiving this year? Phi Omega has ya! All you have to do is find your favorite Phi Ome… https://t.co/yPHHjoqo0I

Sip On This Tea ‏@siponthistea

***#THANKSGIVING*** 🐯 🐅 @FortManer #GIVESBACK on NOV 23rd #FeastofTheBeast Come to the #Flagship STORE to celebrate… https://t.co/1dYLQhBudE

Purple Gang Press ‏@PurpleGangPress

***#THANKSGIVING*** 🐯 🐅 @FortManer #GIVESBACK on NOV 23rd #FeastofTheBeast Come to the #Flagship STORE to celebrate… https://t.co/oCMExz8b4S

Christina Yurkosky ‏@cyurkosky

7T Social Studies collection for the Thanksgiving Food Drive! 🦃 https://t.co/VlNpXJBw5L

Meg O. ‏@mo_meg

New video on my YouTube channel! Fall Makeup Tutorial - Thanksgiving Vibes 🦃🍂 https://t.co/8b3qD6gDNQ

Rob Farella ‏@robseize_

My mom says it’s Thanksgiving time, but Starbucks says it’s Christmas time. I’m also staring at a pumpkin right now… https://t.co/SRmibmHq1R

One Nevada ‏@OneNevada

Be sure to check out our upcoming holiday hours.🦃 https://t.co/UAyXD5lBTD

Luis B. Aramburu ‏@luisbaram

@Charlemagne0814 I prefer to talk with a 🦃 than with her.

Zilla Promo ‏@ZillaPromo1

***#THANKSGIVING*** 🐯 🐅 @FortManer #GIVESBACK on NOV 23rd #FeastofTheBeast Come to the #Flagship STORE to celebrate… https://t.co/U28QZv3HRX

Swank Publishing ‏@SwankPR

***#THANKSGIVING*** 🐯 🐅 @FortManer #GIVESBACK on NOV 23rd #FeastofTheBeast Come to the #Flagship STORE to celebrate… https://t.co/JngAbtMLQx

J.S. Helwig & Son, LLC ‏@drive4helwig

We are serving Thanksgiving dinner for all #Helwig #TruckDrivers who will be in the area for the holiday. Stay tu… https://t.co/pJ3eu3j7BL

anne🕊🥝 ‏@annefunk13

it’s november🍂🦃 almost time for Thanksgiving 🧡 which means it’s almost time to gobble gobble up some turkey ;))

🌺SincereMommy🌺 ‏@SincereMommy2

So I have this "disguise the turkey" project for my daughter's class. It is a family project. Anyone have an idea w… https://t.co/x25qm8pbR8

Darryl Stillwater ‏@DarrylH03120683

Caffeine consumption goes up around the winter holidays 🦃

ShamrockPTO ‏@PtoShamrock

Check out what our talented Mr. Masotta made to track the money we raise during Turkey Trot! 🦃👟🦃👟 we love it! Thank… https://t.co/Jq9MhHbfwY

Stay Ahead, LLC ‏@stayaheadmktg

Wᴇ ʜᴀᴠᴇ 51 ᴅᴀʏs ᴜɴᴛɪʟ 2020, ᴡɪᴛʜ Tʜᴀɴᴋsɢɪᴠɪɴɢ ʙᴇɪɴɢ 17 ᴅᴀʏs ᴀᴡᴀʏ. Do you have your marketing strategy lined up? T… https://t.co/g5CWWIyIzZ

WCSO Cornelius ‏@WCSOCornelius

Get ready for a FEAST 🦃 The 2019 Community Dinner is set for Sat, 11/23 from 4-7pm at #Cornelius Elementary. Bring… https://t.co/2Mg0asR5Xu

Alexander M. Sarabia ‏@ducks71583

@CarlyBri_eh @IronMaiden @Slayer What perfect way to celebrate the feasting of a dead 🦃 with some @Slayer ???

Sandella's Flatbread ‏@sandellas

Stop in this month and gobble up our delicious Georgetown Turkey Wrap! Get it before it's gone! 🦃 https://t.co/N2fxX9neEL

Sadie Israel ‏@SadieIsrael

@dontcavitate Thank you, Silent!😊🦃

Second Grade PFE ‏@HumbleISD_PFE2

Thankful Turkeys 🦃 https://t.co/CgPxKxpd1x

Carter High Library ‏@CarterHSLibrary

Check out the books some of our awesome teachers are thankful for this season! 🦃🎃🌻 Can you guess them all?… https://t.co/u9KjnAzv03

🦃 Richmond Family Magazine | RFM ‏@RFMtoday

Grab your free RFM and read "How We Thanksgiving" on pg 28 this month 🦃🍁 then snuggle up with your kids and read al… https://t.co/ZVEfwbQkeC

Austin Horn ‏@hornaustin

Happy Tuesday! #Thanksgiving is almost here...What!! If you enjoy your #sanity and need some #support, take a quic… https://t.co/RiBhga4WGA

Kathleen Sempkowski ‏@SJSksempkowski

The kindergarteners are truly thankful for all of their blessings!💕 🦃 https://t.co/RjDnSxY1Sa

мєℓι ʝ ‏@MeliJudd

@GMA @GioBenitez Oh my so many 🦃 🦃🦃🦃

Jimenez Dinner ‏@JimenezDinner

A turkey gobble with an accent? 🦃 @RobertPriceTV @Walmart #teamwalmart #givethankssa #jimenezdinner #sanantonio https://t.co/KBx6riUUiV

🍁Alaris Lavenda🍁~ Sending all my love to you ~ ‏@AlarisLavenda

@NoelKagamine Also, if any of @NoelKagamine’s friends would like a holiday card from me as well because, if you rea… https://t.co/xoI3NrVbQB

Emerald Island ‏@EICasino

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? 🦃

Andis Wines ‏@AndisWines

Cheesin’ for the #Andis she’s about to try! Our tasting room is open 7 days a week from 11:00am - 4:30pm. Come fin… https://t.co/qqTrjq5P8a

Paper Eskimo ‏@papereskimo

Host your own Friendsgiving in 7 easy steps! 🙏🦃🍁🍽 https://t.co/7beA9fB0kQ #thanksgiving #friendsgiving… https://t.co/vIPNOIE9Dz

ADOPT ME PARRY ‏@raian333331


VillageAnchor ‏@VillageAnchor

It's that time!!🦃 Impress your friends and family with our homemade Thanksgiving dinner for 6, 12, or 18 guests (w… https://t.co/nfNUe1aux7

Megan Cooley Peterson ‏@MeganNCPeterson

I'll choose a winner the Friday after Thanksgiving! 🦃

React Presents ‏@reactpresents

🦃 Gobble Gobble Friends we have limited Ratchet 4-Packs now available for our @pornNchicken party with… https://t.co/S8TLnNq56l

Sadie Israel ‏@SadieIsrael

@HarryMi47749146 Thank you, Harry!😊🦃✝️

Porn and Chicken ‏@pornNchicken

🦃Spend Thanksgiving 🍁with PnC & Friends 🦃 - https://t.co/aYrcThpjv0 https://t.co/jDh8qT6EeZ


Get your orders in! Thanksgiving is just around the corner !🍂🍗🦃 Place your orders in now: 214-434-1153 #feast#puppy… https://t.co/E9Nskl3B60

CaliFino Tequila ‏@CaliFinoTequila

🍂Need a Great Sipping Tequila? That’s Gravy. 🦃 As Thanksgiving approaches, CaliFino Tequila would like to extend o… https://t.co/kh1H4jxdvh

4 Seasons ‏@InTheNCMountain

Birkdale Condo Unit C61 - AVAILABLE THANKSGIVING!🦃 ✔️Located in Jefferson Lading Golf Club & Resort ✔️1 Bed / 1 Ba… https://t.co/R6qJs8I25J

SomervillePolice ‏@SomervillePD

Sgt. Shackelford and Ofc. McDaid helped out on 11/11 at the Mission Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ ⛪️ food pantry… https://t.co/AAu9tWJWOt

Marcie Gadziala ‏@mrsgadziala1

Turkey Trouble in 1st! Gobble, Gobble! Building turkey traps in the #MECCDreamLab! 🦃 @erin_cherney @MasonSchools https://t.co/lQeNg05ol7

Albert oh ‏@papi_cinnamon

@brownbone_kee It looks like turkey when it first come out lmao. Baby said happy thanksgiving 🦃

Jessie ‏@JessieB365

@TexasHumor Biscuits and gravy during the Macy's parade, and cornbread dressing, sweet potato casserole, pecan pi… https://t.co/MLXFxx2ULa

Ohio Wesleyan University ‏@OhioWesleyan

As you walk to class in the below freezing temps, just remind yourself ... ❄️🥶 🦃 10 days til Thanksgiving Break 📚… https://t.co/PD3nTL2WEx

Thorpeness Hotel GC ‏@thorpenesscouk

Christmas is on it's way! Are you looking for the perfect Christmas lunch setting? Join us in our stunning Ogilvie'… https://t.co/4VN2RF4jDE

earsringing24/7 ‏@earsringing24

@smalltownandrew @MagaGlam @JoyAnnReid Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🦃🍽 @JoyAnnReid Happy Thanksgiving @JoyAnnReid Happy Than… https://t.co/8e0HFRGHkb

Daphnne ‏@DaphnneMC

I just realized thanksgiving is SO soon 🦃😧

Caldwell Community Center ‏@Caldwell_CCC

Neighbors Helping Neighbors…Food & Turkey Drive 🦃 Join us from 10 to 12 on Sat 11/23 for a Thanksgiving Food & Tur… https://t.co/NQ5gDh4tR8

Dank Life ‏@DankLifeMerch

I'm getting hungry fam...🦃🍗🙏🥔😋 Thanksgiving Marijuana / Weed Stoner T-shirt featuring a pot leaf turkey! Available… https://t.co/LnY6B7RtsT


We got a Warehouse banger just before break, Spanksgiving 🥳 Let’s see who has the best turkey😉🦃 Don’t sleep on the… https://t.co/WZZO2QZr0j

Jackie Marquez ‏@jackie_xo

So I just realized it’ll be my first thanksgiving alone sooo if anyone wants to adopt me into their family let me k… https://t.co/u8RfMwNb0r

Riverfront Medicine ‏@RiverfrontMedic

Already dreading feeling a little "stuffed" after all the holiday meals? Call us today and see how our SculpSure te… https://t.co/uYtc2crPGi

Welcome to The HIVE! ‏@BurrusES

We will like like to take this time out to invite you out on Thursday, November 21st Thanksgiving dinner 🍽....... c… https://t.co/Y2UQM0qWSO

Callie Crossley ‏@CallieCrossley

UTR Poll Time round 2! When do you celebrate Friendsgiving? 🦃🍂🥧🍁

Cokers Barbeque ‏@cokers_bbq

How do you plan on spending Thanksgiving this year? 🦃 https://t.co/0g8TTm8YEj

HTML Global ‏@HTMLGlobal

Don't be a Turkey! Gobble up this deal for a FREE network security assessment before it ends! 🦃 #GobbleGobble… https://t.co/TPFCdwifZR

The Prevailer ‏@The_Prevailer

@BadgerMHockey @LAKings @Turcotte__71 3 Goals makes a Turkey! Gobble Gobble! 🦃

J U L i i ‏@Julissaofficia2

🦃Book yalls Appointments 🦃 https://t.co/CqAFKjNzo1

PeterCruzCA ‏@CandidateNerd

This is a step-by-step on how to cook for Thanksgiving with a smaller kitchen. 🦃 😋 🥘 Pretty good advice. https://t.co/6JWeBTVjnd

S.H.H.S. Library ‏@SamHoustonHSLib

Don't be a turkey! Come reap a happy harvest of brand new books! 😍🦃 @SamHoustonHS @SHHSTexanMedia @aisdlibsrv… https://t.co/0iaKPY7rAj

ASU Lake Havasu City ‏@ASUHavasu

Calling ALL students 🙌🏼 join us for a turkey feast Friday, November 29th! Contact Erika ([email protected]) for… https://t.co/V4b90GxOC2

Jeff Judge ‏@jjudge

I signed up for the Milwaukee Turkey Trot 5K https://t.co/n6gd6IfwJG #🦃 #turkeytradition

USDA Food Safety ‏@USDAFoodSafety

16 days until #Thanksgiving! 🦃 🦃 🦃 Buying a fresh turkey? It’s too soon! Don’t buy one until 1-2 days before Thanks… https://t.co/OIvAv84mtW

Banks 🤪 ‏@StephWHOAH

It’s that time of year again!! Anita's Coquito 🐸🇵🇷 Puerto Rican Coconut Egg-Nog with Rum $25 a bottle or 2 for $40… https://t.co/Nld2MajFl1

DEAN 🇺🇸⭐️⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 ‏@deanomight1

@RayPoetry @rnlynn1958 @ImabitcSumtimes @adjunctprofessr @KatTheHammer1 @Marlene45MAGA @trumps_always @RealG2daZ… https://t.co/HsuJ3OnEvI

Brixton Hurley ‏@whatskrakentpt

🦃 Thanksgiving STEM Lessons 🍁 Turkey Crafts, Hide a Turkey, Turkey Catapults, Turkey Trap https://t.co/ZVdIOjhnNV *… https://t.co/LNLSvKHIqB


If you had to get rid of one of these Thanksgiving classics forever, which would it be? 🦃 https://t.co/1CvpsFSViY

Ex-boyfriend ‏@DaevidJhon

@miid_e 😅 😅 😅 Rude turkey 🦃

Serve And Connect ‏@ServeAndConnect

Thank you @BILOSuperSaver for donating 300 turkeys 🦃 PLUS fresh produce to give away FOR FREE at BOTH Lexington and… https://t.co/gXpjnuRsv8

WFIU News ‏@WFIUNews

We want to hear your Turkey Day traditions and memories! Our #CityLimits project would like to hear from you for o… https://t.co/343iG47Zfd

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