Two Women Holding Hands Emoji

Two women holding hands, most likely due to being in a relationship.

Two Women Holding Hands was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

👭 Girls Holding Hands

👭 Lesbian

👭 Lesbian Couple


The Two Women Holding Hands emoji supports skin tone modifiers. A yellow (or other non-human) skin tone should be shown by default, unless an emoji modifier is applied.

Platforms without support for emoji modifiers display a missing symbol character (box with a cross, alien, or question mark in it) next to any modified emoji.


👭 U+1F46D




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Patricia Rivera ‏@Patrici32372488

@Kokomothegreat @Belladonna136 Done.❤👭👍😘

👅Tiny Rude Gay👅 ‏@SeraChimera

My new gf has a gf who has a gf, i also have another gf who has another gf. Living the poly dream. Me -----v 👭👭👭

BIGIL MUTHU VJ ‏@muthuvijay93

Pick one of them for me: 1 : 🙈 Crush 2 : 👭 Friend 3 : 😍 Bestie 4 : 💃 Happy boy 5 : 💞 Lovely 6 : 💔 Nothing 7…

Paresh Solanki ‏@PARESH_22

@spendharkar @ImpulsiveCookie @detective_files @ArtemisTheAlpha @Rek14684306 @Karinammonteiro @ravaghi @OpatrnyTova…

Davalacia💟 ‏@laaccceeee_

My tussie 🥴👭🤞🏽

Paresh Solanki ‏@PARESH_22

@spendharkar @pratoshnivedita @AnnaCAAlves17 @jill_magnussen @SarahJazz17 @Lucyalidas1 @RoseThomppson…

mica 🌼 ‏@supermicaflower

D-Day ❤️👭 @xshandelier

#9🧸 ‏@KenTheScholar

I’m so at peace and in harmony these days I have no room for hate, shade or even tension. We can all win and there’…

Dani ‏@dnicolef25

@mk_hango This is why we are friends 👭

Denden Wolf ‏@rebeccaadolfo

Elementary: 👫👬👭👫👬👭 Highschool: 👫👬👭👫 College: 👫👬 After College: 🚶

Ashley Patterson ‏@AshleyPHomes

WOW!!! Not only did I get to celebrate my 8 years in #RealEstate with some of the most amazing people,…

Fly High Mommy ❤️ ‏@amourrdai_

S/o to my bf 👭👯‍♂️❤️

Evannie Diaz ‏@EvannieDiaz

#TityFollowTrain 👣👣 #TITYFOLLOWTRAIN 🚂🚋💨 IS ROLLIN FOLLOW THE GORGEOUS @SamanthaCartel 💋💋💋💋 HOP…

choc. ‏@OkaaySliim

Soon as i need mikeyla she coming 👭

❥애정💓 [Ms. Pᴀʀᴋ]🌹 ‏@Purple_Bangtan9

🍁Happy Daughter's Week. 🙍👭🙍👭🙍👭 Daughter is not equal to tension But In today's world Daughter is equal to Ten Son…

thealienatedbutterfly ‏@therealmocha__

fine ass couple 😋👭

Meenu Rama ‏@meenume

True story. Lols. 👭

Jon O’Malley ‏@TheJonOMalley

@letsgoangel @ITSMEJACKYO 😧 Did anyone else 👫👭👬 breathe oxygen 😤💨 as a kid⁉️or am I the only one?🤕☝🏼

argie v. ‏@dearargie

Happy birthday to my best friend & soul sister @queenaaphrodite 🎉🎂 I’ve known you for 12 years now and I love you m…

Allie Peters ‏@alliepeters30

I cleaned up my friends list, deleted about 200 ppl.....if you can see this message consider yourself family or clo…

E901music ‏@e901music

🤨👭”Single Again”👭🤨 Music By: Big Sean

Papii💦✨🍁 ‏@koolkidwayne1

When there is money involved 💰 girls 👭 will be like baby don't forget you promise to have sex with me tomorrow😂😂 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃

Ellie ♡ ‏@papiellz

⚠️ Attention all gamer girls uwu 👭

TwinsandMultiples ‏@twinsmultipleNG

Our cuties 💝💝™️👭 stellyscupcakes - Look at these teeth finally coming down! These girls are getting so big! Happy…

Patricia Rivera ‏@Patrici32372488

@Katehaworth9 I see you.❤👭😘👍

Laney Sigmon ‏@laneyylaneyy

one last happy birthday to my girl @cbreezzyyyy ✨💕🌼👭 love you forevaaaa gf !!! can’t wait to celebrate soon 🍻🤪

*رُ ‏@__1Petrichor

I think it’s a perfect time to make new friends 👭.

Theri King ツ ‏@itz_TheriKing

Pick one of them for me: 1 : 🙈 Crush 2 : 👭 Friend 3 : 😍 Bestie 4 : 💃 Happy boy 5 : 💞 Lovely 6 : 💔 Nothing 7…

Mersal Sathish ツ ‏@iMersalSathish

Pick one of them for me: 1 : 🙈 Crush 2 : 👭 Friend 3 : 😍 Bestie 4 : 💃 Happy boy 5 : 💞 Lovely 6 : 💔 Nothing 7…

✿ DR ‏@denlrios_

It’s official! My best friend & I are finally getting our own place next month. Ready for this new chapter🏠👭

Patricia Rivera ‏@Patrici32372488

@FrakerMonica @BobA1959 @spacecowgirl915 @BeverlyBlueWave @beccas1434 @WordswithSteph @Costavjw @fransaundersays…

bri. 🌊 ‏@onenonlybriana_

You been #2’in on 👭 but who #1 is

mal✰ :] lian day👭 ‏@knjIuvr

goodnite im feeling s4d 👭

Pedhapally kishan ‏@pedhapallykisha

Happy Thursday 👬 👭 Friends... ....Asav Vineyards Team Request You All.... 🙏🙏🙏 Please wear SEATBELTS/HELMETS b…

## rain!! ‏@fleursouI

[sapphic] what if we both did chem papers 📑together in the lab 🔬alone 🙈 and we’re both girls 👭🦠

Taylouur🥵 ‏@ThatLilBabe1

Wish my friends 👭 knew how to do hairrr so i can save moneyyyy

ashley ‏@trivseok

stay on mai's side and everything will b great 👭

Mahamaaya The Soothsayer ‏@MahamaayaS

@amritabhinder @rjstutee Are the knives sharp.. Then just pierce them in the ones who raise their heads... Jai ho.…

♡♡ ‏@madameligaya

🍻 buddies 👭💖 @mayannbacolcol @AdelaidaSacay ❤❤

Chrisann M Dawson ‏@ChrisannDawson

@MikeFeriaWrites My circle of friends 👭

Audrey Lewis ‏@alewis77

Regardless of how they ended up on @BachParadise, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t super happy & weirdly relieved to…

♥ 𝖼𝖾𝖼𝖾 ♥ ‏@yeocupid

my dms r severely dead... oomfies pls dm me ! we can b friends ^_^ 👭

지윤 ‏@atzbff

* ask me out coward 👩‍❤‍💋‍👩👭😠❗🚨

FinaleFNM ‏@FinaleFnm

@AqvaFN Ready all my friends 👫 👭

Poet4PPE 🖤 ‏@poetryppe

Pray for our life 🙏👪👫👭👬 #PrayforAmazonas

... ‏@lifeofnook

“ don’t nothing move til i sign shit 📝 , you might as well be my side bitch 👭”

Boggus Ford McAllen ‏@boggusford

What would you do to earn your dream vehicle? A. Drive a horrific looking 🚗 for a year. B. Personal 🚿 and detail a…

KB ‏@kelseyb0701

@KamrynColson I’ll go with u to hold ur hand👭

Queen B ‏@_brenda_nunez

@aracelisoto943 and i are starting a YouTube channel together. 👭🎥

🏐🌈 ‏@judyf241

From stranger to friends to girlfriend and now business partner hahaha👭 Soon👰🤵

Roksana Świderska ‏@roxxieebabiee

Having such an intelligent, ambitious, caring & beautiful human in my life is priceless 💞👭

megatron thee stallion ‏@ammonster

@lizzo soulmates👭

Marienna 👀 ‏@nevet01

If you're alone, i'll be your shadow👭 If you want to cry i'll be your shoulder😆 If you want a hug, i'll be your pil…

Cray Moji ‏@CraymojiBot

😘❤️😛😋our friendship👭👬👫 is🙌🙏 ✊forever✊🙏🙌 even a book📖.

mel ♡ ‏@tbhcarpenter

hey who wants to be my friend 👭

😍🦄🙏☀️ ‏@NinaBaddie_

I want a boo👫👭❤️💍 I want a boo👫👭❤️💍 I want a boo👫👭❤️💍 I want a boo👫👭❤️💍 I want a boo👫👭❤️💍 I want a boo👫👭❤️💍 I want a boo👫👭❤️💍

Lucy 160 K ‏@Lucyfan007

►๑۩๑ꕥGracias porꕥ๑۩๑◄ থৣ💖থৣ U▪N▪I▪R▪T▪E থৣ💖থৣ ❤A Nuestra DINÁMICA❤ ➤#OnlyLovE👈 #TeamUnidoS💗 #GFBS🏃‍♀️ #TM_BFF💕…

Buddha-MuayThai ‏@khunduidui Easy Listening for your friendship forever 🎉🎉🎉😍😍❤️❤️👋👋👌👌👬👬👭👭🎊💐

Maryam El Gendy ‏@maryamahmed120

@assmaa_othman Wish you happy birth day my twins 👭❤🎉🎉

Dawn Dunn ‏@DawnDun29120608

@DrJenGunter You’re not alone👭👭👫👭👬

s0c0n ‏@s0c0n

@mouthnoize I don't get it. 👭?

honey ✨ ‏@jvvvvr

@kohshiens i will always ♾ hold my girlfriends 👭 hand 🤚🏽🥺💘💘

‏ً ‏@qgyri

@blrihs OH ok omg 👩‍❤️‍👩👭

MrsAshley ‏@MrsAshDone

😍DAUGHTER CHALLENGE 😍 If you have a daughter 👱🏾‍♀️in your life who helps bring balance to your 🌎world. She is beaut…

Tiffany ‏@TiffiBear45

@LunaLuvgood2020 Friends 👬👭 ❤️🌸😊

what's up..!!! ‏@GnReborn

@KatolikG We are one 👬👭 👬👭

Nadaa ‏@nadasalah198011

It’s matter of days to graduate together , I love you and I’ll miss you my forever mates #ZILS #senior19❤️👭🎓

Ash Chavez ‏@_ashcheeks27

@jveee_m Lmk when we goin so I can renew my passport 😘👭

16719 🤱🏽✨ ‏@http_dellia

My favorite asf . ❤️🤞🏾👭 @__Omika__

EN Campus Cebu ‏@ENCampusCebu

In the midst of suffering, is there still hope? 🤔 In the midst of trials, where do your run to? 🏃 In the midst of t…

Raksha Sharma ‏@RakshaS29858725

@yogi_pray4uLove @SrBachchan Old are going🚶👭

s h a n e i l 💋 ‏@SheSoSimple

😢 Wow I Miss Her So Much Already! 💔 Bestfriends Since Birth!!! 👭 @jhaneilthompson

Angela ‏@Angela69985348

@Lumarcel8489l 🙂✝️❤️👭Clip The Gospel Messenger (1) - What Did the Lord Jesus Mean When He Said It Is Finished on th…

Areej🌹 ‏@areej_rihan


Fabiola Godínez ‏@g_fabyola

@daniroverssi Best date ever 👭

Manoranjan Satpathy ‏@ManoranjanSat14

Good morning my lovely friends👭👬👫 ❤❤❤❤❤. Have a great day☀ Jay Shree ram. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

🅱️ ‏@breehendrix_

I mind my business. I don’t go out partying all the tine like I use to . I stay out the way . I’m put up 👭and taking care of business💰.

Brajlal Gautam ‏@GautamBrajlal

(^O^)❤I love my friends👭👬👫❤

discount alien ‏@prettiestthings

@chynastrology Oooohhh bitch 😭💕💕🥰👭 yes!!!

Jess Robinson ‏@JessieRobinson

@HelenBaBauer new best friends 👭

Angela ‏@Angela69985348

@DulleyTopBooks @neronmcn @MMcLaughlinsong 🙂✝️❤️👭👬Walk in the Love of God | Christian Music | God Puts His Hope Com…

BostonBeerventures ‏@BBeerventures

Great day for 🍻 and 👫 👬 👭 #drinkfresh #drinkcraft #drinklocal #drinkwithfriends #bostonbeerventures @ True West

Marwa🌻 ‏@marwaelasutyy

Nothing more horror and makes me feel a sense of loss to this girl more than our drowning, I didn't want anything a…

Joanna Pouponneau ‏@SeychellesGEMS

SESEL® JEWELRY! Your Favorite Brand! Made In Seychelles 🇸🇨 Available for both 👫👬👭/ Online Purchase or Pay on deliv…

Dr. Leilanie 👩🏻‍🏫📚 ‏@Leilanie95

"When you're talking, you're being vulnerable." Here's what it looks like when students give each other their full…

Ren Mommy ❤️ ‏@Lilbooty__shay

Started off liking PXSSY😻 but now I love it🤧🥴🥴🤤👭

Omniiaa..🦋 ‏@OmniaElfaham1

Our moments always my fav.👭🖤

Lacey💜🎃 ‏@Laceybug321

What's important is that Robin and I are happy. And we love each other. Anyways, have a great day💜🌈👭🏳️‍🌈

Angela ‏@Angela69985348

@Lumarcel8489l 🙂❤️👭1 new message

Devereaux Watson ‏@PicsByDevBlog

Don't let a "Friend:" Get Money 💰 Get A Partner 👫👭👬 Get Attractive 🍑🍈🍈 Get A Little Bit of Authority 👮‍♂️ If they d…

zat is pro steph ‏@MCUMURD0CK

hey 👋🏼 muscles 💪🏼, easy 😳 with 👭 my 😡 hammer 🔨 !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Angela ‏@Angela69985348

@Lumarcel8489l 🙂❤️👭1 new message

٦٦ ♛ ‏@68x_m

Sleepover 👭💕

Angela ‏@Angela69985348

@Lumarcel8489l 🙂❤️👭2019 Christian Gospel Song | Obey the Work of the Spirit to Follow to the End | GOSPEL OF THE DE…

•Naomi Satoff•🤯 ‏@SatoffNaomi

@GaSchRom_ love you very much 👭🥰 ‏@rajarojagamil

@Priya__twtzZ 2 👭friend

Angela ‏@Angela69985348

@Lumarcel8489l 🙂❤️👭Hello there 1 new message

Bri🚲 ‏@bri_cycles

I loved this about cycling in the Netherlands. Learning to move around with other people on 🚲 in this way was very…

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