Umbrella Emoji

An umbrella with a hooked handle, open and with no rain falling on it, unlike the umbrella with raindrops.

Umbrella was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

☂️ Umbrella

Apple Name

☂️ Umbrella


☂ U+2602

️ U+FE0F


Tweets For ☂

LJ 🌻 ‏@ljconsing_

own 3 ☂ still so lazy to bring one

Halley ‏@rosichaeng

—[♡]; 로제 ; {HαƖƖєу}: . . . I fled someɯhere thαt I could dreαm αnd be hαppч ɯıthout judgments, oppressıons, ɯıtho…

cy ‏@itscyreneee

the weather, ugh 😴☂

ベル ‏@Jansan12

@radiodjtom Hello・・・(^ ^♪☂📻🎶💖👍✌



always be there ‏@noonanya_June

it's a beautiful sky.. the sky is bright, like you... there is not a cloud because of you the world feels different…

chil ❣ kat ‏@chilkathaiku

Half read unthanked clinch puzzle down some great acus still hunt until thrust. #runic ☂

#root ‏@_cirrus_minor_

☀ Glasgow UK Weather: Message: No weather data found. Internet connection working? ☀ ☁ ☂🌥🌦☁️🌧 ☔️💦💧

Kiss My @ss ‏@TrishVenezio

WTF are you even talking about? You’re such a drama queen 🙄 Ugh . . . Your dumb ass father is scared of umbrellas…

Audrey || Lover ‏@PetermanAudrey

@jennalovestay13 Till ☂ s to much

chil ❣ kat ‏@chilkathaiku

That puree, less parcel while turbojet. Which Choiseul, whose aloft till suffragette. #iambicpent ☂

𝒀𝒖𝒊🌺IFB💯フォロバします🐷 ‏@Yui2001jpn

Please tell me the weather where you are 🌺 『Reply is☀or☁or☂』 Tokyo where I live is cloudy. And it's hot.

Ray Simoneaux ‏@rayneaux

@DearAuntCrabby @realDonaldTrump @NBCNews @MSNBC You forgot to mention...that Mango Mussolini can’t close a fucking umbrella !☂ 🤯

lulu-laviney ‏@LLaviney

@DearAuntCrabby @realDonaldTrump @NBCNews @MSNBC And can’t close an umbrella ☂

Dan Lamey ‏@danlameymiami

@strombone1 You have been amazing to watch play the game and hilarious to follow on Twitter - you and that 🇨🇦 guy f…

🌈 ‏@SluggoQT

@brianbeutler 3-☂☂☂ shade! 😁

Ariel Graham #WeShipIt 🛳 ✒📚🌹💕 ‏@Ariel_Lou_52611

Guess who just jumped on the Umbrella Academy bandwagon to get ready for the #UmbrellaAcademyParody by…

Jannie Deptowicz ‏@b2inx6

Berkshire Hathaway under the Warren Buffet umbrella ☂. Two great companies coming as one greater company. @ French…

MCC Weather ‏@MCC_Wx

Woodland-Clark Dr 20.6°C steady • Dry and comfortable with a gentle breeze, peak 25.02kph • ☀ 5:08 AM ☂ June 11.43mm #Vancouver

DNK | BTS AUs 📌 💜 ‏@dnk_aus

What can I say, my #OneMoreWeek heart needs this umbrella ☂❤️ @BTS_twt

Jeff Anderson ‏@Jeff68Anderson

@flyaway_k @realDonaldTrump @NBCNews @MSNBC Yeah. Coming from the guy who can’t operate an umbrella ☂ 🌂.

Dr.Atul Goswami ‏@dratul_goswami

....🌷Good Morning 🌷..... ➕...."To Attain Knowledge, Add Things Everyday And To Attain Wisdom, Remove Things Every…

chil ❣ kat ‏@chilkathaiku

Stencil a artiste, been layette run through hold. May oneself two southeast, frank stab thin round scold.…

Stacy ‏@applecocola

I forgot to apply sunscreen this morning, so I guess it's PARASOL DAY ☀️☂

Kerri ‏@KerriArian

You can stand under my umbrella ☂

Seattle Forecast ‏@SeattleForecast

#Seattle Light Rain ☂ 64°F · Pressure: 1012.0 mb · Humidity: 68 · Wind: East 80° 11.5 MPH


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Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands ‏@BGCMidlands

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bgckershaw ‏@BGCKershaw

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BE GREAT Academy ‏@BGAcademy_Club

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chil ❣ kat ‏@chilkathaiku

Much counsel, an aboard tae abandon. Ye dither, all thereon aff Clarendon. #iambicpent ☂

SUSIΣ Q 🌻 ‏@letmelivetonite

Me raining on someone else’s parade 💦☂

モグラバナナ19 ‏@FFhkzBnCxdzCrXZ

@VOakie426 KIArainmorning☂

MCC Weather ‏@MCC_Wx

#FalseCreek-Fairview 21.8°C falling slowly • Dry and comfortable with a gentle breeze • Barometer steady ☂ June 1.02mm #Vancouver

TAMA ‏@tamab0t

don't forget your umbrella ☂

💯 ‏@yahng_vs

@LaFlameSA - fanart☂🔥🍿🍬 @Thabiiiso 🐐 #candyman 🍿🍥

Giggles Irene Radio ‏@GiggsIreneRadio

☂🎶 @CurrenSy_Spitta x @LNDN_DRGS x @jayworthy142 - ‘Sake’

When Dubs Cry ‏@WhenDubsCry

♫ hate u #np #WhenDubsCry ☂

chil ❣ kat ‏@chilkathaiku

Whittle our Mompos, dun grille coin od. Chime couple that outcross, pearl Vries dam but cod. #blueslyrix ☂

chil ❣ kat ‏@chilkathaiku

Illude no blackthorn, talc vidette secrete wise. Droop you-all five bicorne, berth breach loose plus size.…

chil ❣ kat ‏@chilkathaiku

Much hallmark, this eastward fore pick-me-up. Half raincoat, no beside like wikiup. #iambicpent ☂

@olarewaju200 ‏@olarewaju2003

@labbycee Its rain ☂

ama ‏@amahewton


MCC Weather ‏@MCC_Wx

West Pt Grey-10th 21.2°C steady • Dry and comfortable with a light breeze • Fire Moderate Risk ☂ last was Jun 24 #Vancouver #UBC

The Serial Chiller 💥 ‏@Beneezrr

He supposedly inherited vitiligo from father’s side of the family. People with vitiligo are extremely sensitive to…

chil ❣ kat ‏@chilkathaiku

Twain brandish, own upright ere relevance. Which misfit, what dryer next observance. #iambicpent ☂

Jerry ‏@Oay_Jerry

@sherryrehman @BBhuttoZardari But it looks like are under the umbrella(big belly) ☂ of molana

Martin J Brancato Jr ‏@MBrancatoJr

@WhiteHouse @StateDept @realDonaldTrump But has he learned how to use an umbrella?☂

🎀 ‏@ItsYourGurl_Bo

Queen gets her shade while mommy lays out in the sun ☀️♥️ ☂

Francois Naude, PhD ‏@Super_Teacher_F

A4: Critical thinking has become one of those overuse, bleached, ☂ terms that lost its meaning. In short, it’s the…

katrina 🌙 ode to you ‏@wonucarrot

— [the ☂ academy s1 ep5]

chil ❣ kat ‏@chilkathaiku

Each billet, n fourth-class up Canarese. Her diptote, one ghastly like K-series. #iambicpent ☂

chil ❣ kat ‏@chilkathaiku

All tweeny, four cracking till Wyandot. Much glyptics, an downwind like Turandot. #iambicpent ☂

李玹雨 ‏@HiLeeBoyFAKE

☂ ELLE girl

Pak Trax ‏@paktrax

Don't forget the ☂ It's currently Thunder and the current temperature 23C outside. Be safe and stay dry. #Pakistan #Lahore

Kim Johnson ‏@MsKimJohnson

@emmwirichia if you like #MastersofScale and you're lookin' to find a new podcast, then we got you covered ☂:…

chil ❣ kat ‏@chilkathaiku

That Cochin, an tanto as Weihaiwei. Most mate, much molto ere Lilongwe. #iambicpent ☂

Iraqi Follow Helep1M🇮🇶 العراقي ‏@vip3iraq

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MALICK ɪɢ ‏@ReAl_Malick

How many followers do you want? 💚10k 🧶🧶20k 🧶💜🧶30k ◯●❍🧶☂🧶40k ◯●❍☂🧶50k☺ ◯●❍🧶☂🧶60k ◯●❍☂🧶70k 🧶💜🧶80k 🧶🧶90k 💚100k…

chil ❣ kat ‏@chilkathaiku

Less breastpin, five pardi off sycophant. His Berchta, least downright re Oliphant. #iambicpent ☂

chil ❣ kat ‏@chilkathaiku

Sit Out more bagwig, storm seepage cognize shove. Sweat you-all mine Hennig, still lathe square di clove.…

IP Crime Unit ‏@ipcrimeunit

That isn’t one of those “sarin” umbrellas ☂ is it ??

JT ‏@devilraincity

@pucks_and_pols @mj_lee @daveweigel Word on the streets is she can close an umbrella, too! ☂ #shehasaplan

Younus Mogral ‏@younusakmogral

All the best Muslim Youth League #sanjivbhatt Umbrellas ☂ March #Shwetabhatt will be guest ....…

αмєℓ♡ ‏@jeonauva

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chil ❣ kat ‏@chilkathaiku

No Whitsun, eight whereby thwart Swinnerton. Six crossrail, half basad since Atherton. #iambicpent ☂

BY JINgyi ‏@2Piglety4U

@sugajins yeah like who the fuck goes out without umbrellas ☂

cutmail ‏@cutmail

@cutmail Scattered Thunderstorms tomorrow☂

Delphine Tseng ‏@VoixdeDelphine

“Hold up your umbrellas for Taiwan.” The Anti-Red Media Protest in Taiwan. Tens of thousands of protesters took to…

Hannah Ferranco ‏@HFerranco

Automatic Bear Umbrella ☂ Message me for price 😊

Christin ‏@gaara2003

@NianticHelp @NianticLabs @PokemonGoApp Hello, can our character get a umbrella ☂ when it rains or snows please, as…

Vanessa ⛱ ‏@VanessaSwift

@marcthollander if you like Mr. Ferriss and you're lookin' to find a new podcast, then we got you covered ☂:…

MadridGuidedTours ‏@GuidedMadrid

It's going to be a very hot day in #Madrid. So if you're going sightseeing remember: proper clothing, sun protectiv…

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|======5 Day Forecast======| -------------------------------- |====|====|====|====|====| |=💞=|=☂=|=⛈=|=☠=|=🌔=| |===…

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