Umbrella Emoji

An umbrella with a hooked handle, open and with no rain falling on it, unlike the umbrella with raindrops.

Umbrella was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

☂️ Umbrella

Apple Name

☂️ Umbrella


☂ U+2602

️ U+FE0F


Tweets For ☂

✨🔥Ms.PRACTICE 🔊💃🏽 ‏@kif_ahh

These fight scenes are absolute tots #UmbrellaAcademy ☂

giih ➳ ‏@thmpsobrien

☂ 𝙶𝚛𝚘𝚘𝚝

{🕊💘} 1,000 Wishes, Logan Cruz ‏@5_StarCruise

Just swiping through games- AND THEN I SEE: ☂ ☂ ☂

Dyslexsus ‏@lexsuslittle

@Freakin_Dani February 5th, new line of umbrellas ☂

giih ➳ ‏@thmpsobrien

☂ 𝚃𝚘𝚗𝚢 𝚂𝚝𝚊𝚛𝚔 𝚊𝚜 𝙸𝚛𝚘𝚗 𝚖𝚊𝚗

Lawyer Mum with CF ‏@LawyerMumwithCF

Late night working by the fire. It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these. Feeling the on set of reflux already…

WarkwickshireWeather ‏@WarksWx

☁ 7.1°C 89﹪RH | WChill:4.9°C | DewP:5.4°C | Wind:12.8Kts / 216° | QNH:1016.3hPa | ☂Rain:0.0mm | ☼Sol:0Wm² UV:0.0

Beth ‏@GandyBeth

Georgia has nothing but rain in the forecast for the rest of the week, so logically... #UmbrellaAcademy #winterbreak #umbrellaandchill☂⛆☕😍

Lexus Bree ‏@Lexbree

If you don’t know who Gerard Way is.... you can’t talk to me ☂

soph (QueenofGotham) ‏@Rebeltimelord63

The umbrella ☂ academy was brilliant please if u like x-men and misfits (show) you’ll be binging this for hours ⭐️…

Aprile Cook ‏@CookAprile

☂ An open umbrella is just a closed beautiful sky. - Xavier Forneret ☂

Jeremy Hagon ™ 💙🐘 ‏@jeremyhagon

@ryanjennings1 @yourcolchester Or #vegas 2009 perhaps. ☂ (Image me:Flickr)

gracie🍯✨ ‏@graciecakes03

I recommend the umbrella ☂ academy but you gotta watch each episode twice 😂

• { yerιм ‏@KYE099

☕… ˀˀˀˀ ↷ ⋯ ♡ᵎ have fun e smile every day! #welcome ⟆ ˚☂ @00sexgirl

• { yerιм ‏@KYE099

☕… ˀˀˀˀ ↷ ⋯ ♡ᵎ have fun e smile every day! #welcome ⟆ ˚☂ @jeonejji

• { yerιм ‏@KYE099

☕… ˀˀˀˀ ↷ ⋯ ♡ᵎ have fun e smile every day! #welcome ⟆ ˚☂ @julie_clarke_

• { yerιм ‏@KYE099

☕… ˀˀˀˀ ↷ ⋯ ♡ᵎ have fun e smile every day! #welcome ⟆ ˚☂ @sweetzbbygirl

• { yerιм ‏@KYE099

☕… ˀˀˀˀ ↷ ⋯ ♡ᵎ have fun e smile every day! #welcome ⟆ ˚☂ @lostkn

Nell Latimer ‏@LatimerNell

@_Masterseye This is my new fave prog too! ☂

MCC Weather ‏@MCC_Wx

West Pt Grey-10th 2.1°C falling slowly • Heavy rainfall and cold with no wind • Baro falling slowly ☂ 1.78mm #Vancouver #UBC

WarkwickshireWeather ‏@WarksWx

☁ 7.1°C 88﹪RH | WChill:6.5°C | DewP:5.2°C | Wind:13.8Kts / 229° | QNH:1016.4hPa | ☂Rain:0.0mm | ☼Sol:0Wm² UV:0.0

WarkwickshireWeather ‏@WarksWx

☁ 7.3°C 86﹪RH | WChill:5.7°C | DewP:5.1°C | Wind:11.1Kts / 206° | QNH:1016.3hPa | ☂Rain:0.0mm | ☼Sol:0Wm² UV:0.0

Eddy ‏@online_medic

The skin of Nigerians and how they will glow if they support HE @atiku and vote the PDP this Saturday ✅ 🇳🇬 ☂

Sophie 🌹 ‏@queenstxrk

I'm 100% crying 😭☂

فلوة فهد الطويل 🌐 ‏@Felwaltaweel

The umbrella academy 😍☂ This is what you can call a genius marketing!!!

Nice Dude #WolfPAC #darkmoney #OpTrump👻 ‏@DudeDarkmoney

@JstnGreen1 they are no longer who we need them to be :]☂ #occupyALL

WarkwickshireWeather ‏@WarksWx

☁ 7.4°C 84﹪RH | WChill:5.5°C | DewP:4.9°C | Wind:8.4Kts / 188° | QNH:1016.4hPa | ☂Rain:0.0mm | ☼Sol:0Wm² UV:0.0

Philip K Spic🇵🇷 ‏@DrBloodmoney

OMG @UmbrellaAcad IS EVERYTHING I HOPED FOR!!!!! #TheUmbrellaAcademy I’ve waited for this for a long time. ☂ 💀

Meghan Mastalerz ‏@A_MAZ_ING25

Umbrella ☂ academy that was some good shit! Damn @netflix there better be a second season!

Mika 🦌 ‏@MikaBartMat

#UmbrellaAcademy here we go @UmbrellaAcad ☂

Tan Fegans ‏@FegansTan

It’s a whole leak in JSU man where my umbrella ☂ at y’all got to do better!! 😩😩@Antwonfegans2

Christian Ronquillo ‏@ianwrongkillyou

I heard a Rumor. ☂ 🏫

WarkwickshireWeather ‏@WarksWx

☁ 7.6°C 81﹪RH | WChill:5.7°C | DewP:4.5°C | Wind:9.1Kts / 206° | QNH:1016.6hPa | ☂Rain:0.0mm | ☼Sol:0Wm² UV:0.0

TIm W ‏@teamrope

@kevincorke @WSJ Silly folks they should know clouds only hold rain and snow..☔☂☔☂☔☂😃

Choufy ‏@Choufy1

@aparham Lool - I am the umbrella in this scenario ☂

WarkwickshireWeather ‏@WarksWx

☁ 8.0°C 78﹪RH | WChill:6.2°C | DewP:4.4°C | Wind:8.4Kts / 220° | QNH:1016.4hPa | ☂Rain:0.0mm | ☼Sol:0Wm² UV:0.0

MCC Weather ‏@MCC_Wx

#BowenIsland-Crayola 2.3°C steady • Very humid and cold with a light breeze ☂ February 70.61mm, last was Feb 15 #HoweSound #BCWx

Karren Santua ‏@KarrenSantua

More of #UmbrellaAcademy please ☂

David M. Buisán ‏@DavidMBuisan

One of the best comic book adaptations I’ve seen! The Umbrella Academy! ☂ #umbrellaacademy #theumbrellaacademy…

Class of 2019 Seniors ‏@Smhs_Seniors19

You can use umbrellas to defend yourself 🌂 ☂ ☔️

Accountist 📣🗽🇺🇸🌎🎨⚜️ ‏@LisaM3732

I’m a member of #TheResistance because... I love ❤️ America 🇺🇸 I am #Patriotic I believe in #Democracy 🗽 And the…

Tea Blanket 💛 ‏@NeuterBee

@UmbrellaAcad Cha Cha is so cool ☂

Marc ‏@MarcJ00

Hits rewound(GUNS 'N ROSES---NOVEMBER RAIN)☔☂🌂📅🎸🎸🔊🔊⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼

WarkwickshireWeather ‏@WarksWx

☁ 8.8°C 71﹪RH | WChill:7.9°C | DewP:3.8°C | Wind:10.1Kts / 243° | QNH:1016.4hPa | ☂Rain:0.0mm | ☼Sol:14Wm² UV:0.0

Pembrey Primary ‏@PembreySchool

Let’s get decorating our umbrellas ☂ But will they be waterproof? ☔️ #cornerstones #whyiswaterwet?

AtheneCunicularia ‏@coloradokrista7

Re: #UmbrellaAcademy ☂ ... #luthersucks and the sisters really got the crap end of everything in this. That is all.…

Westcott Lighting ‏@WestcottCo

@wyattruttphoto We are running a special on our 7' umbrella bundle where you get 3 umbrellas for the price of 2, wh…

deni 🌞 ‏@denisaurex

Binge-watching a few episodes of The Umbrella Academy tonight ☂

🍬Follow 🍬 ‏@loveFollow7

Follow everyone who LIKES and RTs this ☂ ☺☂

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☁ 9.4°C 68﹪RH | WChill:8.2°C | DewP:3.8°C | Wind:18.5Kts / 233° | QNH:1016.7hPa | ☂Rain:0.0mm | ☼Sol:51Wm² UV:0.0

Yuri Medvednov ‏@Yuri_Medvednov

☂ Capital punishment until its complete elimination may be envisaged by a federal law as an exclusive penalty for e…

Luigi's Pizza ‏@LuigiPizzaPasta

@LakotaLeo ☂Here you go.   <3

Chia @ • on vacation • Hanging out on priv ‏@mocimori

11. Dimsum Steam Rice (the ultimate crave), BONCHON CHICKEEEEEEEN, Croissant w/ egg salad, mango float, noodles 12…

Bhoid International ‏@Bhoid_Int

Our beautiful St James Umbrella brings together traditional #British craftsmanship with stunning contemporary desig…

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☁ 10.4°C 66﹪RH | WChill:7.2°C | DewP:4.3°C | Wind:16.5Kts / 220° | QNH:1016.9hPa | ☂Rain:0.0mm | ☼Sol:128Wm² UV:0.6

Hover States ‏@hoverstates

☂ 973 Magazine— #simple #scroll #loop #infinite

Kerrang! Magazine ‏@KerrangMagazine

The new issue of Kerrang! – out tomorrow – comes with two exclusive Gerard Way art prints, illustrated by…

sherry mae ‏@smxaxo

☂ anotha one

Patrick Martin ‏@PMartinTeacher

Love how this student uses his artistic ability to take notes. Thesis= ☂! #nctevillage @CCSDConnects @CcsdEla

Follow Trick POP ‏@followtrickpopx

Follow everyone who LIKES and RTs this ☂

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☁ 10.1°C 69﹪RH | WChill:7.2°C | DewP:4.7°C | Wind:21.2Kts / 237° | QNH:1017.3hPa | ☂Rain:0.0mm | ☼Sol:169Wm² UV:0.8

ɢᴀɪʟᴇ ‏@GAILEwithanE

It’s an #UmbrellaAcademy kind of night ☂

GainToRise 👑 ‏@GainToRise

Follow everyone who LIKES & RETWEET this. ☂

@brandsnewNJ™ ‏@brandsnewNJ

#Twts4homebyrs #nq ☂ 👋 4 HOME OWNERS|How to get rid of cockroaches( 3:53 ) 🌱 ™ _

Tweets4Homebyrs™ ‏@Tweets4HomeByrs

#Twts4homebyrs #nq ☂ 👋 4 HOME OWNERS|How to get rid of cockroaches( 3:53 ) 🌱 ™ _™ ‏@thecultureproof

#Twts4homebyrs #nq ☂ 👋 4 HOME OWNERS|How to get rid of cockroaches( 3:53 ) 🌱 ™ _

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☁ 10.7°C 66﹪RH | WChill:8.4°C | DewP:4.6°C | Wind:15.7Kts / 261° | QNH:1017.6hPa | ☂Rain:0.0mm | ☼Sol:151Wm² UV:0.7

MCC Weather ‏@MCC_Wx

#FalseCreek-Fairview 0.1°C steady • Very humid and cold with a light breeze • Barometer falling slowly ☂ 0.00mm #Vancouver

Jose ‏@radioheadarmy

@netflix you struck GOLD✨🌟✨with The ☂ Academy!! #UmbrellaAcademy #Netflix #Brilliant

WarkwickshireWeather ‏@WarksWx

☁ 10.6°C 72﹪RH | WChill:9.1°C | DewP:5.8°C | Wind:16.5Kts / 240° | QNH:1017.7hPa | ☂Rain:0.0mm | ☼Sol:484Wm² UV:1.5

Deborah Ferguson ‏@DeborahNBC5

Let’s get going, y’all, and as you go, take the ☂ & 🧥 & a 😃

Kiei ‏@UTAU_Kiei

It better stay cloudy, I didn't pack my umbrella for this outing ...... ☂☁

Nancy Alvarez, WFTV ‏@NAlvarezWFTV

“It’s going to be a cooler, warmer day!” -Jamie Holmes, News Anchor Aaaaaaand this is why we don’t let him do the…

Allen Fitts ‏@allenfitts

Happy Thursday 😊. We are heading back to the Offices after a long 3 day relaxing 😌 Holiday weekend. Rain 🌧 and col…

Big Tex Escort ‏@BigTexEscort

Happy Tuesday 😊. We are back in the Offices after the long 3 day Holiday weekend. We have OTR escorts available.…

Essex Travel Updates ‏@EssexTravelNews

☂ Keep an eye on the Tuesday #weather readings by following Essex_Weather #Essex

Dr. Steffen Strange Ⓥ ‏@SteffenStrange

@WhiteHotHeat23 @spoopyqui @UmbrellaAcad Same here! 👌 ❤️ ☂

WarkwickshireWeather ‏@WarksWx

☁ 8.9°C 88﹪RH | WChill:7.6°C | DewP:7.0°C | Wind:12.8Kts / 230° | QNH:1017.8hPa | ☂Rain:0.0mm | ☼Sol:281Wm² UV:1.1

Sarah✨ ‏@saramber17

finished @UmbrellaAcad i feel overwhelmed ☂

Hiede ‏@hiederrr

The ☂ academy

Lille Smith ‏@LilleS80

@patrici30730227 @SamHeughan @samheughanfan1 @Mel760858619 @rindy_russell @LiseNilsson2 @MaryvLeeuwarden…

おう ‏@xuief

Have you heard ‘Goku Green / Lovely ☂ illmore Remix ☂’ by ιllmΘΓξ on #SoundCloud? #np

lolly 💜 | #SaveShadowhunters ‏@kklainesmalec

☂- ngl I thought you didn’t like me at first but I always liked seeing your tweets and your love for alberto is so…

WarkwickshireWeather ‏@WarksWx

☁ 6.7°C 95﹪RH | WChill:6.0°C | DewP:6.0°C | Wind:14.8Kts / 206° | QNH:1017.7hPa | ☂Rain:0.0mm | ☼Sol:95Wm² UV:0.7

Lille Smith ‏@LilleS80

@Pam__0001 @CostinaJ @TamiMa87574821 @MakkOlga @AthanasiaTrian1 @visicilia @odyssey158 @ElenaFadeeva3…

Lille Smith ‏@LilleS80

@TartarugaTanya @tracybarnes2604 @fulvia14130533 @Mel760858619 @SanneBorsti @WilmaChelius @AthanasiaTrian1…



れこ ‏@L_e_k_o

@L_e_k_o ☂☂☂ 10℃ outside. (February 19, 2019 at 06:30PM)

Lille Smith ‏@LilleS80

@CostinaJ @MamaG5439 @edie_rische @GinaPustorino @Lucilla_moon59 @odyssey158 @TamiMa87574821 @MakkOlga…

Andoniα👒 ‏@Andonia_23

╰⇢⇢❤Tuesday Morning♡it is a warmy day feeling down with the flue all the Rain☂the weather changes☺i look at the Bright Side and Smile☺

WarkwickshireWeather ‏@WarksWx

☁ 5.1°C 97﹪RH | WChill:3.5°C | DewP:4.7°C | Wind:11.1Kts / 250° | QNH:1017.2hPa | ☂Rain:0.0mm | ☼Sol:148Wm² UV:0.5

KL Weather Updates ‏@KLWeatherUpdate

Now, it's Rain and 27°C outside. Don't forget your ☂.

Lille Smith ‏@LilleS80

@gioula74 @SamHeughan @JAMMFWarriors @KirkiNia @barss_freddie @birgit_gerach @tracybarnes2604 @TartarugaTanya…

MK 🌼🤘🏾🍯 ‏@x_MaKaylaaaa_

The ☂ Academy really good asf

Lille Smith ‏@LilleS80

@GalkeSabine @fulvia14130533 @gandusio @ElenaFadeeva3 @LiseNilsson2 @mymtbrain @OutlanderHome @JAMMFWarriors…

Lille Smith ‏@LilleS80

@Pennyyo79 @Lucilla_moon59 @DjHushka @AnaOutlanderFan @Sassenach2016 @RBeechey53 @saltybird210 @Lassie_1…

KlassiQ_2AT ‏@klassiQ2AT

If Ballot Papers Would Delay The Polls Come 23rd Again, Please @inecnigeria Give Us Plain Sheets And We Would Draw…

Lille Smith ‏@LilleS80

@Goddestofhunt @tracybarnes2604 @fulvia14130533 @Mel760858619 @SanneBorsti @WilmaChelius @AthanasiaTrian1…

Lille Smith ‏@LilleS80

@Pennyyo79 @Lucilla_moon59 @DjHushka @AnaOutlanderFan @Sassenach2016 @RBeechey53 @saltybird210 @Lassie_1…

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