Umbrella With Rain Drops Emoji

An umbrella with a hooked handle, displayed open with rain drops falling on it. The color of this umbrella varies by platform.

In November 2016 a global Durex poll named this the "Unofficial Safe Sex Emoji" to mark World AIDS Day.

Umbrella With Rain Drops was approved as part of Unicode 4.0 in 2003 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

☔ Raining

☔ Rainy

☔ Unofficial Safe Sex

Apple Name

☔ Umbrella With Rain Drops


☔ U+2614




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TrafficDan Miller ‏@TrafficDanM

Making a fill in appearance on @KYWNewsradio this morning handling @KYWTraffic1060 on the 2's until 9:52am. Let's g…

nyko ‏@nyko75

@nyko75 follow everyone who LIKES this☔

Dave Roney ‏@bigdavehotrod77

@markyholtend @jonesy73 @Nicky_Byrne And she has her new avfc jacket on too. Need it out here, bucketing down ☔☔☔☔☔

♡ Tasfi jani 🎂 ♡ ‏@loyal_hun

Fully enjoy the rain jani's may be its the last rain of this winter ☔❤️

come a gutser 🎈 ‏@LeahHosking1

@OBallmark2 Lucky Billy ☔

J1m1nsBlkHr⁷ ‏@LuvBlkHrCh1m

OMG , OMG, OMG 🕊☔ My boys @BTS_twt need to witness this! #GRAMMYs don't mess this up. Why isn't vocal line singing…

Luis 🎭 ‏@LuisUnleashed

Light at the end of the tunnel. ☔

NCE Racing ‏@NceRacing

Well this isn't quite what we were hoping for ☔☔☔ @kneedown92

Daria ‏@DariaX55

@georgeginis How often does it rain like this? What is the reason for this color of rain?🙄☔

issa ☁ reading tgcf! ‏@wangxianT_T

stolen frm the tl again ... pls do dis^^ ☀ clown, chaotic, typos 24/7, never shuts up, funny ☔ soft, shy, frien…

Carole Clements-Cork 󾓪 ‏@carole_c09

Prince pic daily since 21.04.16 until justice is served 📷 #justice4cuz 🕊 #Peace2Prince #Love4OneAnother 💜☔☝…

PussyPleaser ‏@PussyPleaserGh

@graceyyyy__ It's "Jerking". Repeat after me: JERKING Agaaaain One more tiiiiime For the last tiiiime Over and over agaaain.. ☔

Saba_ ‏@Saba_RM_Awaan

Beautiful cloudy ☁☔❄ #SaturdayMorning

Y A S I R ‏@Yasirhere

It's drizzling ☔ in my area let's hope rain didn't effect the match #PAKvBAN #lahore

邪鬼眼でも治水旅がしたい🎄🎋🕯🔮✨極東防災魔術昼寝研究所 ‏@SMLanimetanbou

【☀️☔NWS CA Watches⚠️】Lake Wind Advisory issued January 24 at 1:48PM PST until January 26 at 3:00PM PST by NWS

HOSSAM TAha ‏@Hossam_taha12

Alex ❄☔

artemis888infinity ‏@Artemis888Infin

@Tracy9672 @CupkakeSpark #2927 Hit me with a FB when you get a sec💦☔🐳 #RightMatters #GOPCoverUp…

MR Hamdy Salama ‏@MRHamdySalama1

💜 morning ☔💚

Jenessa ‏@j_nessanessa

@LindsayBissett It was coming down on my way in & I was soaked from knees down just walking a couple blocks after I…

Central Virginia Storm Chasers ‏@CentVAstorm

NWSWakefieldVA: The slow warming trend will continue into the weekend. Rain will move in late Friday night and exit…

S H I B A - This Girl’s Golf Diary ‏@FelicityShiba

Shout out to our caddies though. We gave then the option of not coming with us and they were like "oh no, we're in"…

MERRY ‏@merrimeer

Rain rain go away come again another day~ ☔

VAHDETTİN BAKLALI ‏@vahdettinbakla2

Bunny girl Undoer ☔

ƬΛMΛЯΛ ㉿ ‏@kama_stein

Oh noooo!! Not the Umbrella Corporation!!! ☔🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️💀☠️😮😮😮

Allocated Industries ‏@ipaiCapital

☔ It's raining it's pouring.. Light Rain and 47F outside. Stay High & Dry!

Thatoyaone🇧🇼 ‏@ThatoSenau

Should it heavily rain in the next 48hrs, the segoditshane river might overflow ☔

St Albans Museums ‏@stalbansmuseums

☔ Happy Saturday everyone! ☔ With the weather this weekend not looking great, why not pop to see us with the famil…

Terri Nakamura ‏@terrinakamura

Hey, guys. How was your week? I hope it was great! Most days I rate at about 85%, but today was creeping up to 90%…

Stuistheracereader ‏@smlracing

Another ⚡☔🌧️🌩️ tonight in Aus

Stamford Mercury ‏@Mercury1712

This town centre puddle is a real problem: 🌧️☔💦💧🌧️☔ #Bourne #Lincolnshire @LincolnshireCC @BourneWheelers

Africa💯🔊 ‏@sonnyboy_dj

@DjMaphorisa @ShaShaOfficial_ Reece straight up✊🎚️☔💦

Lily Gulmohar ‏@Lily_Gulmohar

Its freezing rain tonight ☔❄ feels like the perfect time to start fresh ❤

DateTime ‏@cWcvuIOeP3av83a

@cnni 🏗💎🖋📧🔊🤫🏦☔🏥🌧 The dust is just the rain that spreads. Write injuries in dust, benefits in marble. Adversity is t…

DisRiotHond ‏@RiotHond

God has authority over nature if you walking in his path so do you #GodLike 🕊️ #QueenModjadji 🌬️💧☔👼🥁 Walk on water…

Padonna Eugene ‏@PadonnaE

Dear readers and honored followers, this one I needed to write as a personal status. ☔☔☔ EPL

SBR Sport ‏@swimbikerunshop

Westcliff Stairs done in the rain ☔ Cant go wrong by getting strong and the stairs will make you strong. @ SBR Spor…

! am writing! ‏@ninethirtytwopm

It's raining today ☔ so the cats are all either inside or eating ✨ this is now the current look of the lounge room!…

CorazónFuerte ‏@byronofpg

wet streets like NFS Underground, zooming through the rain ☔

plus six three 🇵🇭 ‏@cilleann_23

🎶 The rain is fallin' on my window pane... 🎶 🌧☔😊😍❤

@k▪e▪n▪r▪o▪d▪g▪e▪r▪s_™☢❤ ‏@kenrodgers_


Duchess Of Tsomo ‏@sncura

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. I melt in the rain 😭☔

Cheryl Riley Born in the 🇺🇸! ‏@80sGirlCheryl

@dougkammerer Accurate forecast. It's pouring down in Frederick MD. ☔

beejay❦ ‏@vj_17lolz


Nape 🇿🇦 ‏@RealMojapeloM

Good Morning... It's raining ☔ in my hood... How i wish i had a TV Game in these times... I miss Mario.. Tu tu tu…

YÜCEL GÜNYOL ‏@yucelgunyol

My life story is a honey oil riddle ☔

Tawane Tawane🎱 ‏@ReluctantBoss

Looking fwd to Orlando Stadium tonight. Dancing in the rain ☔ Eskhaleni ☠ 🖤 💀

Ivan Scott ‏@IvanSco91621575

@LadySayFuckALot It's raining today. ☔☔ Run naked in gumboots. 😂

Andoniα⚘ ‏@Andonia_23

꧁꧂Andonia⚘ Good Morning ❤Saturday ☔ Rain🌂💧

Chris Dauphin ‏@cdauphin

@amandamull @BrandyLJensen Have you seen the one for #Prince? ☔

むん💎🦀 ‏@sjxfs

777万 ☔ SixTONES - Imitation Rain (Music Video) [YouTube Ver.] via @YouTube

Pikaboo 🐧 ‏@FevernovaA

@exodulubarukamu Bogor ☔ EXO OT9 FOREVER

UTKU PEYNİRCİ ‏@peynirci_utku

Manus Romney's Home Hotdog ☔

kalisna k ‏@kalisnakal

Rain outside my window pouring down☔

🐚 ‏@gininaw

☔ first impression: iirc you were tenn-nii's qpp when we became moots your nickname in my head: vaze you are my: f…

Vishal Jain ‏@VishalJ20220566

@Ada38925598 💐🌹Good morning Ada,Happy Saturday.💐💝💐☔🎄Have a blessed fabulous joyful healthy and wealthy week.💐🌹💝

Jean-Claude K' ‏@pray4jaycee

beautiful weather in 012 ☔

あこvote ‏@6st_votekyomo

@meromeroxchu @almonda_tmt ROCK🤟 SixTONES💎Imitation Rain☔NEW WORLD🌎Telephone📞

Rey Escarlata!♦️♠️ ‏@Jas1609p

Oh, angel sent from up above You know you make my world light up When I was down, when I was hurt You came to lift…

Mamars💛 ‏@maarrss08

Mary Poppins ☔


🚂 Travelling to another city for a collage workshop ✂ Early rainy mornings are always enchanting ☔🌦 #travel…

Zama'bhele ‏@zamabhele_sam

Loving the weather ☔

ゆっち🍒vote ‏@6__team

@vote87890010 🦅♡ SixTONES_Telephone📞_Imitation Rain☔_NEW WORLD

Relyn ▶️SixTONES & Bishounen ‏@shimmertarts

Saturday = SixTONES day 💎 Imitation Rain ☔ Telephone 📞 NEW WORLD 🗺 #6人の星たちがストにLALAlove

Vishal Jain ‏@VishalJ20220566

@Madushi80127018 💐🌹Good morning, Happy Saturday.💐🌹 Very beautiful County Sri Lanka thanks for sharing dear friend.💐…

Chubs ‏@mrsespanto88

raining 🎶☔

Manchester City ‏@ManCity

We had a downpour of goals in December! ☔⚽ ⚽️ @XylemInc 🔵 #ManCity

お粥 ‏@_____kmhk_6

♪「Imitation Rain」 #樹根爛漫 SixTONES💎Imitation Rain☔🔥NEW WORLD🌎Telephone📞 SixTONES / Imitation Rain / NEW WORLD / Telephone

Boonshadow Ⓥ ‏@Halo5Moments

Made it rain ☔ #Halo5Guardians #XboxShare

ショコラ ‏@qEMBJzZENZprbes

SixTONES ☔Imitation Rain c/w Telephone/NEW WORLD

$CELZ Biotech & $GRNF Fans ‏@CelzFans

$GRNF should / will? be on this list... maybe before the flooding clears next week?🌧️ ⛈️☔🌈🌞🤑🤑🤑

Dihaa Dihaa.♥️ ‏@DihaaDihaa1

@Shreyaashirodk4 The reason .... friends ....⁦☂️⁩⁦🕸️⁩☔

ESPN Australia & NZ ‏@ESPNAusNZ

Sun. Wind. Rain. Roofs... fluffy balls? ☀️☔🌬️ #AusOpen stars share their thoughts on just how the game changes in…

🖤rat🖤 ‏@AdamandGrieve

-Still trying to live. ☔

DaisyDawg ‏@Ready418

@Boston_Society Daisy goes outside in the snow and all types of weather, even though she hates it sometimes. ☀⚡❄☔😖

DateTime ‏@cWcvuIOeP3av83a

@cnni #DopplerEffect ☀🔛🌬🔊🤫🎶🐦🏦☔🏥📡♒🌧 The Planck satellite may detect the imprint of the gravitational waves predicted…

Belle ‏@Lounabelle071

I love walking in the rain so that so no one can see me cry ☔😢

People°s Weather 180 ‏@peoples_weather

🔝 Coldest: #SouthAfrica 25 Jan Cape Point: ⛅ 19 | 21°C ☔10% eMalahleni: ⛅ 15 | 23°C ☔60% Mashishing: ⚡ 16 | 23°C ☔6…


@ANDREWISMLKJR @BlackAmVoter6 @walkn_j @CaptainAsshole6 @DylanHaymore @beeleerussel @lonelylamee @TendentiousG…

📢 ASHIDAVOX 🎧 🍑🎎🌸 - アシダ音響(株) - ‏@ashidavox

Hello from Tokyo! It's cloudy☁️. The max. TEMP will be 10℃ (50℉). Until next Tue., the max. TEMP is about 9℃(48℉),…

Adrian Ranson ‏@adrianranson

@L0VI3mac Morning Thelma a wet Saturday it is then so no.🚲🚲🚲🌦🌦🌦🌦☔☔☔☔

Queenie Amaranto ‏@queenieAM

Weekend warrior hits! Rainy climb to Antipolo & Taktak ☔🚲 | 66KMs


@walkn_j @ANDREWISMLKJR @CaptainAsshole6 @DylanHaymore @beeleerussel @lonelylamee @TendentiousG @erickmsanchez…

Rebecca Anderson ‏@FidTradZ101

@ScottPresler Welcome to the great Pacific Northwet.🤗☔


@DylanHaymore @walkn_j @ANDREWISMLKJR @CaptainAsshole6 @beeleerussel @lonelylamee @TendentiousG @erickmsanchez…

𝓐𝓬𝓱𝓮𝓵𝓸𝓲𝓼. ‏@lunathiccccc

☔ 𝓽𝓱𝓻𝓸𝓾𝓰𝓱 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓻𝓪𝓲𝓷 ☔

Raine Miller ☔️ ‏@Raine_Miller

✅ Hot, bad-boy Russian hockey player ✅ Beautiful, wary, new-to-the-job physiotherapist ✅ Las Vegas!♠️♥️♣️♦️ "The p…

😈! ‏@joaxvictor

young ricch × prod. TA$$Y ☔

Marlene Elizabeth ‏@palmofhand

#SEASONS❄☔🌞🍁 The Difference In Seasons...Is Who Likes YOU! @drmikemurdock📚

FOX Sports Florida & Sun ‏@FOXSportsFL

No space needed for @D_Bo20☔ Watch the @MiamiHEAT on FOX Sports Sun 📺 |📲 #HEATTwitter #NBA

River District ‏@RDVancouver

So nice to see some sunshine today!☔✨☀️ #RiverDistrictVancouver Photo by @thistledew (IG) 🙏

HAYAM💜 ‏@HayamHossam6

KEEP THE FAITH....➿ HOLD ON......💪🏼 THINGS WILL GET BETTER......✌️ It can be stormy n…

The Weather Ferret ‏@2017Ferret

@BigV2011WCE No bolly for awhile Victor ☔🌂

$uperWoman♋ ‏@4EverLailaNyZae

I am soooo over this Mississippi weather bruh 😩🌧☔🌬❄ I can tolerate cold temps...but all dis continuous rain in the forecast gotta go bruh

Bae 🇨🇴 -6 ‏@alwaysltxhs

@ftrickhpl ☔ only account fandom

Dihaa Dihaa.♥️ ‏@DihaaDihaa1

@maikiki30056067 Thanks 🙏 my new friend ☔💜☂️

佐々木 ‏@tLceBflcSihGpMc

SixTONES💎💎💎💎💎💎 Imitation Rain☔🔥☔🔥☔🔥 Telephone📞🤙📞🤙📞🤙 NEWWORLD🌏☝🌏☝🌏☝

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