Vertical Traffic Light Emoji

A set of red, orange (amber) and green traffic lights, used at intersections. More common than the horizontal traffic light.

Vertical Traffic Light was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🚦 Traffic Light


🚦 U+1F6A6




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@elonmusk Its implementation in India will be difficult. Because Indians have got there own rules🚦

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I identify as a traffic light🚦 with all of her sisters.

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NY Advocates Say Time Has Come For Undocumented Immigrants To Get Driver's Licenses. #GreenLightNY 🚦🚘

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Idalys Concepcion ‏@Idalys_123

"Every year Martha May Whovier has the best lights"🚦 #TheGrinch

Deep into History ‏@DeepintoHistory

On this day December 9, 1868, the first traffic lights 🚦 are installed outside the Palace of Westminster. They rese…

ANC England ‏@ANCEngland

Main motorway tolls in Catalonia opened in favour of the implementation of the Catalan Republic by @CDRCatOficial…

💖 SUNKISSED GODDESS 💛 ‏@_MelaninPrncess

It’s NEVER okay to stop at a yellow light🚦when we BOTH could have made it. 🗣🗣GOOO!!! 🤬🙄😒

Hanna Maija ‏@HannaMaija_99

Waiting for my engineer sister to come & properly set-up our race track❕ #CalledForHelp 📞 #SundayFunday…

dec 20 ♐️ ‏@pearlswithjays

My niggas on GO at the red light 🚦

BV👑 ‏@bveexchlaire


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Switched Gears🚦

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Hillsborough County ‏@HillsboroughFL

After this morning's consistent heavy rainfall, parts of #HillsboroughFL may experience flooding. Motorists are adv…

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What is your favorite mode of transportation? 🛣🚦🛬

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great thread on the NCR commuting quandary and how Virginia and Maryland both chose car-centric transportation poli…

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🔛📻 @OluSinmi @jay_hogan ▶️ Escapade @Iam_KingBernard #Listenlive /download our app…

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We take annotating and analyzing literature seriously!📚🚦💡📝👏🏽

Urban Health Partnerships ‏@UHPartnerships

What is your favorite mode of transportation? 🛣🚦🛬

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Did you know that Cairo ranked 4th city worldwide with the highest levels of traffic congestion according to CAPMAS…

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