Video Game Emoji

A video game emoji, shown on major platforms as a console gamepad with D-pad, joysticks, and buttons.

Video Game was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🎮 Gamepad

🎮 Playstation

🎮 Wii U

🎮 Xbox


🎮 U+1F3AE




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🎉🎮BrookChaos😄🎥 Sir Brook of the Chaos Bloodline🤘🎮 ‏@BrookChaos

@1posmind 😂❤️ Neither can I😂🎮🎥🎬

🎉🎮BrookChaos😄🎥 Sir Brook of the Chaos Bloodline🤘🎮 ‏@BrookChaos

@1posmind Awwwww!! Thank you so much!!❤️😊 I know that I will go far, but I want to know from you guys how far YOU…

XNerd4Life ‏@XNerd4Life

Hey Gamer 🕹A new post is available ✅ Marvel’s Avengers: the costumes, the Collector’s Edition content on PS4 from…

Anzu ‏@Anzu_io

FACT: The new ad-verification service is uniquely designed to reach the $148 billion global #gaming market 🌎. The w…

LURK24(.tv) 🎮 🛫 #TwitchCon2019 ‏@LURK24tv

I just hosted *Quijas1* on twitch 📺 🎮 playing: Teamfight Tactics ⏰ uptime: 43 minutes 27 s…

Silentc0re ‏@Silentc0re

Excited to announce I’ll be at @RTG_fest this weekend in Glasgow! 🎮 👉🏼 Here’s my schedule if you’re going! Saturd…

Hilmi. ‏@xafqhilmi

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Young Scot ‏@YoungScot

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JS ‏@j_douglas_m

I'm going to be writing about old video games for the next five weeks! Let's start with the question that could ren…

Society of Virtual Photographers ‏@SocietyOfVP

~ “Knowledge of the underworld” 📸 Photographer: @Rosapexa 🎮 Game : #AssassinsCreedOdyssey  ⚙️ Developer: @Ubisoft…

nGrSev ‏@nGrOSev

ComenzamoSS! Stream ON🔴 🎮 Tornado Shot MF 101 IIQ / 126 IIR / Burial ChamberS a FULL - 3 DoctorS 🎮 -- 🔥 720p/60FPS/…

The Gaming Anthologist ‏@GamingAnthology

I think Poochy is pleased with his little treat! 🐶 Enjoy your gaming and your weekend 🎮. #figurefriday…

Giriraj Singh ‏@Giriraj25791299

Come hangout with me > PUBG 🎮hi on #BIGOLIVE

Tornado #XboxFanFest ‏@Tornado_Fabian

@danasissons ¡1000% excited! #XboxMéxico 💚🎮💚 #Gears5

Simon Ochana ‏@blackunix

@SNUKgaming @KimC_86 I’ve had all three consoles. But the 360 is the one for me 🎮

Questionable Polls 🗳 ‏@questionablePOL

Best battle royal game? 👑🎮 #videogames #games #ApexLedgends #Fortnite #FortniteWorldCup #PUBG_MOBILE #Battlefield #FridayThoughts

tHe ReVoLuTiOn wILL bE TweetEd OuT📣 ‏@miraculous1

It only takes for your ancestors to rise and then many pretenders will sort of understand it's not a 🎮. They might…

LURK24(.tv) 🎮 🛫 #TwitchCon2019 ‏@LURK24tv

I just hosted *JuugDubz* on twitch 📺 🎮 playing: Apex Legends ⏰ uptime: 4 hours 44 minutes…

🎉🎮BrookChaos😄🎥 Sir Brook of the Chaos Bloodline🤘🎮 ‏@BrookChaos

Whenever someone freaks out on YouTube, Twitch or just anywhere else in general, I can't stop laughing😂🎮 I know I…

Louie ‏@ewwwLouie

Can't wait to grind with the boys today ⚙️🎮 Goodnight

Medard ‏@NyiaGeji

@Taunting Just wait 'til I get home We gonna play some RL 🎮

EternalStephHD - UK Mixer Partner ‏@EternalStephHD

@Sharpe_TV @2K_UK @2K Xbox 🎮

Lin. ‏@petiksenar

⠀⠀⠀ ⠀    ⠀⠀ 🎮 ┊ 𝖦𝖺𝗆𝖾𝗌 ⠀⠀⠀

Bows -N- Owe$ 💋🎨 ‏@_jaevic

They right for putting play n trade in carencro👾🎮

Tayos ‏@Tayos13

7/19 #LeagueOfLegends 🎮 #LCK ▪9-12|42.9%|-3.99u 🎮LoL▪117-148|44.2%|-19.56u KT Rolster +1.5 -119💰 1-0 +1.00u

lumi ✨ HyunLu Enthusiast 💜✨ ‏@seollumi

Seola looks like she's about to GAME at an Internet Cafe (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖ 🎮✨

DeXZoR 🇸🇪 ‏@TheDeXZoR

🎮Live🎮 One more day to wait for my Revenet We live Now @PlayWarframe from @DigitalExtremes Lets go The Feigr…

XNerd4Life ‏@XNerd4Life

Hey Gamer 🕹A new post is available ✅ Marvel’s the Avengers, the demo extended will be published after Gamescom 201…

XNerd4Life ‏@XNerd4Life

Hey Gamer 🕹A new post is available ✅ Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, video gameplay Gunfight 2v2 Discover more 🎮⬇️

XNerd4Life ‏@XNerd4Life

Hey Gamer 🕹A new post is available ✅ Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 : the game is available on Switch, here is the lau…

FourFourTwo ⚽️ ‏@FourFourTwo

QUESTION ❓ Who's your greatest CM/FM signing of all time? 🎮 Convince us why, and we'll pick a winner. The prize i…

LURK24(.tv) 🎮 🛫 #TwitchCon2019 ‏@LURK24tv

I just hosted *unkn0wnson* on twitch 📺 🎮 playing: World of Warcraft ⏰ uptime: 5 hours 24 m…

Jim Hargreaves ‏@jim_hargreaves

Super proud of this. The biggest feature I’ve worked on this year: a six-page probe into Serbia’s video game indust…

Yung Mafee Beats 🇳🇬🇿🇦🇬🇭 ‏@yungmafee_beats

Connect via DM or WhatsApp: +2348144768076 🎛️🎙️🎚️Music Production Department: ➡️Instrumentals ➡️Recording ➡️Mixi…

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Viral Games News ‏@ViralGamesNews

I feel the need! 🤩❤️🎮

Belong Preston ‏@BelongPreston

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SimplyGames 🎮 ‏@SimplyGames

@napalmjam @GeeMacca "It's like a mix of Hotline Miami and God of War" apparently 🎮

Ironarohan ‏@RohanReddevil

@ItsEclihpse Correction "RISE n GRIND EPIC GAMERS 🎮".

Blade ‏@BIadeGG

Good morning, let’s get it! #FearTheBlade 🎮🏆🔥

SANTi ‏@therealsanti___

I'm going to make a video game 🎮

GAME Stratford City ‏@GAMEStratford

Britain’s biggest games magazine is here. Pick up your copy from @GAMEStratford or read online now! #GAMEMagazine 🎮…

gamingsince86 ‏@gamingsince86

@Shatter31751915 took your advice mate and picked up persona 3 👍🏻🎮

Eclihpse ‏@ItsEclihpse


UnifiedStreamers ‏@UnifiedStreamrs

Good morning ☀️🌄🎮

NaStYNaDeS ‏@Nastynades

🚨ATTENTION GAMERS🚨 NaStYNaDeS💣is going live in 😎Come say hi hope to see you’s in the stream & hope you’s enjoy it i…

LURK24(.tv) 🎮 🛫 #TwitchCon2019 ‏@LURK24tv

I just hosted *toxinburn* on twitch 📺 🎮 playing: Guild Wars 2 ⏰ uptime: 8 hours 3 minutes…

#SmallStreamersConnect ‏@SmallStreamersC

We're hosting TheZenux playing #CounterStrikeGlobalOffensive with 29 viewers! Check them out! 🎮…

Ivan Chu Wing Yan ‏@wing_hu

@skydart hi Chloe good morning! Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy your weekend & have a great time! 😉💖🌠🌹🔥🌊⚡🌎☀️💋🎮💎🌈🎆

LURK24(.tv) 🎮 🛫 #TwitchCon2019 ‏@LURK24tv

I just hosted *Quijas1* on twitch 📺 🎮 playing: Teamfight Tactics ⏰ uptime: 4 hours 2 minut…

Tsohost ‏@tsohost

#Mario vs #SonicTheHedgehog. Pixel pioneers: which #retro character was most influential on #gaming and why? 🎮🕹#RetroGames

Simon Pollard ‏@simon_pollard

This game looks beautiful. Now that it's possible to use a DualShock with an iPad I am far more likely to pick this…

🕸Shakira G. Quiñones-Lebrón🇵🇷 ‏@Shakiguani

There was a bus from Guayanilla to San Juan full of gamers. GAMERS!! 🎮 Gangs from hoods who've been enemies for ye…

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XNerd4Life ‏@XNerd4Life

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𝘭𝘶𝘯𝘢 🌙 ‏@praxse

guild 🎮

bc | SevenS1ns ‏@ATBWait

Early stream! All Bosses Glitchless: The Hunt for the Sub 10! 🎮: #FinalFantasy VII 🥅: All Bosses Glitchless ▶️:

Robert ‏@UniDarkwolf

I'm now live playing Apex Legends over on Mixer: 🎮

Jessiiieee_ ‏@jessie_mizz

My Socials ☻💜 🎮 Twitch: 🏝 Instagram: 🎥 Youtube: 💜 Code: Jessiiieee

vTutor ‏@vTutorcom

@clarklovesmath It's a promising method. Digital rewards for digital discipline, could definitely see students goin…

RG Callyde94 ‏@TTVCallyde94

We could be In for a long stream 🙄🎮

eFootball.Pro ‏@eFootballPro

"I had to choose between the game or my family and friends. I chose the latter". 🎮Former @S04Esports player…

XNerd4Life ‏@XNerd4Life

Hey Gamer 🕹A new post is available ✅ Stadia : Ubisoft talks about the costs involved in the service of Google, it…

👾The Games Freezer 🕹 ‏@gamesfreezer

🎮 🎮 ☆ Let's Do The Video Games 'All Nighter' ☆ Being a gamer of a certain age with kids…

Anthony (Whiskurs) White ‏@MrWhiskurs

I'm now live playing Minecraft over on Mixer: 🎮

Lex ‏@CouchSpace

💬 playwarframe The new Quatz collection is out! 🎮 The cosmetics in this pack are actually really cool, The Quatz pi…

dLuCiD ㊼ ‏@Danny47barnett

Been going crazy on this new controller 🎮🐺 #ReleaseTheHounds #ControllerGang #tu50k #purposeRC

ScratchDiscord ‏@ScratchDiscord

Chaos! Madness! Vanilla! The new Scratch Chat Minecraft Server is out! Get ready for a new meaning of survival! Che…

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LURK24(.tv) 🎮 🛫 #TwitchCon2019 ‏@LURK24tv

I just hosted *Profixt* on twitch 📺 🎮 playing: Fortnite ⏰ uptime: 1 hour 29 minutes 50 sec…

エリカメイ ‏@erica_m_i

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekend has come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉✨🦑🐙🎮✨🥳✨😊✨😍✨🤩✨🤪✨

greenbean Jay💚 ‏@PastelPrince69

I'm now live playing Grand Theft Auto V over on Mixer: 🎮

🎉🎮BrookChaos😄🎥 Sir Brook of the Chaos Bloodline🤘🎮 ‏@BrookChaos

You know, a couple of years ago, I honestly wouldn’t think that I would be on 🎥YouTube, making videos🎬 being both a…

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dung ‏@dung43618667

@mediamolecule @CanYouNAUT That's not what I will be doing during the weekend. I'll be playing and snoozing 😴🎮. For…

RetroPluggers™ ‏@RetroPluggers

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Checkpoint XP ‏@CheckpointXP

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ACGL ‏@AfricanGaming

📢 Online #BlackOps4 tournaments this weekend: 📆 21 Jul 🕖 Check-in: 13h00 | Matches: 14h00 🎮 5v5 | PS4 | XB1 📝 Det…

Spheriz Cup ‏@SpherizCup

[PRESENTATION] @MiQuatro from #FuryEsport ! 🇫🇮 23 years old 🎮Pad player 👍Best map : Evolved DriftMania 👎Worst map…

Gamer Critics ‏@GamerCritics

🎮🎮 Todays Gaming Question 🎮🎮 What are your memories of the original Tomb Raider games?

Redemption CCG - The Third Era ‏@Redemption_CCG

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Ramadhiva ‏@ramadhiva_

Apex time~ 🎮

XNerd4Life ‏@XNerd4Life

Hey Gamer 🕹A new post is available ✅ Google Staff: what happens if the service closes? Discover more 🎮⬇️

Viral Games News ‏@ViralGamesNews

I want you to feel safe! 🤩❤️🎮

Joseph🎮Anthony🕹 ‏@NotoriousJnX

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Mason George ‏@MasonReact

like this tweet if you’re gonna be t’d in Miami 🎮

🤰Chorna Williams 🎮 ‏@Chorna

@Mansh1p @PixelGumTV Enjoy @AidanWilliams while you can, @Mansh1p. I'm growing a baby and I fully expect the kid to…

MuadDibJedi 🇨🇦 ‏@MuadDibJedi

Happy Fallout Friday Savages, Vault Dwellers and Hunters 😎🕹🎮☕☕🐌

The CTRL Pad ‏@The_CTRL_Pad

🙌🏼 SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER 🙌🏼 Who’s coming down to spend their summer at The CTRL Pad? 🎮 #thectrlpad…

Julie Elven ‏@JulieElvenMusic

@Reeperbahn_Fest @BLCTRL Thank you for having me! Super excited! ❤️🎮

Cyberbunk Gaming ‏@CyberbunkGaming

#Repost gameontology (get_repost) ・・・ Summer is coming🌞⛱️🎮😂 Tag your friends who spend the whole summer playing gam…

Viral Games News ‏@ViralGamesNews

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XNerd4Life ‏@XNerd4Life

Hey Gamer 🕹A new post is available ✅ MXGP 2019 : the new features explained in this trailer of gameplay Discover m…

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