Videocassette Emoji

A video cassette tape, commonly referred to as a video, or video tape. Used to play videos purchased on VHS cassette, or for recording television prior to widespread use of PVRs.

Videocassette was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As



📼 Video Tape


📼 U+1F4FC




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Vh1 $hamrock 💰 ‏@IrishThePen

Bro this dunk was on my NBA Jam vhs 📼🏀🔥 I wore out as a kid- Gateling was like “Yea bro u got it”👊🤣

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Jeremy James ‏@JeremyArblaster

Great to see some old video footage of Nottingham on the big screen today at @BroadwayCinema , courtesy of…

Ric Stultz ‏@ricstultz

Oh! Hi! Hello! 💾📠📼💽 . . . #illustration #art #artwork #ink #artist #illustrator #artoftheday #drawing #watercolor…

So I Married A Movie Geek ‏@MovieGeekCast

Luckily, the wait is almost over!! Our 1988 #FantasyMovieDraft drops tomorrow! 📼

Jonathan E. Miles ‏@Jonatha21648895

Lights, Camera, Action! 📽📼🎞📸🎥🎬

Lola Longfield ‏@TitanRFederer

Federer on the new Miami slow courts and his next opponent Krajinovic. 📼TennisTV

cathedral bells ‏@cathedralbells_

new single artwork for new song “eighth wonder of the world” out soon on @GoodEyeRecords 💫 📼

David Iwanow ‏@davidiwanow

@JudithLewis @laurentbourelly @DavidAmerland @jasonmbarnard @eYordanov @OmiSido @dan__richardson @dergal…

Apartment Owners' Network - Líonra Úinéirí Árasáin ‏@ApartmentOwners

Jump to 📼4:38 for @KHumphreysDBS & @DrJamesReilly discussion with @odce about: ✔Assisting with vindication of righ…

JillyKins777 ‏@Shalanna777

🔴 !DROPS [PC/EU] Jester Event/I'm tanking! 📼!vid 👕!merch 🛒!stickers 🦒!ting 💩!poo(trying for Stream Team) - #ESOFam…

ℭ𝔞𝔫𝔢𝔯 𝔇𝔢𝔫𝔦𝔷 ‏@canerdeniz

📹The Late Night Tapes📼 | @sequisha • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice •

тia ⛈ ‏@yoops3

📼 hi, i posted this video 4yrs ago & it got deleted recently after miraculously reaching +20k views & 800likes 😕 ju…

Marc ‏@MarcJ00

Hits rewound(THE FIXX---ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER)☝↔😋🔊🔊📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪

Marc ‏@MarcJ00

Hits rewound(WANG CHUNG---EVERYBODY HAVE FUN TONIGHT)👭👬🔊🔊📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪

Marc ‏@MarcJ00

Hits rewound(THE EURYTHMICS---SWEET DREAMS (ARE MADE OF THIS)🍭🍬💭💭🔊🔊📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪

Marc ‏@MarcJ00

Hits rewound(THE BUGGLES---VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR)🎥💀📻🌟🔊🔊📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪

siti ❁ ‏@hfxhs_

We always find a way to make it out alive 📼

Inwils ‏@inwils

🔴 !DROPS [PC/EU] Jester Event/I'm tanking! 📼!vid 👕!merch 🛒!stickers 🦒!ting 💩!poo(trying for Stream Team) - #ESOFam…

Stevie Forster ‏@StevenForster14

Sun is shining in the sky, There ain't a cloud in sight... 😎📼

Ú§ÄMÄ_hðñ😜 (Today My Birthday) ‏@GeniusGeni1

: :) Follow everyòné that Likes this! 📼 💘 💕 (^o^)

Chloe Calvin 🐯 ‏@Lil_MissCC

@Nikwestbass performing in London! [📼: 2 hours of funk compressed into a 1 minute video]

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فالو ٹویٹر پاکستان ® ‏@FollowTwiterPak

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Cytra ‏@Cytra09

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selfcarestudyx on ig💓 ‏@selfcarestudyx

📼 Videotape emoji - send a video 🎥 Movie camera emoji - send 50 videos 📹 Video camera emoji - send 500 videos 🌞…

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🌸Noor Shehzadi🌸 ‏@Noor____s

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Larry Kim ‏@larrykim

📼Your Guide to Video Marketing: Crack the Video Code

Franco Spicciariello, PhD 🇮🇹🇪🇺 ‏@frankspicc

🎶 I’m Football Crazy 🎶 Giorgio Chinaglia 🦅 (1974) 📼

mike ‏@mikekaraoke23

@Lord_Sugar Happy Birthday 🎂🎈 I remember watching this as a small kid in the 80's when I was 4 , Still got it taped…

fabio_lattanzi_a ‏@fabio_la

Met a dear friend in town and discovered a great place. Ester Johnson’s Point and Shoot. Part of Look at Me…

Untold Coffee ‏@UntoldRoasters

We just dropped a new mixtape on @spotify. If you’re into folk vibes, hit this bad boy up. Search ‘Untold Mixtape N…

Carlo Johnson 📽🎵 ‏@Carlo_ThChThr

my friend is sad because nobody is going to his donut shop, and people tell him not to paint his nails because he’s…

💖they’re juicy and sexy, but mostly sexy 🇭🇹 ‏@gomogexual

@sephiramy This feels like a romantic 80s music video 📼

Rana Hameed ‏@RanaAbdulHame13

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Melati 🐈 ‏@MelKitteh

Not mine, but ... 📼

Melati 🐈 ‏@MelKitteh

. 📼 GREENHOUSE EFFECT / PRANA #Prana #greenhouseeffect #lagunarecords #cassette #onlyanalogisreal #analogisreal…

Melati 🐈 ‏@MelKitteh

📼 I fell in 🖤 with the girl at the rockshowww TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS AND JACKET / BLINK-182 (2001) #blink182…

Nahed ‏@Nahed_Ehab

I miss the days when i used to go to the videotapes store to rent movies on the weekends. 📼

Melati 🐈 ‏@MelKitteh

.. 📼 RESULTS MAY VARY / LIMPBIZKIT (2003) #limpbizkit #resultsmayvary #cassette #onlyanalogisreal #analogisreal…

Melati 🐈 ‏@MelKitteh



📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼 REVIEW PORRAMUST @proramustxx #11xHOST

Melati 🐈 ‏@MelKitteh

... RIDE THE LIGHTNING / METALLICA 📼 Side One 1. Fight Fire With Fire 2. Ride The Lightning 3. For Whom The Bell To…


📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼 REVIEW T DASH @baextdash #11xHOST

Melati 🐈 ‏@MelKitteh

... INFESTISSUMAM / GHOST 📼 Side A 1. Infestissumam 2. Per Aspera Ad Inferi 3. Secular Haze 4. Jigolo Har Meggido 5…

Melati 🐈 ‏@MelKitteh

... DAILY RITUAL S/T 📼 Side A 1. The Wall 2. Save Yourself 3. Death and Depression 4. You Represent Decay Side B 5.…


📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼 REVIEW EMPIRE @RMMPRx #11xHOST


📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼 REVIEW ZANE @ZXNEX_ #11xHOST


📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼📼 REVIEW ATHIKUL @athikulxosw #11xHOST

Andrea Paola ‏@adieonfleek

If you could only know me like your prayers at night, then everything between you and me will be alright. 📼

Melati 🐈 ‏@MelKitteh

... GYMNASTIC SKULL WHISTLING / UNHOLY SMOKERS Split Cassette -- 📼 -- #gymnasticskullwhistling #unholysmokers #gsw…

fabio_lattanzi_a ‏@fabio_la

Met a dear friend in town and discovered a great place. Ester Johnson’s Point and Shoot. Part of Look at Me argos_c…

George Platz ‏@georplatz

@DaveVescio The Cinema of Transgression 📼

BBC Radio 6 Music ‏@BBC6Music

VAMPIRE WEEKEND visited Steve Lamacq this week. 📼 See performances of 'Sunflower', 'Harmony Hall' and '2021' over…

Spencer🍀 ‏@ace_pencer

Put your head on my shoulder📼-Paul Anka Sunday night is a classic night🌌🎼

Tamara Whelan ‏@T_J_Whelan

@NancyATravis Couldn’t agree more with you Ms Travis. Keep on being joyous 😃 from a fan of yours since the 80’s 📼📺

Daniel Lawrence ‏@DanPostsAwesome

HMV's New VHS Range |📼 Classic VHS style with DVD and Bluray discs included 🔗 LINK: ---…

zéy ‏@lucasdemauryss

I can see my baby swinging his Parliament's on fire and his hands are up on the balcony and I'm singing ooh baby, o…

🌼Madiha Noor🌼🍃✨PRΣMIUM🦅IΠT'L✨ ‏@Madiha__0

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Ahmidatur Rahmawati ‏@rahmamida

Pictscript 📼

Maria Lewis ‏@moviemazz

Being able to rent more than one VHS on Cheap Tuesday 📼

wav3visuals!÷* ‏@Dillonischill

First GOON TAPES dropping this Friday 📼🤘

chelsea ‏@chlxsea

— 📼💿🎬 fibolution: the playback archives

Julia (리아) ‏@jeisuichoi


B.K. on the AIR 🎙 ‏@bkontheair

The #1980s are calling!! 📼 #80s

فهد❌ ‏@F_H_4423

Sunday Gain📀📼📀are you online REPLY With '' Hello '' and Follow Everyone Who Likes Your Reply I Will Follow Back…

🐰 BTS exyvoix 🐇™ ‏@sexyvoix

🐰 Retweet and Follow all who LIKES! 📼🐇

Bakhtiyar ahmad khan ‏@Real_Bakhtiyar

✨PRΣMIUM🦅IΠT'L✨ 4️rt list of the day Follow Retweet FollowBack💯✔️ @Real_Bakhtiyar 💹@A_______Hussain @saad_pak2 💳…

HAN ft🧖🏻‍♀️🧖🏻‍♀️🚿 ‏@Hannee78

Polycat&Mitsubishi Electric- Take Me With You 📼

Max ‏@MaxMtz04

So just to let you guys know, i made a playlist for a storyboard that i’m making soon, so i guess go to spotify and…

ʙʏᴇ ᴀʟᴇx ‏@itzmecaarrlluzz

its happeniiinngg @/📼s

Shiii🥀 ‏@ishiarabitt

Rex Orange Country 📼

(◑☆◐) ‏@mocandyfome


GMAN ‏@georgeslabranc1

Good Night 📼 @Zendaya #HeyZendaya

asha ☆ miroh [📖] ‏@lcvehye

Me: I want a flat stomach My stomach: | \ | / | \ | \ |🎧…

Leonardo Pérez Mayorga ‏@LeoPerezMayorg

So let me point you in the right direction📼

How We Do Gaming ‏@HowWeDoGaming

fun time with mr_nuevayol heightz_princess tazz_ @seven5zero @Kjr179 @Euridicis_B dee.nasty @bodegapizza 🍕 🍻 🍷 📼 🎥…

Marc ‏@MarcJ00

Hits rewound(SPANDAU BALLET---ONLY WHEN YOU LEAVE)👫🚪➡🔊🔊📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪

Marc ‏@MarcJ00

Hits rewound(SQUEEZE UK---COOL FOR CATS)😎🐱🔊🔊📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪📼⏪

Todd ‏@907channel

I would probably be almost done with a 🔥 Ketchikan highlight 📼. That was a nice game full of reels

RetroNewsNow ‏@RetroNewsNow

📼Top Video Rentals (March 24, 1999):

Anthony Remington ‏@anthokey87

Goodnight #goodnight #GoodNightEveryone #GoodNightTwitterWorld #goodnightworld 🌕🌜🌛🌝🌚🌌🌃🌉📱💻🖥⌛️🎥📹📸📷📼💿📀❤️❤️❤️🚹🎦🎵🎶🃏➕👁‍🗨=🐔&🦄🐷

Isaac♥️ ‏@Isaac_llama

Feel like I’m your cat, I’m your dog.📼

UnknownArchive ‏@Unknown_Archive

📺 The Dump! VINEGAR! 📼 via @YouTube

Crystal Sault ‏@crystalsault24

no one: modern grunge girls with mostly flash photos in their instagram feed: 🎥✌🏻🌿🖤◻️🌵💿🔮📺💀🚬📸🌙👽📼🍆♠️💸🌚📦🎱

Pam C ❤🐕❤ ‏@pamcho3

@sooze555 @funder My theory is, "I have pictures and video" 📸🎞🎥📼👬👨‍👦‍🌈😳🏳‍

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