Weary Face Emoji

A distraught-looking emoji with an open mouth, and crescent shaped eyes. Appears to have given up.

Very similar in appearance to the Tired Face Emoji.

Weary Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😩 Distraught Face

😩 Wailing


😩 U+1F629




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tiara👑. ‏@bbuunnyyy

i didn't have my braids for not even a week & i miss my bundles already😩. lol


Matter of fact lemme add a couple more days to this leave slip 😩😩😂😂😂😂

Shayluhh 🥰 💋👑 ‏@ShaylahMarie__

This song just do some to me 😩😋😍 https://t.co/hw9ioivelj

Jamie, Park. #StayBeautiful ‏@jimeanpark07

@seungyourn Asdfghjkl im so sorry for being this clueless 😩

nadz ‏@dhineandal

ate myles😩❤️ https://t.co/S7NQABkGfX

niamh ‏@nevcarlin

Naw I swear to fuck if I get turned with my own id AGAIN, hitting 19 next week and they’re still saying it ain’t me… https://t.co/b2DfUZQjg9

🇵🇦CHICHI🇵🇦 ‏@ChiChiSoGutta

I thought finding a PINK 9 w/ a *built in* laser would be difficult..... Guy in the gun shop said... “WHICH ONE YO… https://t.co/bRAq5mGYRa

kpop multi-stan ‏@kpopmultistan4

@ultjoyuris I expected and got disappointed 😩 But say goodbye to Yulyen. We goin 2Jul

K ‏@nnosredna

Holy crap 😩 https://t.co/IaQ0qnxYDz

Someone✨ ‏@chelss_____

I just love him and I live for this sort of love and happiness 😩😍 https://t.co/YVVFNc2kjb

mikaelson ‏@eyawaddup

perpetual help the fount of truth 😩✊ https://t.co/6XdkjRdFdi

🌞 ‏@gaperapitse

Is it even necessary for me to attend this 3hour lesson? 😩

SVT's 테아 ¦ Lethargic ‏@s_bbibbi

@reglaineann Aww. I'll try to update more to feel you better. Just stuck in the traffic. 😩

Grateful Heart ❤ ‏@Stheshy_

@lusandapapu Too loud 😩😩😩

fuck EMM ✍🏾 they EXPECT shit 🤡 ‏@___2girls1heart

Idek why skeet woke me up 😩 knowing ima be hungry as hell so I had to make me a quick meal ♥️♥️

TC88 ‏@Theonaldo88

@chinn7_ He meant “I wanna go Barca to watch Messi win trophies” 😭😩

jhnez 🧜🏽‍♀️ ‏@whatJHNEZsays

I paid my rent Friday and it still hasn’t came out my account 😩 please stop playinnnnn and take the money ☹️😹😹😹

Ifeanyi ‏@Tunchi_BN

Gods time is the best, no matter how fast you want it 😩 https://t.co/nFyYWrU0OP

❤lovingmyZiah❤ ‏@lovinqliife0825

Is it Friday yet😩😩😩😩damn it’s only Monday😂😂

fana ‏@minijunsang

@KMHCSY Well that's a fact 😩

Our Queen😌 ‏@genevive_alena

Best tweet and replies I've seen this month 😩😩 the sweet memories of my childhood 😢 https://t.co/MJ1c6TSB7J

Grace ‏@Gracebloom12

First day of sem 2 and there's already a 1st project 😩

Beth-blogger🦋 #lover ‏@BookLoverx

I am just so excited for season 2 of @DCUTitans 😩😩😩 re-watching season 1 now and I just need it to be September 😍 https://t.co/QyZEHBVCL2

Siobhan P. ‏@Aye_itsmeDez

Monday got here to quick for me 😩🥺

tiababy🥰♥️ ‏@shakiratiana__

it’s cold asf in here😩

ֆɛʀɛռǟ 🍂 ‏@serena727

Dying for a cup of coffee! Can’t wait to get off this train. 😩

💜Rebecca miss bts💜📌arsd📌 ‏@hopeingmonster

This was like the hardest drawing I've done but I'm really happy with it 😩😩 https://t.co/6hiExWH8PI

💙💛anne keep ‏@bellakeep

@thepigeoncoup33 @DobyTheBoxer I’ve tried it recently for Bella but it gave her the 💩💩😩

✨👑missislanddoll👑✨ ‏@misspharmacyga1

I thought this was normal in the strip clubs. I thought they were all sucking & hunching each other to kill time be… https://t.co/ToVePdGv9c

Betty Zhao ‏@c659670

why you ask for money?😩It is the gift Tae Tae give to our army😭#winter bear https://t.co/Fe0g8QDDad

TwrkPvnda 🔜 EDCO ‏@KushBabii_

@thetrapdashian It’s draining 😩

Lari$ha 🖤 ‏@La_ri_sha

I couldn’t sleep last night & I went messing with Deja... she’s such a grandma 😩

yoposseinc ‏@Yoposseinc

Same 😩 https://t.co/t9ekdfuMSF

JaahBaby ‏@youchosejah

just had a eargasm🥰🥰😩 https://t.co/1Rjwjftdua

ritaaaaah ‏@likewhowantsit

Well damn. This just slapped me back into reality 😩🙌🏽 https://t.co/SdhEVmQsef

Bukky Campbell ‏@ikkyBellz

Then I’m so getting one, my siblings have suffered enough...😩🤦🏾‍♀️☺️ https://t.co/DCQ2SoKrzS

k ‏@MuntingKhalid

Fck! Here we go again 😩

chill ‏@shila_sahlan

@sitinurhajarrr YES BABY YES!! Btw i miss you so much😩😩♥️♥️

ATP Sports Massage ‏@athletictuneup

If you're scapula looks like this... you probably have shoulder issues 😩 ... #ATP #ATX #atxfitness #Sportsmassage… https://t.co/jBKLJ4r5lY

💜Deonia ‏@DeeBtweetinTho

30 days on my new car warranty is up today and guess tf what????? It’s starting to do dumb shit 😩

Nikki Barnes ‏@onlygettnbetter

One more hour of work. 😩

AD: The Killing Joke ‏@OverEverglow

Me: *clicks the video* Me: *hears* Me: I'm not going to sing with them Also Me: ..... IS ThIS JUST fAnTaSY. CAug… https://t.co/cTvvIMhpsV

Tamara💎 ‏@love_Maggie_

Kayden going to middle school 😩 I’m emotional.

Tom ‏@ToadsFriend

#drmarioworld urgh... Another 4000 coins down the drain... For a silly clam! Where's my Dr Toad?? 😩 https://t.co/69l0J3MQ3p

C H A R L I E..♌️ ‏@xo_charlieee

When I get home I gotta finish with those clothes😩, I was just too tired after i gave myself a break lastnight . I… https://t.co/mH3KHZOuis

✌️Anisha ‏@AnishaBeLike


Mercedes ♛ ‏@ThtGirlMercedes

I’m so upset it rained the minute we got to the boat yesterday 😭😩

MidPipeGuapo *4/10* ‏@Gr8PipeGuapo

Bitches so Bitter they not even making sense anymore😩

Overdose on Asia 💋 ‏@Asia2Kali

My girl went through 3 pair of chestnut Ugg’s last winter 😣 after the second pair her dad was over it so I got her… https://t.co/WXbLnNNtCv

BrownSuga ‏@red_mami

@MunaMoons Same 😩

C Ξ Ξ ‏@Cee_ebbss

Ugh this me !! I wanna talk on the phone on my way to work 😩 https://t.co/zFYLtwrsnH

𝕜𝕚𝕖𝕣𝕜𝕪🌸🌸 ‏@kierky1973

Let’s do this another week 😳😩 https://t.co/RjFnzLFHCH

Aug23 ‏@naaaaeeee____

Wouldn’t change anything but the throwing up. I can’t wait to meet my princess 😩🥰

marienelle🐢 ‏@marienelizalde

@rwnjrg ty bbq😩❤

彡♡ nayli ‏@slutjindrop

i know its mingyu who is jk's best friend. please dont clown me. im that stupid 😩🤘🏻

ky ‏@AsInKyla

@_dez20 Do I really need to graduate? 😩

tinkie ‏@tinkiebri

@BeautifulAsha @Petercleavers @Ozelle_Kayom @SsebuddeJ 😩😩That eye😩😩 Isa lie 🏃🏃🏃

Joi ‏@joi_nicole

Every Time I don’t go to work I feel bad 😩

Kαтιe☽ ‏@koverbeck23

Why did I think it was a good idea to take an 8 a.m. class 😩

Alex☺️ ‏@Yellow_Guhh

I’m so ready to these weeks to fly by 😩‼️

GrafikDread 🇻🇨🇰🇳 ‏@King_Bunt

@Sash_Shere Steady fraid to retweet; meen wah she pick me out an call me name inna chune😩

s~ ‏@xthatotrkidx


Laela ‏@laelaa0

@_stephhmx I know how sad 😭😩

Virgo Princess ♍️ ‏@MzCelebzWay

The devil is busy this morning 😩

Anjanet Marie ‏@DimpleFaceNae

Classes start today! 😩

1899 ‏@swearonuryeezys

Ugh I hate now I cant watch cacw like I used to 😩 fuck yall m&m and the r*ssos

R ‏@wildfloweriny

Im never buying this 😩 https://t.co/dj57Rfv3e9

Tom Fahey ‏@fahey_tom

@JohnSul75001271 Aw? Somebody's upset and cannt take a beating? 😩😩😩😩😩throwing their toys out of the pram!

Creme de la Creme ‏@a_finesse_

It’s Monday AGAIN 😩😩

thee seaquarium ‏@earfmuva

@BohoBlackGirl i miss you more seester 😩😩

KimberleyMaley17 🏳️‍🌈👭 ‏@kimberleymaley1

This long 10 hour shift needs to hurry up and be over I can’t be arsed standing next to a production line any longe… https://t.co/mwwoV3JyHy

Karen ‏@gkarrenn

@SupYouFoundJay Sadlyy😩

𝖘𝖎𝖗𝖊𝖓𝖆 🧜🏼‍♀️ ‏@solenahermanex

It's almost time for back to school shopping for our little girl n DAMN... This doesn't feel real yet 😩 My baby was… https://t.co/J1Nek1wEEE

Vic ‏@ItsVicentay_

Driving to work like 😩but gotta get the bills paid

. ‏@ItsOfficial_DRE

@TheRoSho 😩 thank you

Sururah ‏@aj0kee

When you tagged @woye1 I thought this was Abuja 😭😭 stop breaking my heart 😩😩 https://t.co/pKP4wQWl80

_Hamad_ ‏@adebisi_hamad

@vantaediors As if there their spirit knows you like them... They'll chat with you in romantic ways then one faithf… https://t.co/CGWr8tZLR4

Chelsea ‏@mz_umeh

Please someone should order cake/ cupcake for me abeg 😩. Anon pls I really love @lush_cakes she knows my details already self 😂😩

Da Baby’s baby 🤪 ‏@NyabokeObegi

@Sherr_16 Imagine it’s a better choice na kwa hii economy 😩

Hasken Falaki✨ ‏@ammunaa__

Someone should ask me to send my account number 😩😩😩😫😫😫😫😫😩😩😫😫😫

Paeruwu🦋 ‏@PaeruisBaeru

On that MC grind😩👌🔥 https://t.co/EUEwiYobuM

Baby ‏@wnrhnini

@Syazaaliyanaa but i want alif satar 😩

✗@Chef_yinda✗ ‏@kvng_yinda

I just want to go home to the loml😩😩😝😝

NanaPuteri ‏@nanaapu3

It’s only Monday but i am already all drained up. It’s definitely gonna be a long week 😩

One Of A Kind ✨✨✨ ‏@Greedy_Baby

Can’t wait to go home & go to my lil exclusive spot...I need a long walk, some champagne, and a fresh breathe of air 😩

BK ‏@BKai_

I miss my baby bump 😩😩😩🥴 like rs. 😭 I want another baby now .

Cristina ‏@aimeesonnnn

@smdee_ Honestly I was willing to risk it at all last night 😩🤦🏻‍♂️😅

mike ‏@iammicahjordan

you ever have a dream so good you don’t wanna wake up😩

👑Riya👼 ‏@iriya543

#biggbosstamil3 so full of shit after two weeks I tried to watch but can't seem to have any motivation to do it. Ti… https://t.co/QTyBWOYmgG

Tom Jones ‏@Tomj96xx

Wish he shot and scored 😩😩 https://t.co/cEp9l94E8n

melisa ‏@hobiimx

@ItsMeJulinah @OfficialMonstaX thank u !! 💞💞 sksks i wish 😩

IG: Skincareblissology ‏@girlympho

@glamology_za Aramex customs are refusing to deliver my products 😩 outchea talking about a bank statement I need to… https://t.co/eLJSDyhF5A

Meg 🦕 ‏@meggosaurus96

Can astro Twitter explain why trains have been absolutely shit lately? Mercury is not in retrograde right now, I am not prepared 😩

Mide's Store ‏@lamideh_a

Even in my imagination, I CANNOT dance like this. 😩 https://t.co/8zaDwgXFaB

my name is mari👅 ‏@_amarii

@DPtheMC 😭😩😭😭😂 good one

Maggie E ‏@maggie21715

@repreaux pray for “A”.... I have a 13 yr old and I worry all the time 😩. I pray to her guardian angel on the regular.

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