White Flower Emoji

An emoji symbol of a white flower, often a cherry blossom.

The Apple artwork contains Japanese text on the inside that translates to mean “Well Done” or “You did very well”. This is used by teachers in Japan as a stamp on school work that is of a high standard, often accompanied by a score written in red.

White Flower was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

💮 Cherry Blossom

💮 Paper Doily

💮 Well Done Stamp


💮 U+1F4AE




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Have a blessed week all🙏 💮 https://t.co/zIrCDfo4Cx

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@maria_fragata @AnnelisaDavison @DebraVi91710578 @Bobellsrainbows @RedRoseGoth @karenjane16ka @fiftyminus2 @Dawniiw… https://t.co/JG3xjfDG8e

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💮 Beautiful breakfast idea... Blueberry and filo "mille-feuille" pastry served on "In Bloom" porcelain 💙… https://t.co/QYhBZk6RlZ

Abid Ali Mirani ‏@AbidAliMirani2

@ArfaBhutto786 @Malik6zainab Happy birthday 🌹🏵️💮🌸💐 @Malik6zainab

Alê ♥︎'s Mijoo | 1H #ONCE_UPON_A_TIME 💮 ‏@mijooarti

this is the moment to show to the #lovelyz that we are here for them, linus 😔👇Give girls enough support in this com… https://t.co/J1xoGWD0ro

David J Nann ‏@DavidJNann

@AnnelisaDavison @fiftyminus2 💐🏵️🎶🌐🎈📰📚📖🖌️ Good Morning Colours of the World.. 🙂HAPPY FLOWERING MONDAY… https://t.co/rhdHyVsHq7

Liza Beck ‏@Liza_Beck04

@BTS_twt Don't cry JK we love you 💜💜💮

𝓜𝓮𝓰 ‏@jungyongies

because you seem down again :(( here are some more flowers for you ⚘🌺🌻💮🏵❤ (and a heart i guess, ill just leave it…… https://t.co/OmqawZEs8s

Marc Schaller ‏@MarcSchaller3

@noikeanolife @BCG @Pschalle57 Morning Hiroyuki, Pierre, Have a nice end of May day. 🌸 💮 🌸 Cheers

Fair WN ‏@garden_chamber

A basket or small planter can pack a colour punch...exciting times ahead...👊🌷🌼🌻🌺💮🌸 https://t.co/NVcBTYEU8V

Maria A ‏@Inspire2074

Good morning world 😁💮💮💮🌿 It's Monday & the color is white. #MondayVibes #NewBeginnings #GoodMorningWorld https://t.co/NUO8ZHe27u

诸葛, Jihua. ‏@koshkalyts

@laveian 💮; wah. nice to hear that. mine,,,,

Svetlana Sal'nikovа ‏@nikova_svetlana

@Martina82403124 @Sassenach2016 @Pam__0001 @GinaPustor123 @AthanasiaTrian1 @LiseNilsson2 @Lucilla_moon59 @MakkOlga… https://t.co/1vssO2HfRj

Tanya Sukhwani ‏@SukhwaniTanya

@Kohinoor_KTI ⚡Waymo. ⚡ #AnswerAllFour #TechWeek #TechQuiz #GeneralKnowledge #KTI #SkillIndia #DigitalIndia 🌸… https://t.co/WDZ72CTHAj

TheLight ‏@afrooozgh

Im bad at love💮

Brian ‏@Brian29199858

@n_miu0531 beautiful beautiful~🌼🌺🏵💮🌸🌼🌺🏵💮🌸🌼🌺🏵💮🌸🌼🌺🏵💮🌸🌼🌺🏵💮🌸

Little Miss Sparkle ❤️✨🦋 ‏@Kirsty_sparkle

@Dawniiw Have a fantastic Monday and new week ❤️🌸🌼💮

🌻 Lynda Graham 🌻 ‏@Graham007LYNDA

@MonsoonValleyUK A nice glass of chilled white wine in my fridge and a relaxing bath in the evening. 💮🌿💮

KaMiByMyloneLy ‏@HoseaJaylan

She bad think I want her in my bag 💮

❤️Mosadi wa mopedi💕 ‏@NthabisengPatji

Happy Monday 💮🌼🌸💐🌻 https://t.co/qdR7MWCOc9

(M)EshA💃 ‏@dreamsadrift

Anyone appreciate the fact that now Jared has also started wearing floral prints?🌸💮🌼🌸🌼💮🏵️ No? Only me? https://t.co/mYe2uqad4M

Fair WN ‏@garden_chamber

@Saralimback Good morning 👋 happy Chelsea week..🙏😊🌿🌹💮

Junebug🍵 ‏@Ung_stoppable

@madisonstabzon 💐🌸💮🏵🌷🌼🌹🌻🌹🌺🌸 aaaaaaAAAAAHHHHHHHHH NEW FRIEND 🌸🏵🌼🌷💮🌹🌺🌻🌷🏵💮🌹🌸💐 https://t.co/PTxGXSnrXT

Poonam Khanduja ‏@stiryoursouls

MAY 20, 2019: There is one colour that paints the entire Japan during this time, and that is baby pink. The sight… https://t.co/kWs7MZrrUo

シャイ 竜 | Shai Ryū | ‏@TheDemolineMeow

💮 Really. It’s fine. I just thought you didn’t have muse for the rp and decided to end it there. Don’t worry about… https://t.co/SC6dfnQhKo

シャイ 竜 | Shai Ryū | ‏@TheDemolineMeow

💮 Hm? No! Not at all! https://t.co/CUIcjAQslX

シャイ 竜 | Shai Ryū | ‏@TheDemolineMeow

💮 If you don’t have muse for this Rp or anything to plot down. It’s fine- You seem busy so I’ll just stop it here… https://t.co/hIOdR4Xbk2

Lillie ‏@LillieShinohara

@DDsulzbach If worst comes to worst, I am so ready to support you and your fight against Onision legally and spirti… https://t.co/NT8rt4igav

JessiCat ‏@RealCatWizard

My favorite emojis: 😱🐶😍😜🔥🐼🐬🐾💮

⊙ㅅ⊙ ‏@ahhkeylaah

@WekiMeki sho prettyyy💮💕

@Koyaaa_🐨 Jungoo's Manager 😀💜🙆❤ ‏@2001Lights

@BTS_twt Jungooya and jiminssi thank you and FIGHTING 💜💮 #btstoindia

husna 🎶ramadan ‏@kv956

layout changed 💮

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Zoë Watson ‏@ZoeWatsonArtist

@needlenymph I've been making potts with my new wheel. Steady progress. It's fun. Hope your week goes well. The Mag… https://t.co/cm4E8SfQlx

Coco Joelyneé ‏@CocoJoelynee

https://t.co/zE8IkNnvj4 @sharinotsorry_ So proud of you sis!🌷🥀🌸💮🌹😇🎂🔥💐💎💟💖💕💓❤💘❣💗💗💝💚💟💟💎💐

tiny fairy kino ✨ ‏@tiny_kino

Are you doing anything fun this weekend? — hmmmm tiny kino is going to look for a small field to make flower hats a… https://t.co/Gx7QucNYi0

Kasun Lee ‏@Ka_Sun_Li

💮💢 Hypatia of Alexandria 💮💢 The First Female Mathematician, Philosopher, and Astronomer

Liza Beck ‏@Liza_Beck04

@BTS_twt You are my hope JHope💮💮💮💜 https://t.co/2gAt0xkrQY

SpotiFlix_ph ‏@SpotiFlix_ph03


welovesiliguri ‏@welovesiliguri

Good Morning .. hv a blessed Monday to all !! 🏵️❤️💮🌺🌻🌼🌹 #mondaymotivation #goodmorning #WLS #may #siliguri… https://t.co/ErmmbZUSIW

🐯 Բ૦ՆՆ૦ω Һ૯Նƿ ᑕᖇYᑭTOᗪᖇIᐯᕮ™️ 🐯 ‏@ErnestOnaiwu

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A b d u l l a h ツ🇵🇰 ‏@AbdullahMemon07

You Are The Artist Of Your Life.. Don't Give The Paintbrush To Anyone Else. 💮

Talita Nunes makeup ‏@talita_nunes_

💐🌸💮🏵🌹🌺🌻🌼🌷⚘ ... flowers... 😍

one_heart규 ‏@oneheartkyu

It's spring and yet I'm so happy to hear a sad song ㅠㅠ thankkyu kyu for blessing us with your voice 💮💮💙💙

skyheartDemon ‏@skyheartDemon

🚦📣YouTube Membership Thank You ShoutOut HeartPiece4u 💮 https://t.co/Eszf7gD33p

Димасик ‏@Garbage_artist

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🤠   💮💮💮 💮 💮 💮 👇 💮💮 👇   💮 💮   💮  💮   👢 👢 howdy. i'm the sheriff of white flower

Hyekyung, 한 ‏@SHINING_RAlNBOW

@knadhirea 💮 Telur dadaaaar! O U O

ten💋 ‏@tenkardashian

💮|hey pres how are you?💋

˗ˏˋ kwendal ˎˊ˗ ‏@kendalld0nut

btw it’s amazing how much self-confidence i’ve gained trough these two years 😍💮🌺🌲🌼💗❤️🐶🦊🐕🐎🤗

mara 29 ‏@ascarIetIetter

WELCOME to the sound of 💮🏵 PRETTY ODD 🏵💮

Jadaaa 🌸 ‏@jada23parks

Nobody knows 💮

Girl N / niles ‏@nailahmikan

@DigitallyPink pastel and action packed 💮

诸葛, Jihua. ‏@koshkalyts

💮; . ’m. GOD WHAT IS THIS. 🥺 https://t.co/UiAa7LxCmm

Priyakhi ‏@Priyakhi2

🙏🙏💮good morning dear friends💮🙏🙏. https://t.co/FZDvQieAJo

🐱🐯MinMynahKim🐱🐯 ‏@MynahKim

@micahmango White and pink 🌸💮 because you have pure and soft heart❤ just wanna base on your personality 💜… https://t.co/1G0s81RLi7

𝔫𝔶𝔞🧸 ‏@itsnyaluvvs

they head I’m takin off💮🎸

Brian ‏@Brian29199858

@Yuno__official beautiful beautiful~🌼🌺🏵💮🌸🌼🌺🏵💮🌸🌼🌺🏵💮🌸🌼🌺🏵💮🌸🌼🌺🏵💮🌸

sidem soft bot ‏@sidemsofties

happy birthday daigo kabuto 💮 #兜大吾生誕祭2019 https://t.co/bfojkdVTs3

诸葛, Jihua. ‏@koshkalyts

💮; . . . my— my acc is currently experiencing an error. i'm . i'm gonna ugly crying.

ElfElfElfUS ‏@ElfElfElfUS1

Lovely handmade items with real dry flowers! Perfect gift ideas for women and girls. Made of copper and real dry fl… https://t.co/5WL0AO6G5M

चौकीदार Totlani Krishan ‏@kktotlani

Good morning @sanj9 have a great day 🌸💮🌸

Maryuri HJ ‏@kikumaru2519

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Jennifer K. Hanrahan✝️🇨🇦 ‏@AwlSew

St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, May long weekend 🌻🌼🌸💮🏵️🌺in Calgary. https://t.co/guo20DKxPF

Jennifer K. Hanrahan✝️🇨🇦 ‏@AwlSew

Wreath above the alter in St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church, May long weekend.🌻🌼🌸💮🏵️🌺 https://t.co/v0pHYGGDrg

B.G✨ ‏@blakeyy_g

🙇🏾‍♂️💮 you cool people my guy

Jennifer K. Hanrahan✝️🇨🇦 ‏@AwlSew

Flowers at St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church in Calgary🌸💮🏵️🌼🌻 https://t.co/HrcN3bwEE2

futuredoktora ‏@doktora07

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Jennifer K. Hanrahan✝️🇨🇦 ‏@AwlSew

May long weekend 🌼🌸🌺🏵️💮 https://t.co/kq28ZHTWoN

Palmolive ‏@Palmolive_S_Pan

@pukipie @JoyceTurkington @1gingerbeauty @Marielincoln10 @ToughGuyMankas @Tonithecat32 @sharon_cantley @VitCza… https://t.co/k8vErYAgGu

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Good morning Jai Shri Ram have a great day🌼💮 @lakshmianand96 🌿🌹 @DeepaMazumder 🌲🌼 @MonaLis43443405 🌳🌷 @AshwiniPalkar1 🍀🌸

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🥶💮This is what my 💚girlfriend 💚 im following🥰 https://t.co/x4fqZLWgGd

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