Frowning Face Emoji

A frowning face with an unhappy mouth curving downward. This face is a more extreme version of the slightly frowning face.

See the glossary for information on the term white in unicode character names.

Frowning Face was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 under the name “White Frowning Face” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

☹️ Megafrown

Apple Name

☹️ Frowning Face

Unicode Name

☹️ White Frowning Face


☹ U+2639

️ U+FE0F


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lawiswis ‏@mariayessa_

want ko belly button piercinggg ☹💓

Chris (Kelzam) 🏳️‍🌈 ‏@KelzamQT

Caught Celebi and it wasn't even good stats; spent 14 Golden Raspberries and Premier Balls and each was a Great Thr…

cнrιѕcнrιѕғallιnlove¹²⁷ | luwoo au 📌 ‏@chris_me_quick

@markmentary YES but his arms looking thinner than usual worried me instead ☹

Nicola🦄☄ ‏@nicksflo_xo

#Butterfly is good but can they put on warnings for the self harm pls cos it's triggering to some folk ☹ 😭 like las…

Steve Pepperell ‏@StevePepp

@colpep87 and getting bitten too pieces by the little midges Bastard's ☹😡

Major Awal ‏@MajorAwal

*☹I had a dream last night that my future wife is in this group. Pls say hi me honey, I lost ur number in the dream.*🤸

gone somewhere far to die ‏@YRNjulin

Can you stop being mad at me already ☹

Like Hell ‏@scanky_chops

I haven't actually looked at my pics from Rome since I've been back. Think that's mainly because I'd get all ☹ about being back tbh

Michael ‏@majones1500

@JJT_Journalist Anyone that watches this team not surprised not even opposing teams ☹☹😠🤡

Richmond ofosuhene ‏@Richy2233

Marina Mall, Boxer Shorts K3k3 100cedis?😲😲😲😫☹😒 Ad3n 3tw3 W)mu dada anaaa?🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kai ‏@_rikaiii

ALL I WANT IS TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! ☹ plsssss

Michelle BUTLER ‏@Michell41342058

@DaveDiCello That is Sad l have a lot of GOOD Memories there ☹

🌙 ‏@jajanifah

idk why, but I felt it ☹ thankyou sir!

브리타니 Brittany🧡 ‏@BritTaeTae

15. Last time I cried and why: Last week. A friend of mines husband passed away from a stroke. ☹

Kemo.elf ‏@kemoelf

Thank you my best enni ☹💙👑 l love you so much

🦋Di ‏@Paarlet

@JesusLRdz Callate ☹☹☹☹☹☹☹

𝓽𝓸𝓶'𝓼 𝓻𝓲𝓭𝓭𝓵𝓮 ‏@cavalier__youth

The leaves really make the salad for me tho. If I don't like the leaves, I can't even get past them to the other bits and pieces ☹

lifesasynch ‏@synchrominded

@BiologistDan We need a famous rock band to spread the news as to what is happening. Were racing extinction-things…

Marceline Abadeer ‏@nxdzrxmz

@ShinobiNinja dont stop following me ☹

Matty Mo ‏@mattyirish_cle

This says it all ☹

nov10 ‏@drenmrls

@wnsltx sorry baaal☹

mons ‏@DianeVillanu3va

@cindeeerrrrrr Uy hala idk what 2 say. Thankyou dude ☹💖 Good morningggg 💕

witchywoman ‏@QuesinberryJo

@Free_Media_Hub Even worse...they don't seem to know what their own country is doing ☹😢😡

Preethi Sadasivan ‏@preethisadasiv

What a soothing video for a wakeful night 😍😍😍 cant help thinking of my dad at this hr..who used to sing this song a…

argyu ‏@rguelless


☆Mary☆ ‏@mxry_mxry

@Willust_twt @__Bruunaa__ My crush☹

blurryfacejr ‏@bfj_201

I always thought everyone liked Brother nature so why the slander ☹

𝓢𝔂 ‏@FemaleAssassins

@TonyRiku Better order yourself some good ass food!!! I'm just stuck at my moms house rn ☹

mandy 🐍 ‏@mendesxfoy

@sendurconfess_2 follow back pleasee ☹

mono ‏@kthsatanist

@viminist @wanderlustkook Where did u get this pics?☹✊

Mark Zegan ‏@mark_zegan

@NYorNothing @ItsMeAshleyWee I dont believe I have seen those, Antonella.☹

🇳🇬Danijel de Krijger Atkinson🇳🇱 ‏@WWEDaniel_Johns

@ladierobics1 Really? 😒 Well, I honestly can’t help imagining how much great Nigeria would have been if your dad h…

BATMAN POLINESIO ‏@BatmanPolinesio

Nadie me hizo baby shower. ☹

Lola ‏@noztaljia

Poor fluffy thing ☹❤ he/ she probably needs hugs

. ‏@xBilf

let's get to know eachother? im single 🙄☹🤷🏻 #kik #kikme xomariiisssaaa

Mr Jasper ‏@Jackbenimbles

@NYorNothing @ItsMeAshleyWee I'm so lame not seen that either I'm never getting laid or fed by you again ☹😁

ms behave ‏@knloibel3

@casidy617 ☹ miss u bad boo

Emira Rose 🌹 ‏@amirahaspawiee

@syedsafwan Haah ☹

Léonie Greene #FBPE ‏@LeonieGreene

@cliodiaspora Oh! I did wonder why no rep on the platform☹ @peoplesvote_uk.

Hutchinson Photos 📸🌸🐞🌻🦋 ‏@Hutchinsonpics1

@steveevets26 I'd marry Reece Dinsdale but he's spoken for (sad face) ☹☹ lol 🤣😂

Lee ‏@leedavison81

@GMLmusic In my office there is about 7 of them ☹

Candace Marin ‏@GGrandemalion

@Sarah_Beth_09 @AmeliaNicholeD I just checked. It's not on Netflix anymore. ☹

Thembisa Mdoda Daily ‏@ThembisaDaily

@k2katy Yhuu nje even the word "study" is tiring me shem but we have got no choice ☹

@akin_akinwale ‏@akinakinwale6

My Night Thought:☹ "Rather than being angry in the midst of hot argument not in your favour, be cool and calm, then…

Jenni Harris ‏@JenniHarris4

@ADE0267 Lol... 🤨😕....☹👍 x

Mic 💚 ‏@miqaflecher

@NachhLosa so sad ☹

Trisha Castaño ‏@trsh_dnll

some1 appreciate my bistek ☹

dubu | #YesOrYes ‏@_kiminadubuzaki

ahhh my loves ☹☹❤

Bolero ‏@bolero2010

@CNN I don't used it. But I'm going to display one as indoor plant. My wife said "over my dead body "☹

Kagutsuchi 🇧🇩 ‏@1mgc69

Yu gi oh was lit.. miss the good old days.. ☹

lilah loves seokjin ♡ #MONOiscoming ‏@parkjimilf

@BTS_twt just take my whole heart. ☹ it's yours anyways

T o m m i 🍒 ‏@goofypotatoo

& sweaters ☹

Eduardo 💔 ‏@katenmaneiras

Chains on shining, you can see me riding Cocaine lined up, secrets that I'm hiding L☹VE

Terry ‏@TerryLisaJam

@ed_alca This 👇☹😠 #BoycottGeorgia

Freya Statham-Hawthorne ‏@Yahfreya

@Haggewoods we are meant to be staying down there ☹ Not so good.

NISIAN`||ᴍᴏɴᴏ☄ ‏@Armyyy136

Cute☹💜 @BTS_twt

#ZarahLoungeByo ‏@tbassdj

@Simz_theDon Zupco actually used to work..i vividly remember i had to leave the house at 7:03am to get the 7:10am b…

jade 🐥 ‏@fairyymins

I just hope it'll hv a happy(?) ending at least i dont want my babies to be sad ☹

Hi9hli9ht ‏@Hi9hli9ht

@toliver_lynch Hey man i been eatin my wheaties lately #littleguy ☹☹☹

Rosamylia.🎃 ‏@rosamylia18

@Sarah90706198 i am a big fan of your cute arts ☹💕. i am looking forward for your new updates. 👽💖 teach me how to draw digital arts c:

Monique Blackford ('Q') ‏@FunnybunnyQ

@DMitford1 @hedgehogsociety @Prickles54 I think you need to give them the advice from @hedgehogsociety. It is not g…

jhairie ‏@badgalblink

not good for my heart but ☹💔

Gasian ‏@Gasian_

@ImKiingArthur damn i been spelling your race wrong ☹

𝓐li (but spooky) ‏@lijjae

hi bad morning ☹☹☹☹☹☹

Mogy ‏@lmoogy

Send me you something make me happy ☹

alex missing bts hours ‏@moongisus

@applebabytae thanks☹💜

John Johnson ‏@DadeCityMan

@MiamiDolphins are FinsDown after loss @Lions ☹

rimsha ‏@louistourau

@Iouisntroye yes you're right ugh i hate this stupid show ☹

Kudos :-) ‏@Kudosman114

@AlliseaSydney @RTFEMDOMWORLD @SessionHour Where the hell was I on this day?..😢☹

🏈👻 The Ghost of Falcons' Pass Rush 👻 ‏@freetrain24

The Browns couldn't win or tie one for us either. ☹

Otee🕇💀🌈🍑 ‏@Tsile_

@Tee_Fields_ @Esethu_Seku ☹☹Esethu why don't you love my buddy??

Miss P😈 ‏@PeruMorkels

I need protection from myself. This is supose to be the visitors jar. ☹

Aimen Jaffery ‏@jofferyy

@Faalto_engineer @WarnerBrosEnt Ik ☹ but henry cavill 😭😭😭

Oct. 23 🌑 ‏@1395pj


Danny Moy ‏@DannySciFi

@StarTrek_DST @StarTrek Please get @TheKateMulgrew to go again! Waited in line total about 4 hours,stayed after clo…

Mr.88 ‏@Blizz_88

Thank u @redamcy u made me nervous about an ez exam ,cant sleep😐😒☹

linda misses victon | 📌 atzsd | d-2 ‏@subinfthyunggu

@lullubyseonghwa pls you are cute ☹

вℓα¢к fσяєѕт нαм ‏@yaboidarky

An american in eastern europe (sees graffiti and one abandoned building during their one day stay in the city): wow…

Vibe Spreader ‏@sir_kunz

I am always late for everything☹

Nikki Cooper ‏@n1kk1c00per

@buckley1996 Me too, gutted ☹☹ xxx

Zorya☄ ‏@winemom_

@EnemaRoberts420 YALL DONT EVEN WORK THERE ANYMORE U HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE UPSET ☹☹☹☹ i was....abandoned....

🌻✌❤Maria🌻✌❤The Dippy 🤪Hippy 🌻✌❤ ‏@GoldenMars3

@gillokay I avoid my ordinary fb page like the plague even tho all my family are on there 😂😂😂. Bruno has taken over…

Kata ‏@OhOkatta

My @OhOkata account was suspended. ☹

🎃Miss Morgue🎃 ‏@BlueEyedGhoul13

@PascoSheriff Has there been a #TweetAlong with them yet? I haven't kept up with any for the past few weeks because of school. ☹

thannia ‏@la_thannia

@EverBrighter @NFL @NFLonFOX What rule is that? I was watching too... ☹

Chris Caulfield ‏@CamBlamWam

And for the first time this season, the #Dolphins are not in first place. ☹

𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐧 || MONO ‏@tmtpjeon

the most precious angel ☹☹

Scoob Jitsu🍍 ‏@LaCompaScoob125

So disappointed I had to miss out. ☹ I'll have to make it up 3x better tho 🙂

Hannah Oba-Gabriel ‏@AhnieOba

The heat is hot!!!☹ ☹

Stryker87x [SS] ‏@Stryker87x

@itssummerslays I've got all that to look forward to ☹

DELABRAΩ' ‏@joeldelabra

@IvnLapizco Ah we perdon ☹

Plain Jane . . . ‏@xLadyBugx

Little kids toooo truthful for me 😒 my lil cousin just killed the lil confidence I DID have ☹☹

El Lindamans Thick Thighs ‏@Smiley_1932

@NaitoKarisuma He's had no sauce since he started playing for us ☹

Yu Ti ‏@Yuti_oh

My dark circle around my eyes shows how much I'm thinking of u ☹💔

ƈǟʀɨ ‏@NotCarlotta

@HawkeyeMommeye Soooo close on that hail mary ☹

Shinigami 死神 ‏@Thamsanqa04

Why is Brother Nature cancelled? ☹

Reemaz A.H ‏@ReemazAHafeez

@menna941217 Who doesnt remember u now my dear ☹❤

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