Frowning Face Emoji

A frowning face with an unhappy mouth curving downward. This face is a more extreme version of the slightly frowning face.

See the glossary for information on the term white in unicode character names.

Frowning Face was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 under the name “White Frowning Face” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

☹️ Megafrown

Apple Name

☹️ Frowning Face

Unicode Name

☹️ White Frowning Face


☹ U+2639

️ U+FE0F


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°랄라~⁴⁴⁵ ‏@Changkutie

@luvckyunn I miss jooheon ☹☹☹

MaChamane ‏@yayasc

@_Nwai you lie! ☹ the day is literally over. sorry sisi.

Gabi ⁷ ‏@Gabi93139209

@taurusmidheaven Thanks. ☹❤

PhilDeRed ‏@PhildeRed

@BattlefieldBen Was one of the places I was looking forward to seeing on my june 2020 tour ☹😥

Joy Micah - Madam Typegrey ‏@_JoyMicah

Hi @aedcelectricity I would really appreciate if you can communicate with your guys at my location to please restor…

Amanda ‏@LetsCall_ItHope

When your playing #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons make sure you have the DIY recipe for ALL of your tools including the…

Ras asli Kaum rebahan ‏@GilangMontana

@suicidesilence Let's say with me, Fuck corona fuckfucjfuck Staysafe @suicidesilence Wash your hand every time Stay fucking home ☹

•Nombuso• ‏@Bee_Mahlangu

I miss playing games with my favourite person ☹

BAMAKO IS COMING🖤 ‏@Academist_Zain

Chilling adventures of Sabrina scare the fuck out of me ☹😭

solomillo ‏@solomillo__

damn ma — ☹☹☹☹

ً ‏@kyuns_hrzon

@redeuwines no onee calling your name? whyy? your name are beautiful. grow up like a plant? hahahhaa but its true a…


@KimFCoates What? Only UK?? Not fair!!!☹☹ Hope soon also here in da boot...🙏🏻 I feel like I've been waiting for thi…

Alex Samayoa ‏@HsWilman

@CEADiscord Fake ☹

Marta Oliveira ‏@Marta_oliveira3

@pensabemnisso1 Me too ☹

Paul Mcknight ‏@PaulF44

@BridgieCasey Welcome to the club ☹

Marie ‏@mariebudgie1

@maryandedbee 🤣🤣🤣 no I don't, it just popped up on my TL a few minutes ago & O noticed my regular numbers, I didn't…

Brenda. ‏@Prendaah

@JessMarieGarcia Can you ask Julio to marry me please ? ☹ just that.

Christine Marquis ‏@ChristinMarquis

@REWoman @NINK I have Leafs tickets for Thursday ☹

pelinegra y peligrosa¹²⁷ 🌻👑 ‏@puppy_hyun

@namwoohyeonsss ☹☹☹☹☹ Its ok bubu Im gonna made you love doyu 😈😈😈

🔮🌜Clair DeLune-Voyant🌛🔮 ‏@clairmail

@d3sk Oops, I guess I missed it! For some reason I had scheduled it for 2 pm in my zone ☹

Angie Super Bowl Champ 💕 💅🏾 💄🌸🌴🌞 ‏@UCAngieReal

@Chiefs @Royals can this get restored please. I can barely read it. ☹

claire batson ‏@BatsonClaire

I miss everyone ☹

Ann (without the E) ‏@AnniMurf

@Bluebird0309 @Rach_A_Rama Mine too ☹ I'll have to dig the manual out, although someone on here told me how to do i…

Sana Duu ‏@CaguinAbegail

Genuine Happiness please ☹

Khanyisile Wistebaar ‏@khanwistebaar

I don't know sisi! I don't know what anything looks like right now.☹

Sicarioboy ‏@sicarioboy

@travisakers @davidfrum Its a joke ☹

Majo💟 ‏@MissMajoo

Cant sleep☹

PeggyJean 🇺🇲🇺🇲🙋🇺🇲🇺🇲 ‏@Peggyje08860210


বাংলার ছেলে 🇧🇩 ‏@iSoumikSaheb

@WarsontheBrink Well Infant, Kids Are Less Prone To Corona Infection Or Death Due To It Doesn't Mean They Are Immor…

Alfie 🌺 ‏@Aiika__

@BenjaminaminSSB I cannot answer this question ☹ they might come for me if the secret is revealed

ĄLAINE⁷ 🍯🌙 ‏@_taekrokosmos

@cherishing_bts only taehyung can be so CUTE drinking a beer ☹🥺

🦎 ‏@Saraurora

great now i fancy pacino again ☹

gary jones ‏@pappermia

@CjAvfc78 @piersmorgan The same but this one keeps giving me bleeding jobs ☹

Casey Mahlangu ‏@CaseyKhelinah

This is deep☹

Dawn B ‏@soashortcake

@thecadillac3 @theryman Sad it was postponed. ☹ But loved 💗 the 2017 Ryman replay last night 🎶💥 Rebooked for Aug and cannot wait!!!!

realvietvet69 ‏@realvietvet69

@marklevinshow Last I checked all Buick SUV's were made in China. Yes I would to see a investigation of what happen…

Blaq Ice7 ‏@IceblaqIorpuu

Dem say mek everybody dey house, Na who go NEPA office d go off light☹☹

🎀 𝐅𝐨𝐱𝐱𝐢 🎀 ‏@foxxiheart

@ecchimutt No you're not! ☹ you're an amazing person!! ❤

Dyangela 😚 ‏@Dyangela77

@kristynalexis Me too, I ended up taking mine off. ☹

Larry (dog lover)(weed enthusiast) #resist ‏@LarryTh24

@DDD_101_ Same as yours ☹🤔

nikkishaver ‏@nikkishaver2

@wrestling_drunk Being told it's a hack, don't click the link ☹

The HalfBlood Prince ‏@Mahmud_Sanee

This made me sad ☹☹☹

Kagiso Phokane ‏@iamkagi_styles

Some man joined Candice's Live to ask "How's Lockdown going" Why do men ruin everything?? ☹☹

Meme Genorator ‏@DoctorSucks

@The_Bst_Evr @Merl @FortniteGame YOUR CHEATING ON ME ☹

Annebrafa Esq (CAC ACCREDITED) ‏@Sandraorokodo

I think China should let go of their loans after this pandemic. They've put the world into too much financial stress.☹

Chup Chaap Shubham ‏@Ad_the_idol

@_Twinklingsania Tb bhi so jao☹

dee. ‏@desxnn_niaa

now i want nuggets ☹

Heather Bruce ‏@HeatherFTSUG

@sarahjones230 @phil_woodford @Harriet_ms @MorseJoann @moo01_moore @UHMBT I'm in a team of one ☹

BanGtanArmy/•/SavageAsimAF/• ‏@GtanArmy

@BBhamrra @AsimBuiltInPain Im hart broken ☹☹

gain bts mutuals || Follow limit ‏@gainbtsmutualxs

@voguewithariana 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭☹ sorry

pelinegra y peligrosa¹²⁷ 🌻👑 ‏@puppy_hyun

@namwoohyeonsss Ok i will look for moments and send them to you snfnsjdkdkkd Also 2woo is nice 😍😍😍😍😍😍 but gyuwoo ❤❤…

Nkem ‏@De_therapist

Day 3 of Quarantine I had a conversation with a spider today ☹☹ He's a web designer

chesire ✰ ‏@hyunjinsanity

END? HUHU WHAY DO I DO NOW ☹☹ seriously, this au is asdfghjkl. taking my emotion on rollercoaster ride. its cute bu…

Robin Underwood Doty ‏@RobinDoty

Please ignore any tweet sent from me about 6 hrs ago. I was hacked☹

Daeshaun Hendricks ‏@FunkyKong190

@PetPongo Grandpa thats alot to handle the ☹😳

Clay Stevens ‏@ClayStevens13

@Lindasey8 Uh oh ☹🤢🤢🤢🤢😠😠😠😡

BilgekhanShaman ‏@BilgekhanS

@BBCSteveR @BBCWorld @mattgodtv @BBCWillVernon Religions ............😟No improvement since middle ages☹

sergeant coughs, too ‏@theantidaniel

@ocasionallyAmy It's an old one for me. ☹

Jay Nonconformist ‏@Jaysammie3

@dvine_ibi @kharteaeyes You had to call her😑☹

Alberto Martinez ‏@ManorPopHunter

@DeLoreanWolfgng Yeah I would drive by the dealership that had it a lot cause I wanted it so bad. But I was 18 at t…

DML ‏@ManIsMuiz

@habeebahtu Let us like whomever we choose to like. ☹😌

Michelle 😁 Portgas D.Ace and Levi forever ❤ ‏@AceandLevi

Taaaaaaalllllllkkkkkk to meeeeeee my follower 😟☹

Tshepi 🦋 ‏@sotshepi

My sister and her friends had a group video chat to sing along to money fall on you ☹❤

🆘️ResistingEveryday🆘️ ‏@ResisterLisa

@PassionFruit62 @realDonaldTrump @POTUS He really really is ☹

🌸 ‏@nrlatiqah96_

get well soon bbiy ☹

Long May We Reign ‏@WeBleedBlue007

We are sooo fucked.☹

Northstar ‏@Constantguide

@times_turbulent @clairecmc Yes to all of that. I'm going to set to making fabric masks and giving them out free -…

ً🐈ًia cuz studying ‏@jenosician

get cool ☹☹ ILY ILY ILY

Rachel Tight ‏@RTight

@kiripritchardmc well done with tonight's gig!!! Spoke to you from zoom (before I got kicked off it ☹) and am so ex…

ⵛⴰⴷⴰ || ⵣ (AAEEA) ‏@LallaShatha

And entertain myself because I am bored ☹

Lechesa . ‏@Shelikes_juice

@Katlego_Mack I'm not feeling his set today ☹ .

LaVonne Bray ‏@Bluestocking66

"He came in like a wrecking ball" ☹

Rose white ‏@Rosewhi38089182

@PodSaveAmerica Sad excuse for a president The "woman From Michigan " has a name. It's Governor Gretchen Whitmer…

Des ‏@ErisedN

#lockDownSouthAfrica #planetfitness lied they said they wouldn't charge us during the lockdown! But did they should…

Babygirl ‏@LungileeDlamini

Can't believe I left my bf to come home so I can make Sunday lunch first thing tomorrow ☹

Joe Mandara Jr ‏@MandaraJr

Problem is... we still fund her Paycheck....☹☹


Me more ☹

Ian Irwin ‏@ianwwi

@PaulGar38504577 @EleanorMargolis Makes it worse that he's an sergent, should know better ☹

ⵛⴰⴷⴰ || ⵣ (AAEEA) ‏@LallaShatha

It's not even a game I am trying to share knowledge here ☹

marko ‏@markr0656

@bowerygirl Looking inevitable 🥺☹

David Lines ‏@LinesDavid

@StephenMcGann App wont let me create an account. Given up trying ☹☹☹

not a ceo ‏@jetblackmari


Ian Irwin ‏@ianwwi

@EleanorMargolis What an waste of tax payers money to that sergent ☹

爪丨Ҝㄖㄥ ‏@kuysmikol

I wish our love would never end ☹

Chris ‏@smoggiec

This chart is frightening ☹. Time to start issuing fines to people not following the advice, including parents let…

Sarah ‏@Sarahamouri97

I didn't expect dat I'd ever say this! but, I miss de University 💔 I miss all those boring days ☹ I miss drinkin ta…

Jody ‏@baietree

@illustr8d I thought it had been going ok. I'm out of touch. ☹

John Sudworth ‏@suddington

@TrylineBlog Finished Fielden that, never the same player, he had a lot going on personally as well☹

Innshaaaa🥀 ‏@Innnn_shaah

@MariaFa69039351 @sidnaazbaebies Videoooooo plz☹

J🌻HarlockHope⁷ ‏@harlockzero1

@hotnamj @btsyoutubedata @BTS_twt Ikr 🤨 i don't know what to do anymore army let YouTube bully them and got disappo…

The Pharysee ‏@GodwinEkene7

@tifekutemi This one just fine anyhow☹

BanGtanArmy/•/SavageAsimAF/• ‏@GtanArmy

@AsimBuiltInPain Nzjsjs no i dont wanna be here anymore ☹☹

Chan ‏@vamplacey

@stellabellav @MrEvilSkeletor @naughtysaintni1 That's pants, we could of all virtually met up ☹

BanGtanArmy/•/SavageAsimAF/• ‏@GtanArmy

@Twitter se ab dil uth gaya ☹ thanks to it lagging 😑 Ihysm ihy ihy

H. ‏@ruralroots780

@RachelNotley @jkenney Welcome to the club ☹ Don't be surprised if this is rhe new norm, teachers replaced by onlin…

Sil⁷ ‏@innerknj

Want a gf ☹

Benok ‏@benokngaeh

The Hows of us ☹😭

moses sentsho ‏@sentsho31

@NewLifeWhoDis__ @promisedenise @chuckietoyou @LilLanae01 ☹alrighty my G. Sometimes being nice it's you being you i…

Jen Edwards ‏@Jenniesapetal

"Ive done the drugged out, strapped to a bed thing..." Backstory details ☹ #SamaJackRewatch

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