Frowning Face Emoji

A frowning face with an unhappy mouth curving downward. This face is a more extreme version of the slightly frowning face.

See the glossary for information on the term white in unicode character names.

Frowning Face was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 under the name “White Frowning Face” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

☹️ Megafrown

Apple Name

☹️ Frowning Face

Unicode Name

☹️ White Frowning Face


☹ U+2639

️ U+FE0F


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Lyndsey Ebner ‏@EbnerLyndsey

I sassily deleted my favorite GroupMe 3 minutes ago, and I'm already lonely ☹

ģlædesss ‏@blitheeteee

those moments were pricelesss aaAaahHhhh ☹ 💘

⚘Ǝ Fallon Ǝ⚘ ‏@luv4em27

@EFan313 This angers me and makes me sad 😤☹

Good Guy Jared! ‏@jswizzle_d

And when I walked up to him with his kid he was like " I was wondering where he went" like really bruh☹

Laz,husband of Rachel. Destroyer of Worlds. ‏@lazaroumterror

@Annawatton @teessidedazza @SkyNews Oh of course, but you expect better of Labour don't you? Well, we did anyway ☹

没属 ♥️ ‏@Gelixdee

and as the guards politely asked him to leave, he walked and stared at us and almost everyone sa balcony. and this…

Mystique_Rose ‏@Mistikrose

Meanwhile in Texas at a Houston training schools, just another homo, trans phobic incident as we usually and common…

Douglas2169 ‏@MichaelRNorris1

@QueerMeNow I love oil play! But it looks like a lot got wiped off somehow...☹

Mariella ‏@behatiii_

@maneleynnnnnnn so true ☹

tori neko ‏@tori_neko

@Kimmie_Rye That sucks so much but you've done so much for them ☹

aki ‏@mitmugsaajid

Claude o harleyy? ☹

Timothy Olyphant ‏@RealTimOlyphant

so i've been told! i have family that lives in the midwest so i sure am missing out ☹

Pridedmist ‏@PridedMist86

@MrsCMcGuinness My sons sleep has been up and down for months and his health conditions is wearing us down ☹ lucky…

yaaaannn✨ ‏@yanperez21

why u geeked over him? he's not worth it☹


when your a caring person and you get it thrown back at ya?☹🤔

Liv ‏@Liv1204

@NorthantsChief Best wishes to both officers ☹

F Y O N💛 ‏@fyoniiee

@huwardoo ☹☹ we do

mury ‏@maanbalita

Ms. Potts ☹☹☹☹☹

ً ‏@miawayaki

Each member gives a smile to all fans here. Unfortunately, I myself have a schedule to attend a single event and ha…

Kevin Marx ✊⚘🕊 ‏@KevinF1976

@RickBlaine123 @johnmann If Jeremy Corbyn was to resign or forced out and the left-wing lost the Labour Party I'd r…

h a n n a h ‏@lovelaserquests

The weirdest part about living in a city yet backing onto fields and countryside is hearing foxes crying in the mid…

MishMei with brooding tushie ‏@MishMei

@hjvinke @RoonMian @chrisiousity Wait, where is Roon going? I don't like the sound of this ☹😢

Yana; 🌞 ‏@solanaaaa7

Because I missed the episode last night huhu ☹ #PBBLouDr8

Mia ‏@IsabellaAlfonso

@KDenise_kp If you havent already put her dirty litter box outside!! They can smell it from far away and it can hel…

SchwerundFalsch ‏@schwerund

@EA_GZaro What happend to the UCL Marquee Matchups my man? ☹

I Hate Snakeu AㅅA ‏@VanillaMint6

@ToshTwt It's so soft I cry 😢😭😭💖💖💖💜💜💕💕💕💕 so beautiful Tosh ☹💖

Melissa Sandvoss ‏@melissa_sandbox

Vacation is cancelled ☹

discovering stray kids ‏@idk_nan_molla97

You should eat more kevin!! ☹ stay healthyyy

TalWoodblaze ‏@TheGamersRest

@cawoodpublish @HighlandL4ss @skorpla @Goblins_Mordor @sethnidilaw @Tulay_81 Why is it always my character that com…

Brandi Davis ‏@Bran_muffin101

Can steph get out of work already I miss her ☹😢

le Chep ‏@c_chep

@ValentinKasas uh ☹ take care

Gamer_Chloe_Wolf ‏@cing_thang

I Just Saw This Girl And She Was A Bully And A Mean Girl And I Was Friend With Her😑😑😑😤😤😤😤😟😟😟☹☹☹😒😒😒

Lacey (I read and I #Resist) ‏@lacefire7

@LRBitisnot @BannedDc OMG! No words........😭😢☹

إسراء ‏@ielsha3ri

I still don't consider myself an artist, But this is definitely an artist block that I don't know when will it go away and leave me alone ☹

gyu ‏@kiyutsi

@IluminKristine Sadt☹

🐴Brittany Haney ‏@bleanne1998

Not very happy right now. I have a headache. And I'm in the dog house with one of my professors. Someone please help me, I'm scared! 😶☹😣

Nengi Lj ‏@LjNengi

God!!Where are the mature men? 🙄🙄😑.If you know where i can find them,pls help.☹☹

Faith Charlene 🐼🌸 ‏@faith_charlene

I'm saving my leave for their concert ☹☹☹

Sav ‏@Mamasav8

Can I please just feel better for a day ☹

Faith Charlene 🐼🌸 ‏@faith_charlene

I'm getting sad 😭😭😭 will bts come to manila 😭😭☹ i hope so ☹☹☹

Lynette 🇮🇪💚🍀 ‏@lyn_foley

I just got to THAT scene in #Platoon... ☹ The only good guy Willem Defoe has played.

Treasured ‏@HisTreasure4Eva

These songs hit diff wen it's conflict btwn us😩☹😔😔

Debby🐝👸🏽 ‏@AlakaDebra

@YinkaOye_ you're a foolish goat for this !!☹

❤️🧡💛jooweeh💚💙💜 ‏@lrhcthafimgc_96

@brendonurie I'm off to school ☹☹☹

MillyCat ‏@millyfromoz

@hmgarth14 Yes, very much so ! Pics taken from my deck. The ocean is just on the other side of that hill. They have…

𝓑𝓮𝓽𝓱 ☄ ‏@houseofjiminie

@beyondus7 Sorry this is so late! But yeah it wasn't long ago he was almost passing out after a performance so I'm…

Aya ‏@aeronicc

not feeling well ☹

Pat👻 ‏@MrPatrickPonce

good morninggggg still tired af ☹

Ash 🖤💫 ‏@_sxdghxst

already love this girl more than anything ☹❤

geli ; doyoung au📌 ‏@httpyongie

@jinhwanderfuul ☹ goodluck and ingat mumshh

Will Holmes ‏@Willtholmes

@scottygb ☹ yours is some of the best stuff on @BuzzFeedUK and the Bake Off articles are wonderful fun. Hope you fi…

🇺🇸 Nisey 🇺🇸 ‏@Nisey72

@KDolehide @2DudeReviewCom Right! You'd have to get me real drunk if I were a duck... a lot of "not tonight, I have…

m i a ‏@__MAR1A

I wish I took more selfies and vids in this washroom ☹ the lighting was FUEGO.

KERI YAN! BONG GO! ‏@kyrsbrrg

The life here is very poor and it's very sad☹😆

Cyd Vega ‏@Cydley

@andysearson @farahmoghal_ I fear what may slip out when the 7 hit the campaign trail.... it can get pretty exhaust…

TheWhiteBlack BOY ‏@hardeybc03

Me: The way I know fine girls...if I don't date a very very pretty extra pretty...i don fuck up 🤔..i 'l…

Amber-Louise ‏@Amberlouiseee_x

Laura doesn't like stuffing in a Sunday dinner and every time I think about that it makes me really sad ☹

유니티 ‏@MYoonity

@txtarecuties l-lucky...☹☹☹☹☹

Andoy ‏@undereyah2

I am an unbecoming student ☹

kęłšį ńęłšøń ‏@kelsiii_ann

If it's not one thing its another🙃☹

rose ‏@rosesmawar_

I cant control myself from stop loving you☹

Lowella Marie ‏@wellamarie__

"ayaw i ask if worth it ba ka. kay Christ died for you because worth it ka" ☹💓☹💓☹💓

Jimmy ‏@Jimmyk1978

@Gallowgate2019 @graemey_2_cakes I noticed there wasn't something quite right with his posting style/spelling/patte…

Xuhey ‏@xuhey07

@btschicagocean I cant go this time 😒☹😫😢😭😭😭😭😭

Joseph ‏@Horustoo

I hear lemon juice kills fleas, ruins tooth enamel, relieves arthritis pain, neutralizing uric acid flare up in you…

naughty nadi ‏@zaftig_complex

When I worked in the medical field I saw a lot of the debt be passed on to spouse ☹

industry 🌱 ‏@OhMaiGuy

@itsdevt My lil bro does, but he lives in Raleigh ☹

Cindy Wager ‏@cindywager1959

@hippies42 Wendy,I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my husband of 28 yrs on Nov 20,2015 so I can very much sympath…

Mathilde ‏@MathildBow

@BrexkAwxy Ouuch ☹

ronie ♌️ ‏@ranniesperas

cutieeeeees ☹❣

Christian Cruz ‏@cruz91christian

Hey @nabisco & @ChipsAhoy from the 2 bags that I got one had 5 🍪 and other was complete sealed with no 🍪 only air.…

ORGL QUOTE TWEET ™ ‏@quotvveet

I hate the fact that I'm still in love with you ☹

Dale Mayotte ‏@16Mayotte

@PrideOfDetroit First this 😂 then 20 seconds later when I realized it wasn't a joke this ☹😢😭

Marlena C. Wilson ‏@Laneys_Look

UPDATE: Still waiting for chocolate. ☹🍫

tya ‏@theamaliksi

i miss wattpad ☹

Jerilyn Mæ ‏@jengsstyles

But sometimes you still choose to ignore those. 😏☹

ChrisBeTold♍🌐 ‏@RoIePIay

Feels like my body going through ww3 when I'm sick ☹

🅱️atelyn ‏@katelynbosen

@maddie_sherbert I just found out about gronk!!! I'm so sorry 😭 my heart hurts for you guys, worst way to lose a puppy ☹

Sam ‏@spoonsnroses

@Dysautonomia Bisoprolol+midodrine has been the most help so far, but still not helping as much as I'd hoped ☹

Victoria ‏@nikkiurs

missed that super snow moon coz I dont have scopy here. ☹

Amanda Archer ‏@I_kill_for_joe

@clara210367 @Pantera_rossa11 @AbeCesi @amypeck2011 @AnnaRain2 @TamaraMar77 Gutted I missed out a goodnight from James ☹😔

niru day ‏@desikth

hes so cute ☹

memo🌻 ‏@memoooM_

@GleniceVallejos @1keziahobsioma @tezzziaaahhhhh @CopinaLance @_angellimbo @wilfredbaydss @gwennnrubio I miss youuuu gleeeen☹☹

itisaflower ‏@itisaflower

Lol yes I have 2☹

queen ‏@Qnxbrcss

Oww stiff neck ☹

Jamie Lynas ‏@LynasJamie

Rite now thanks to those fucking werthless wasts of spunk better known as the humble telemarketer am now so fucking…

❥annie🧚‍♀️ ‏@toutto

Do you ever discuss with your best friend of 13 years a.k.a soulmate and feel like your heart is being ripped out... 😭☹

Tommy Dynamite ‏@Asia_Bean

(My friends' men really do be ugly to me though. life, not just cus they're dating.☹)

Bella Deplorable 56 ‏@RhondaDanielso2

All day, every day. ☹☹😵

fairest in the land💋 ‏@Liss_ahhhh

Looks like I am living a very narcotics free life soon ☹ no spliffs. No thc oil. Whew.

TracyDoll ‏@ItsTracyDoll

@fearthegun Awww, I wish that I could've been there! ☹

mayra ♡s yoongi ‏@y00ngiiee

Guys im not okay like im fucking heart broken im trying to hold my tears but i cant my dog canelo s-something happe…

: 3 ‏@laesthtc

test in stats!!!☹

Pnkbear🍭 ‏@Devesa_Di

Here I go again.. ☹

kaycee ‏@_kxndrea

@PanedBernadette Thank uuu!!☹💛

justChris ‏@astlecw

@motorbikealf @satzoomer @Bigroey @beckers1000 @DstoreManc @WhyArai EU trade agreement with Japan, no tariffs, so H…

louise ‏@belabellbell

@slinehan1 I thought the same ..☹

eün ‏@encbrds

@jacvillafuerte the war po pls ☹❤

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