Frowning Face Emoji

A frowning face with an unhappy mouth curving downward. This face is a more extreme version of the slightly frowning face.

See the glossary for information on the term white in unicode character names.

Frowning Face was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 under the name “White Frowning Face” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

☹️ Megafrown

Apple Name

☹️ Frowning Face

Unicode Name

☹️ White Frowning Face


☹ U+2639

️ U+FE0F


Tweets For ☹

michelle ❊ ‏@indicaivoryy

2 sad 2 sleep ☹

shaitype☪ ‏@zurbanoshaira

get ready self☹

Kyla❣️🗝💮 ‏@ayeeessang

@AndalCrysha Miss u too☹

Cham ‏@chamxbabs

Be strong owki? I'm always here for you hahaha — Awwwe sweeet ahlabyoowww ☹💖 ‏@kyhermogeno

the guy who's always included in my prayers ☹💛

—sang ‏@defesang

I need that peach liptint ok ☹

Nondumiso Cele. ‏@Nonduh_c

I'll buy clothes, I just don't know if I should buy the hair too☹😅

Bianca San Roman ‏@biancajustine16

So bummed out that I have to go to work early ☹

Liv 🐯 ‏@kth95x97

I get it but it really is frustraiting ☹

Nondumiso Cele. ‏@Nonduh_c

It really is☹ I need to set my priorities straight

tric ‏@mariatriciainoc

@chrischandave sad reax only ☹

MORE. ‏@BermundoLes

damn this sadness. ☹

julyan ‏@jeysidisi

sm's new girlgroup ☹

😁Anne-Marie💗GM🌷😇 ‏@AnneMarie_GM_1

@Ghostblogger45 @ShillAnn @NutNutLivesOn I know, they only come out for Easter ☹😢😭

wacky ; ia :( ‏@pantaeliner


chantal en ger ‏@gertai1

This devilish series got canceled😭☹ . We'll mis you and thanks for the good laughs and good luck in future project…

Nic ‏@_carinokaren

Ate are u okay???? ☹ — yep

Ědni$ 👽🍃 ‏@CindieeeeMalig

Miss this ☹💖

Laus ‏@lkh_girl

Ps if you don't know who these are then pls just go away cus am sad ☹

motiv8 ‏@dezzcqs

I'm really gonna miss the seniors ☹

nins ‏@ninniahcyrille

Fix You // Coldplay 🎶☹

Nirmala ‏@Nirmala20708419

@chay_akkineni @AkhilAkkineni8 @Samanthaprabhu2 @iamSushanthA @AgerwalNidhhi Wat u all gonna gain frm this ..heartless people...☹😢

TINA. ‏@sinistaer

The quality is shit ☹

b ‏@krxshel

tonsillitis ☹

jo ‏@jonnasaludo

huy guyth make it happen ☹🏊‍♂️

Wina🌷 ‏@ardhia_852

@hyunjinnese Shut up!☹

hana !! ‏@neorenjungs

his laugh is music to my ears☹💖

Haidz♡ ‏@Haidywil

@ms_ainka 🙁😔☹ condolences baby 😘 you'd be okay

Tina (Strohm-Berkau)Trotter ‏@TinaTrotter19

Not frightening in the least...☹

KO ‏@SiyCamille

I didn't even get to finish my dance☹

bea 🍋 d-135 ‏@piriwonka

dude why is jae so cute ☹

🌬 ‏@KerenjemKezia

@_joshuawa Same ☹

yan ‏@Zzzlka


Ella🌟_Zoe ‏@Muhhnuella

I'm hungry but I dunno what to eat. ☹

Mikhaela 🍃 ‏@mikhangggg

Okay I think I need coffee and chocolates ☹

🙃 ‏@Swannegg

Still cramping☹

VeganConnectⓋ🌱🐷🐄🐔🐐🐓💕 ‏@sista7668

Getting anxious to move.. still 5 weeks away☹ Debating on starting to pack..but I kinda don't want to live amongst…

Edd ‏@Tedrulesno1

@NetflixUK guy's when can wee expect to see season 3 of @ExpanseSYFY ? soon please ☹

Terry Isit ‏@TerryIsit

When you've been chimney sweeping all day & sir wouldn't give you some more 🤲☹

Kyle ‏@MappalaKyle_

tbh, ure d best. forever akong thankful kasi nandiyan ka. always be happy, deserve mo yun. sad na rin si michayla m…

mads will see w1 ♡ ‏@pinkiewinkeu

I don't know why I feel really sad tonight. I have this thought going in my mind for a couple of nights now. By the…

shawty ‏@_hazelyyy

@chescaahoc Omggg thank u po ☹❤ goodluck den po this upcoming school year nyo as SHS 😊

Hani❣ ‏@hanibars

My dreams of studying the field of medicine is either crushed, or will be crushed. ☹ Dreams of being a Licensed PhD, are you still there? 😕

ً ‏@jkbanes

aaa how he tilted his lil coconut head shy baby ☹☹☹ hes cute so so cute

Chloe Harris ‏@Pigeon2015

No wonder God is angry. If this isn't mocking God, I don't know what is. Where is our sense of decency? What hap…

✰ ‏@kookminity

i think i'm gonna run out of data in the middle of streaming bts' comeback show ☹

béa ‏@beastamxria

@Miggyyy_Alonto Team Building nung grade 6!!!☹❣ I miss you all huhu

krispykem ‏@Anthonykimdiola

@PlgnsAbiii Imy too . Everyday 💔☹

sami 🇧🇷 오월애 ‏@mycellphwne

@VICTON1109 are we supposed to start tweeting the questions now? are they answearing us in twitter or live? i don’t speak korean ☹

KIMMY ‏@Kimcortes_

Fuckin' too hard for me ☹

Andie ‏@AndieDelicacy

My colleague and I are trying to work out if I'm girlfriend material. He's making a list of pros and cons. He's put…

twixc ‏@trixiepangan_

last episode ☹

αlýssα ‏@alysclemente

@alliahxtan follow my playlist on spotify char ☹ alam naman ng lahat yan 😔

WᵢDₐD 🇱🇧 ‏@WH_16_

@najwakaram miss uuu☹❤

فرحات واصلي ❤❤❤ ‏@Asfer56342827

Masal bitti ?????#SiyahBeyazAşk In my heart forever ❤❤❤❤❤ 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 ☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹

❁ ‏@ekaaaaii

yey i missed u ☹💘💘

trish ‏@trshnnblsngl

bring me back!!! ☹

Asad Ali ‏@AsadJouhri

@MonaAlamm Aap now Go 🗼☹

Kayla ‏@kaylaadarne

Out of "coverage" area na daw kami sa Jollibee delivery ☹ Didn't know that could be a thing wtf :---(((( 😢

Deano ‏@Sjynther

@AVFCOfficial not PC.☹

timaaa ‏@fatimaallian

3 absent ☹

ً ‏@seasolos

cute boys ☹💖

Hell's Angel 👿 ‏@dzaddy_cool

No man, fuck. You too pretty aowa ☹💔

Ashma Meira W ⚖ ‏@asma_may

I'm afraid God ☹

ces ‏@cesxmnltc_


nali ‏@nlyzaldivar

I just love my bwesties so much and it hurts me more seeing them hurting ☹

alfia 🌷 ‏@alfiagarcia

babyyy ☹

This is @hollygolightl12 ‏@FangirlFreely

Was it just me or did Yoongi seem a bit... low in spirits? ☹ I hope he's okay...

💧Love Yourself: TEAR🇦🇷🇰🇷💧 ‏@WanhedaCH

@bts_bighit I'm waiting for the bus rn☹☹☹☹ I want to see ya💔😭

방탄 ‏@vionalovilia_

@bts_bighit Not available for your country 😑☹

peteeees🌻 ‏@PetesArevalo

@PaolaMariex Miss u ate pao!!!☹💗

bana ‏@ivannahmay

brownout badtrip ☹

margaaa🌻 ‏@RinonMarga

Full sched is me dis pirst week op june☹

Pam Tompkins ‏@prgt

Monday we had a fire drill at work. After walking down 10 flights of stairs, my legs hurt for 2 days. Just now feel…

Jose🔥 ‏@lilbiskwet

I miss my girl ☹


I miss you and need you right now ☹

💝 [nsfr] ‏@firewalking520

@quanweini gdhdhd :((( i still really want to watch but i can't? u know that feeling sigh gdhdj ruihaaaan☹😭

Karylle ‏@karylleeb

@althealamares love youuuuu ☹

Ileana Gaona ❤ ‏@IleanaGaona

My baby's last day of High School is Tomorrow☹❤..ty Mike for the photo shoot, love the pictures 💖

jihoonjeojang ‏@jihoongu2gga2

@rediluvi33 @sweetbosshoonie Because she is not a Jaehwan's fan so she cant be bothered to do homework. Most of the…

s ‏@ssssssssssss_l

Me with Golden Boy but we arent friends anymore ☹



The Cuntess of Yorkshire 🤘 ‏@yorkslassme

@stuystuystuy Everytime I ask it if I'm the fairest of them all it just laughs 😒☹🤣🤣

minnnn ‏@_yasminshikina

Tots about ashley — supet bait & pretty na friend hehe hi ash!! miss u ☹❤

Barry Harden-Upman ‏@TheBHU_NRL

@juliettearthur @TheParraEels Yep...that hurt. 🙁☹😢😭

Dave Howe ‏@brbhave2science

@TaliesinEvitel saw this in a new neighborhood they are building down near Disney World. If you don't move in, I'll…

Gareth ‏@GRichards111

@_gemmasaurus @ButeLibrary Eduroam Wifi in Bute Cafe never works ☹

sunfloweeeer🌻💛 ‏@sipat_shaine17

@mogumegan Lou Bega? K. BYE ANG WALEEEY☹😂

chen ☹ ‏@chencanlasx

can u do me a favor? can u please dm me now? charot ☹ hahahahaha

I MET HARRY 🌻 PCD ‏@PamelaQTorres

I'm always willing to help, but sometimes you're just... too much? 😅 Gurl, I ain't your personal human reference. 😭☹

Is It Christmas Yet? ‏@ayyitschristmas

nope ☹

⛈ ‏@farryjmc

Edwaaaard ☹💓

April ‏@zurccccc


e l l a ‏@filmnella

i miss u ol ☹

Shinichi🌻 ‏@shekainaugh

take me back ☹

Suzy Davenport ‏@suzydavenport

When you're sick and just want to go home and be looked after ☹☹

dana ‏@danaxkirsten

tots on shireen sambajon — i miss her v much !!! ☹💗 ++ super pretty

vroom's on a semi-hiatus ‏@neocultthings

@blingtenmark @nct_shipping_co I can't believe you forgot to invite me :((( I thought I was your ate omg I'm hurt ha ☹

Hope💖 ‏@shanbrayt2

Imissyou ☹

chen ☹ ‏@chencanlasx

"sent you a link" and blah blah blah ☹ like gosh i thought someone finally asked how am i doing ops

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