Frowning Face Emoji

A frowning face with an unhappy mouth curving downward. This face is a more extreme version of the slightly frowning face.

See the glossary for information on the term white in unicode character names.

Frowning Face was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 under the name “White Frowning Face” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

☹️ Megafrown

Apple Name

☹️ Frowning Face

Unicode Name

☹️ White Frowning Face


☹ U+2639

️ U+FE0F


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I literally just got done ballin up lyka lul bitch crying to my $ister for my momma-- it $tarted out by $mushing…

Brooklyn All Day 🖤🚀 ‏@brookcty

Liv is totally the ex that left him ☹😭😫

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One year ago ☹💕

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Such a picky eater tho... While others eat dog food yena gets amasi or normal food we eat cause she really is not…

Yaya ‏@Yaya_Brainz

I lost my cigarette 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 i can't sleep💔💔💔😭😭😭😭.. fuck it y'all 😏😏 can this year end already urgh Men Are Trash😠😡☹!

j ‏@jjdvngrc_

immature pa ☹

Michelle H ‏@englishbirdinUS

@ChoicesLina @Enrico_Ve @PlayChoices a random response, @PlayChoices said it would be only a 2 book series ☹.

call_me~Tonero ‏@Tonero71610924

your body the talk...your voice the the lock☹☹☹

Rollyj ‏@cubancigarluvr

@Marygor49796376 Oh that explains it! Stupid me for thinking otherwise! Guess I'll watch my ps & qs from now on 😒☹

helen rogers 🌟🌍🌚🌝🌟 ‏@hellyelly

@pilliarscreatio I'd like to think we would. but i agree its not that likely ☹

♥ ¹²¹³¹⁸ ‏@exstaecy

i’m so ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ now his voice sounds so genuine and sweet pls

// Gemma 👑 ‏@Gemma_Louxo

@handwrittensjo @sebtsb I miss u beyond belief ☹❤❤

Pancake 💙 ‏@sweet_amorin

@GlVEAWAYKlNG I need this☹ @caseycakeee

Jason ‏@mumofbadbudgie

@FlockIsFamily @Georgieboysmum They so do!!! 😤 mine put tape round the the top of the light.... it's not as interes…

Jedi ‏@Letlole99

How weird some of these names ☹🙁

gio ‏@jkjj_twt

cuties ☹💜

Verna Webb🇺🇸 ‏@TIGGERR00

Wake me when its over😐😓☹

Molly Williams 🧡 ‏@mollwilliams_

Back to work tomorrow after a week off. So not ready for it☹

Kristian ‏@_KristianAndrew

@cheskamakulet See u ☹

🐾Frank Gallagher II🐾 ‏@_nkemelo_23

I hydrate, exfoliate, read & mind my own business but people still come at me sideways. Unprovoked.☹

onwaba ‏@onwabba

I’ve promised to make plans & take people out for lunch this December & i can’t believe they actually took me so seriously, lmao☹

jade danielle👸💃💫👄 ‏@_jadexsmedley

Poppy already hates me, she's going to have me even more now that I've got her this☹😂😂

Saiyana Brief ‏@SaiyanaBrief

Well, that marker in the middle of the country was definitely one hell of a teaser. I was so hoping it would be clo…

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@dparkbaer1230 Thank you! My insurance company is being ridiculous. I've gotten these infusions every 4 weeks for y…

CRS: Agent of Fen'harel🖖🏾🎮📺⚔️🤘🏾🏳️‍🌈❤️💚🖤 ‏@wordyblerd

@dynamofire Omg I missed your initial announcement! I'm sorry, Devon. ☹

rassole man! ‏@watderassole

I promised myself after my little bro died never to cry again. Yet here I am fighting tears because I miss him I mi…

Ryan J Clews ‏@TheDoc82

@BergdahlJB @samwattsSDP @michael_merrick Seems I signed up too early, that looks way better than mine☹

GhostofTomPaine ‏@champagne_lefty

☹bloody #Brexit

💛 ‏@allyzamaicooon

video call with papa ☹💖

NiNi 👽 ‏@sinniiiiiii

goodmorninggg🌞 brown out☹

ZOLY ‏@zolysaed77

Love you☹❤

Michael David ‏@managrr007

Diz harmattan season is too frustrating" 😒 Yuh will take 30 minutes to make ur Bae Wet, Voom harmattan will just dr…

Ayes Elphie Musambi ‏@elphie1985

Does siblings sounds nice? 🙃☹😊 It doesnt matter how old is your mother, some got siblings from surrogate w/blessin…

kirsty scott ‏@KirstyScott_1

Heather brought her pals puppy in the house for us to see and ivr honestly never wanted to cry so much at how cute he was☹☹☹

Tenth Edict on Enlightenment ‏@sq_eternal

@womanistwitch You hate everything I like ☹

Johnnika G-P. ‏@MrsKingJphotos

My husband just made me buy a fake tree. ☹

Little Rose ‏@CassidyRosema

@wanderesssoul I am sorry girl☹

bby love. ‏@_Lebooo

@taylaxwilliams @ii_Kat_ I really don't have to ☹

Spyro The Bandicoot ‏@Kashief_

@slickasad My wallet disagrees ☹

Nancitaaaaa ‏@NancyBx33

It's so easy to gain weight when all you do is go back and forth from scrubs to sweats ☹

Chris Quines ‏@ChrisQuines

@Nara_Hodge But I wanted #PrimeMinisterHodge... ☹

Fatimah khan ‏@Inevitable_khan

CASILAS come back ☹

blurry ‏@_bubbly09

💔 baby☹

Daniel Brant Just Wants To Sleep Through Christmas ‏@Driver_270

I wanna hug now.☹

æ.gëė👽 ‏@ayeegeezy

My mom paid my car payment buuuut I really wanted her to pay for a new tattoo ☹

/// ‏@skibril

Everybody is telling me life is short but i wanna die ☹

romaaaa ‏@imromaprecilla2

im glad u'r in my life ☹

Jessica Chelsey 🎅🎄🤶🎁☃️ ‏@Jessica_Chelsey

Forever jealous of the energy people without Chronic Diseases must have ☹

nicole ‏@Nicoleee_2195

I love you babe thankyou sa surprise☹💜😂

𝒌𝒂𝒔 ‏@hwihwi

@ilovekyungtak he is Kitty he calls himself kitty☹ ilove u i love him imcrying

♠ ‏@mariaprila

You have to be patient, but how long??☹ Hv a nice dream

Spyro The Bandicoot ‏@Kashief_

Man United are folding quicker than a tietie at a samoosa convention ☹

Sibusi Khulu ‏@SibusiKhulu

@LeboMotsoeli I dont fancy your life. You can't just say things as is without it being scrutinised. ☹☹

Rodney ‏@rhearn64


Can't Tholakala💋 ‏@nom_shange

I thank God so so so much ☹❤

Tasneem ‏@tasneemunited

Oh crap @PhilJones4 wat were u thinking 😡😠☹😬😦

Chimwemwe ‏@pjay005

It actually was. ☹

L U N A 🌙 ‏@freelandr73

@JustSayinAb I've been busy☹

Bill ‏@Bill2007Wp

@KarenFox29 Missed you today. ☹

Ali 🐕🦔🦉🐈🐓 ‏@J_Ali8991

@sarahcascarino @Flashback_1980z Bloody hell that's awful poor kiddies 😔 and no wonder you moved Sarah you would be living on your nerves ☹

Cleyda :) ‏@CeceHilarioPat1

@gloss_co I don't have Apple music ☹

6'3 ‏@Aubrey_Forbes

@lenthengM_ Eish I don't think so 💔☹

eden claudine ♡ ‏@_uclaud

yieeeee i miss u tooooo!!!!!!☹💗

Sean_Beano ❌ ‏@Sean_Beano

The Bitch won. ☹

Holly Jolly Jahnny ‏@TheSunflowerMac

@RoyDaRappah Wait im not done being mean ☹

🍍 ‏@PineappleCGC

What is Monica husband doing? ☹

lara ‏@jminlock

@moonxaus i'm dumb ☹

Muriel D-Ruffel ‏@MurielDube

@judylyn43 Thanks dear Judy. Here in France Snow 'll come tomorrow...but not in Brittany...I'm disapointed.☹😦😭

B|B ‏@_BrendaBriones

@mariaamf6 I miss u babyyyy☹❤❤

Jeff Dowd🌈 ‏@jeffdowd

@Tennesseine 🙁☹😟 I am so sorry, my thoughts are with you.

Joseph Donovan ‏@FlintyMcQwerty

@Channel4News What a punnet of poodles those Tories are! What a shower of shysters! What craven cowards! A bunch of…

Lynn Scott ‏@_lynntaylor

Wow im bored. ☹

// ‏@_caSxS

@MissyBoudreau @mmija03 If its a free service id say its volunteer based although i never actually looked into it. Sorry that happened ☹

renee🌻🦕🍑erikleenlives ‏@erikleenlives

@cmbrenee Keep us updated ☹☹ scary shit

Ndiwayekile ❤ ‏@TinyBubblez_

I need another season of AYTO ☹

Rachel Mokoka💜 ‏@rachelmoks

I hurt my leg earlier on today. The pain 😣☹☹☹☹😭😭😭😭😭😭

Sturgeworld ‏@Sturgeworld

@OliviaDBuck ☹ very concerning but unfortunately not surprising.

2Tapu ‏@2TAPU

@SteveHa09255868 I left 20 years or so ago as I had dependents and late 20s me w 2 quals was being paid less than s…

sophie ‏@soph_proctor

@kelseyhek My car got hit last week and the repairs have been delayed due to time of the year ☹ hopefully I will ge…

Mandi Peoples 🌻 ‏@mandi_rosee

My poor baby is sick..fever and sore throat☹ although I do love the cuddles she gives when she's not feeling well💕

Lolumadm8s ‏@lolumadm8z

this just in gamers we out here in japan land and there's no subtitles    not ☹ epic

͏rach ‏@rachellewashere

@carissathomas I will forever regret not ever going to see them ☹☹

Hilpesh!! ‏@Hilpesh

I can hold a ball better then Lukaku! ☹😓 #MUFC #VALMUN #UCL

Melissa ‏@sweetandcool98

This is an example of building someone up while stabbing them in the back with no motive! Just because...... I was…

nicole. ‏@kayetobias__

i need kapeeeeeeee ☹

kayleeeigh ‏@kayw1412

Why do u always want what u cant have??? Want a nice bit of cake and theres fuck all cake in this house ☹☹ biscuits…

Sugababy ‏@Sugabab49451734

Just a single momma trying to afford Christmas. Please help ☹

yunnaஇ 花樣年華 ‏@moon__san_

Im so sick of this bankivska sistemaaaa 🤨😑😣😫😴☹😖😔😤😕😨🤯😬😦😰🤪😡😠🤢🤬

Bel 卌💚🇦🇷 ‏@Belinda_R03

@yourstruly142 Same☹💔

Paul sheehy ‏@Paulsheehy13

@AshiiK12 @FastEddieMaher Most of it is down to upbringing & what they see in their neighbourhoods especially in th…

Dani ❤👑 ‏@venus_0712

@goche_tatenda very yes ☹

em senior❁ ‏@SeniorEmily

Can't wait to save goodbye to this qual assessment tomorrow..... and then start my theories essay ☹

Hansa👸 ‏@Hansa5261

@kyliecosmetics Don't waste your money! My package came empty, literally with nothing inside. Never got my items or…

Hansa👸 ‏@Hansa5261

@kyliecosmetics @anneloesdebets Don't waste your money! My package came empty, literally with nothing inside. Never…

Nii Ayi Aryee ‏@_mantse_styler

Chale!! Forget them e be so them dey☹

rie | h 📌 ‏@injoonwetrust

@tinyyoonminn do i really ☹💞💓💞💓💕 love u so much mia bubs

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