Frowning Face Emoji

A frowning face with an unhappy mouth curving downward. This face is a more extreme version of the slightly frowning face.

See the glossary for information on the term white in unicode character names.

Frowning Face was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 under the name “White Frowning Face” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

☹️ Megafrown

Apple Name

☹️ Frowning Face

Unicode Name

☹️ White Frowning Face


☹ U+2639

️ U+FE0F


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Ccc!👻 ‏@xcdnyxx

craving bryannnn!!☹

яαιη ‏@reyndca

I know how to stick with one person only dapat ganon din kayo sakin ☹

An ole Christmas jombie ‏@Keenan_henry758

Im okay ☹

l e a h ✨ ‏@_jaileeeen

miss konaaa bading!!!☹

Ms.Min93 ‏@Min93Ms

Currently fighting a nasty flu that im worried may turn into pneumonia the way going. Wish health could be exchanged in real life 😷☹😴

Sankari Jai ‏@SankariJai1

Actions > words ☹

Jonalyn ✖ ‏@_heyitsjonalyn

@momo__sparkles Same here!! ☹☹ hopefully we can catch up soon!

watermelon sugar ‏@payn333

Y'all can stop DM'ing me now☹

Wanna View Da Blue ‏@WannaViewDaBlue

@farabundista_x @bpmdodger @EephusBlue Ok! Thank you! Well there it is! Proof from the interwebs! He doesn't like u…

enna; 📌 yoonjin au *ೃ࿐ ‏@jinoonchi

@odetojmin ily! did you miss work today? are you not feeling well? ☹

☆Jessica Pogue☆ ‏@Eheeca8483

@stsguys But whyyyyy ☹ Lol! Have a wonderful Saturday night guys!

Kelly ‏@kellyziii

Craving for angus beef ☹

R i e g o ‏@donyatinnny

I miss you ☹❤

lex ‏@alexaleinorrose

bro we look xo young ☹🤘 @_abxcc @kinchoii @raphaeldcyn

•M A R I• ‏@gxnxmari

To the person who can handle my attitude, iloveyou.🥰☹

The VolRumorMilf ‏@VolRumorMilf

@SEC_CRNA Ily sweet friend. My heart just hurts. It'll be ok. ☹.

vergel ‏@servirgpogi

I will always remember you because you are my great love dear ❤☹ You instilled me a lot of valuable lesson in life.…

Beryl Emerald ‏@BerylEmber

I always have too much dreams at night, so everytime I wake up, I'm always still so tired ☹

Flurt Cobain ‏@Doestaxxx

They still sell bootcut sweat pants? What year is it? ☹

JosephSylvesterR ‏@JoeyBMWM4

Resister family please help me gain followers. I had to start over 2day☹😡

Ibebabes ‏@RhegineBlaize

i fcking need hug☹

N.B.AL ‏@Zammifo

@DieHardMMAPod Good thing it can only get better..☹ Rough with the smooth.. there's still hope

Meeple Lady💃🏽🌵🇵🇭 ‏@MeepleLady

@EricBooth Update. He did not. ☹☹☹

nanins ‏@ninashleyyy

@ianafern Take care of urself baby girllll ☹❤

mena🤸🏾‍♀️ ‏@dianesaidwhatxx

It's so awful wanting someone who doesn't seem to want you the same way. It really sucks☹

Steve ‏@Stevemess_emup

Matt Brown looks old out there but he's still a dog good finish for him in his return. Hate to see Saunders on this losing streak ☹ #UFC245

(: ‏@solitariolance


Derv 🐲 ‏@aye_its_dervinn

Fuuuck 😂☹

John Lewis💙💛 ‏@monty1967Lewis

@JayJaymann1919 Please do matey☹☹👍🏻👍🏻

Fazira ‏@faziramstffa

I had a bad dream ☹

𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐲 ‏@hazzaadoresyou

@Larrystooyoung we better not let these boys down☹#1DWins10s #1DBoybandOfTheDecade

m a r i t z a 🦇 ‏@mxalvitza

me after not pushing a stroller in 5 years ☹

eeeBotskie ‏@geraldramses_

Sunday Routine☹

Gabriel Aeron ‏@GabClemss

@applebuenax Chaket☹😂

Kath😊 ‏@Kath_rean02

Can you just stay? Please? ☹

John Lewis💙💛 ‏@monty1967Lewis

@BrynLaw Thanks Bryn (radio Leeds legend)📻👍🏻 wife's laughing ☹☹ (Bratford fan😡) watched it together with your exce…

JosephSylvesterR ‏@JoeyBMWM4

Got you! Will you help me out with a follow? I had to start over 2day☹😡

🔞 FirelightCuddles&MistletoeKisses ‏@asimplepiemaker

@IzzyIceThunder ☹ poor Jared, I'm sure he'll figure something out! also, this gave me a mental image of Jared wea…

Gabrielle🖤 ‏@Gabbssosaa

I wish I made more friends this year but school really cut into my socializing and Netflix ☹

jego ‏@draizenjigs

How i miss getting my hands and clothes splattered with paint ☹

n y x i ‏@softheartclub

should i post a selfie ☹

Hockey Chic 6 😻🏒🏈 ⚾️ ‏@pamela_abrell

@Ms_Mambo Too bad it doesn't do anything here. ☹

zaa🐥🦋 ‏@Hunspringboy

@snowfluffz Yahh☹☹

Tatum ‏@_marvsx

@_shaainaaa Ify shai I feel you ☹

louise👑 ‏@karlyn_louise

@cessspllrdo God bless Cess☹

L U V ♥ ‏@GaileJustine

Imissyouuuu ☹ @bruto_louis

MetalOtaku ‏@MetalOtaku3

Aww man ☹ Come on Matt

Road Painter ‏@RoadPainter

@joesanders33 @BenColeyGolf @thedude404 @TimBowers62 @Fit_For_Golf No, it inflicts the biased context you want to c…

ellis24 ‏@Ellis_Coatings

Just downloaded @dirt_trackin and sorry @RyanGillmore66 😤☹ your car is destroyed!

Rieee ‏@Majowiliit

Iloveyou since the day I met you.☹❤

Edmarie ‏@34BossLady

@belafontae Blame it all on their health 🙄☹.... not this season though

aoife | fan ‏@singsuggs

oh no sorry amy i accidently read it as right answers only ☹ @championsugg

Michele Todaro ‏@michele0214

@davethemogul Poor women! I feel sorry for them ☹

PimpSkinny ‏@ShaGalore_

Where do I take my rug to be cleaned ☹

Tracy Mittleholtz ‏@TracyMitt

@grandslamcurl @BennyHeebz It says that the video is unavailable. ☹

💌: 15 days to go before KIM TAEHYUNG's day ‏@micksvinluan

15 days to go❣ Your the only one that ily, even you don't know me. ☹

janet smith ‏@janetlizsmith

@debbeepatton @nealvinay @joejglenton And Claire Fox Brexit☹

h✨ ‏@hodaaemad

@Russfanboy loads of love walahe☹💗💗💗💗💗

𝕋𝕐 🐺 ‏@taeten90

I love this live , taeyong was treating ten so gently , they were too close of each other n exchanged the macron ☹…

Courtney 🐳 ‏@cxsualsabotage

Ow my head☹😩😂🥳

j ‏@julyaaaaaan

Shet fave song ✊☹

❄Cas❄ ‏@Sinpaicassi

@noella Wasn't a block. Just found out they deleted their account, which sucks even more ☹ Twitter was just being weird.

Blenn ‏@blnndrr

sem's not over yet ☹

k y l a ‏@_kylasembrano

amber ☹

YewrMii ‏@YewrMii

☹i wish i had gaming bros♡

Juls ‏@Julsmaeo


william barrett ‏@willdani61

Today I had Popeye's wildly popular new chicken sandwich!😀It was sold out every time I went by there!☹ It's one of…

♡ ‏@luthfiyuh

@woonjiinnie Its from @/caramelicious_ ☹☹☹ she's haechan' sasaeng:(

W.Merry.Whistmas ‏@wmweibel

@NoirAlleyAtNoon @fisty @Titus88Titus @MeAtTheClassics @jzanier468 @ShadowsOnScreen @Gizmonic @mnewsince…

res. ‏@resachuuu

@kdrama_menfess im hereeee☹☹

AllAboutMyArt ‏@StaceyJDiehl

@jcg_01 @CNN Happens to the best people... ☹

Kim ‏@kmbrlyflc_

I wanna learn that. How?😕☹

Solych ‏@S0LYCH

@karol I uncovered another Twitter bias: it doesn't translate Yiddish tweets ☹

claire 💉 ‏@claigalaura

ICLS CHRISTMAS PARTY 2K19 🧡❄☃️ *insert @Aybeee17 ☹💛*

登兹 ‏@D3nZzz

Olats olats 🤷‍♂️☹

Suzanne ‏@vampireswaltz

But alas I can't do it with only two weeks' vacation for the whole year ☹ I'm definitely going the next time they r…

Shadowblades1337 ‏@Wahlware

@ArloStuff I had kinda hyped it up too... @Brightestdaze This year's wasn't nearly as good as previous years. ☹

krystal:) ‏@krystalnash94

that feeling when you can tell he's starting to lose interest: 😖☹😥🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😤😡😥🥴🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

Nuzhat 🇿🇦🇦🇪🇨🇦 ‏@Code7Baker

Not 100% happy with this.. ☹ The #zen #pond in the #garden #painting #weekend #weekendvibes #saturday…

ninu ‏@ninoeninoe

@affananshori7 Jahat ☹

Ian ‏@Libertyworld

She-Thing is going to run again. ☠😜🙃☹😱☠ This is how barren @TheDemocrats are today. 🥳🍿🍿🍿🥳

Miri ‏@mgvtb

Appreciate any response po as I have received none in ig, messenger and email huhu 😔☹

Juliana ‏@fonkai

Imissyou ☹

Michael Deschapell ‏@bigmikeeeee27

@pokimanelol What have you done!?!? ☹

🌛 🐾 mooncat 🖖🕯 ‏@ragdollmom25

@jeriryanfan @JeriLRyan Beautiful. As always @JeriLRyan is lovely. I saw that sweater for sale. I sooo want one. Un…

john buczek ‏@JBBuczek

@Punchapalooza Just seen Leigh☹feel so bad..sorry💔 may her memories bring you big smiles!

Bryan Justin ‏@Beeejjjaaayy

"How and what you made people feel." ☹💜

친 ‏@ChinSamuelle

i luv the lyrics☹❤

Saramarakookanara ‏@saragoodson59

@Celeste_SPT Priorities ☹

xel 🌿 ‏@JameRexel

I'm so broken that i can feel it. I mean, physically feel it. This is so much more than being sad now. This is affecting my whole body. ☹

Nurul⭐ ‏@hanbbiyo

why he looks so smol...and his hair looks so fluffy☹☹☹ the urge to pats pats...

DG🎸 🇬🇭 ‏@Drealz4

@01Simss hey I have emotions man you lowkey just wanna say I'm clapped 😭😭☹

🌍🙅🏿‍♂️CaptainWakanda🙅🏿‍♂️🌍 ‏@JUNYABARBIIKEN

@bigphabe @kingboulee "I dont even know who to call..." ☹ Who do you call to protect you from the police???

Katrina R. 🌹 ‏@Katrina484568

@chelleryn99 @LabourList Ok thanks. Agree , and gutted as Pidcock would be my first choice ☹

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