Smiling Face Emoji

This smiling face predates emoji, and works in all manner of older browsers and operating systems.

The modern version of this emoji has a smiling mouth, happy eyes, rosy red cheeks and eyebrows in the Apple artwork. Differs slightly from the Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes emoji which does not include eyebrows, and has a different style of smiling eyes.

When viewed on Android, no eyebrows are present in the Google artwork.

See the glossary for information on the term white in unicode character names.

Smiling Face was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 under the name “White Smiling Face” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

☺️ Grinning Face

☺️ Happy Face

☺️ Smiley Face

☺️ Smiling

Apple Name

☺️ Smiling Face

Unicode Name

☺️ White Smiling Face


☺ U+263A

️ U+FE0F




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Luppy Adventure 😘 ‏@LuppyAdventure

I just wanna lay with you under the moon and stars. ☺ and just happily together while saying our love for each other. 😍

rara☁ ‏@goodmonii

@kth_scenery You're welcome!!💜☺And it looks like the normal dark mode, i dont have the completely black one :((

MarkyMan ‏@MarkyMan_

@Andrew__Holland @HeleneHHolland @PEIMarathon All the best to you both ☺👍👍

Kagiso🤴TOURMALINE garnet ‏@KagisoSwaggyKG

@SquaredRa Happy birthday ☺🍭

Derek Paterson ‏@DerekPa56710094

@Iluvinspireu Your welcome my friend beautiful gif thank you very much 👍☺😇🐺🐕🐕🐺🐕🐕

Seta loves Alia w her whole heart ♡ ‏@IcarusxZayn

"this is my doorbell☺" 😭😭😭😭

Katarina Arias ‏@KatarinaArias

Happy #InternationalArchaeologyDay!! For this special day, I decided to recreate an imitation of #ancient #Egyptian…

Julie 🌟 ‏@Tenshi_cosplay

Oh and i also bought the Ever Ever After Giselle kit heehee ☺☺

Unwanted friend😒🌚 ‏@holardamolar

Football lovers, where art thou? Comment the name of the club you support, I would drop a message for you once…

Vihar Gandhi ‏@gandhi_vihar

@rupa_30 Looks so yummy..... Enjoying.... ☺

mwer ‏@iaaanMorales

@ShannnnKhelsie Goodluck po!! ☺

Lis George ‏@lisgeorgehab2

Calm yourself with #Forever Essential Oils At Ease and relaaaaax! ☺☺☺

Nurah ‏@nurajacks

more money more problem or more more less problem☺

Ubaid ‏@Sami445978

Diesel on fire☺☺☺#AwamKaAzadiMarch

Unemployed youth ‏@NamanyaRender

@emmyrock12 Thank you☺

ً ‏@corneIiuswift

@perrysmonster I would never omg ahsshole ☺

*•.¸♡ 𝒰𝓈𝒶𝑔𝒾 💜 𝒥𝒾𝓂𝒾𝓃 ♡¸.•* ‏@Usako99

@TheJessLyfe I'm glad you and closet Jess are doing things. ☺

STPDCK ‏@CapaciteCare

A day well spent ☺💕💕

Chirag Machhi ‏@ichiragmachhi

@ANI We are proud of you @GujaratPolice ☺

2years with GLEID! 사랑해요! ‏@jenna_sho

@euniverse_phgo @JLl1616 @myyybeomieee Golden Child's Runebong💛 Thank you☺💛

Hindenberg ‏@Hindenberg8

@Dauntle554eva Good morning another time loll ☺

Gwyn Luban ‏@luban_gwyn

So to disappoint you nay☺

Rodney ‏@Rodney11768047

@natasha_janegfe @ScarletBlue9 Wow WOW you have a amazing body Natasha ☺☺🤩🤩

LauraRdX 👻 ‏@LauraRd_X

Good morning beauts💞 Hope y'all are well and having a fab weekend! Sorry not sorry about not streaming yesterday I…

Mira 🎃 ‏@AdMirabella33

@GlassesAreCo0l I love your style ☺👏

Carlos Giner Iñigo ‏@Carlos_Giner113

@octokuro_model Happy Birthday 🥰☺🎉🎉🎊🎊

Amaya Shayne 💖💖 ‏@Shayne84191232

@bloggeryanke You're the boss. Happy weekend ☺

🌸Teminikanlayo🌸 I SELL RAW HONEY ‏@Teminikanlayo

I want to be a face model. For free ☺ Makeup artists, hit me up.

Kagiso🤴TOURMALINE garnet ‏@KagisoSwaggyKG

@khakhubalibali @akreana_ Thank you very much ☺❤

Sabeel Shahzad( BLESSED WBIAN😊😊) ‏@SabeelShahzad3

And At the End Want to Say Thank U Soo Much💕 2u @Ahsankhanuk For Having Our Dearest WB❤ @WaseemBadami ☺ on Ur Show.…

Angelus Mortis ‏@i_am_angelus

@asoftkisss Birthday Massacre, Apoptygma Berzerk, VNV Nation, Cruxshadows. Goth bands that I saw many times at Elysium in Austin Texas. ☺☺☺

Fai @ 🐌🎨 ‏@TriviaFAITH

@uwufortaejin we're going ✈ semi-public ☺

Oluwagbeminiyi Adekunle ‏@GbemiSpeaks

@Def_quirky Hmm ☺... To me I think it just sends a message out to guys saying "this is a woman of class and great…

Kagiso🤴TOURMALINE garnet ‏@KagisoSwaggyKG

@NomvulaHlompho Thank you ☺❤

Kagiso🤴TOURMALINE garnet ‏@KagisoSwaggyKG

@sehlomengjt Thank you very much 🤗☺❤

Fredricka ‏@nadlerfredricka

I\u2019ve got Bad Ideas for the Weekend (76 Photos) ☺

ANJAN K. SINGH ‏@AnjanKu73304570

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Queen 👑 ‏@symrhmrh

My ex did call me that before i know he is tunang org ☺

chris cuthbert ‏@chrisjcuthbert

@lmoto8212 @daveylittle @baxtertroop @UnitedArabist @William62740986 @lollybec @KazSc0 @QuibellPaul @braindeed 😂 Th…

•..×➒☆ ‏@BamsayshiChan

@SKZSHa You were asking about it luv 😊😁 and I replied 😁☺ and as I said, I'll leave once you stop replying 💞

Mdu😏 ‏@Mduduz_MAHLANGU

@Thula_Langa A lady of grace & beauty☺💋

Kate de Selincourt ‏@Kate_de

@lizreason I don't think Chris is taken in ☺

Kerbyy♥ ‏@heyitskerv

welcome back twitter <3☺

Epi Espinosa ‏@EpiEspinosa

@jhon_mrsc Get well soon crush ☺

KingAmara👸 ‏@amaratomi

Twins😫 first n Second if possible..Identical ones I love twins😭😭 and i just wanna give birth twice or thrice☺

❌American Dreamer❌ ‏@lisasolis211

@CadeMillionare Hello ☺

MaryMargaretJoan ‏@marymagjoan

#KildareReadersFestival the gift that keeps on giving 📚📚📚☺ @KildareReaders @riverbankarts

Seo Mothibe ‏@SeoMothibe

@GOATeDigital Thank you ☺

탈리아 ‏@Thalialia_15

So cute..☺💜💜 @BTS_twt #Precious_Baby_Bear #TAEHYUNG

Samuel Sunoj ‏@SamuelSunoj

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pellumi😊 ‏@waveofthe90s

God should i be like sucre?☺

Kamal Kapoor ‏@kb_kapoor

@archie229 Ohh no problem , I wish best of luck for me for next time. ☺

Yvonne ❤ Ferrari.Sebastian Vettel.🏁 ‏@MonzaF1Girl

@Anvilius Heartbreaking but what a lovely thing to do,exactly what i would have anyone can…

🇧🇲Bill Nye the Bermy Bie🇧🇲 ‏@TheBermyBie

Whenever I hear that "ye ye ye ye" from Nessa Preppy 🤩☺🤗

Shell 💙🕊🛡 ‏@michelanna

@naeaglecam ☺ She was looking after Valor even then!😍💕🥚🐤

kkura-chan! ‏@sathekura

@byoojin hey remember to smile because i just gotta have you in my life. ☺

Saved ‏@qampiesinako

Oh my goodness!❤ father God bless him. He loves you Lord. The only awards he wants are from you Lord. Yhuu bawo! Se…

Google Pay India ‏@GooglePayIndia

We’re almost done buying gifts for the family - you ☺ Stay tuned to open the surprise.

Shariza Athirah ‏@nsharizathirah

I got a lot of good 1st impression today☺✨

Kagiso🤴TOURMALINE garnet ‏@KagisoSwaggyKG

@MachinaInvictus @akreana_ Thank you☺❤

👻Uh Oh Spooky👻 🥀R.I.P Etika (Pls Check Pinned) ‏@OctoBaby69

@MyettWrath I am I am good night/morning! ☺

Irina; #LightsUp ‏@HarryS1409

"I don't know how not to be a Harry Styles fan!". ☺ Same, bro.

(Foto)Mucke ‏@Konzertgeherin

Detti and me ☺

jimin did you eat lobiani? CNS ‏@Salome45155969

@enigma_bts He is my crush ☺😁

Joan. ‏@brisbiane

H-HIII and thank you by giving out a like on my picture before uwu. Here I am come with an offer for you. 🥺 This i…

🦋──; adel ‏@preciousjenle

@jenolitt @nctconfess heree☺

Grace Gustilo ‏@GraceGustilo18

Busy for 2nd grading exam... ☺. Nextweek i'll be active again😘😘

🦅🎆RedFlame🎆🦅 ‏@amwcb6179

@WenMaMa2 @FranCifelli @Michael2_t @Serremmy @Amplifier2Rf @PinnyLoketch @crt39437 @bobobray @1GaryBernstein…

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@Leodexta My guy use double 🔊 🔊 talk this thing. ☺.

Yustia Prasetia ‏@Yustia_Prasetya

@idrtwnpr I hope so kaap, ☺

Abi ‏@9jacaramel

Fabulous work out this morning! I feel sore and good at the same time ☺💃

komla for CHANGE🇬🇭 ‏@AttahJhojho

Let's Get Started ☺ #dscknust

KingAmara👸 ‏@amaratomi

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KAITO ‏@NathanFujiii

nice wiiin☺

gensengallien ‏@gensengallien

House of bts, want to go there😍☺

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AngelB 🐦SoundBirdie🐦 ‏@MystiqKin

@mztagary Awwwwn I feel yah, doll ☺ Its only natural. You're on the right track tho, keep it up 👍

•..×➒☆ ‏@BamsayshiChan

@SKZSHa I'm closer to college than you are luv ☺🤗maybe you'd understand if you don't hate on people blindly 💞😊😁 con…

chris cuthbert ‏@chrisjcuthbert

@EducatingDonna It's cool. Nae grammar police here. Me and my ten thumbs often make mistakes ☺

Dan Ekwunife ‏@ekwunife_dan

@Blue_Footy @AlexGoldberg_ One last thing - follow me back ☺

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@dinidinda Wish☺

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jisoo ‏@jisyua

sooyaa’s upchar┊ BP_My4Wifey at the End of The Day, We are Still ALL FAN ACCOUNTS HERE☺


@BP_My4Wifey at the End of The Day, We are Still ALL FAN ACCOUNTS HERE☺

tHe ReVoLuTiOn wILL bE TweetEd OuT📣 ‏@miraculous1

Well time for growth🤔 And as long as a 6th grader can comprehend it, growth was accomplished ☺

Kagiso🤴TOURMALINE garnet ‏@KagisoSwaggyKG

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If I unfollow you then it clearly means we don't speak the same language. nothing really personal (if acquainted).…

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@thelovelykyu If you saw someone hating on you on twt, just report and block them. it's better like that, so you'll…

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