Smiling Face Emoji

This smiling face predates emoji, and works in all manner of older browsers and operating systems.

The modern version of this emoji has a smiling mouth, happy eyes, rosy red cheeks and eyebrows in the Apple artwork. Differs slightly from the Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes emoji which does not include eyebrows, and has a different style of smiling eyes.

When viewed on Android, no eyebrows are present in the Google artwork.

See the glossary for information on the term white in unicode character names.

Smiling Face was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 under the name “White Smiling Face” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

☺️ Grinning Face

☺️ Happy Face

☺️ Smiley Face

☺️ Smiling

Apple Name

☺️ Smiling Face

Unicode Name

☺️ White Smiling Face


☺ U+263A

️ U+FE0F




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Fairface💖 ‏@ghray_

Oga, March go soon finish oo. How fa☺

𝒄𝒊𝒏𝒅𝒚 with luv ♡ ‏@fendihobi

@angylize Iam doing GREAT bored but great☺

Mei ‏@Meii1306

I would like to hear ON(Feat.Sia) by @BTS_twt It's a very good song. Could you please play it. It must be awesome…

ᴘᴊᴍ¹³ ‏@jiminiepalette

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afterglow supremacist ‏@bryceadelaide

@ThroneofGlassPH thank you for the support 😭☺

za🍉 | unf spree📌 ‏@haechanmoksori

@taeyongs_hoe I'm fine, totally fine. Thank you for asking☺

Sawyer Blaise Daurie Toner ‏@2018TrackHawk

O s************t #oldfarmcountryside #shopisopen8to6 #FarmingSimul8or19 #fs19 #FarmingSimulator2019…

Crypto_Mallorca ‏@CryptoMallorca

@ryle1ghh @digital_mine_ And many more in the future ☺

Daniel sax ‏@Danielsax20

@MeganGipsyxxx I would so worship you every day!😍😍☺☺🤗🤗

Erika ‏@Erika12332287

😀😁trankila at home☺🤗

Laser ‏@xLaserzz

@MovaakFN @2Jayce_ I appriciate the good words ☺

Leigh Goodwin ‏@Ms_Wombat

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Salted Pretzel Bark ‏@LukeWilczak

@dreamytabby @homohaxan Holy moley you look so cute! The hair and eyeliner and those 80's vibes ☺💕

Marilyn ‏@chenoite

@AndyRowe8880 Haha well it's kind of nice! ☺

Gretchen Van Walterop ‏@vanwalterop

@BabbleOnBrooke Thanks☺

a•y•b•a•n•🤵 ‏@Goinvans

Work out time 😁☺

Dorihey ‏@dorihey

@RexPecs @faux_arts @thebluebear27 That smile is absolutely wonderful and I want to hug him so much! 💙☺

kit 🎂 ‏@tiknerad

@Kinn48729406 Thanks po ☺

Stef you ‏@Karolina__Kween

@davequigon Mission: accomplished. Thanks Dave🤗☺

Chris ‏@Christo97966259

@Brianna27921772 @Cleveland Slutty lil bitch☺😃😘

🦋 𝑒𝓇𝓎𝓃⁷ 🦋 ‏@vlissfulkookie

koo morning ☺

Erika ‏@Erika12332287

hello beautiful people !!!! ☺🙂

Emily😷⚡🔑🌺🇻🇪 ‏@emilybitcoiner

First week: Cardio ✔ Speed ✔ ☺💪

Candy joslyn ‏@candy_joslyn

@realDonaldTrump Yes we will!🇺🇸☺

김SoHyun {SH} ‏@sohyunnie_99

@Ieexdaehwi Ahh I see Me too also , feel diff and something has changed I can't turn it like in the past so now I just let it flow ☺

XIX 🔥🔥 ‏@Daniel_the_XVII

Yeah ☺

Cecil Shine ‏@ShineCecil

@comatuna96 I want him be come my pet☺

Shalia 👶🏾 ‏@shaliur

@ma_kaila Thank you ☺

SEUNGSIK ‏@kangseungsix

@CHUS0JUNG I prefer watch a horror movie ☺

Laura W ‏@LauraW61172906

What a cute outfit!☺

❤~Dekomori~❤ ‏@Tiny_Valentine

Im going tu follow some of you guys after the movie ☺ But ill only follow if you're followinv me tuu UwU

Tess ‏@TessDeeSee

@MrLeonardKim @LAPDHQ Stay safe and happy ☺

Matt 💣 ‏@Wilderness_41

Love doing 2 streams a day, I get to reset my batteries. ☺☺☺ let's grind baby.

♡ 조슈아 ‏@caprijosh

@shuajishu i see you on there☺

Theinvisibleme ‏@Theinvisibleme7

@twinklingrhett @rhettmcrib He is exactly 10 years older than me!!! And I'm so hopeless in love with him☺☺

ebyang ‏@vienivymarie

Have a Blessed Sunday to all ☺😇

Cecil Shine ‏@ShineCecil

@comatuna96 so cute☺

Michelle Maher ‏@marymar49743095

I snapped this selfie of my husband & I as the lights were going down. This was the The Marriage of Figaro opera af…

Two Foe 💜💛 ‏@reignsupreme_18

eye got tacos ☺

CheckMate ‏@GoonerZombie

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Esin Victor ‏@Vesin2

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dracorn. ‏@wixnom

Gaming&dc with bae ☺ one of the shit im gonna miss hella lot when this quarantine ends

Juliet ↙↙↙ ‏@InventingWords

@DrCourtneyShah Hmm. Maybe I should give her my mum's number. ☺ I just suck at explaining things, especially if I can't see it myself.

Stef you ‏@Karolina__Kween

@davequigon *gasp* IT'S YOUUUUU!!!😃☺☺

Dylan Nguyen ‏@dylannguyen_tw

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CountrySuper⭐️ ‏@AntonCountrySup

@Frankie85226057 @DrJimmyStar @1my2my3my @ursobuursula1 @ICEcoolMAN @Hiqutipie @Sky13861654 @RareCat…

Danesha☆🐧🏒💛🖤 ‏@HiromuWonBOSJ25

@bilesprite That's the way it should be 😁☺👍

callie⁷ I TRUST ‏@Jiminscaffe

So I painted an eye for the first time ☺

Cheyenne ‏@AneyC24

Here's a photo of a rose- enjoy ☺🌹

tin ♡ 원호 ‏@queenwonkyun

@LetsBeLaura oh at least she corrected herself ☺☺☺

Frederick Green ‏@Brooklynknite

@blackonyxgold @Mkf257 Let me know if you have more. ☺☺

PSG mixer ‏@MixerPsg

The BBC are a joke but Morrissey doesn't need to grovel to their woke agenda! #Morrissey Top three album again!☺

⭐🔥Ackeron🔥⭐ ‏@Ackeron7


ClareBear 💕🍪❤😘 ‏@walknonsunshyn

@jimmyfallon @chefjoseandres @WCKitchen Great fun! Your antique hand mixer was pretty cool. @chefjoseandres is doi…

Sora Deplorabot 🇺🇸☀️🔥🇺🇸 ‏@VMGpatriot

@jason_becnel @Scavino45 And Q(17) + ☺

SEUNGSIK ‏@kangseungsix

@CHUS0JUNG I'm an innocent guy☺

Indiannetizen ‏@indiannetizen

You should have listened to Esther, Dad. ☺

Frankie williams ‏@Frankie85226057

@AntonCountrySup @DrJimmyStar @1my2my3my @ursobuursula1 @ICEcoolMAN @Hiqutipie @Sky13861654 @RareCat…

dhi⁷ misses BTS 🥺 ‏@BTSON7_twt

@winterjoonie94 @BTS_twt Happy sunday kaa key 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜☺ #5YearsWithRMMixtape #MarchforYoongi @BTS_twt

Cecil Shine ‏@ShineCecil

@koma_4_koma I agree with you, I uaways see Cloud is a girl.😊☺

Kamilia ‏@Nurkamiliaaaaaa

I'm lack of energies. I'm stop! ☺

ALVIN ‏@alvin_acquah

Playing all through the late night☺

Derek 🇨🇦 ‏@71derek

@PaulaJR34 Hope tomorrow is a better day for you Paula ☺

Victoria Murillo ‏@vicky051097

@issiiee I want a quaranTEAne time with you Issie☺💙

bae ‏@kookvdates

@instaekook awnt ❤☺

BewithYou¹³ ‏@BewithY26015020

Hi!! 💜💜💜 I would like to hear #ON feat. @Sia by @BTS_twt. Please play it for one of Army here. Thank you!!☺…

💧madtruthbomber🆘 ‏@DavidBeazley4

@CarmineSabia Thanks for spreading the hashtag... ☺ #TrumpGenocide

Aru_⁷🅾🅽🐥ᶠⁱˡᵗᵉʳ ‏@Aru_LuvBTS

꼭 틀어주세요☺ Hey @MostRequestLive. I'm not giving up until you play this song. So play #ON ([email protected]) by @BTS_twt! Let…

Celine🌿 ‏@Chalinnie

I'm so thankful my philosophy profe said fuck zoom and read on ur own ☺ like he is a real one

Suzye ‏@iamoverflowing

Love Don't just for meeee ☺

Bree💦 ‏@jnstbree

I am her ☺

Brenda Solís ‏@Brendita_Solis

@demeter800 @MarcAnthony Thanks, I have more, I might share them, I don't know if Marc reads them ☺😌 some are sad too

T C Cape ‏@tmcsjgw18

@__Tiger_Tiger_ My favorite animal ☺

Natalia Ginay ‏@GinayNatalia

@CamCamcary I like Jeopardy ☺

❁ Beck⁵ ❁ #KickIt1stwin ‏@heartbeathoney

@chanseungs Thank you lovely 💕☺

Mickaela Igrubay ‏@micksigrubay

@nikkiedoria Thank you for the kind words, Christianne 🥺❤👉🏻👈🏻 Good luck rin sa clinics and ingat always ☺

★·.·´¯`·.·★ αⓜ𝒶ภ𝐃𝐚 ★·.·´¯`·.·★ ‏@EndOfDays05

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Luna 🌟 ONEnONLY @offclASTRO 💜 ‏@Luna_ArohaDest

@Arohawho Hi ☺ welcome to Aroha's 💜 Let me know if you have questions or if you need any recommendations 😊…

andrea 🥺 ‏@uwuyuchan_

🍓 1. sehyoon ❤ 2. 🤖 3. adorable and really friendly !! ☺

Natsumi Mikaze ‏@MikazeNatsumi

@fantakoi I loved the scene! and i look forward to see a lot of these of the past! It tells so much, and i really l…

★ 𝓟𝓑𝓛'𝓼 𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓵 𝓒𝓪𝓻𝓼 ™ 🇺🇸 ‏@PBLsRealCars

@jritka @tmj4 Now we need some sun ☀ and warm temps in the 60's. ☺

Destiny Thomas ‏@destinyth0mas

You're on a roll with the #SPS this week! Loving it! 😌 Thanks for sharing such fun #BTS with us! ☺ #Hearties

Deiji⁷ 💜3💜 MY TIME by 중국 ‏@DaisyLovesBTS

@peachy_MINned @Freyanne_04 Time to learn at home ☺

jen ‏@giyuuie

the new toilet paper im using gave me a rash☺

andrea 🥺 ‏@uwuyuchan_

❄☀️ 1. mature and funny 😂😂 2. YUCHAN 😊 3. vocal among a small group of people ☺

Indiannetizen ‏@indiannetizen

Wait till the end ☺

BTSUniverse ‏@BTSUniv54979209

Hello @MostRequestLive and @OnAirRomeo 👋. Please pkay #ON by @BTS_twt ft @Sia on yoyr show tonight since the wonder…

🅿️udinn ‏@Pvdinn

@itsmeeekevina Not long kev 😊☺

🎾 Ian 🎾 ‏@Devillish_

Something a bit more cheerful ☺

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It was a beautiful day☺🌤

Alhana ‏@AlhanaWinter

Very gloomy, chilly rainy day here. Was a perfect night for soup and sandwiches for dinner. ☺

노랑보라⁷ ‏@qhfkxoxo33

🌸🌸I'm currently listening to the radio.☺ I'd like to hear #ON ([email protected]) by @BTS_twt MOST! @MostRequestLive~ Can you…

t⁷ ‏@BoyWithArmy

@BTS_twt I MISS U ☺💜

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