Wilted Flower Emoji

A flower that has died, or wilted due to a lack of water. A petal falls toward the ground.

Wilted Flower was approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2016 and added to Emoji 3.0 in 2016.

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Also Known As

🥀 Dead Flower

🥀 Drooping Flower


🥀 U+1F940


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Pha RADZIE ‏@palupiradzie

@AliSahin501 🥀 Rasulullah Sallallahu 'Alayhi Wa salam taught us: "say nice words! If you can not, keep silence"⚘ 🌹… https://t.co/V7mwP2cgnw

안나 ‏@snpdranna

“why is it that when the story ends we begin to feel all of it.” 🥀

F r i a s ✌ ‏@Jaysonfrs8

Try lang 😅🥀 https://t.co/thgcJstKwM

Cannon ‏@C_4NNO_N

I ain’t tryna fuck, I just want your company 🥀

🅺🆃 ‏@ktwhoopi

@EllaKNewton That rose petal at the end freaked me out a bit!! 😳🥀

skixppy ツ ‏@skixppy

thinking about making a song. 🥀

Nikita🥀 ‏@Thewildthingx

“I need a lion who’s gonna tame the lioness in me”🥀

Jessica Rumo ‏@itsOnly_Jessica

@DimphoN_ Thank you beautiful , I appreciate it.🥀

Syaa🕊 ‏@NSyafiqah_AS

People might called me idiot for giving him chances, treated him so well. But, how can i not love him ? Fragile 🥀

Alejandro Franchini ‏@afranchini_

@KayaJones I dream to be your boyfriend. 😍🥀

Raja Usman ‏@iamUsman777

@iPakLaD Dark knights, living alone 🥀🙏🏻

M ‏@_airampancho

i love you 🥀

✿ sσríαnσ, m. ✿ ‏@mryndzsrn_

happily dressed in red 🥀 https://t.co/sOBMYihg8H

DEDICATED 🌻☝️ ‏@Rerein_1004

Give me faith to trust what You say That You're good and Your love is great I'm broken inside, I give You my life '… https://t.co/TSaCi71KBT

❀ฯคri ‏@theunworthywan

𝓛𝓲𝓯𝓮 𝓲𝓼 𝓷𝓸𝓽 𝓮𝓪𝓼𝔂 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓪𝓷𝔂 𝓸𝓯 𝓾𝓼.🥀

razzy ‏@razzy91815225

My favourite photo ✨🥀 https://t.co/M2G9Uqdw3U

Solid Janine ‏@Solid_Janine

Reposted from @janinegutierrez - old school kinda glam 🥀 - #regrann https://t.co/leJRKIdZfO

OVO ‏@recklesswideout

this isn’t love 🥀

🌺JANINE ‏@janinegutierrez

old school kinda glam 🥀 https://t.co/6racAZ5lO4

🥀Jessi ⚧ FlyGirl🥀 ‏@jessiflygirl

@Samanthanb3 You’re Welcome Samantha! Love the sunglasses! Love the whole look! You Own it! 🥀❤️🥀 #transsisterhood

أمورهـ الكعبي💎. ‏@Amoorak687

can you feel me thinking of you?💭🥀 4:01pm

𝙲𝚒𝚌𝚒 ‏@elinciraaaahhhh

Learn from your past and shut the door behind to live in present.Our past is just like a dry rose which was once a… https://t.co/hwJgAHyDeY

🥀Jessi ⚧ FlyGirl🥀 ‏@jessiflygirl

@Sirius7dk Yes. Wow! The creativity, Incredible. I started playing with legos in the 70’s. Always helped take my mi… https://t.co/10kCsjT27E

F A Y ‏@FayMac87

Don’t walk away, in silence 🥀 #IanCurtis #39years https://t.co/bWUOOHp2SC

emjay ‏@Emjay_McWilsons

@Antonxtte Thank you so much 🥀

Kurt the bully ‏@TOMMYSBXLLY

🥀: tbh i think they both be in high school by now i think in the last episode that’s literally their last apprentice bth it’s slymun again

George Worthy ‏@GeorgeWorthy9

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂On To Day May 19 / 2019 🎂🥀🎊❤️💜💗 https://t.co/AR6kV81LUB

Rosie ‏@vdeverano

call me friend -but keep me closer-🥀

🥀Jessi ⚧ FlyGirl🥀 ‏@jessiflygirl

@AmyJamiC You and me both Amy! 😘 It’s all about strength, confidence and how we carry ourselves in the real world.… https://t.co/Sotu0jtKWR

sloot ‏@SammAspinall

🥀fucking hell. 🥀

𝐁𝐚𝐢𝐩𝐡𝐮𝐝 ‏@Baiphudxrose

8BOTSBOYZ - กลับมา (Inspired by 2Days ago kid) 🥀 https://t.co/1NlnlGcd9k via @YouTube

🥀Jessi ⚧ FlyGirl🥀 ‏@jessiflygirl

@Secret_Vent Everyday GF! Everyday! Two teenagers here. A Boy and a Girl...then there’s me...the third teenager...… https://t.co/fWpP1cL7YY

Clean ‏@coIeens

gonna see @lauvsongs tomorrow! i cant wait 🥀

Y A Q I N E. D R A R I ‏@ydrari

Modesty is the Highest Elegance 🥀 https://t.co/YtcT9qAHRm

Dead Roses Clothing ‏@deadrosesuk

🥀 @ Chichester, West Sussex https://t.co/UNbp0O1ws9

Samira ‏@samiraf007

@SamarBadran4 Nice day ...🥀🌹🥀.

Viviana🧸 ‏@vivi_5525

True as it can be 🥀✨ https://t.co/7oUsZYnxnj

🥀Jessi ⚧ FlyGirl🥀 ‏@jessiflygirl

@Sirius7dk Awesome! 🥀❤️🥀

🏕 ‏@naeevuitton

I’m so blessed to go through what I go through.. it’s alot on my plate but god got me 🥀💛

🥀Jessi ⚧ FlyGirl🥀 ‏@jessiflygirl

@KatyMontgomerie Maybe...is there chocolate and champagne involved? LOL 🥀❤️🥀

nikkkkki✨ ‏@nikkkistrash

reality: you judge, but you don’t want to be judged.🐾🥀.

🥀Jessi ⚧ FlyGirl🥀 ‏@jessiflygirl

@TrzTouristAllie Nice! It’s wonderful how our worlds have expanded from just becoming ourselves. I met a new friend… https://t.co/fuIW6lOO9e

🥀Jessi ⚧ FlyGirl🥀 ‏@jessiflygirl

@samarcand Hang in there Ellen. You have all the strength and confidence on the inside. We’re all here when you ne… https://t.co/OCSSEZGqUP

NS! ‏@sunoorr

- Dear someone who is Reading this or needs to hear this.. May اللہ remove All the sadness that dims the colour of… https://t.co/LKKnW5ugUY

WE.OR.NEVER. 𝚌𝚒𝚎𝚕𝚘 🦁 이승훈 💎 위너 ‏@cielorHoon

Such a prince charming 😭💐🌷🌹🥀🌺🌸🌼🌼 #WINNER #위너 #아예 @yginnercircle https://t.co/axyxmsPfQF https://t.co/3UJnmRh0oR

🥀Jessi ⚧ FlyGirl🥀 ‏@jessiflygirl

@TrzTouristAllie I feel your happiness! 🥀💋🥀

Mareham Le Fen CE Primary ‏@MarehamCE

Miss Johnson has been out in the woods this morning collecting natural materials for Class M to make woodland crown… https://t.co/AVWAt5t05E

🥀Jessi ⚧ FlyGirl🥀 ‏@jessiflygirl

@TransSamSurrey Looking vibrant today. Sammie, you’re cute Everyday. No exceptions! 🥀❤️🥀

Tricky 🔶️ - #FBPE #Revocateurs 🇪🇺 ‏@Tricky_1

@paulmasonnews Ah, one million percent clear...except he wasn't #BollocksToLabour 🥀 #VoteLibdem 🔶️ https://t.co/xfPA1dLJOr

Shobhitha🦋 ‏@Shobhit88754617

Life is a drawing without an eraser 🥀 #art #artistsoninstagram #painting https://t.co/sg0zpa7yqn

Muqadas Faisal ‏@muqadas_faisal

i wanna go skydiving without a parachute.😪💔🥀

🎈😻William Sadler💎Gif⚡️ ‏@neon1a

But ahhh man😫🥺😭God, his that handsome face really😢😭😍🔥🔥🔥🔥💖💕What a fine prince😻🥺🎠✨🏰🥀🌹⛲️🌺💐🌷🍀#TheFreakingFinest🤧✨Ah, se… https://t.co/0uXH4Od5NB

Lliah 🌈 ‏@iyaa0311

My sundayyy 💖🥀 https://t.co/ANhXHazIWQ

iggy-m #FBPE ‏@IoiTherealnacho

@mikegalsworthy @UKLabour The real tragedy is that good @UKLabour MEP candidates have been left to desguise… https://t.co/Sw7PuerXT5


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Beverly Grant-Wilson ‏@Irish71

No Words 😳🥀😕💚💛 @ Santa Clara, California https://t.co/R3UOOMDjwe

Muqadas Faisal ‏@muqadas_faisal

Even if you call me and you’re too sad to talk I’ll listen to your silence.🥀

Helaaaang ausi ‏@lesegotriumph

#SuitandTie was everything outside of this world,thank you @HomeComingEvent 🥀 https://t.co/FJkiGmJeLb

ᴡᴏɴᴡᴏᴏ [ au ] ‏@_cxlmtxrture

🥀; good to me https://t.co/7HBDbuGrRn

ritaputriislamiyah ‏@erpeii

'I can't reach you anymore, rid'.I miss you 🥀

𝑶𝒍𝒊𝒗𝒊𝒂 ‏@olifleurs

always bitchy, never butchy 🥀@VioletChachki https://t.co/y7S2kyf6Zg

فیضان ‏@faizi_says_

@Sar_Phiri_kurri no need 😌🥀😋

Mina ‏@meyoiwmina

(🥀)Note : Based on the Twitter’s new policy, I'm disposed to mention that I'm not the real Myoui mina not do… https://t.co/N9DaWNjhad

THATSTHYL ‏@thatsthyl

Hey guys✨🥀 https://t.co/4RLs39QXa8

فیضان ‏@faizi_says_

@Tekhi_Mirchi Be happy stay alive, and stay blessed 🥀

Tricky 🔶️ - #FBPE #Revocateurs 🇪🇺 ‏@Tricky_1

@nickynoo007 Agree Shit the bed and hide under the sheets is a policy that is not going to succeed at any level… https://t.co/TUf0QX6Z1H

-زکوٹا ♑ ‏@NaceerAymudh001

-I stopped sending paragraphs , stopped begging, i stopped telling people how to treat me & started walking away bl… https://t.co/viZIhFei6z

Siti nurwanie Azizan ‏@nurwanie_siti

I Don't know how people can fake entire relationships.i can't even fake a hello to somebody i Don't like.🥀🌹


Tomb of the Unknown guard completes final walk, places single rose at each crypt https://t.co/i26qrcj1S7 🥀🇺🇸🥀 https://t.co/Xx3RoLQalz

Máriam Gutiérrez. ‏@Mariam_17G

The real me 🥀 en Alhama De Murcia, Murcia, Spain https://t.co/2kdjSOW1vn

Radwa Tarek ‏@rory_fabulous97

Where are u now!!!! I need u 🥀

cakedivasnet ‏@cakedivasnet

*NEW* Beautiful spring rose 🌹 Wedding caKe!! Congrats to an awesome couple!! 🥰🎉🥳💐🌺🥀🌸 Thanks so much to Nikki Lehman… https://t.co/8HiHpvKKaE

Tricky 🔶️ - #FBPE #Revocateurs 🇪🇺 ‏@Tricky_1

@george_tomos @jeremycorbyn #BollocksToLabour 🥀 No self-respecting Remainer is going to vote for a party led by a… https://t.co/35lqr8mWe3

🔆 ‏@aseliban

@KPOP_predict18 I hope you can see this and reach me out.19, I’m in an abyss right now.. I’m not sure whether I sho… https://t.co/vys3CY0W8Q

Ram Rimal ‏@rimal3_ram

@ChimouriyaSu Wow 😮 superb 👏 💕 🌹 ❤️ 🥀 ♥️

Jim Harper ‏@TheHunterHarper

@BeardedGenius Love the embedded Roses 🌹 Can’t get past the swoosh though 🥀

noobmaster69 ‏@you_darling

how i imagine my thesis would be: 🌹 how it turned to be: 🥀

chachi ‏@chaaaclarete

@BinibiningMia_ https://t.co/VRbobplbxE chapter na please😝🥀

mona🥀 ‏@monique_liu23

back to being strangers again.🥀

caprice . ‏@Caaaprice

feel all of my sick thoughts & if i needed to, i could cry and you would catch my tears 🥀

Dead Roses Clothing ‏@deadrosesuk

Free stickers in ever order 🤙🏼 🥀 —————————— FREE UK shipping for orders over £50 ✈️ FREE worldwide shipping for ord… https://t.co/xsLGlOiF2P

ً ‏@IabeIIevie

hello. this is mina! is there any twice members who wants to join nayeon, jihyo, dahyun, sana and i? pretty please!… https://t.co/9C9MhqmKYp

eXtra+|nfo == ‏@3xtra_Inf0

@KathMedArt @mjdawar He Is just a paid stooge working as a rat and will die like a rat in the gutter.. 🥀⚰️ #PashteenTerrorist

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