Winking Face Emoji

A classic winky emoji; winking and smiling.

Used  to imply humor in written form, or may alternatively be used suggestively, as a form of flirtation.

Winking Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😉 Wink

😉 Wink Face

😉 Winky Face


😉 U+1F609




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JT ‏@jtthecripple

Hey yall I just went live! I know you're bored 😉. Come hangout!

Julio Zavala ‏@jzavalaphoto

Monster Girls... Who doesn't love them 😉 #juliozavalaphotography . . @monsterenergygirls #monsterenergygirls…

Mike 🚗💨 ‏@mfcpullen5

Jaffa cake time 😉 #fullMoon almost

AuraSilk ‏@AuraSilk

Have you tried AuraSilk yet? The benefits to your skin are numerous, such as brightening your skin, helping to hea…

イアン・バーカー ‏@B4RK3R7

@ALS_Fanzine 20 mins from my house 🤙🏼 It will do for me 😉 Massive away allocation as well as they’re skint and will want the revenue ..

djab ‏@DenisBodelier

@PatsonStanley @LedgerHQ And make ERC20 token support visible in ledger live as well. Then we al good😉

Ali Birtwell ‏@AliBirtwell

Ticked one off your list today @SE_Sussed 😉 gorgeous Autumn colours in Crystal Palace Park…

Miré-Mirela ‏@MirelaPana1

@Mark32631880 ..let's get it😉. A good week I wish you Mark!🍁🌾☕🗺

Ross Melrose ‏@rmelrose11

@MattKnightWorld You were due one...... hadn’t won there in the last 6. Once the rebuilds done we’ll be back 😉👀

Kyu C. Lee (이규창) ‏@qflava

So.. #BTS or #EXO?? What team do you roll with?? 😂 I'll go w/ #Suho x2!~~~☆☆ Great seeing you.. and thank you.. you…

lfc above my heart ‏@stevo82lfc

@Olivia_Robo Ya prick ive rebooted my phone not done it again yet 😉😉😋😋😋😋😏😏

KMTidsbury ‏@KTidsbury

@TheRock Whoa! You set that bar so high for us mere mortals. 😉You’re a god in your own right and in so many other w…

Wayne Adams ‏@adamswayne83

@RoyalDyche Its a bap you twat 😉😉

recycling_raccoon ‏@RecyclinRaccoon

I put the e in email 😉

AndrejaS ‏@odyssey158

@Camilla68521063 @Martina82403124 @gandusio @GalkeSabine @fulvia14130533 @Pam__0001 @CostinaJ @AthanasiaTrian1…

alexa (ノ^_^)ノ ‏@al_bogan

@abbydarling33 you’ll never let that die huh, Atleast I sang it just for you baby 😉😉

Poseidon ‏@Spiritual_Rise

TRUMP HITS HIGHEST RATING yet in NBC/WSJ approval poll 😉

Held der Arbeit #GTTO ‏@HeldinEU

@buddy_hell @TheFabledAesop @0Calamity For me your comment was sittng just above @0Calamity ´s 😉

John 🧙‍♂️ ◼️◻️ 🦡 ‏@Jopawiz

@GreatestQuotes Who drinks coke, does both... 😉

🕂Mistress Argenta™🔞 ‏@GlasgowDomina

Slaveboy done good! Sorted for hols now! Ignore the cat!🤪👊 Cheers slave a you will reap rewards!😉😊

[email protected] ‏@niallwhyte

@JeffH1960 Go on just say it,you know you want to,go on,I will start it for you, FUCK THE P###,sure as you say,it's ok 😉

M e l R a d l o f f ‏@Melanie_Radloff

@TheRedOnYouPod @peak37pt @SellingOutShow @filmmakerspod @lastweeksmovies @cinemusts @Jaws19show @eilfmovies…

Halloween Prince ‏@PrinxeRockstarr

@iss_nm @NICKIMINAJ Of course 😉😘 #GoodbyeVIDEO #MTVEMAs #Tidal

Annette J. ‏@ajalsevac

@TheScelata @FeastofAngels @VaticanNews @CardinalBCupich Oh man, you were calling us something sounding like "Crote…

Richard Grimes ‏@Richard_Grimes

@amyvoce @cintalondon @racoonintl Wear it for your interview at BBC R2 - they have an opening for a a drivetime DJ 😉. You'd be great...

Scott Lyon ‏@Still_Three

@amberjmortimer Best not have deleted my number, im not that much of a bastard 😉


Shocking, shameless, sinful, wicked, and the party hasn't even started! 😉 Catch "Bachelor Party" TONIGHT at 9/8c.

ram. anagram. ‏@iamthedonkey

@strxwbxrrx happy birthday Zoe..!!! 😉

MickOnTheMic ‏@MickOnTheMic

you da' best! 😉

TheBumbleGirl 🐝 ‏@TheBumbleGirl

I watched this yesterday 😉

Alex Gill ‏@alexgill08

@Jessicaaaa_I_x Joking you know your welcome 😉

Tony Hutchinson ‏@TonyAhsearch

@secretclubprov @Glenmuir1891 Although nothing will happen it will get noted & come up at the following meeting as…


Join us and Sheikh Omar for student discussions this Thursday!! Be there or be SQUARE!! 😉😉 see flyer for details.

Deep Stoat ‏@SieMcGinley

Are you going to it @headshrinker81? Going to be #quare methinks 😉

Astrid Duforet ‏@AstridDuforet

@goos57 No it was just this one 😉

Greg Busby ‏@CrackerDaddy

@GinaGenochio's the NFC LEAST again. 😉

Tamara Fox ‏@WordsbyTamara

@tqtyson Perhaps it’s a metaphor for having to live by another’s unsuitable expectations 😉

Amsterfam ‏@amsterfam

@MumsnetBloggers (Always available for latte reccos 😉)

Blush ‏@BlushNovelties

@LatexLeather @Lil_Spoon_ @joannesreviews There may or may not be more on the way 😉 but shhhhhhh that's a secret! 🤭

Statesperson ن 🇺🇸 ‏@statesperson

TRUMP HITS HIGHEST RATING yet in NBC/WSJ approval poll 😉

Scott Clevenger ‏@Scottclevenger

@rpjohnson001 @richten47 Because it’s Downright Upright 😉

R.S ‏@ThoughtsofRS

@JulietHuddyTV It is a family heirloom for you!😉

STILL KELLY ‏@gallogallo1967

@StanleyCohenLaw I’m So DAM HAPPY 4U.I miss my Homework but, you’re GOING 2BE A BIT BUSY I BELIEVE. Just A Guess😉An…

Pamela Geller ‏@PamelaGeller

TRUMP HITS HIGHEST RATING yet in NBC/WSJ approval poll 😉: And this from the irrational haters at @NBC. So you know…

May Crotch ‏@MayCrotch

@Reenomeano Haven't seen it yet but I'm looking forward to seeing it when I get home👍 he's a trooper😉

Cynthia geissler ‏@cyndog16

@SimplyBenny o I agree...that's why I put the mean girls in quotation marks...meant to come across as being facetious..😉

Marry Lou Moonshine ‏@MoonshineLou

@bobadams12 U got enough Money honey 😉

Liam Mcloughlin ☕ ‏@Leelum

@Harm365 @rv_southern Don't blame me, it's all Ros's fault.😉

Cleospanicfan 💋 ‏@cleozinha15

@AnaKarinaGE I agree totally with you, our success is determined for our actitudes and faith in God.😉

♡ 𝓒𝓸𝓻𝓮𝔂 𝓐𝓷𝓷𝓮 ♡ ‏@CoreyAnne_

Character day was a success with you.😉💙 @ North Brunswick High School

Carolyn Sames ‏@SamesCarolyn

Well how fitting that we have a #NationalNutDay and there’s sure plenty to go around! 😉

Ankita Shah ‏@Ankita_Shah8

Follow him guys ....You will not be disappointed ...For sure 😉

Shayla ‏@shaylaawebsterr

@keiraxbone @sean_conorprice Thank you for the reminder! I can safely say thnks to this message, I have drank enoug…

Johnny Von Rotten 🎃 💀 🧛‍♂️ 👻 ‏@JohnnyVonRotten

@jaysonstreet You're welcome to travel back in time to the 90s and tell them. 😉

Daz✨ ‏@DazCeleste_

Fellas 🗣🗣🗣🗣 DazCeleste will have all new jewelry designs tailored for YOU available for purchase THIS Friday Octo…

Danik Kang 🐯 ‏@LaDanica1

@NUESTBrazil Hi! 😉 PLEASE use ALWAYS this hashtags! It's VERY important for brand reputation rank and Billboard so…

Seana aka Yorkshire 🦄 ‏@pottsy000

@earpsolano Not a mutual 😉

Nicole Richardson ‏@NicJam25

I know people think April 25th is the perfect date 😉 but October 22nd in Tuscaloosa is winning it for me.

Ramsey Selim ‏@ramseyselim

Took this shot while driving in the Cairngorms (I wasn’t the driver 😉) ____________________________________________…

Ambitious GinG ‏@Ambitious_GinG

@garyvee Thank you always for putting me in my hustle mood everyday. Listening to one of your podcasts today you me…

Maria Georgiadou ‏@mariageo973

@salvador_sobral Looking forward to whatever this is!😉

middle of nowhere ‏@19mont

@noBSzone My favorites are the really makeup, no dress up, just cold Sunday in sweatshirts and sweats ki…

WG894 ‏@WG894

@BostonPizzaNA That's no Royal but that cold beer has me interested...also wouldn't hurt to have more pics with som…

I am Me Her She ‏@Awkwardly_Dope

@tunaeP_ Anytime 😉

NYK#33 ‏@33_nyk

@ThisIsMarlena Your art is really so impressive... just thank you, such as i could even watch Jazz or wolves ...…

Gareth Wyn Jones ‏@1GarethWynJones

@masato_jones @ScottQuinnell @quinnellcandles Ha ha you want to see him 😉


@ChrisEvans , new information about you'r next film? with alien? realy? 😉

baby ‏@bbybunbun

tokyo, moonchild and forever rain are the first three that gets to my heart. lets start listening (again) to the re…


@crissy_jpark @Her7Kings @BTS_MY_BIAS_IS @BTS_twt They are, aren’t they!?! Gorgeous 😍😉😌

TheShadowVR ‏@TheShadowVR

@MariAnchovy your already gone 😉

Lee Harris ‏@leeharris71

@degsy_safc Which rock, ( or pebble ), have you been hiding under! It's been well known for glass beads for years!..😉

alvin ‏@alvizzle_

I want Nic to call me papi chulo 😉 #GoodbyeVIDEO

Sj wickedfoot ‏@garyfreestylez

Happy birthday Mama B @suncity104_9fm 😁😁 suncity fm general , don , chief, boss, commander & founder. The origin…

Julio Zavala ‏@jzavalaphoto

Monster Girls... Who doesn't love them 😉 #juliozavalaphotography . . @monsterenergygirls #monsterenergygirls…

Alex Norori-McCormac ‏@DrAlexMcC

@tomphillips14 Day in, day out 😉

Alyc Keith ‏@alyc662

2017 #lx570 SOLD! 🔥🔥 We knew it wouldn’t last 🤷🏻‍♂️...stay tuned for our #caroftheweek tomorrow😉 @ Lexus of Calgary

kenshinSG ‏@sg_kenshin

EXOLs guessing who will be the first teaser to come out😉 then suddenly out of nowhere @weareoneEXO D.O #Circuit t…

Native ‏@CWNative

@iiJoltex @vCheesz @pranavbabu3 @crackz9ne @Ps4FreeAgentRts @ScrimFinder @ShawnAbner @Kinetic_Leagues Dm, your best option😉

ice 💍 ‏@_iceeexxx

them tables gone turn & ima still be on THIS SIDE minding my business .. karma got you babe not me 😉

Audrey Bullock ‏@audreybullock

Here is a little motivation for your Monday 😉 #motivationalmonday #theaudreybullockteam #mdrealtor #motivation

Jane ‏@everhopeful1000

@EVBritton I’m going to have to beg to differ with you on this one Emma 😉

@joan_again ‏@AgainJoan

@dukewindsor388 Yeah, really good with the patently obvious. 😉

Frangipani ‏@Montulator

@therealcliffyb Of course it is😉

😊Sejal🌟( سیجل )💖 ‏@KeyaSMamma

When I drive.. I drive crazy. 😍😉 #WeekendGetaway #Pune #Weekendvibes #Mulshi #GirlWhoLovetoDrive…

John 🧙‍♂️ ◼️◻️ 🦡 ‏@Jopawiz

@PositiveMinds0 In that case, it's failed dismally... 😂😂😉

Belinda Whyte ‏@beebryhte

@naomi_fairley @kerriatlearning @annekenn It would be essential PD! 😉 ha, yep, cool, we are here most of Jan. I hav…

Olive Garden ‏@olivegarden

@WayofWillis We're here when you're ready. 😉

TiSha Ki Sharon❤ ‏@sharonraina1

Just TiSha 😉❤ #KumKumBhagya #ZRA2018 @sritianne @SHABIRAHLUWALIA

#SmartNetworking ‏@smart_bn

Suddenly my day has got better Nigel 😉😂 #SmartNetworking

I Like Local ‏@I_Like_Local

Did you know in #Morocco , traditionally the liver not the heart, is considered to be the symbol of love? Well now…

Nick ‏@NickmhTw

Simply put? Inequality is the driver of incentive! Remove incentive?... And "what's the point"? Nihilism! Wadda we…

Shayla ‏@shaylaawebsterr

@keiraxbone @sean_conorprice Ilyt ❤️ don’t cry you may not stay hydrated enough 😉

Dog Butters ‏@dogthecat3

@MaggieKMaggieK1 @sander1957 @The37thRealm @yeahunoeme @nipperdawg @tymanmayo @PWM62 @para82nd_1 @cherylwillie…

Cindy K ‏@_Cindy_K

@1eeprice @nw_nicholas Do some research on her husband 😉

Dr Robert O'Connor ‏@DrRobertOConnor

@gregfoley2002 🤔 I wonder if I’ll see a deduction in my monthly “shill” allowance now as a result ?😉😂

Bavarian Football Works ‏@BavarianFBWorks

ICYMI: @FCBayernUS coach Niko Kovac has a lot of weapons in his arsenal. How will he align them tomorrow against…

Mona Lisa ‏@4blackstockings

@TomHall Amazing 💕😉🌻

hiapop ‏@hiapop

@Snippetcuts @fruitbatwalton @VenusRisingInfo @jonmagnussonof @NessiHolt @FrankieLamb @MarinaFlo @djfroggle…

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