Wolf Face Emoji

A wolf shown with gray fur, black nose, and pointed ears on most platforms.

Appeared like a yellow-brown dog on iOS until November 2016, but updated to a more consistent wolf design in the forthcoming iOS 10.2 update.

Not to be confused with the fox face emoji.

Wolf Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🐺 Dingo

🐺 Fox

🐺 Yellow Dog


🐺 U+1F43A




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Treveon 🦊 ‏@sauceuptre

My waves getting crazy and I’m wolfing rn 🐺

ZelAdle ‏@adleerizel

@KarlTowns @MannyPacquiao Hiiiii townssss 🇵🇭🇵🇭🌲🐺

pcakes ‏@hey_Pancake

@pawtism but thank you for your care!! i’m hydrated and well 🐺💖🥞

Dian Calvo ‏@dian_calvo

Watching Mowgli 🐺🐵🐅🦍

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Wolfie_Ow🐺 ‏@Wolfie_Ow

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Celtic Rose 🐺 AWU 2019 ‏@CelticRose88

A little snippet of the fursuit parade this morning!! I just can't get over how amazing everyone is! And I am so g… https://t.co/YbBq2Ri8Fe

Kathleen McDonald ‏@yankee1943

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The Big Bad Wolf ‏@TBBW1

@Emboof Thanks. It was good to see all the Tuesday peeps. I wanted to meet more folks! Next year if I do it, I'll b… https://t.co/JKX5QExfPd

Demetrius☮Wilson ‏@meechi_da1



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Jen Leigh Huff ‏@moonshinejen

@Yelawolverine 🎸🐺📯 couldn't find a harmonica. So just blow the French horn. Almost near famous man.

Harbbeylee01 ‏@harbbeylee01

I’ve refused to downgrade from God to human......... 🐺

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Tommy Doyle🎃🎃🎃🔫🔥🔪 ‏@TommyDoyle47

@NYounker In Canada the person is screwed but only for like 10 years then they'll be able to get out on good behaviour 😂🐺🌕

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Dr.Anirudh Sethi ,PhD ‏@Iamanirudhsethi

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Shelby Lee Lowe ‏@ShelbyLeeLowe

Meat Watcher or The Wolf Den 🐺 https://t.co/F9DG9kK3hV

Team Valor 🐺🐾 ‏@_TeamValor

Good night everyone~ 🐺💤

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Nitro603playz ‏@Nitro603

@PandaFire11 I was about to sleep but now that I saw this I'm not gonna sleep🐺💙

󾓨 Claudia 󾓨 ‏@AntarcticClaudi

@PascoSheriff It's here 6:22 am and I had a nice walk with my husky 🐺 and now I'm going to bed again ....goodnight everyone!

chirp's sitto ‏@chirp__john

In addition to hoping that there will be no storm tonight, he also hopes that the full moon will be full of scatter… https://t.co/OlqQyY8sU6

🌊Julia•Serena 🧜🏼‍♀️ ‏@Julez_Bitxh

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❤️Frost❄️ // Puteri 🐼// Wanda🐋// Tempest 🐺// Twilight 🐺// Lightfury 🐉// Scarlet 🐍// Manja🐒❤️

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thank you @SoftHoursNoona 💜🐺 https://t.co/dTuinE5QAA

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🌟 Mar 🌟 Lusitani Mess🐺 ‏@dserpentes

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Follow your instincts 🐺

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Mayelo ‏@Mayelopup

@NeokaiTiger Can we pleeeease. 🐺🏍️🙏

Jet Fox ‏@JetFoxTheFox

@wolfe_foxy ❤🐾🐺🦊love🦊🐺❤

MsChelsea ‏@DearMsChelsea

@Wolves @premierleague @ManCity Woww congrats Wolves!👏🐺

♡ さら♡ ‏@hannies_life

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찬이의 "방" 🐺 Ep. 20 Best Part feat. H.E.R.- Daniel Caesar Fractures feat. Nevve- Illenium A Whole New World- ZAYN, Zha… https://t.co/0grCewxk6d

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+DEMONIC ‏@DisgracedNara

Just a normal weekend gateway 🐺. https://t.co/j69v3PBZW8

⭐️ ♏️arques ‏@Thrax_da_king

Video shoot Monday 3 am 😎🏄🏾‍♂️🐺

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찬이의 "방" 🐺 Ep. 18 Sunday Morning- Maroon 5 Photograph- Ed Sheeran Rewrite The Stars- The Greatest Showman cast A Mi… https://t.co/OdkUKv2iAt

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♡ さら♡ ‏@hannies_life

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Joe Montore ‏@rocksteady31

fav tea & fav saying 🐺 —————————————————— wolves don… https://t.co/xVhX9lxn2u

Fahrurrazi الحسني ‏@Ozztortion

My lord has his say. Brace yourself 🐺 https://t.co/dvnYK2waMJ

Loyal LLZ 💯 ‏@whyyLLZ

Yo my " I'M WITH THE BEEEF , BUT ILL TAKE THE CHEESE " outburst are gettin un-controlable 😂🐺🔥🗣

𝔢𝕟𝐀𝓬ᵈʲ ‏@qtMenace

S/O To My New Duo @DarrieonB 🐺#ReleaseTheHounds🐺

chuu stark. ‏@flixdot

i was gonna be 🐺 or 🐧 tb.

j a y 🌻 ‏@itsjaysunflower

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Appreciation post for @TheHaraJack ❤️ Love you so much and I can’t wait to give you the biggest hug ever later🥰~🐺 https://t.co/Ff3Ahfk2kd


thank you @solarksoo 🐺💜 https://t.co/vqs3tLlotX

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@CARRIE4TRUTH Big bad wolf ain't always a 🐺

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