Woman’s Clothes Emoji

A blouse worn by women in a neat-casual setting.

Shown in pink on Apple devices, yellow on Android, and purple on Twitter.

Similar to the top worn by the Information Desk Person Emoji.

Woman’s Clothes was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Womans Clothes” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

👚 Blouse

👚 Pink Shirt

👚 Woman’s Shirt

Unicode Name

👚 Womans Clothes


👚 U+1F45A




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Princess Col ‏@princesscol18


ig: aesthetiquethreads (♥ω♥*) ‏@_aesthetique

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Dee Taylor ‏@DeeTaylorCumb

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Ruth ‏@ruthipieee

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Slough Libraries ‏@SloughLibraries

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ichiki kengo ‏@ichiki_k

Monton 2019/10/16 in Autumn 🍁 fashion 👚 https://t.co/B0ytPS5DC9

Rupa ਮਾਸੀ 🕷🧬🧪🧫🏃🏻‍♀️👟👚☕️🥂 ‏@Massie68

Good morning City 8k run @TCSadammarathon @PottersTrotters 🇳🇱🇬🇧🇧🇷 #AmsterdamMarathon #pottersontour 🏃🏻‍♀️👟👚 https://t.co/86NnmozvP4

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Elle d'arby 🍬🍬🇬🇧 ‏@ElleCelik

@phillewer1968 Instead they got a big girls blouse 🙄👚

iQra 👑 ‏@iiiiiiQra

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Favourite Vee💯 ‏@favouriteshugar

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Active Nation ‏@ActiveNationUK

We’re loving seeing all your #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth #fitness challenges! 😊 Whether you’re walking, #running,… https://t.co/SAlz0TViY6

Julia Roebuck ‏@upcyclefashion

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St Helena Sandveld ‏@SHospice

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Socially Political 🦋 ‏@SocialStyleGal

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Christopher D Bustamante ‏@cb3_era

Tomorrow’s game is dedicated to my mamma🏈👚💞

Every Hat Bot ‏@EveryHatBot

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Write.andread ‏@Writenandread1

[2] School girl look 👚 https://t.co/x5mX96jvoL


@awexandwas 🧔🏻 👩🏻 Ight give me ur hand👕 🤝👚 👖 👖 👟 👠

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SJ SALC ‏@salcraiders

Next week is the pink out! Make sure you guys come out and support our AMAZING football team on Friday October 25th… https://t.co/gFiv45zPAm

DrellChapo ‏@DrellChapo

Trick GANG Related🤣🎀👚 https://t.co/O7BnW6YJCE

Julie Meyer ‏@JulieMeyerLA

@RobOnLocation Thank you! Fingers crossed 😂👚

Julie Meyer ‏@JulieMeyerLA

I love #AmericanHousewife 💕 this is my Emoji for Maria👚and this is her spirit animal 🐿

[email protected] ‏@poojagarments63

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Lena ‏@QueenLenaC

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Wizard Nation ‏@wizardnationwhs

Homecoming tomorrow at 1 pm it is a PINK OUT 👚👚👚 let’s all get to the parking lot earlier and get rowdy and then br… https://t.co/eIcuGiK7kR

Chico High School ‏@CHSRedandGold

Wear it Pink Day!! 👚 The campus, staff and students were decked out in pink today for breast cancer awareness. 💕… https://t.co/DvHEARxBnD

Victoria ‏@Sonse2014

@scooterscoffee Are you selling any shirts for iGoPink? My barista looks so cute in hers and it’s for a good cause. 👚❤️

micmic sumayang ‏@micmicsumayang

@stephy_bts @kchartsofficial @Crumbles4Kookie I was looking for that too coz isnt 🌑👚from that company? Aren’t they… https://t.co/pWOYQiDTXP

Kelsey Means ‏@MrsKelseyMeans

Come to the LMC and see the awesome t shirts @PennyKilgore2’s class made! 👚👕 @ELANCOSD @GardenSpotHS https://t.co/TSOIbwk0jl

Benjamin Sidor ‏@BenjaminSidor18

The 🏇 never sleeps! Good company at this fantabulous hour of the day! Love the 👚 coat btw! #wearitpinkday… https://t.co/bGnnsH6AFZ

🧨Avital Shtapura🖍 ‏@AviShtap

womens shirt: 😱🤯OMFG 🎊✨✨HERES A SHIRT IN 3️⃣2️⃣COLORS🤯🌈and it HAS HOLES🕳🕳🕳 **CUT OUT** OF IT💥✂️FAKE BURNT EDGES🔥🥵DR… https://t.co/HBpF0PPa0i

Sam White ‏@DetroitSamWhite

Packing for NYC is always a thing for me. I place so much care into the outfit choices. 🧤👗👚🥿👛👖👢

Ralpheal Kier ‏@RalphealLight

@Nixlynka Well your'e a superwoman being so productive girl; hope you feel better Nixlynka. 🙂 Also cute outfit. Where did you get it? 🤔 👚

Dope Girl$ ‏@Dopegirls2019

📥 : DM for promo 👚 : Link in Bio 🤳 : Respect the Dope Girls 💕 : Dope Girl slimasstink_tink . . . . . . . . . . .… https://t.co/M6Sczj4Pqn

Krystal Nelson ‏@KrystalNelson25

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Tiny Minesweeper ‏@TinyMinesweeper

◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ Next ◽◽👚👚◽◽◽ ◽👚 ◽◽◽👚👚◽◽ 👚👚 ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ 👚 ◽◽◽◽◽◽◽ ◽◽👘👘👘👘◽ ◽◽👚👚◽◽◽ Score ◽◽◽👚👚◽◽ 0 ◽◽◽🎩🎩◽◽ ◽◽🎩🎩◽◽◽

Barbara Conley ‏@bclat08

@OlessaNBCBoston Wishing you a easy delivery!! Please let us know when you have the babies 👚👕👼🏻👼🏻

Gfriend Fashion 여자친구 ‏@GFRD__Fashion

191017 GFRIEND at the 24th Miryang Citizens’ Day 👚 https://t.co/tvbVw0GZDl 👖 https://t.co/dKgzphBR27 #GFRIEND… https://t.co/VzCFNl4Tds

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191017 GFRIEND at the 24th Miryang Citizens’ Day 🧢https://t.co/wskS8nP1ET 👚 https://t.co/VONAVblweA 👖… https://t.co/qUFFU0Y9oB

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diplomat’s jes ‏@notevenastar

Is your bed made? 🛏 Is your sweater on? 👚 Do you wanna— 😳🤨😳

Juan Ramirez ‏@J_Ramirez991015

Yes he is except for not having pink 👚 https://t.co/e5eaZJAX1t

Juan Ramirez ‏@J_Ramirez991015

You need the pink shirt 👚 #C’MonMan https://t.co/uQAGzjDoBK

ASHIDAVOX - アシダ音響(株) - ‏@ashidavox

Good morning from Tokyo! It's cloudy☁️ sometimes rainy☔. The max. temperature will be 23℃ (73℉). Tomorrow is summer… https://t.co/oQItydHtiy

MHS Counseling Team ‏@CounselRAMS_MHS

In this RAM family, no one fights alone! 👚💖 Breast Cancer Awareness @CounselRAMS_MHS @MontwoodHS #TeamSISD https://t.co/h1h7suEC9M

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𝓖𝓲𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓮 ‏@gisellegranit

Fall shopping: treated myself to a new trench coat, blazer and Ralph Lauren button down 👚💓

HITN Learning ‏@HITNlearning

Perhaps the only reason is that clothes👚 look better without so many sleeves! #supermom #hitnlearning https://t.co/0piCNmsrn8

MissusMoyer ‏@CrystalRose0784

My sweet guy with his pink hair earlier for ⁦@TaylorTwig⁩‘s #PinkOut today. 👚🌸💕 https://t.co/QaQcYGmPai

#Patriot realtor ‏@darcyann4

@JobivanHiob @striderraven1 I can’t see him I see pink shirt 👚 but to far away?

Lisa ‏@MovieGalLisa

A Fitting Room is for trying on clothes 👚 it’s not for changing your kids diaper, going to the bathroom 🚽 or for ho… https://t.co/z8K7ASqvdI

Online Virtual Rep ‏@TheOnlineRep

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Brighton Best (USA) ‏@BrightonBest

Here are more pictures of our BBI teammates showing there awareness. 💗🎀👚#pinkawarness #breastcancerawareness… https://t.co/zwjAVrW5il

Brighton Best (USA) ‏@BrightonBest

Here are more pictures of our BBI teammates showing there awareness. 💗🎀👚#pinkawarness #breastcancerawareness… https://t.co/gOw2XWNvSr

BHS Bleacher Creatures ‏@BhsCreature

PAJAMAS for sectional volleyball game tmrw vs delta @ 11!!!! be there and be loud & get some DONUTS 👚🍩

St. Timothy Eco Team ‏@StTimsEcoTeam

Let’s kick off #WasteReductionWeek in style @StTimothyDPCDSB Wear used, vintage or borrowed clothes Monday. let’s… https://t.co/qSWVzSkGjD

Steve Connolly ‏@stevedeltasix

@DulwichMishi @IanKaye @baleboy_93 @DulwichHamletFC Two for the price of one - PINK AND BLUE ARMY 👚👕👚👕😀😎🌂🌂💧💧 https://t.co/tQqOXMIKpj

James Stewart ‏@SholderDevil666

@iamranmaru ①I🧑🏻 like👍🏻 your👇🏻 beautiful🌸 hair💇🏻‍♀️ + gold🥇 necklace📿 manicure💅🏻🍒+ cream🥛 shirt👚 blue💙 denim jacket… https://t.co/e9t9w463mp

@giftedteacher305 ‏@teaching_gifted

WIN THIS IN UNDER 30 SECONDS⁣ ⁣ We are loving this weather and want to celebrate our fall favorites with you! Go sh… https://t.co/PdXIoCwlHz

Limegrove ‏@LimegroveCare

Shopping from the comfort of our own home? Yes please! We certainly picked out a few lovely items 🛍👗👚👜… https://t.co/jxZaEJQ31l

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