World Map Emoji

A map of planet earth, shown on some platforms as a physical paper map with crease lines where it has been folded. This emoji may also be shown as a world map image.

World Map was approved as part of Unicode 7.0 in 2014 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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🗺 U+1F5FA

️ U+FE0F


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Michael Drajo ‏@Mikeapproved

@BishopJakes The "4th industrial revolution" and the 5G technology ⚙. This is the new world 🗺 order project. The ai…

🐴 ‏@lilstingyy

and i got a plan to restore the game 🗺💙

RealJoseph123 ‏@RealJoseph123

@MyUsernamesThis Me just realizing JoeyDaPlayer (mainly) and KreekCraft was jumping and hopping like a kangaroo ove…

Siana ‏@SianaBananaRead

CARE OF MAGICAL CREATURES (legal defence of fantastic beasts) • the raven boys 🤴🏼⛰🗺💵 ✨if you have a special knac…

Michael Drajo ‏@Mikeapproved

Is this a coincidence? World 🗺 wake up. The beast from the east has arrived its time ⌚ for the church ⛪ to pray


Say a little prayer for the world today. O'Lord my God 🙏🏽 Heal the World🌍🗺 #FreshDee #Dhanuska #Media…

🧔🏻 ‏@RossPaulChrist

I will one day own a space coliseum where zero gravity athletic events will become the marvel of the World 🚀 🗺 EVER…

Vidya Bhushan Kumar ‏@VidyaBh96759905

@beingarun28 #modi the world 🗺 leader

Laxman Sharma ‏@trichyls

🌷🌷🌷 hi 🌿 very good morning/evening to everybody everywhere 🌹🗺🌹today is very special 🇮🇳 coming united very excited…

ElizabethIhrig ‏@ElizabethIhrig

Don’t know how anyone could hurt such a adorable little baby + so intelligent. No matter the color. Especially asso…

wellwellwell ‏@wellwel63137861

@catturd2 🛠💉💈📚⚾️🏈🎓✈️🛳🏰🚍🗺 It’s time to get back to EVERYTHING!

Michael Drajo ‏@Mikeapproved

@BlessingsRamoba @JacksonMthembu_ @CyrilRamaphosa The "4th industrial revolution" and the 5G technology ⚙. This is…

Michael Drajo ‏@Mikeapproved

The "4th industrial revolution" and the 5G technology ⚙. This is the new world 🗺 order project. The aim is to fast…

Farman AFRIDI ‏@iFarmanAfridi

@AliWWE We are waiting for your greatest win and we want you to be a star 🌟 of 🗺 world... In every corner of the world u are a nova

hexastan ‏@hexastan

🗺 Going to Upstate Craft Beer and Oyster Bar

Justice ♐️ ‏@DoMeJustic3__

What @NeedforSpeed Need to do is Copy @TheCrewGame with the biiiggg ass map 🗺 😂😂🌃 & the way nfs let u hook up cars…

ITPark_Vizag_India ‏@DigitalValley_

Extraordinary situations call for Extraordinary Energy. 🗺 UNITE TODAY TO KEEP THE EVIL AWAY.. **9PM TODAY FOR 9 M…

hexastan ‏@hexastan

🗺 Going to Strand Bookstore

G 🖤 ‏@Foreverdavila

my 21st bday in a new city, L.A. 🥳🧬🩸💸🎈😼 #AriesSeason ♈️ Fck da rona, im still staying cautious tho🙏🙏🙏 I’m prayin…

Robin C ‏@RobinCrjr

@RealEcumenist @MsJR88 @barons08 @Trump_Regrets @jimerson08 @IndivisibleInFL @Willie700WLW @GovMikeDeWine Apparentl…

Troy ‏@biggboss9000

@IGN don’t pick up everything know the map 🗺 move ass

@micahstubbs ‏@micahstubbs

@anvaka 😍🗺 soooo good

_3yrä ‏@eraaaJ

Blessed Palm Sunday everyone, God bless you guys. May God heals our lands🗾🗺.

Hanif ‏@Hanif_Data

@melanie_korach 3 in 1. Hope now world 🗺 understands 🙏

-shahd 🍯 ْشَهْد ‏@ShahdGhunim

🗺✈️I miss wandering

LadyLegendAssasin ‏@LadyLegend247

🔃 ᖇᕮTᗯᕮᕮT ♻️ #Follow @LadyLegend247 🚸 #GainFollowers #F4F 🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♂️ #Follow2BeFollowed #TFB👌🏾 📲Turn my notif…

LadyLegendAssasin ‏@LadyLegend247

🔃 ᖇᕮTᗯᕮᕮT ♻️ #Follow @LadyLegend247 🚸 #GainFollowers #F4F 🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♂️ #Follow2BeFollowed #TFB👌🏾 📲Turn my noti…

LadyLegendAssasin ‏@LadyLegend247

🔃 ᖇᕮTᗯᕮᕮT ♻️ #Follow @LadyLegend247 🚸 #GainFollowers #F4F 🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♂️ #Follow2BeFollowed #TFB👌🏾 📲 Turn my noti…

LadyLegendAssasin ‏@LadyLegend247

🔃 ᖇᕮTᗯᕮᕮT ♻️ #Follow @LadyLegend247 🚸 #GainFollowers #F4F 🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♂️ #Follow2BeFollowed #TFB👌🏾 📲Turn my notif…

LadyLegendAssasin ‏@LadyLegend247

🔃 ᖇᕮTᗯᕮᕮT ♻️ #Follow @LadyLegend247 🚸 #GainFollowers #F4F 🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♂️ #Follow2BeFollowed #TFB👌🏾 📲Turn my notif…

LadyLegendAssasin ‏@LadyLegend247

🔃 ᖇᕮTᗯᕮᕮT ♻️ #Follow @LadyLegend247 🚸 #GainFollowers #F4F 🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♂️ #Follow2BeFollowed #TFB👌🏾 📲Turn my noti…

LadyLegendAssasin ‏@LadyLegend247

🔃 ᖇᕮTᗯᕮᕮT ♻️ #Follow @LadyLegend247 🚸 #GainFollowers #F4F 🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♂️ #Follow2BeFollowed #TFB👌🏾 📲Turn my notif…

jade ˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑ ‏@ushijade

I’ve gotten to the point where this cheating ass cretin deserves his ex bc they’re both as a bad as each other and…

LadyLegendAssasin ‏@LadyLegend247

🔃 ᖇᕮTᗯᕮᕮT ♻️ #Follow @LadyLegend247 🚸 #GainFollowers #F4F 🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♀️🚶🏿‍♂️ #Follow2BeFollowed #TFB👌🏾 📲Turn my notif…

hexastan ‏@hexastan

🗺 Going to Minskoff Theatre

Nathalie Scalabrini ‏@natscalabrini

Day 21: self imposed #socialdistancing virtual #painting workshop #️⃣2️⃣ #stayhomecanada 🇨🇦🗺 @ Ottawa, Ontario

flowershop ‏@Red_pink19xx

[WTS] BTS Map of the Soul: 7 + freebies + top loader Helping a friend to sell ✅Rm V1 - 18 ✅Jin V2 - 20 ✅J-Hope V2…

Jackie Beat ‏@JACKIEBEAT

Someone needs to tell our “president” that the borders of U.S. states are merely lines on a map, not actual barrier…

Watsonville FFA ‏@FfaWatsonville

Let’s meet our 2019-2020 Chapter Reporter, Juan! SAE: Turf Grass Management 🏡 Ag Classes: Ag Business and Ag. Chemi…

Kerry Anne Wen ‏@kerianeon

Is it “distracted driving” in QC if you have a GPS on your dash? 🤔 🗺 🚙 (Just curious, someone brought it up in convo)

hexastan ‏@hexastan

🗺 Going to Lyric Theatre

Ojashvi Rautela ‏@orautela

With all the online classes and zoom meetings, could definitely use some time away from the screen!! Trying to ca…

Joe Szuszwalak ‏@JoeSzusz

🗺 Now updated to show @denverparksrec road closures as well!

Peyton Mariah ‏@_johnnyhopkins

Backpacking all around Europe 🗺

*卄卂几几卂卄 ㄥㄖㄩ丨丂乇* ‏@Hannah_94_x

And all these people still going out and ignoring the safety measures being put in place for us are selfish wankers…

Jr Rodríguez ‏@jers96_

RandomCollector’s World 🗺

Alsagher187 📍 ‏@alsagher187



Rock yo world 🗺

hexastan ‏@hexastan

🗺 Going to David H. Koch Theater

Kay Orias, CITM, CTG ‏@kmorias1

🗺 Love is understood by everyone. #SanditonPBS #SaveSanditon #KOCE #PBSSoCal ⛱♨️⚓💖🍷🐚

Apoc ‏@apoc1333

No UFC events for a while. Thanks Rona. Laid back Saturday night stream. Busting out the open Worlds tonight Gon…

Rosie G. ‏@rosejara1

@WVhunter78 @adamscrabble I haven't made any economic policy statements. Unfortunately the duplicity, lies, & hoard…

GAINS Associates ‏@GainsAssociates

Crypto News Summary- April 4 🗺 @GeneralMotors files patent for a #Blockchain-based navigation map 🏦 #BIS researcher…

Test ‏@gains_test

Crypto News Summary- April 4 🔹 General News: 🗺 General Motors files patent for a Blockchain-based navigation map…

N i n a 🦒 ‏@ninakellogg98

I will travel to South Africa. Just putting it out there into existence ...🗺✈️

Johnny Depp ‏@JohnnyD9860

Where are you from 🗺

Oladipupo👑 ‏@horliboi12

@Dremodrizzy Baba give my helper Google map 🗺😃

SUPA🐉 ‏@sadeLLC_

Always off the radar But Always on the Map. 🗺

Bharat Naik🇮🇳🗺 ‏@nbharat93

@FactSoup India🇮🇳🗺 and it's 33crores #bha🐀

@RiderBabe52😷 ‏@RiderBabe52

@andylassner @_bethany_thomas We all do. The 🗺 does too.

Imran~Aliyu ‏@Imran_aliyuhass

U can fill yours 😁🗺

hexastan ‏@hexastan

🗺 Going to Conservatory Garden Center Fountain

mason laubach ‏@masonlaubach1

@NIUCoachHammock 📝 Mason Laubach 📱 @masonlaubach1 🎓 C/O 2021 📍 Berwick High School 🗺 Berwick, PA 📊 6'2" 255 lbs 🥇 A…

hexastan ‏@hexastan

🗺 Going to Temple of Dendur

mr miagi ‏@mrmiagi87375277

Don’t forget Animal Farm 🦓 and Huxley’s Brave New World 🗺 #PredictiveProgramming🔮

TheRandomOne ⚡️💫🌏 ‏@TheRandomOne18

@Melt_Dem @alpacasw @HometownBarBQue @blacksbbq Clarification: I have been to the original one in Lockhart. This vi…

Manitoba ‏@ImperiousAussie

|🗺. Ahh! I’ve noticed a few people saying this, I as well was one of them but It doesn’t matter how you play a…

Yanna🐰🐯💜 ‏@Tae_Chu_

[62. Memories] Hike 🗺

Lucky 🍀 ‏@blkMoriarty

Lead: women will follow. Lack direction and they’ll find somebody with a map. 🗺

☣ Rubèn Novoa ༺ תיקון עולם ‏@rnovoa

☣️🔴 #UPDATE [🗺 # MAP] #COVID19 #Catalonia ⚠ 26,032 INFECTED (+1,298) ‼ 2,249 SERIOUS CONDITION (+141) ⚰ 2,637 DEAT…

Crissy J #GoddessofViolin ‏@msCrissyJ

Today is a unique day! There will be a Global meditation/prayer happening for 20min @ 7:45pst | 10:45est. If you be…

Nettie Ginocchetti 🌌 ‏@nettiequette

@nora_mattern Thank you born n raised in Luzerne County 🌍 Feel free to reach out 💞 Im back in the same zipcode #186…

Saira Agha ‏@cheenaagha

My favourite flowers in the whole world - pink & white gladiolus 💐🗺

hexastan ‏@hexastan

🗺 Going to Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

ajibawu odede Yaqub Ars ‏@yaqigwe2

Only God Almighty can safe the world 🗺

Supreme_Goat ‏@BattleMaleak

Eyyy new jail break update 🏖 OCEANS, BEACHES, MOUNTAINS. Totally refreshed map! 🗺 NEW MAP LOCATIONS! Get explorin…

hexastan ‏@hexastan

🗺 Going to Equinox East 63rd Street

TEDDY DIEF ‏@TeddyDief

🎮2020 feels like a PS2 Open World game 🚶NPCs on the sidewalk but not enough to feel real 🏢 Most doors don’t actuall…

Njegos ‏@Ana48445032


GayVista SocialClub ‏@GVSCMiami

Category Is… 💥 ACTION! WANT TO WIN UP TO $1000 IN PRIZES? 💵 💰 💳 ⠀⠀ Meet Mr. Ack Shun… a world traveler 🧳 🗺 who enj…

Datavis Daily ‏@DatavisDaily

Topographic Relief of Mars (and landing/cash sites of spacecraft) 🗺 #map


HUGS Becky💗 ..and hearing that means more than U realize I know this much once this is OVER we'll NEVER EVER 🗺 take…

it's your girl BONO! ‏@bonokuhleluthu3

Is this a Joke? 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ This virus will never leave the world 🗺 #CoronavirusInSouthAfrica #COVID2019 #lockdown

Mouse ‏@Zayashotme

@ultralightjd @guapdad4000 Legit ROTD3 shoulda put him on the map 🗺 imagine being a meme on some of the most exclusive shit. I could never.

Smiz The Moneykid ‏@smizthemoneykid

“...I’m imperfect like a robot 🤖 I master my high, embedded in my genetics 🧬 is the map 🗺 to the sky 🌌”

PX4 Autopilot ‏@PX4Autopilot

✈️ For our flight-control nerds 🗺 The Map of Control Theory by @brianbdouglas

Claire Marie ‏@Mykonos06614

@philipp7collins Stunning is that your current view ? Beautiful 🌻🗺✈️🌅

hexastan ‏@hexastan

🗺 Going to Levain Bakery

Tombolo Maps&Design ‏@tombolomaps

[email protected]'s Journal of #Caribbean #Ornithology's V33 is now out, including the article "Composition of bird…

nisa ‏@mabonlily

whats my vibe? slytherin ravenclaw 🐍🌲🍏💚 🦅🎐📖💙 👒🧩🧙🏻‍♂️💶 💎🌎🗺🔍 💶☠️🧪🐍 🖊📘🦅🧙🏻‍♀️ gry…

Nettie Ginocchetti 🌌 ‏@nettiequette

A beautiful tribute to those we have lost to #COVID19 🗺 With a heavy heart 💔 please consider adding those we have l…

hexastan ‏@hexastan

🗺 Going to Jazz at Lincoln Center

Don Carlos Ambrozio ‏@ambroziocarlos

Globalist have the virus and the cure its just a matter of time .. All in effect to control our systems and society…

Melissa Sarah Hazel ‏@MelissaSarahHa3

Mexico Egypt Lebanon India Sweden Switzerland Austria 🗺

Dorian20 ‏@Dorian270639659

@D0NJAZYY Morim Daniel ukang 0083584294 access diamond, legend of the 🗺 pls remember me this time

Tylar ‏@GreyHoldingsLLC

SALTIER Nuts, cracked by Aunt Evelyn, BJ's Nuts boiled to perfection #RobertsStealErections @robkardashian…

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