Worried Face Emoji

Face with a sad mouth, and worried-looking eyebrows.

Worried Face was approved as part of Unicode 6.1 in 2012 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

😟 Sad

😟 Sadface


😟 U+1F61F




Tweets For 😟

larsie ‏@larsiegrace

Pls pls pls 😟😢

Jane Pearce ‏@Jane_Pearce

@Paul95586407 Ah, bless. You’re still a virgin, aren’t you? Living with your mam and no job😟 And no mates either I… https://t.co/7j58fmPdMG

M.HUSSYN ‏@m_hussyn

Some one told me what are u doing i said ASTAGFAR , Dapun ye chi bid’dah🥵 Wallah chi😟 https://t.co/v0nD70o7QC

☀ jadine ☀ ‏@brightjadine

err reading other people's tweets and ayon nga 😟

💖Mamogolo Pabi💝 ‏@suhnnah

Guys no! serious , please refrain from sending us your pencils ✏️ in the DMs 😟. Le tsea kae the liver to just do t… https://t.co/1MDKb2zoXy

тяυє тσ ѕєℓf 🤓 ‏@MaKaveli340

I usually don’t be up this early and this don’t feel right 😖😟

Virtous Woman ‏@bimokp

@bigtymerh @AishaYesufu I know right !😟

Domi💜 ‏@MrsDolan2002

@GRAYSTOAST Poor baby 😟

نورعیان🔥 ‏@n_o_o_r___

@HamZoOo__ @Insecuritiys Short gurl pyari cute beautifull gorgeous sb kuch hoty hai 😟😒

the_motor_that_jam_egungun ‏@ACOwens1

@RealDreylo @pengmanmodel @RealDreylo remove that smiley and put the right one. Nor the act like e no pain u. Follo… https://t.co/J1Nc0GMUHs

Hyejin, Ahn. ‏@Hwasaahj

@__mariahwasa It's okay.. if u don't miss too opp 😟

Kel$i 👑 ‏@itskelsixo

Stuart has discovered I'm awake 😟

Hasmita Lad ‏@Hasmita10

Mentioned after dinner last night oh no we have no chocolate or puddings ... not essentials was the reply .. ok 😟 j… https://t.co/XeMwREw8Sw

Geraldine MacDonald ‏@winterwindpress

@ArleneDickinson Glad to know I’m not alone, and the birds give solace to you also. Panic attacks are new to me. I… https://t.co/L2RiqNztRG

Asher ‏@Adhesivepage

@cizzorz Jeez jack don’t have to get me down like that man disappointed😔😟

God's Masterpiece 👑 ‏@MakatiniNyeleti

I miss my 2 favourite people😭😟

Lee ‏@TheOneWHi

@Barclaycard If I am up to my limit, (😟) and take a payment holiday and still accrue interest, would this not take… https://t.co/a4pVTqcoFz

Sakhumzi🤔 ‏@PatrickStungwa

@hoestorry Its a shame..😟

mike millar ‏@millar_windy66

@MUFCNW3427 @OutlawScot @MatthewDCotton @LennyOVinci @OwenJones84 @AaronBastani Been there myself, too many times tbh😟

Anuradha Ravi ‏@Anuradha_Ravi

@NishBrunel I know re... It's extremely scary. I hope corona will end by this year only 😟and we all can have a fres… https://t.co/s79L43O7wH

Matěj Procházka ‏@matuj123

@CallofDuty Removing trios wasn't clever. I played with my friend and 2 other players were friends as well in our q… https://t.co/41NTmIHorw

AYUSH ‏@classybuz_ayu

@kainatkanot 😟😟😟😟😟 Wasted

Edward 40Hands ‏@Edward_4DHands

Leasing office thought they was gettin my rent on the 1st 😂😂😂 Y’all should open up for Dave Chappelle with them Jok… https://t.co/DgA8oYTbiR

chim #OustDuterteNow ‏@ayemsowpia

hope that this pandemic will end soon. I really need to get back to my Cardio!! 😟

Jan Freygang ‏@JanFreygang

@BritishGQ hey guys, where is my copy? Subscribed but didn’t receive it yet🤔😟

Fiona H Kierton ‏@Fhkierton1

@ian_ianhoy @Dachsy1973 Ooooh poor you 😟 Feel better soon hon https://t.co/SYpaHJQPkk

한 ‏@hanziiiii_

Screaming while watching solar get her injection wah the needles 😭😟

purplepeach💜 ⁷ ‏@purplepeach_7

@UlosisAU @tyongie_bubu @personafy_ WHAT?!!! They literally sent text msgs!!?! 👀😂🙏🏻 this seems a weird behaviour...… https://t.co/hwZpnQOKcC

No-NOTthePoet! ‏@Rob_burn5

@1StevieKilner Sorry no pic to hand but mine was a Vauxhall Viva SL (don't forget the SL bit !) No go-faster stripe… https://t.co/ZbOS8obmqC

Jess △⃒⃘ ⚯͛ ‏@itsjess__x

@GAMEdigital Hi guys, is there any updates on in store pre-orders? We’ve not heard anything about our FF preorder 😟… https://t.co/UySm4aYB9m

sarahae❣ 8YEARSWITHEXO ‏@stupidweirdo61

@jonginiee__88 @weareoneEXO @cruzprintet_ @yehetfied @NeoKultoTechno RAP BATTLE with the Vocal lines HAAHAHHAAHHA… https://t.co/0crwgUwhl1

ArifPizzie ‏@PizieArif

@WarriorGawss i want it😢😟

Nikko^^ ‏@nikko_neko_

@jeycea_ 😟 Jia you...

Kirro 🌍 ‏@Kabeer_Ahmed_

@appcsocialmedia @PakPMO @ImranKhanPTI @jam_kamal Why you guys not giving to my PM N-95 mask 🥺🥺🥺😟😟😟

Anit Halder ‏@anithalder

@TonyKhan @AEWrestling @AEWonTNT Plz plz stop this Matt Herdy nonsense. It's neither sports based nor 'an alternat… https://t.co/FncXAtPty8

Tikklil @ commissions!🌸 ‏@tikklil

@Persayal India fam...they treat domestic violence like a ‘personal family matter’ tht tou shouldn’t butt into. Also they’ve stopped now. 😟

BILKO SOTTO 😇 ‏@chizjizzx

No jaks - Day 7 😟

lave ‏@quailmoon

finally😟❤️ will read it when my tasks all done huhuhuhu https://t.co/v0XItOUevn

Rela ‏@king_rela

@pxnda_official_ its Nadia man, she just...I'm sorry I disappointed the mandem 😟

azsoo ‏@aziesoo

I want sushi😟😟😟

Jess △⃒⃘ ⚯͛ ‏@itsjess__x

@GAMEHighcross Hi guys, is there any updates on in store pre-orders? We’ve not heard anything about our FF preorder… https://t.co/m0ScaWcuyt

Dman😎 ‏@Dman7496

@manikandan23686 Wow 🤩 but scary 😟

JR🎨 ‏@BorisRudolph73

@curryspcworld I called number 0344 561 0000 And finally got a response! Except thst it was someone from… https://t.co/OX4St52pgI

toffeepud ‏@AbiChippindale

@She_isKing_ 😟 hope you're ok Toasty?

em ✿ ‏@tuhpiem

my ults posted today. I will never forget this day 04092020 😟💕 https://t.co/P2od1FlkSW


i wnat my nails done na ulet 😟

Rahul ‏@Rahul88167747

Someone : - How unlucky are you ? Me : - Lockdown se thodi der pehle Relatives Aai the .😟 #COVID2019india… https://t.co/zmTbE88KNu

John Gwynne ‏@JohnGwynne_

@chickenums Sorry 😟

💚🐾 Claire 🐾💚 ‏@MissClairey1888

@ImpeachTheMF123 Oh no 😟 I hope you feel better soon xx

liwia ‏@esencjalizm

@wisniowaxmamba OH GOD IM STRESSED TOO 😟

mick dore ‏@14thefrog

@alirichardson2 Aw sheesh 😟

Fre Cons Bo ‏@FreConsBo

@SimuLiu Are you mocking me, Simu?! 😟 Copycat! 😒 😜

Sravan ‏@papps_gunner

A music Mozart has to literally take a dig at the chors of Bollywood 😟 https://t.co/4lzS02kY4g

Sybil Sykes 🌹🌱 ‏@SybilSykes27

@gracepetrie I didn't know what you meant 5 minutes ago. *scrolls down on Twitter* Now I do. I really wish I didn't. I feel sick. 😟

Missy Field 💫 ‏@Missy54111587

Miss you more!!! 😟💗 https://t.co/YPOS960E12

ナチ ‏@once_nachi

@once_mj_ 😟 take some meds.

𝕷𝖎𝖑 𝕸𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗❤ ‏@Helenahenuz

My sissy doll ❤❤😪😪 I miss yew sooo much here... Plzzz seekrama vangaa.... 😟😟😟 lub yew lotzzz epovum happyah irunga.… https://t.co/YxI7Xo22l1

róisín ‏@roisinhemingway

my shopping addiction is so out of hand 😟 a whole wage GONE 🤦🏼‍♀️ completely lost my mind

Ooredoo Maldives ‏@OoredooMaldives

@yashfyn Hi Yash, Will have a look into the status of your request and get back to you. Truly sorry for the trouble you have faced 😟 ^Lim

MIA ‏@MI_audu

@habdoolahi I miss football tennis banter 😟

Alfie🌹🇬🇧 ‏@Alfst3r

@MercedesAMGF1 @LewisHamilton @PET_Motorsports @TommyHilfiger @PUMA @UBSf1 @MercedesAMG @CrowdStrike @MonsterEnergy… https://t.co/WYSLKVXPBq

𝔼𝕧𝕒 𝕊𝕨𝕒𝕟𝕟 ‏@EvaaSwann

Can’t believe I actually slept at night and woke up in the morning 😟 usually it’s been sleep until morning wake afternoon 💀

*stay Home - protect the NHS - save lives* ‏@grahamwitch1

@madcow42 I think everyone is the same. 😟

Vjj ‏@Vjj2020

@BrucePa02273691 @KiKiPosting Yes i was thinking that..hopes he no try to steal pic and use later 👀😟

dwikrisnawan ‏@krissnawann

Kamis not in 😟 https://t.co/XxYWHbeb0e

velvett🦄 ‏@ube_velvett

I really miss my bb😟

justo🥴 ‏@GathunguPeter

@MOH_Kenya @SafaricomPLC The police should wait for the masks to be distributed before they start arresting people.. ☹️😞😟😦😧😢


@dykebkg just kidding i love BAKUGO 😟

Gevy ‏@gevylatx

So yeah, finally happy na siya and I have reasons to forget everything about him. 😟

yun ‏@jaoshidun

@berrieswinwin is it because there a lot of bad commentary under his weibo now?😟😟

Ty ‏@1oftyler

Nah sleep in peace so many beautiful souls are leaving this year 😟 https://t.co/hQLGAReqEn

vijay as goky ‏@VGoky

@XBFilmCreators We need trailer 😟😟😟😟😟 ..... #Master #Thalapathy #vathicoming

Valerie 🇬🇧🇧🇧 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸 ‏@VJ76046664

I could really do with a body-builder to dig up an unwanted fern for me right now. Who'da thunk a fern could have r… https://t.co/Ao5lDdpLyE

snapchat : temmitats ‏@_Temilorun

@Babytokyo__ Where’s his neck though 😟

☾J ❼Y'S💯😍🍑☾ ‏@JoyYong2

@mayday_jy I don't know what happen to you 😔😔 just send you big hug hope can make u feel better 😟😟😟😟 https://t.co/VPXe7SMl6Z

Creamy_sniper_84 ‏@AJDavison1984

Think i may need to start looking for a new house to live on my own 😐😟😢

V ‏@aawaaaraDOTexe

Dono bhenaou ne smoking is a bad habit ke video bna ke daal diye hain. 😟😟

faith • ‏@faithlaurencems

I take a bath, dress comfortably, prepare my notes, open the slides, and for a few minutes I study But here i am 🤡… https://t.co/pPdPJ1MyTJ

♡ ‏@sophmcnulty_x

Feel so sad and miserable 24/7 at the minute 😟 ergh

Genius Of The World ‏@efraim_eto_96

Im worried 😟 that online learning will be ineffective , touching a mouse 🐁 is a case😟 https://t.co/7a6p8aBXSz

Sodibana eDidi ‏@Genius_Omega25

Ask you will be given, up until today im waiting🤲😟 knock the door shall open🚪 i saw a pastor sleeping outside🛏️ Fak… https://t.co/XOyfdUSBrs

purplepeach💜 ⁷ ‏@purplepeach_7

@OT7wrecked @BTS_twt Huh? I dont see the tags....😟 they are screen shots only... do they count?

PeterHoppe ‏@PeterCarloHoppe

@LakridsbyBulow My last 2 Originals.. Seabuckthorn and Salt & Pepper also empty 🤦‍♂️😟 🤣

steve buckley 🐝 ‏@kstandsteve

So @GerryCinnamon new album has been put back to 31st July 😟 Think what we need now Gerry is a live Instagram gig to cheer us up! 😃👍

Christian Tagarino ‏@Mandia_16

Free to ask😟HAHAHA https://t.co/y6y8JidaCD

Lady Elimere ‏@LadyElimere

What are these??? This is the most random one of these I've seen 😟 Get rid of Rachel/swap her with Lena and I'm hap… https://t.co/uBBothSneN

🐑John flanagan 🍀 ‏@Ramagan1967

@KathyBurke @fourfoot @Navybluetie I'm going to hyperventilate if I hear any more of that clap trap😟

Toni Foreman ‏@OriginalNintoni

@iainlee Yes - woken up by the cat at 5.38am (went to bed at 2), and couldn't get back to sleep. Now watching This… https://t.co/xvm7lfVzyF

사과나무 ‏@dmb04155

@Porforever she will be fine....😟

Rebecca Gellman (more socially distant than usual) ‏@GellmanRebecca

@NewGenderWhoDis 7 out of 16. 😟 Does this mean we can't be friends anymore? 😢

Langga ‏@rafkair

@adelinawgna Adel 😟

Langga ‏@rafkair

@publeecenemy Ayes 😟

Chantel Fenton ‏@Chantel_Fenton

@SarahJLenihan Literally just came on here to tweet the exact same thing 😟🤣

Steven ‏@StevenL08686045

What in the name of all that's holy 😲😟🤣 https://t.co/XO9LFX46GG

sermarrok ‏@sermarrok

@Tonyt34200 @SirBasilBrush @francesbarber13 omg i've not had that flavor since the 80's, or Cream soda 😟

F.T ‏@fernandoTee19

@KhadijatTinuke @OgbeniDipo 😂😂 Even if I wan drop my AZA I drop with sense, home training will not allow me drop o… https://t.co/XBJK27JpRR

이싸 💜 ‏@dgzmnIssa

@LifetimeKorea Omg Bin 😟😟

Barbara Burnwood ‏@ImABobbieGirl

Just finished Modern Family Season 11. I cried. 😟😩

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