Zipper-Mouth Face Emoji

A face with a zipper displayed instead of a mouth. Used to convey a secret, or that one will not discuss a certain matter with others aka “my lips are sealed”.

May also be used in the context of the phrase “zip it”, telling a person to stop talking or making noise.

The Google version of the hushed face emoji previously featured a zipper-mouth in Android 5.0.

Zipper-Mouth Face was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🤐 Lips Sealed

🤐 Sealed Lips

🤐 Zip It


🤐 U+1F910


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Tony H. ‏@theredia

@wofanswers @CurvesAndNerves Wanking the cat? 🤐

Kim Memelover❌ ‏@kawstanley

And it’s high time that the untimely deaths of people connected to the Clintons are thoroughly investigated. 🤐💀

Lexus ‏@lexusmengel

Why. Why. Why. Must you play with my feelings 🤐

jack shields ‏@treeshields

Only truly love one girl and that’s my momma and I only partly love someone else 🤐

Candycams ❤ ‏@CaylLee28

Easy to fall,easy to get hurt 🤐💔

kikiii ✨ ‏@aajailyn

@delatorre_10 @benjaminmunoz23 I felt the slap in the face on that one for you Javi 🤐.

Kasper Da Vinci 💕 ‏@Kaspergkp

I'm just saying muthafuckas been BIG cappin far too long 😳🤐 .

DJ Star Official ‏@_JRojas24

Dont even care about the money, do you 🤐

🎒 ‏@camiswholesome

This not a pick me tweet, but if you out here playing women, you lost 🤐

Ruth Leahy ‏@Petitioner007

⁦@jeff_kennett⁩ Think I need to Tweet U Jeff. LNP can serve good. Fraser. Hewson. Even if ex ⁦@SlaterGordon⁩…


@_montanez_ 🤐 you right.. but why are you trying to pick up??? Do you know your brother 😂😂

#phattycakes👅 ‏@badgalci

ian gon say nun, ima just see how this shit play out 🤐

Josh Zuko 🧟‍♂️ ‏@DillonFuego

Astroworld not as good as Die Lit 🤐 @AaronMoka let them know bro

Jacob Jeffcoat 🔱 ‏@jjeffcoat11

Proud of my son 🤐

taylor anderson 🌻🦋 ‏@tayyyyyylor21

almost all my shirts are getting a lillll bit too tight on me 🤐😂

almightyjevoni ‏@jevoni_official

Gotta let the ducks quack... a.k.a hoes gunna be hoes 🤐

God's Son ‏@the_colvin

@_mellrose 🙄 yet you don’t call me 🤐

Amy G⭐️ ‏@amgwilt

@TMZ That’s the dress 👗 she picked for court? 🤐

JioVanni Versace. ‏@_JioVanni

From a teenth to the rent paid 🤐

NBB 🍑 ‏@theAlmoKyung

Others as in everyone except kyungsoo. He either black or brown 🤐

AshBash 👑 ‏@leprincessash

I swear 🤐

🕷 ‏@FadeawayBryant

@81PointGame @ChurchofFoles @YVNG__G0D2 @WiIdcatSanu @Legend_X_today he likes them photos younger 🤐

ashh. ‏@ashleybislar

Think I want to cut my hair shorter 😩🤐

Samien ‏@Nukeswifey

@ChaoStrib I wouldn't want you to say too much 🤐

Joshua ‏@JoshuaKollar

@JohnBrennan Shut up 🤐

Aqua... 💦 ‏@majorKii_

Constant reminders of what you’re missing out on ... 🤐

S👑💕 ‏@Stormi_M

👀peep don’t speak 🤐

therese ‏@codilljah

Everybody talks. 🤐

Mr.Flintstone🤤😈 ‏@The_Superman88

Lol I catch hints quick and pick up on vibes fast so don’t be upset with my movement caused by your actions 🤐

LilBuckz ‏@nolimitlilbuckz

Mind of maniac 🤐

Rob Ruha ‏@robruhamusic

not really a coffee drinker eh... but when your uncle makes you 2 of them... 😳😕😞🤐❤️

Hænā ‏@Hannahbisheeeey

Deleted 🤐

𝔰𝔠𝔞𝔯𝔩𝔢𝔱 🤠🗡 ‏@bellahashish

i snapped on my mom earlier because she always links things about me to having a man and coddling to him and i told…

lauralee.chalkcouture ‏@LChalkcouture

@realDonaldTrump She is not a dog, dog are loyal and she my friend is not loyal. She is a back stabbing .......🤐

hopesAlvin ‏@HPhaswani

@goal The new dawn is ahead of the Madrid derby @GarethBale11 and @goal 🤐

Bela ‏@Anabela_2018

@ColSand42 I’m going to keep my fingers 🤐 Or you’ll go for a platinum platter because it will look better!

Bobby Seagraves ‏@Bobalator

This life is a movie 🤐

danni ‏@danniela_xoxo

Girls be putting shit on my timeline about empowering each other as women but yet be constantly subtweeting me just…

Gotti 🔪 ‏@38GOTTI

@youngthug Rich nigga live 🔥🤐

Princess. ‏@RavenousBeaute

Favorite kink you have done irl? — 🤐

Le$’ 🃏 ‏@fyblesliee

I be knowing who fake and who real i just play along 🤐

s ‏@jeongyeongi

his voice is so annoying 🤐

Henry_ Agueros ‏@agueros_henry

You are just a Flip...Flop!!🤐

Dan 〽️ ‏@Young_Dan35

They ain’t ready for us 🤐💯

H A N A N 🌻 ‏@hanany_as

@yusuufibraahim You won’t @ him tho👀🤐

lanaae___ ‏@lanaae___

@CourtanyReneee Should I look up the pick you sent me ?😂🤐

Angie‼️ ‏@bhadkoop

Moving different because I want different. 🤐

👨🏾‍🍳 ‏@SoufWestChef

Don’t spill the sauce big guy 😌🤐

Sunil Kashyap ‏@Er_SunilKashyap

@ArvindKejriwal What to say 🤐

🧟‍♂️ZOE RASCAL🧟‍♂️ ‏@givin_work

Been showing too much love but no more after this 🤐

King Jones ‏@KINGJONESinc

When u get good news the best thing to do is to keep it to yaself bc even the ppl u think will be happy for you be…

🌪 ‏@y_nnej

Ama just shut up 🤐

Benovia ‏@chassethatbag

We’re putting the haters on mute 🤐... SM ready !!!!

Baby C ‏@_CBarrett11

Hit my boy up 🤐

⛽️ ‏@_Fuckimgoneee

I don’t sell dope idk where y’all get that info from 🤐

hotboy.gotti ‏@DemrioVaughn

You can gone with that Instagram Beef💯‼️ we shooting on sight 🤐💯 slap yo Bitch on sight 🤧💯 all my hitter going to s…

lil spooks ‏@HowBoutNoBitch

@delaneykazee I’ll watch my mouth 🤐😂

💲wipe ‏@heantisocial

Y’all talk too much 🤐

مرشد ‏@Franciumm

It's very possible to express yourself without profanity 🤐

Jewels ‏@jewelssea

decided to compare my mouth x-ray to other mouths with normal jaws... mine is the last pic. fellas the doctors were…

Tee ‏@TeeYoung17

@chuckwoolery What a piece of work..🤐

bubble gum ‏@Rylee_shaye

Fake.. 🤐

MLEPCLAYNOS ‏@_geeavanzado

Never again 🤐

ButterCup🍯 ‏@JNayyaa_

Out of sight , Out of Mind 🤐

Bruhman.72 ‏@tylershelvin98

In life be aware not everybody go ride for you💯🤐

그냥그냥 ‏@Chell_loves_you

@BTS_twt He posted link to 'clean' version, but that pic is... 🤐

hotboy.gotti ‏@DemrioVaughn

We ain’t we all that insta beef💯🤐 if you got smoke with me on the streets case I can shoot ya ass with that 9🔫💯 Bet on me🎲💯‼️

RK47 ‏@rudaayee

@thatjuanguy66 Staples center hasnt seen a shot like mine since Kobe left.... 🤐

L.B. Carter ‏@LBCarterAuthor

Me to myself after beta-reading a great book that I obviously can’t talk about until it’s released. 😍🤐😩

Linzo eignal ‏@LinzoOwee

Sometimes I really have no filter 🤐

🦁 💛 ‏@andydleoon

I don't know 🤐

jenn ‏@behrdaawg

how to not overshare is a concept I need to learn 😶🤐

Chris K. ‏@Chris_T_Knudsen

@_dbad It’s not a drill no more 🤐 shit just got me hype 😂

anonymous ‏@raj3911

#BiggBossTamil2 #BigBossTamil Male chauvanism is when Mahat asks women to play in the task when the game went sligh…

leslie🌺 ‏@leslieannpuente

My cousin wants me to sell her my Apple Watch because I don’t use it and I low key want to tell her chill bitch my…

OG💰teemoney ‏@SMW_Money

I fucks with the September and November months too tho really only cause of one person na she know who 🤐

LongLiveReggi💚🕊 ‏@ripreggi_Ant

Meek x left Hollywood 🤐

62 Chevy #C10 PickUP ‏@Prnslestntres

#pack #unpack #load #truck 🚚 #unloaded the #truck🤯 #storage 🤮ughhh I #don’t #care how #many #times I #have to😑…

Depodray Coburn ‏@showtimedc3

Play dumb and act blind 🤐 you'll see everything .

🌼CallMeO🌼 ‏@_fitnesslady74

@JiBaoHe @seraphicpetal Good! 🤐

Pico🎈🤙🏾 ‏@FootballPico15

1hr till I’m 19 😅🤐 #Blessed

.M.🧜🏽‍♀️ ‏@Meilaanii

sometimes it better to keep quiet 🤐😶🤭

Some Stupid Slut Named Jared ‏@Fucking_Slore

@GameGrumps I really felt like a fucking 4 today. 🤐

Tamirah 👑 ‏@Peep_MyTh0ughts

@SirrLicksAlot Lol forreal. Idk what soft spot not to hit, so i ain’t saying nothing at all 🤐

Liv ‏@oliviaglowry

I just wanna lay low and chill.. 🤐😎

Richy💉 ‏@Richard54064921

@iam_cjs23 @BleacherReport @alexradow Good shit coach 🤐👀


Over the hedge 2 🤐

C/N ‏@NoHoesNava

I’m a lier but not a cheater 🤐

🏝 ‏@trappnmannequi

be on the look out 🤐

#UreñaSucksAcuñaRules ‏@ause7en

Whatever...blah blah blah 🤐

Unpredictable🌚 ‏@_divinehaitian

👨🏽‍💻🤐- lol I be trynn eat good like you

DLow ‏@OtfDLow

You could be in the streetz or not Aint Nobody Safe 🤐

J. ‏@J__woody_

I’m just going stay quiet lol 🤐

🅰️🅱️ ‏@Whaddup_AB

The Cowboys will be 6-10 next year. 🤐

Jfaithful ‏@jfaithfullll

I spend to much money on tattoos 🤐

juice 🔋🖤 AkA ... Do It 🖕🏽🤐 ‏@OTSKev

@YungeenAce My Life story Is A Tragedy 🤐💔🤕

ً ‏@IiIsexythug

@ILLMARAJ & so is nip tuck 🤐 but i rebuke this.

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