Zipper-Mouth Face Emoji

A face with a zipper displayed instead of a mouth. Used to convey a secret, or that one will not discuss a certain matter with others aka “my lips are sealed”.

May also be used in the context of the phrase “zip it”, telling a person to stop talking or making noise.

The Google version of the hushed face emoji previously featured a zipper-mouth in Android 5.0.

Zipper-Mouth Face was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🤐 Lips Sealed

🤐 Sealed Lips

🤐 Zip It


🤐 U+1F910


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👾 ALF On A Bike ‏@Alf_Newman

@jeremycorbyn And what is your answer Jeremy 🤐

...there it is ‏@thereitis8

@RealSaavedra She makes this statement as a former prosecutor but doesn’t know what laws were broken. Oh yeah!…

Daniel McMahon ‏@DanielMc1991

#ENG are far the better side here, but what started off as frustrating is now laughable! Offside all day, hands in…

Craig Mooney ‏@damagemagnet

@azevcarol Turn off the comments? 🤐😶😁

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@Velociraptor479 No you can probably get an app on your phone for that function 🤔😀🤐

Saurabh Vishnoi ‏@vishnoi24

@whitedryflakes @Naadaan_Chhori Not my word's 🤐 It appears 😂

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I do not know until when I could stay 🤐

𝓔𝓻𝓲𝓼 ‏@imdraened

Shatap selp. No to issue dapat 🤐😌

Saurabh Vishnoi ‏@vishnoi24

@whitedryflakes @Naadaan_Chhori Looks like they don't have good written before the word morning 🤐

H.E. Nana Adjei Ansah 🇬🇭 . ‏@nana_connect

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@Amu_J Doesn't know of my existence 🤐😂

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Fuck a diss song we reply in the Streets .. 🤐

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