Zipper-Mouth Face Emoji

A face with a zipper displayed instead of a mouth. Used to convey a secret, or that one will not discuss a certain matter with others aka “my lips are sealed”.

May also be used in the context of the phrase “zip it”, telling a person to stop talking or making noise.

The Google version of the hushed face emoji previously featured a zipper-mouth in Android 5.0.

Zipper-Mouth Face was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🤐 Lips Sealed

🤐 Sealed Lips

🤐 Zip It


🤐 U+1F910


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@cubanachief 🤐 let me just sidon they look

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I'm not gonna--- like it's better that I don't say anything. I should just shut up 🤐

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@carayxz 😂 fat fucking American, prone to heart attacks 🤐

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Dave lyrics really are the most overrated in the U.K. scene 😂😂 Some average wordplay and mandem come like he cured cancer 🤐

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He Think He Cute Put Em On Mute 🤐

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@mikrokosmoskjin @k_rallyn @by_verivery @the_verivery u alrd tell us. and now i'm excited for it. thanks to you ! 🤐💙

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"the more you know, the more you don't know" 🙊🤐😒😕😦😟😤😲🙄🙄🙄

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@ABPNews @AmitShah @aajtak @IndiaToday @htTweets @MirrorNow @sambitswaraj @smritiirani Please welcome "Mum" Mohan Singh.🤐

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🤐😊 Gloria - Stereo Version van Them

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If I don’t reply to your tweets, please know, I’m not ignoring you. You probably pissed me off months ago and I muted you 🤐

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MA knew he was kicking out growth and stability for a system and a man that aren’t fit for use. He gambled top 10 f…

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5$ says there’s whore back in town 🤐

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#15 I lost one of the most loyalists person ever to me to a gun, but I know 15 will forever be watching over me and…

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shut up solo stan 🤐

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- if you seen me last night don’t you say shit the next day 🤐

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are you pregnant 🤐 — nOO

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@BhutsTunz I said most of my friends, wena you are not included cos you dnt see what they see. So shut up 🤐!!!

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Well it’s another day new week and real shit ain’t shit changed just shit hit different this go around.. you learn…

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Why No Uproar On This By #Feminist Gang? Y No Debate By #Khanmarket Gang? ⁦@Nidhi⁩ ⁦@Shehla_Rashid⁩ ⁦@ReallySwara⁩…

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@ChukaUmunna @LibDems What right do you have to stop brexit ?? Majority voted leave and , until you call a by elect…

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@Bandcloud so toxic. 🤐

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I am a number, they are integers 🤷🏾‍♂️ 🤐🚶🏾‍♂️

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👀 👅 Follow everyone who retweets this! MGWV 😡😨🤐😫

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@mikelm06c @ImpeachNow7 @alllibertynews @JonDoeLives @PlanetRayRay @DanielLSoucy1 @JimDeck59503918 @JesstersDead…

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Vomitting the life juice out of me 🤐


@mukkyhayat Let me just keep kwayet 🤐

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It’s like they are calling me to drag them 🤐

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@arbmcfcpab I get ya 🤐 another new pair, Jesus your worse than Emelda Marcos 🤣

Kimberly Hollinger ‏@kth1231

@JonDoeLives @ImpeachNow7 @PlanetRayRay @DanielLSoucy1 @alllibertynews @JimDeck59503918 @JesstersDead @gtfosteve…

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Spiritual Hearts Light Ruhani dil di batiyan - Religious deeni Pure Loves daylight in The Spiritual heart Paak ishq…

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drug test today 🤧 question is am i going to pass it 🤐

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@AmojeeAisha I had attitude that once 😂🤐

Kimberly Hollinger ‏@kth1231

@JonDoeLives @ImpeachNow7 @PlanetRayRay @DanielLSoucy1 @alllibertynews @JimDeck59503918 @JesstersDead @gtfosteve…

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Kimberly Hollinger ‏@kth1231

@ImpeachNow7 @JonDoeLives @PlanetRayRay @DanielLSoucy1 @alllibertynews @JimDeck59503918 @JesstersDead @gtfosteve…

Kimberly Hollinger ‏@kth1231

@JonDoeLives @PlanetRayRay @ImpeachNow7 @DanielLSoucy1 @alllibertynews @JimDeck59503918 @JesstersDead @gtfosteve…

🍍Fujo-tits Pinez🍍 ‏@teh_pinez

Also I will make a BruNara one too if I can 🙏😌💗 🤐🍊🍓🍊

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@TheRealMzWalker @RosesGabor Exactly!! 🤐 X

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@slimniggagotti I see u baby daddi 😈🤐

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@faithy_richie You’re fake ..He his real.🤐

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Stack season is upon us. Don’t ask me to do shit that involves money 🤐.

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IU's diet day 1 FAILED!!! 🤧🤧 i cannot only eat apple, sweet potato and protein shake 🤐 i did eat only 1 or 2 spoons other foods...

🍍Fujo-tits Pinez🍍 ‏@teh_pinez

BuchaNara? Brunara? I like both names 🤐🍊

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