Face With Raised Eyebrow Emoji

A face with a neutral mouth and single eyebrow raised. May be used to denote scepticism, disbelief, or disapproval.

Has been likened to the quizzical looks of Stephen Colbert, and also resembles a common expression of The Rock.

Face With Raised Eyebrow was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Face With One Eyebrow Raised” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤨 Colbert

🤨 The Rock

Unicode Name

🤨 Face With One Eyebrow Raised


🤨 U+1F928


Tweets For 🤨

Keith ‏@ChiefKeith129

Bruh WHAT?? 🤨 https://t.co/TNAHmhOKTE

Happy Birthday Hoseok ☘️ ‏@Jimindipity1013

@SENSEXPINOSA What do you mean, how i know your Name?? 🤨 You have told me your Name. Did you really thought that i dont know it?!

maintaining🙇🏾‍♂️ ‏@Tys_Tillman

If you don’t have good footwork how can you get to the next level 🤨

thaBaby🥰 ‏@_Emorgann

hmmm i wonder if i like jas enough to buy some shades too 🤨

Patsaholic ❤️🏈💙💋 ‏@Lesliej23

@HeartEyes4Brady So cute i wish i could wear them cant stand a hat on my head 🤨

GinnyDorlan (or current resident) ‏@SensitivContent

TTT * 🤨 *Total Trump Tool https://t.co/bOIyiF1QCE

ragz2riche$✨ ‏@sayyleah

say that they won’t smoke? 🤨 where them poles? we gone ride nigga ❗️

Robb Finegan ‏@RunRobb

I’m skeptical 🤨 https://t.co/kBWXeRelvQ

212121🥳👑 ‏@slickheadgreg

🤨 it’s not LeBrons birthday https://t.co/fDTpFWO1Jf

MJ ‏@Yuluv_MJ

@Leeekz_22 Me too Tory 🤨

𝒟𝑜𝓂𝒾𝓃𝒾𝒸𝓀 𝑀𝒶𝓇𝓉𝒾𝓃 ‏@tuddaa2

If y’all didn’t know this year my year, and that’s overstood 🏈🤨

FAUZIYAH🧜🏾‍♀️💫 ‏@faauziyahh

So this girl only wants [email protected] back cuz Syria fell off 🤨

PNC Radio ‏@PNCRadio

@SupremeDreams_1 Only thing worse is double rims with half moon blackboards! 🤨

Thornton Rose, Jr. ‏@thorsunn2

@Sara_Tonyn No. She and Trump are the same. Whenever they go anywhere it is a party of one.🤨🇺🇸

[email protected]@TyneValleyCam

Me on the end of The Bell. *snigger snigger... 🤨 #LakeDistrict https://t.co/FSDFSQpCdo

YE’ ‏@1YungE

Tryna make everyone happy but who wanna see me happy? 🤨

17BritishPie ‏@13spiderweb

@mightysen Maybe 🤨 https://t.co/99S4nufnZK

angel. ‏@jonagonaa

This dude @Karsey_street really pulled three sandwiches out his pockets 🤨💀

Mingles ‏@Mingles_Bee

The most perfect of weekends. After seeing my little ones and having the BESTEST of times, it was followed through… https://t.co/vKzxLwxR1L

🇨🇦Dr.Justin Cider Ob/Gyn🇨🇦 ‏@IamJustinCider

@alicia_brunelli 😂🤨 😂 👌 U know, a wise person once said, “It is the exception that proves the rule.” 🤔they might have said it twice...

shawnie. ‏@shawnprmnds

@rosaIieramirz Instagram 🤨

𝐻𝒶𝓅𝓅𝓎 𝐻𝑜𝓅𝑒 𝒟𝒶𝓎 ‏@ChaoticSeokjiin

@abreebri How to clone BTS and have them work hard but there be more of them 🤨

Lil E💕 ‏@_lovelainee

fucking fags 🤨

Craig Summers ‏@paraskip

@SkyNews ‘Schoolgirl’? 🤨 She’s a barbarous 19 year old Jihadi baby factory. She deserves nothing but a long drop from short rope.

Tom Smiley ‏@TomSmiley3

@Kaytamz @dagmar_johnson Actually I'm voting for the MeMeMe Party haha... just kidding... 🤨

Joseph Wills ‏@Checkers_9

@zac_harvey And it started so well. Four unanswered goals is a defensive breakdown for sure. The three games in thr… https://t.co/L29UJw4szi

MarieHC 🕊💦 ‏@mariehc22

@janepohlmann @slamnbass I see both sides. I'm hoping the dismay can eventually be focused on the orchestrated lies… https://t.co/3w0oI6bw7n

James Trudgill ‏@TrudgillJames

@SkyNews Hey @SkyNews how much did you pay for this interview? Fanning the fires 🤨😢 @BBCNews @FoxNews

@Disney_First ‏@Watty_G

The terror of Splash Mountain 🤨 @ Magic Kingdom https://t.co/XNv0tp5i4C

Vzn🔥 ‏@AmazingLifez

Turns out I couldnt get an acc 🤨😶

m. barbay ‏@barbaylive

@RealJamesWoods @JoWazzoo Looks like Democrat diversity will be set upon racial, creed, and Marxist principals; as… https://t.co/wJJb5eJlTo

P. Murray ‏@pmurraymusic

You mean relate to somebody who faked a disability (peak ableism btw) so as to not engage in a society where if she… https://t.co/xgBig8NMZ8

KND🕵🏾‍♂️🔎🧐 ‏@Oliver_Mahhh

Did i read that right? 🤨 AirPods 👀👀 can i win too?? #JungleFever @TheJungleSupply https://t.co/BJTc6Yy8ks

Riccardo ‏@Riccard42291693

@icecube Damn I started listening to you in Middle School and I’m 43!!! ✊🏽🤨

irfanrasli ™️ ‏@the_irfanrasli

Nike?🤨 https://t.co/ImJycLJa6o

RO ‏@Madison7735

@USATODAY Not! soon to be 🤨

Lewismay ‏@Lewis_may79

@EiFSoccer All of these comments and I haven’t saw aguero? 🤨

syd 🥴 ‏@Sydcake_ss

Why do I wake up with bruises as if duppy did a tump mi up inna mi sleep 🤨

Jeremy Tollison ‏@Noodle__SC

@RFang_SC Only 3? 🤨

Suarez ‏@KasanovaKraze

Ima keep it a buck though. If this guys robbed you the tl and insta ain’t where your gonna get your money back 🤨

A 🦂 ‏@GoGetterAnt

Fat bitches are so rude 🤨

alyssa🐱 ‏@LysssaaBrown

@ButPirateDylan @Bmarie_69 😂😂😂😂😂 but neither of us can drive... 😅🤨

Elle Bee ‏@Wifey_Made

@hoodcuIture Internet so fake. If these ppl ate and drank this way irl they’d be obese 🤨

Deajah➰ ‏@PrissyDeee

should i take a nap orrrr get my sleep back on track 🤨

LONE 🐺 WOLF ‏@1LosoMuneyy

Y’all love Herb & Ari life more than y’all own 🤨

38 Baby♓️🥳 ‏@DcDaKiid

Wgd today 🤨

Cedez ‘ 🖤 ‏@Cedezz__

If I Pulled A You On You , What Would You Do 🤨

ashlyne. ‏@its_ashlynee

what’s 8 X 1 2/3? 🤣 need the answer STAT bc i currently have two answers and don’t know which one 🤨

Integrity ‏@FactsOverBS

Wow watching this crap after we find out he did it is crazy! Noticed how he says my friend said they won’t find the… https://t.co/gbX9oy8nhf

Mayh3m! ‏@Mayh3mtls

This @kfc on Brice and Tussing is ultra slow. I’ve probably been in the drive thru for about 30 mins and it’s only… https://t.co/MJK0oQ5kQc

OMG! Itz AKAZ(•ړَْ) ‏@officialAKAZ

If she fat let her be fat in peace, if she’s skinny he dey bite you!! Whatever the size,You are beautiful!! Stop bo… https://t.co/TrTn8xZJqB

Clyde Bargain McBinnis ‏@BoysPabst

McDonald's is a great place to get a convenient, tasty, hot meal and experience the misbehaviour of other people's kids. 😐.........🤨

誕生日__ ‏@SoraWhore

@itssomari__ @chartdata @ArianaGrande @iamcardib @NICKIMINAJ @Beyonce A fad ending a fad 🤨

Cookieee🧜‍♀️ ‏@_cookg

@tyaaannn What’s all that c shit about 🤨

ឡិកសុី 🌼 ‏@elexassochet

how are some girls so obsessed with having a man 🤨, why you need a boy to complete your life

😎💰 ‏@TayBinLaden

I say Mirror mirror on the wall who the realist of em all 🤨

Baba Yaga 😈 ‏@CoreyJAnderson7

So @thevontahall this the one?? @shakylaa_ 🤨

Dee Bee💞(K)(mrs💕)🐝🦋🌹❌🇨🇦🇺🇸🌟🌟🌟#WWG1WGA ‏@piprincess

@TRPhrophet Understatement of the most colossal kind..😏🤨...supreme example of a sore LOSER.😁 https://t.co/vL3MyNcLF1

S4L ? ‏@___Lexissss

I’m sitting here waiting on a smoothie seems like it’s never coming 🤨

que ➰ ‏@___qma

who be telling my snapchat to just update itself? 🤨

ragz2riche$✨ ‏@sayyleah

ion even understand why niggas b tryna fuck with you and they still in love with their ex n shit😂🤨

©️ ฿ ©️ ‏@frogbear2

@BeyondThePalin @MSNBC @JoyAnnReid Excuses for what? 🤨

E M Junior ‏@youngdreadbiz

@larryelder @JussieSmollett @realDonaldTrump Did you just miss the breaking news?...75,000 immigrants just rushed a… https://t.co/EGtqtrPKZF

wayneee👑 ‏@gooddielicious

WT?! I'm blocked!🤨

ᜋᜇ᜔ᜆᜒᜈ᜔ ‏@reimbss

Heto na naman ako Meddling with affairs I should not be messing with. 🤨

Ayram 🌺 ‏@MriaSoo

Well that was weird 🤨

Kirsten Allnutt ‏@kirstenrachel

@TheLastLeg #isitok to ask why cut sections out of #MileyCyrus #markronson #BrokenHearts video for watershed but ke… https://t.co/cY4lFlpbu4

Rachel McGonagill ‏@RachelMcGonagi1

@realDonaldTrump You.....don't understand comedy, do you. Or satire. Or the difference between news/documentaries a… https://t.co/7zZ7qqIlM9

demi ‏@demiimiller_

@hevsmarshall It’s actually for adults 🤨

mumlsss4 ‏@nanajmbtl5

@JS___F You tellum Raymond!! 🤨😠

Eric Buchert ‏@atanak74

My name is my name. I was born in the past. My age is so damn good. I like to think about you and your friends. 🤨.… https://t.co/Bf5KktQzDy

cla ‏@chelslarruda

Yeuhhhhhh that’s a good idea 🤨

yairah leigh 👑 ‏@yairahgarcia

@_isabeldelarosa surprisingly, no i haven’t . 🤨

MittenKittens 🐈🥑 ‏@m_eleven

@MorrisMouse_PA Aw fudge. Doesn’t appear to be available on Netflix here in the states. 🤨

TickRider ‏@stakeonsteak

@alastair_moore_ Interesting lp's claim untapped market but the market seems pretty damn saturated. 🤨

ave 🌸 ‏@avery_noss

okay but i rlly didn’t deserve that 🤨

Heir Gordon 🐐👑™️ ‏@JustBrent_

Let me find out the CEO of Starbucks came from the Queens projects and is running for President 👀🤨

Zara Cox ‏@ZCoxBooks

Well, Alita: Battle Angel was...disappointing. #snoozefest 🤨

Numba 2️⃣2️⃣💉 ‏@O1F_LLD

My twitter don’t buss anymore 🤨

MAH | Triple H ‏@matissearmani

@DrWmcfc 🤨 u better be female. 😂

Kiley Fischer ‏@kfisch89

I see you, Person From High School. You didn't like me, but you liked my name enough for your firstborn. 🤨

ジモン ‏@Naaathaaanieeel

why does this even happen 🤨 https://t.co/5W6NFdBOtV

米歇尔 🖤🥀 ‏@honeybeemitchie

If I’m sad and I’m going through a dark moment and you complain about it all the time then why am I still keeping you in my life 🤨

🇹🇬✨DK ‏@_dk98

@Niiiccoollleee If he brushes in it, imagine he bathes in it too... 🤨 https://t.co/VGa08ttmyv


My whats??? 🤨 https://t.co/Z2KlqnYQK4

Miss Emily Cooke ‏@EmilyCooke16x

Actually worried for Megan’s mental health. That is not normal behaviour 🤨 #IbizaWeekender

Crusty Conservatarian ‏@onefreecitizen

Then tell your boss to waive privilege so she can. 🤨 https://t.co/liumhFNupH

KaySlay ‏@KaySlay2019

@PrivatizeEdu @KurtSchlichter Comparing rape to being hit by a car/road traffic accident 🤨 Really? Key word "accide… https://t.co/cpDvTtMsWm

Jak Ball ‏@Jakfirst

Am I the only one that doesn’t get the fascination with this dialect location thing? You select words which are ass… https://t.co/kzuAAdHsts

MARIE ‏@baudoinjacqui

This WAITR girl about to get cursed out. A whole hour for a Legends wrap. Girl 🤨😒

greatvaluepapi ‏@Self_made_Van

What is this gentrified cover of Frank Ocean’s Thinkin About You playing in Red Lobster 🤨

B E A U T I F U L ‏@KokoCort

This list has @CamiCakes listed in Atlanta, GA but it started in Jax, FL.... I'm think ok with that bc there are 4… https://t.co/iSIYmOdszy

Tatiyana🍭 ‏@tatii_xo17

Saki lose one friend and think the world over like damn bitch HEYY I WAS YO SISTER FIRST 🤨

Mummygirl/ Bev Stein ‏@mummygirl

@OllyVanGaal @MsHelicat How about Bass Rock in Scotland? 🤨 https://t.co/DbYoKF9WDs

A B D ‏@AlNasrPSG

This guy is crazy 🤨 #ASSEPSG . https://t.co/Ko244MeQu3

Fray Havoc ‏@FrayHavoc

Worst defuser plant ever. 🤨

Dropshot Winners🎾 ‏@DropshotWinners

Why do the bookies keep giving Jaziri such big dog odds on clay, as if he doesn’t know how to play it 🤨 4.00 vs Delbonis is crazy

rannnn'dannnnn ‏@_RandiDanielle

Ive been done wrong by so many sometimes I feel like everybody out to get me 🤨

MYBROS™ ‏@LouWill22

It’s negative comments in main video 🤨 every situation don’t need the race card https://t.co/ryrKf22za3

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