Face With Raised Eyebrow Emoji

A face with a neutral mouth and single eyebrow raised. May be used to denote scepticism, disbelief, or disapproval.

Has been likened to the quizzical looks of Stephen Colbert, and also resembles a common expression of The Rock.

Face With Raised Eyebrow was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Face With One Eyebrow Raised” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤨 Colbert

🤨 The Rock

Unicode Name

🤨 Face With One Eyebrow Raised


🤨 U+1F928


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Talani ‏@talanilombxrdi

@Sahn1_ What’s his best work then? 🤨

Rodney Jones ‏@rodlomovement

Yo y’all on some BS this morning I see! It’s too damn early!😳🤨

jhopeandtaejin ‏@jhopeandsprite1

If my driving lessons starts before bts have performed I’m gonna be throwing hands 🤨

NancyDrew Investigations ‏@NancydrewI

@RichieAllenShow @maxigan I agree with Richie on this "racist" bullshit. I don't see it in my neck of the woods. I… https://t.co/hMuHajaejo

☁️9 🥀 ‏@Aliceinrealityy

@Aishu_Writes @KajalS13 Who is an online dictionary here?🤨

Sweet Jones ‏@Alspikes

@TrinitiAlysse do i need to make a trip 🤨😤

Hana ‏@jisoosmoles

@jenniestarlight Why would i give you babe? 🤨

Caleb Schroeder ‏@CalebSchroede12

@7isajsch @n_schroeder8 Are we all just gonna act like he doesnt have 4 brothers to do this with 🤨

SamSpratttt ‏@SamSpratt99

I’m definitely not a morning person💤🤨

Ash Heritage ‏@heritageyo

@spam18 @alexmurray13 @TheSportsman @scallyscouserL7 @nicksmith_m He got the ball 🤨

PonteJack ‏@somersetlevel

@Schmiffy12 It’s from Mars though .... it’s come a long way ? 🤨

drey🥰 ‏@DreyMinajj

@drayson_little @ama2cool2handle @thotovan @ING How is a YouTube video gonna earn me a degree? I can already design 🤨

Dare Mixmas 🎅 ‏@DareMixr

@DestinyBissh Literally not spicy at all 🤨

tykia 🌻 ‏@carrm109

Need help picking out a hair style 🤨

➊➑➐ ‏@Paidnfvll

@dajourchinea Yes really! 🤨 You got a nigga and you acting different now 😒

Ben Shepherd ‏@Benjie_Shep

@mancunianmedic I want to join in Called to an unresponsive elderly male. Drove in the middle of the night on blue… https://t.co/2h7e1rD34k

Allaine ‏@AMadisonne

Sometimes, having a resting bitch face can help. 🤨

Steve ‏@SteveInCM

👆Click-bait headline if ever there was one - the meat of the matter is here 👇 Incidentally, I'm struck by the inten… https://t.co/3YKlfVMF8I

🐺 ‏@btchyejoo

what’s bunny? 🤨 welcome joy! let’s be friends 🤝😊

yama🅱️😘 ‏@yamababee

I hate talking Otp 🤨

Jonathon Deakin ‏@jonathondeakin

French bank called me after I left a terrible score (NPS 0/10…). Instead of really listening to learn why I think t… https://t.co/D5EnVGA52X

Cece Barrino👠 ‏@Ilovekobe_24

Okay so did anybody feel that earthquake or nah ? 🤨

Sangavi Vijayakumar ‏@sangavi_vijay

@sathyam_bhaski So #Aashiqui2 copied #AStarIsBorn 50's movie and Hollywood decided to retake the same several years… https://t.co/L4471h6W9h

Zabethy ‏@O_Zabethy

@rfcjjm2 That would break the TOS, also I have so much history on that that even if it didn't Inwould never conside… https://t.co/6DsBxFOr4A

Lisa ‏@_LisaSingh_

@on_nicol I know a PR stunt when I smell one 🤨

PEBA Inc. ‏@pebawards

She was told that things like that don't happen in Saudi -- but then it happened! 🤨 https://t.co/4WWVPQ0G6H

James Hamilton ‏@JamesHamilton91

@TimesSport @OliverKayTimes 90 minutes of ear splitting noise 🤨 oh dear. The BT microphones must’ve missed 87 minutes of it

Mary Linton ‏@MaryLinton79

@Redemption1895 Wait my name is from #RDR2 but my profile pic is from RL what does that mean 🤨 am I RP

GTA ‏@gracie_amonett

Anybody else just feel that earthquake and shook their whole house ?? 🤨

iz x ‏@izzihall31

@_lozzb @lucxoxox ‘She’s my best friend on snapchat but all our snapchat messages have gone bcus I got a new phone’ 🤨

RachFeed ‏@RachFeed

She was told that things like that don't happen in Saudi -- but then it happened! 🤨 https://t.co/039A6h6NVC

☁️9 🥀 ‏@Aliceinrealityy

@Aishu_Writes @KajalS13 @KajalS13 please explain 🤨

Oluwaseun🦁 ‏@uhuru_bella

@yourfavsunbae Follow back 🤨

Huw ‘Squad Killer’ Parry ‏@H_paz

So the Tories are having a second referendum on Theresa May whose time as PM was never the will of the people 🤨

Mic Flair ‏@MehallC17

What you’re saying is that Tory MP’s who voted Theresa May their leader in 2016,now regret that decision and want t… https://t.co/abebDhILnZ

$PAC Soldier, Thank you ‏@PacSoldierTY

Like if you retweet With 🤨 🌑 #PAC

Abbie D ‏@AbbieDobson2

Why is what we’re ‘wanting’ based around social media tho 🤨 https://t.co/aFdjA9Q9KW

AJ ‏@ashwalker1995

Washing machine adverts are absolutely shocking at lip reading. FACT! 🤨

MARK WILLIAMS M.B.E ‏@markwil147

@elliottwest87 @jodenwill Shock 🤨

Dan Zaitsev ‏@dan_zaitsev

FRAUD DETECTED 🤬 I'm trying to find apartment in Berlin via craigslist and see tons of #scammers that asking me to… https://t.co/hIkjIRCbSp

Connor ‏@connorbarlow_

Yeah he’s stacking up a right trophy collection isn’t he 🤨 https://t.co/JAIrJI4R62

NWA 2.0 ‏@Dre_TheGreat8

Are my ears broken or did I hear that correctly towards the ending? 🤨 https://t.co/YZk3286y11

Mehmet Korkmaz ‏@mkorkmazbtc

The problem is most people rather be right than make money! 🤨

Umar ‏@umarrgalaha

@JamiluHaruna Then who?🤨

TeBaTSo ‏@Tebatso_2

@Abramjee @ferialhaffajee @eNCA @SAPoliceService @SallyBurdettSA @HermanMashaba @GP_CommSafety @LynneOConnorSA… https://t.co/IcrhjWfrem

m ‏@jeffestyles

Is this fifty shades?🤨 https://t.co/zJDaEH5WhV

Scott Jones ‏@Scottjones012

@KTHopkins Literally never see your posts on my timeline ever. And I've followed you for years 🤨

Amy ‏@amy_dunbarxx

Keep having the most realistic fkd up dreams ever😩🤨

Stephen 🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🎗 ‏@PenguinBhoy

@EmmaKennedy @Jacob_Rees_Mogg Aren’t all torys a disgrace though? 🤨

mo🌞 ‏@killuhmomo

@Aundriabby @_MarryWanna__ I just recall you braiding my hair and tweeting me hmmm 🤨

10.21🤘🏾 ‏@Jiggy_Niggah

Okay am I just too high or did I not feel it? 🤨

Chris Davies ‏@devilsrl

Someone take the bull by the horns and get us out of the EU . Surely that’s what the majority of the country wanted… https://t.co/B4GQgqt6PX

Kiya Randolph ‏@kyygotfans

Am I the only one that felt that lil earthquake 🤨 https://t.co/2mhuQu8Hpp

aintshitsweetbutTHAswisher ‏@mike_the_king__

Facts Drake said my white friend said you niggas crazy I hope no one heard that what does that got to do with relat… https://t.co/aXcy0dhPyN

hmv Newcastle ‏@hmvNewcastle

Our #dailydeal today is the epic @skyscrapermovie with the most electrifying man in Hollywood, @TheRock 🤨 Today onl… https://t.co/ExuYG1kA29

Dr Caroline Holmes 🌊❄️ ‏@CHolmesClimate

coincidentally, I'm sure, I just heard the voices of the PhD students in the corridor outside my office #FreeFood 🤨

Aundria S ‏@Aundriabby

Okay I think im getting tired. 🤨

Nick ‏@ntnpross

@iamcalaz @FMadzy '....If you steal something cherish it' 🤨😏 , what kind of a family are you.....

𝓂𝒶𝒹𝒹𝓎 ♡𝓂𝒾𝓃 ‏@_calicojimin_

Msnake really trying to appease ARMYs n possibly other fans too whose faves are attending...now that the ceremony i… https://t.co/dfdDXv0AIP

BunBun👾 ‏@Kareeemaaaa

@Noskii_ Are you cheating on me again 🤨

♕Lord Elpus GBE ‏@HouseofErmine

#JeremyVineOn5 The truth of the matter is that the #BritishPublic have #NoConfidence in the #Government the… https://t.co/W6qDlC8v30

Pom Pom Peach 🍑 ‏@BruisedMomo

Welp, Brexit's going great... 🤨

Aundria S ‏@Aundriabby

@killuhmomo That’s hella weird. I can’t sleep unless they’re off! 🤨

✊🏼VWAimlessly ‏@VWAimlessly

@catsrangels2 @CBSEveningNews @CBSNews @krisvancleave I had roommate in college who said he wanted to record one se… https://t.co/oq9b7bC1Ho

Cindi Sehloho🇿🇦 ‏@BlackCaram3l

@Cashflow_yonela @EllishahMakara @LindoMyeni The School isn't bad. The kid just doesn't want to learn anything 🤨

Yaa Asantewaa ‏@YAYAsays

@Nikki_Yaa Be careful 🤨

Diane Campbell ‏@backbay09

@chrissyteigen Welcome to our world! 🤨

Sabrina 💕 ‏@sabrinaa2x

Idk why ppl don’t like Nicki Minaj 🤨

Baroness Beckie ‏@Beckie_Miller_

Mumsy can talk can’t she? 🤨 #JeremyKyle

李 bih ‏@_leevivian

🤨 don’t play with me like that https://t.co/Qbx5FPSUkx

[email protected]@Sainttjustingm1

You Should Listen To Your Momma Boy 🤨🌒⭐️🌈Probably Healthy Rain 🌧 https://t.co/1L86yrDPd2

_jennybeybs ‏@jennybeybs21

Chillin lazy in bed and let #shoppee and #lazada do the rest 🧘‍♀️ I Consider my Online Shopping a SKILL 🤨😂🙉 #1212

fudgelyz ‏@zelofudge

What the flip... Day 6's new song was an advert on YouTube for me 🤨 wat https://t.co/OChg8ECwvh

Cee Jay ‏@fadedroses__

I know y’all fucking felt that 🤨

Kareem Mohmmed ‏@KareemMohmmed2

If you do not like my way of thinking and style .. l do not remember waking up every day with the aim of impressing you 🤨😉

catherine gach ‏@CatherineGach

@mrnickharvey 2018 certainly has retained that 1718 vibe for all us peasants out here.....😳🤨

Brian D Teucke ‏@TeuckeBoomBoom

““K-12 education has been a priority of House Republicans and we are glad to see the Governor building on the raise… https://t.co/yGkccYuqhN

Luke Peter Green🇬🇧🇦🇺🇪🇺 ‏@lukegreen71

@ericmil245 @Jim_Cornelius @acgrayling Very true. 🤨

Rebekah Henry ‏@_RebekahHenry

@PorteousStuart 😂 I am not that kind of girl 🤨

Kevin Hall ‏@KevinHall1169

🤨 this grey squirrel looks like it might have a little red squirrel DNA in it with the red head and red tint in its… https://t.co/mxNxxbpXa4

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Wee Scottish Mammy🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ‏@WeeScottishMamm

@TheSaczak @jbwhitesnake They say no majority for a no confidence vote, but think they'd win an election. 🤨

LB ‏@Louisb171

@kev_dicko Starting to worry bout u kev, honestly think ud bend over an let every single liverpool player dry bum u… https://t.co/dHVvqxvRIw

Tiara Latrice ‏@crownmeimtiara

When your intution is right on point but they stay trying to play u stupid 🤨.

Team Reign ‏@TeamReign4

@denverbm_ @Skyerman3 @jowanireign @shene86204084 Me too I miss AchiReign moment 🤨

Uncle John ‏@mynameismynam3

Wow that felt like an earthquake in Atlanta 🤨

mariah🌿 ‏@mvrivhc

I really am so confused about a whole bunch of things. 🤨

𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐂𝐂𝐎 🥀 ‏@Stacco2x

@amourxparris Wait what 🤨

Lyn ~ Equality All ‏@linmitdan

@BelindaJones68 Wouldn't surprise if Boris got up 🤨

Theresa Byrne #ChangeIsComing #GeneralElectionNow ‏@trees0106

@James4Labour @BarryGardiner @SkyNews @Simon4NDorset @Conservatives isn't a day like this made for #playingpolitics… https://t.co/7ektvg1B3R

lil thang ‏@kaylacorntm

@sydneymarie2334 whose mama 🤨

Eric Perez ‏@Wheats99

@frdwnr Just popped some mucinex 🤨😤🤤

Logan ⚠ ‏@ranjonrondow

Will be making a shinigami face mask 🤨

Kay Wop 🌪 ‏@Kasia_Maurion

I can’t respect no nigga who gets amusement off of talking down on a female 🤨 that’s a bitch move

CheauxLove Boogie ‏@Jayy_CL

Earthquake? 🤨

Alix Lopez ‏@alixlopez

Was it just me or was that an Earthquake? 🤨

Edvio 🤨 ‏@Edvio02

I can't get anything done in math and I have a test on Friday 🤨

Yoong ‏@pseudolokun

@kakkumei @huajern What??!! 🤨

Slee Nzama✨🌸 ‏@Slee_Nza

Craving a hug from a lil human 🤨

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