Face With Raised Eyebrow Emoji

A face with a neutral mouth and single eyebrow raised. May be used to denote scepticism, disbelief, or disapproval.

Has been likened to the quizzical looks of Stephen Colbert, and also resembles a common expression of The Rock.

Face With Raised Eyebrow was approved as part of Unicode 10.0 in 2017 under the name “Face With One Eyebrow Raised” and added to Emoji 5.0 in 2017.

🚩 New in 2017. Requires an updated operating system.

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Also Known As

🤨 Colbert

🤨 The Rock

Unicode Name

🤨 Face With One Eyebrow Raised


🤨 U+1F928


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Otwar.S.GORDON ‏@spiritualvolt

U.A. Ask what ""cannot"" be asked Question to which an answer is possible, ""cannot be answer""🤨

Cynthia Adekanye ‏@cynthybobby

@DamiLGS Must you quote every tweet 🤨

Abdul Khader ‏@mkhader4u

@nuts2406 So this beautiful structure will be erased soon. Where is archeology dept 👀 🤨

Amun Ra ‏@KevinMcVann

@w_terrence I'm having difficulty with the RESPECT for OBAMA bit 🤨....alway thought you had to EARN Respect ?

Elif B. ‏@juicy_rumors

@realDonaldTrump Why so many people like this tweet? 🤨

Mike Eling ‏@DRFR0ST

Is @Google supporting the dark side now? 🤨

Alex Toth ‏@atoth30

@13Nute13 What’s up top though?🤨

sajadah ‏@sajadah

@summeryael I’ve just done a quick search ... average ticket price £400 🤨

linya 💜 PhD final stretch ‏@rappermanyoongi

@shanxxvi The best I can wish for you is that everything turns out bad for you. 🤨

ChrisP ‏@Chris1968E

#Lorraine if you give your baby a daft name they should be allowed 3 free slaps when they're old enough to really hurt your stupid face 🤨

You N Eye Ted ‏@NusseyMartin

@TonyBen34160673 @AidanWalshMUFC 🤨 I’m gonna post it thru ya door, I hope Tina finds it & keeps it 😂

Kamron ‏@iamkxmron

Kevin Durant really turned down the warriors resign and is in New York trying to sign “apparently”| Knick’s or Nets… https://t.co/psjqaimTaT

Nombulelo Fox ‏@FoxAndTheFro

@Lindo_Mnisi 🤨 yoh that tweet

StrongerTogether ‏@mewhovotes

@LindseyGrahamSC I’m thinking of YOU as I read this👇 @realDonaldTrump is a lost cause, we all know that. But you, y… https://t.co/NaU7bKVZVL

markie 72 💃🏻 ‏@sundayatacafe

i kinda wanna scan these then post them up so everyone can see them better 🤨 https://t.co/WyDpjHZRa1

infamousKatt✨ ‏@__thatKATTbitch

this da second time 🤨

Letzy ‏@Letzy__

I’d love to know.🤨 https://t.co/JTdJCX7MHr

👤 ‏@DrBehbehani

@WholesomeMeme The last guy .. 🤨

Ryan Molloy ‏@rmolloy786

@piersmorgan @KP24 Blacking up Piers 🤨 , how very un pc 🧐

Mark Budd ‏@Buddyboy51

@Telegraph Has somebody been messing with her Wiki page? "Barnett was born on 5 February 1985 to Ian and Michele Ba… https://t.co/PLxzJOTujy

Wilka改 ‏@wilfucius

#GranblueFantasy @granbluefantasy so, um, since this is basically a sharknado, can we get a Tremors crossover next… https://t.co/ULKHU2E77U

Glee😬 ‏@3muchhh_

🤨.....run that by me one mo time playa. Ion think i heard you correctly https://t.co/IQF1ATYdgk

darshikapather ‏@pather_darshika

@chasethemoney22 @ReezeWithaZ @michaelaafelix did you just make #fuckreeze season up 🤨 rugby man ?

Marjorie Maden ‏@maden_marjorie

@JamieDornan_Inc Good morning Lorna.....Sun but no glasses 🤨. Have a good day .😘 https://t.co/fPq9Ay15r0

Elsa Cisneros 🌺 ‏@ElsaInCa

@brianstelter I thought it was the Russians screwing with us. 🤨

ChrisP ‏@Chris1968E

@vamplacey Maybe it so she has a good throwing distance 🤨

Ms D ‏@Kebab_x

@dharford79 @GillianRudd @ICANcharity @RCSLTpolicy Things obviously have changed,and not for the better it seems.🤨.… https://t.co/tkR2fpO7OW

amy doran ‏@mimi_thomas

Is everyone glazing over the fact Molly-Mae said “palms of your feet” last night? 🤨😂 #loveisland

uzowazobia ‏@uzotalkstruth

Men are scum men are scum My sister you think they don't know ? Biko shift one corner jare 🤨

Anomalous ‏@xxanomalousxx

@DirtyEffinHippy 🤨 This guy is a thing? Just seemed like a trash 80's throwback to me, watched one video and was co… https://t.co/v0SESBJQUO

Christine ‏@ntsrhccyj

Perks of having a balahurang boyfriend 🤨😂 https://t.co/Lt3p2JnDYz

Skycomet ‏@skycomet

@Treesaregreen18 @kelly_kbertram4 @Chloestylo @ScottWamplerBMD @LindseyGrahamSC Only a bit? 🤨

♥Bamidele Sodeke♥. 💒✝🛐🌏 ‏@BamideleSodeke

@realFFK When will all these killing ends???🤨

Angel ‏@angel_rockwell

hmm, interesting 🤨

GEMINI. ‏@albreankl

I just know this nigga better be sleep because if not i wanna fight @__lahdee7 🤨!!

Audrey-Rose Watson ‏@AudreyRoseOcean

Just saw an epaulette shark in a tank at a regular aquarium shop. Not sure how I feel about that 🤨

💮 Steazy 🤬 ‏@steazy_stan765

How tf do yall sleep wit a durag on ? 🤨

Attitude365 ‏@Attitude365

And he’s the Democrats best hope?? 🤔😮🤨😝 https://t.co/fDRwJrclFw

🧘🏾‍♀️. ‏@_jashey

$50 for some damn Reese’s Puffs... done lost his rabbit ass mind. 🤨 https://t.co/UmSkLlcBVu

ProdigyDDK ‏@ProdigyDDK

@MerdeMj Wait but u already got balance? Dont do anything stupid 🤨

Penny Rimmington ‏@Olgachristie

It’s not your job to ‘aid’ but to remain impartial. There will be those who think delving into a personal family tr… https://t.co/u0O2qWBBaB

jamila 🇳🇬 ✳ ‏@mobytoolz

@Iam_alvinpaul @RozieMakena 😂😂😂😂😂😂 eeeyah I pay my bills 🎤🤨

Leanne Inskip ‏@LeanneInskip

@beeorrell1 Oh dear, I know that feeling. Write some notes it may help 🤨

Bubblebecca Pugs ‏@bubblebeccapugs

Hi ho hi ho it’s off to the vets we go........🤷🏼‍♀️🙄 Matilda to check her infection has cleared up, Sheila with a h… https://t.co/p4ki9ayN3d

miri ‏@imiracleeee

this little weight gain noticeable 🤨.

Sofia Miles ‏@SoSofiaMiles

@MissNatalieDay @MsLouisaKnight agreed. they lost me at her question mark vs. his light bulb. and what’s up with th… https://t.co/n2c0r7gFyS

DwhiteForester ‏@DwhiteForester

@ynkutner Are you really following me?🤨

JUGS Jugueta ‏@jugsjugsjugs

🤨😃😎😑🤓 @ It's Showtime Studio https://t.co/6WzMclEYyI

Moodxqvotes ‏@Moodxqvotes1

@sxdvxbes You good💭🤨

SWIPA ‏@swipa_mc

@KateHoeyMP @Jeremy_Hunt We voted to leave which means we can leave via any means 🗳 If a deal can’t be reached then… https://t.co/fEByJNxAYp

TokyoZari ‏@TokyoZari

My nerves gotta be bad asf I just cleaned my whole house damn near in about a hour and a half and it’s 4 in the morning 🤨

kyracakerz ‏@kyracakerz

Literally makes no sense to run my AC this much.... Fresno has me beyond bent with this heat 🤨😤

Jerry ‏@_lavish__living

I cannot lie I’m still In love with my ex and I’ve herd some bad news but I just can’t get over it and its been a y… https://t.co/y5Odinr0at

Ms July🌺🌺 ‏@ayanda_ngema

Never heard of it 🤨 https://t.co/QokPv6EyNT

hoodfamousdee🤧❗️ ‏@hoodfamousdee

@suamyaa @collyalexis_ Wait when I tag you ?🤨

NCT - France World | J-13 #NEOCITYinPARIS 🇫🇷 ‏@NCTFR

@MxrixHxmminxs We are uploading them 3 by 3, just wait a little 🤨

Nandi Tanya🦄 ‏@Nandi_Tanya

@dale_takudzwa Im so confused..Like where did it come from really?🤨

Steph Parker 👓 ‏@stephparker

A process truly built for the modern age 🤨 https://t.co/FxMlQjRkPE

Gus ‏@Gus40260039

Hypocricy never in short supply on the left...🤨 https://t.co/UumJke1H7z

Anna Macgregor ‏@AnnaMacismyname

Been on Bumble for nearly a week now. I’ve learnt that all the fit guys live in Richmond (I don’t), I’m really real… https://t.co/iOmt0xvuK5

ARS 🇮🇳 ‏@Bhakthash

@Abhi972 Might be her Husband is not a Hard Worker..!! 🤨

jezare ❤︎ ‏@msjezarem

???!?!?!? i didn’t even talk to you today 🤨😑 https://t.co/6djFdUb4Xg

EddieLilSister🦋 ‏@symuvaa

@Juaneenishayy In or out sis 😂🤨


@AlexStrodder Who makes these decisions? 🤨

maureen ‏@mauucuritana

@cheesetalll high?? high grades? 🤨

Lucy Harding ‏@Harding_luc

When your deep in an email thread with someone and they still haven't answered the question you initially emailed t… https://t.co/ZXq7O0xvIv

Яevølt ‏@RebelRach15

@Mykoaaa R you that stupid to think about that 🤨

thefreelandingman ‏@overlandjourno

@ntsikimazwai Satanic thoughts.. 😱 a night sky without your star 🤨

narancia's legal guardian ‏@DlGIORNOS

@hyuningclub when jojo MCs are right there? 🤨

🇬🇧💄𝔐𝔦𝔰𝔰 𝔇𝔲𝔤𝔤𝔞𝔫💄🇬🇧 ‏@DugganMiss

@Steven8458 I had a 7 day ban the other week for saying the man who fed live fox cubs to his hunting dogs needed a punch in his ugly mug 🤨

King ‏@KingDalley

Nah travel insurance think they’re slick where’s my shit bruv 🤨

Jolina Mae Lagura ‏@Jolinaaaxx

@mariaaaajuliana self y so cuteee?🤨

#Roadgodjnr😎 ‏@kojo_lipsy

Do i even have a partner 🤨 https://t.co/5eebOI8E5X

isabelle 🧸 ‏@iisabellexs

And ur waves trash so 🤨 https://t.co/wWjDY3YVRh

Amun Ra ‏@KevinMcVann

@2tweetaboutit @MailOnline Yes Cressida just do Nothing ...Go haveYet another Nice Lunch or Dinner with the RIGHT… https://t.co/DhpJ2EcEp8

D. ‏@Swanked_

@dimenicoleg I- what fat? 🤨

You can call me Al. ‏@liverlepool

@am360_a @politicalhackuk @jessphillips Great how people argue that scale of AS issue in labour is much smaller tha… https://t.co/G5AF2Ns4OY

Kris Siegel ‏@KrisSiegel

This new @Spotify UI update is confusing. Why can’t I see a list of all songs I added to my account anymore? That w… https://t.co/946Y1smfPG

breondaa ♒️ ‏@BreondaJ

I'm so sleepy 🤨😴😣

WizardKelly💫🦅 ‏@TrustNoSoul_

@PaypaRouteFrank I been on this since 2011😈🤨

Balakay ‏@SweetJooones

@itssadieee Heavy eye shadow being the female version of cargo shorts is quite a take 🤨

Alan Clark ‏@Alan_Clark77

@SkySportsPL Wow . . . man Checks out of his Hotel 🤨

Schmodda ‏@ben_hodder_03

@fIavouredwxter Yeah proms gonna be shit but roa will be good 🤨

hassan ‏@mokdz

@CynthiaZeinoun @LeJoe_ @iPhil___ @HenriFranjieh There’s no Emoji to what I want to say 🤨

julia hutchinson ‏@juliahu90326989

Spent the last month signing petitions 🤓just heard back on BBC confirm over 100,000 sigs so possible debate but bas… https://t.co/tOLPukjbUo

lynda 👼🏽 ‏@lynbarrera_

Hate the whole “you’ll never find anyone like me” speech. On a planet with 7 billion+ people 🤨 People could give th… https://t.co/zhNXDr1yLn

Ram Subramaniam ‏@RamSubramaniam5

@PMOIndia @narendramodi We gave u power to take action.. what have u done ? So many hindus are getting killed ever… https://t.co/AnSnFESlmP

Yvonne Maphosa ‏@Yvonne_Maphosa

@Likhwa15 I should have supported a fellow African 😂😂😂 I was worried why he was charging so little though 🤨.

Ricardo♛ ‏@BrownCrayon13

@Chris_Paul212 Well I’ll be damned 🤨 this thot must be following me

James ‏@tj42718

Heart this and I'll message you something I've always wanted to tell you, but I won't tell you unless you copy and… https://t.co/gIGOEArVtd

Melanie Akroyd ‏@Melanieakroyd

@Ironhorse76 @jazchic As usual I am unfashionably late to the party 🤨 but I am here now for the #resistance.

JesseRey ‏@JesseRDen

No they’re ilegal. 🤨 https://t.co/CeChbst5D1

Pepper Harvey The BT ‏@bt_pepper

@lyndaward5 @MrSebBT @FloraGangsta @Freddie_bt @LuluSacks @lilliandarchie @3phibotticelli @DalekJailbird… https://t.co/EL401zzu83

Rift( özilical) ‏@xR10i

@UtdCharIie @NueveRole @afccmatt @DrAbdulous @privrash follow #tricking???🤨😁🤨😁🤨😁🤨😁🤨

LilMissAttitude🖤 ‏@Carmel_Beautyyy

He bet not be up tf 🙄😬🤨

SamTanaK👑✨ ‏@_xKPx__

Idk why I don’t get notified when I get followers 🤨

ME Film & Comic Con™ ‏@MEFCC

Wait..... This is not the Infinity War we watched?! 🤨 https://t.co/pZe9jusmVV

Kun Khumbukani Jnr ⚽22 ‏@Khumbukani22

@barcacentre I am a Barca fan but I have always wanted to watch Arturo Vidal play alongside Radja Nainggolan 🤨

Bethany J. Bowman ‏@bjbowman13

Woof. That’s a guy that deserves waaaaaay more 🤨 https://t.co/7B0vpc5kEw

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