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Keyboard was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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⌨️ Keyboard


⌨ U+2328

️ U+FE0F


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Allied Lock & Safe ‏@AlliedLockIL

Did you know that a third of all Americans have had a package stolen from their very own porch? #home #homeowners…

Andrew M Phillips ‏@AndrewMP1961

@AmyMek @jeffh0lst Strange person

chris masse ‏@docmasse

Reece Roussel u are ridiculous. in likely likely his last Little League World Series at-bat, Roussell hits 7th doub…

ari🐰 #jjk1 ‏@littlebunsgcf


— acc in bio ‏@paIdogangsa

@jimincums jimin> periodt i dont know the point but jimins nice

Yam ‏@Yamani_Amanda

@__ayanik Omg nooo😭😂

Andrew Snook ‏@a_snook

Hey there bookworms, what’s your favourite place you’ve travelled in the U.S.? Looking for my next new interesting…

Marco 667 ‏@Poznaaan

@nasmadeinpaname Correct

Joebiden ‏@JoeBiden2020_

@hippiebellederp What happened

Poison_Ivy ‏@OhJeenieee

Let these stories of kind gestures restore your faith in humanity

HunnidGrand Scoota🅿️ ‏@1EddieCane

@901Migo It’s A Way Of Life 🅿️🕊

Natalia Antonova 🐈🔔 ‏@NataliaAntonova

@leighbuerg As a matter of fact, I’m definitely looking into getting tattooed! 😉

CloudLine ‏@_CloudLine

6 Washington #hikes to put on your #PacificNorthwest bucket list.

Big Cats ‏@big_catsf

@YougleFact Amazing creatures❤️❤️

yellow slims return ‏@yellowxreturn

@Trib3cho this is reputation aside this album was pretty bad

Nat ‏@NatkaMal

@ccaramel_ Goals😪 ‏@indogspot

@eastonofthewild The correct answer is Labrador.

jess 👺 ‏@yuuunogasaiii

@CaptainTroska @GobertRemy @Drewdmg Drew? 😂

george ⎊ ‏@ukru02

@jjkdoeyes @woIvern You're not alone I went back to watch pretty much EVERY single movie with them in.

Unassailable Gi ‏@MakinnPlays

Don’t go to college if you don’t know what you wanna do with your life

caz ‏@cazx08

How come you’re not one bit hungry til you get comfy in bed then suddenly you’re tummy is like “Im starving! get up…

🌙🧛🏻‍♀ashton HYUNG #FAIRY_HWANWOONG_DAY ‏@bookworm9711

@cloudrunner16 @turntoyou_96 1080p tearing me up in hd :"""""""""

trevor swistchew ‏@Friend650

@agcolehamilton @theSNP It is a hard truth Alex that far too many in Political Parties forget they are Servants an…

DepressedDad ‏@TorchBallTazz

@pulte I need help.

Kel 17/45 ✠ ‏@kelwinCRVG


Harps ‏@thfc81

@210619Hardy @FinlaySian @AlasdairGold We need someone to take all that burden off him. A DOF.

Brian Walker ‏@Bantam_nuggsy

@FrogAlaPeche @jamajestical Best ever doctor

Maryam Sofea ‏@maryamsofea

sleeping pattern is so messed up

🍄 ‏@Kirafrog

I just saw like a jaccks mario toy commerical on tv and if i was like 12 i would be loseing my mind

Natalie Atkinson ‏@McFaddener_1988

Great first episode i’ve missed this #PeakyBlinders

Dennis Boon ‏@Boownage

@RocksteadyGames @Nibellion And it's still the best super hero game ever made.

Gent Powell ‏@GentPowell

@genji31069912 Good and you

OMOAKINCEO™💥 ‏@omoharkeen

@Tbillion40 Is tht d net price?

I was a Stark ‏@Lisa_Osta

@gtconway3d @POTUS Nothing better to do, I guess.

Kelsey Ketch ‏@kelseyketch

I read The Prophecy by Desiree DeOrto

Stuart Boon 🔰 ‏@boon_stuart

@LeeMartinBall @KingKennyStand Ebay, my dad brought one last xmas for my kids. Also came with the west indies team

J Cook ‏@JHowieCook

@adamjohnsonNYC I have watched a number of epic fail videos on the YouTube dot com, I can confirm. Also, every Russ…

brian ‏@lustforfenty

@loveandeviIs lets not forget her serves with into you and sts

beef 🇨🇦 ‏@outroear


Ronnie ‏@Readsalot81

Got a copy a couple days early from the bookstore. Also have the kindle version on preorder. (They also have *nev…

Melissa Marrero 💃🏻 ‏@MelMMarrero

Taking advantage of #miamispamonth at @TheIconBrickell 💆🏻‍♀️ #SundayFunday

mabel mabel ‏@rintezukas

my aunt told me about an old camp on her property no one goes to now... i want to build there but that makes gettin…

DisasterDen009 @ GAMESCOM ‏@DDen009

@azzles Loving egg themed characters sounds so oddly specific LMAOO VALID!!! bless hshwhxgs

My Nigga Chubby Chubs ‏@Vusi_F_

A tornardo flew around my room before you came excuse the mess it made.

David Williams🎗 ‏@El_Seguidor_FCB

@jorisevers Any update on negotiations for the UK Liga TV rights, Joris?

kayleigh ‏@kayleighoyland_

not being funny but what is going on in the comments of my tag, fully no need for all that shit

gogina ‏@GOGlNA

@barbiebaIla thank you 😪

Aᴠᴀ ♡ 8/25/19 ‏@sncpeaxhes

@KatStuartMusic Ahh lmao it means 666 really fast cause vsco girls are the devils

Phnglui mglwnafh pthulhufish Rlyeh wgahnagl fhtagn ‏@ptoothfish

when the parrot shits on mum’s head

OccasionalEssentials ‏@Occa_Essentials

@ArtMyria Beautiful 🥰

arouf ‏@tristouun

@nOneiann @FireFeetShinra @animevisuaI Fire force

Jagoan Neon ‏@danielmongann

Ah shit, here we go again

en_pē_cee ‏@ellyfantluv

@genxstan Gee thanks, Mr Stan 🤣🤣

Kyle ‏@Perfxctionz

I played half a game of the alpha that shit is fucking garbage

🖤 Median, D 🖤 ‏@Idaskaquestion2

@Quizical123 No they don't wanna get outta the garden? Or need a nap? Tears and more tears

Operation Hard Block ‏@HardBlockWAR

@Julio_Rosas11 @AllenFrancesMD @brianstelter CNN is on a mental decline.

TMJ-CIN Labor Jobs ‏@tmj_cin_labor

Want to work at 84 Lumber? We're hiring in #Cleves, OH! Click the link in our bio for details on this job and more:…

IG-88 ‏@Apologetica5

It is so broken that rather than allow society improve and reap the benefits, lobbyists pushed for a top down appro…

steph with a PH 💧 ‏@stephnxtdoor

I thought this was a Lip Enhancement?

Douglas Lumsden ‏@dlumsden

@mattylockers @RASweet8 Can't believe that lbw decision in 2nd last over. #plumb

ً ‏@taeildery

@dowoonhours a tragedy 😭😭😭

S ‏@MagicalFrenkie

@andywest01 Lmao is that even a question?? Even if we manage to win a treble under Bumverde (will only happen in dr…

vezda🌸 ‏@havezda

Child me vs Adult me

☆💜TiSh💜☆ BTSpop ‏@autumspice

@blaqbfly I dont know any of them just the one with the potato head that folks were grtting mad about. Meh

Mitra Bakhtiari ‏@MitraB95

#NursesActive and final count, well done to everyone completing a range of fabulous activities, until tomorrow 🙋🏻‍♀️

Jeffrey Ross ‏@Jeffrey50418307

@politicususa Dossiers? Where do you file that?

"Teddy W" Esq., Emperor of Antifa ‏@TeddyW16646660

@realjoeygibson That's the kind of talk that "Ted" likes to hear from Uncle Joe, while doing his best Stalin impression!

Manon ‏@middlermanon

Me while praying: and I’m thankful that I live in a time where there are Star Wars movies with female protagonists amen

Kentucky S-Chain ‏@tmj_KY_schn

Don't submit then quit. Apply for jobs like "Overnight Receiver/Stocker" at Lowe's, then look for people you might…

🧚‍♂️ᴊᴏᴇʟᴀᴛʜᴀɴ🧚‍♂️ ‏@j0elathan

@andr3wp_ It always feels better though the rare times I do get the attention at all feel nice too.

avijit ghosh ‏@AvijitNo

@MonaPrivatePage 😁 angry princess is more beautiful

Danielle Vega ‏@dvegas12

@lysstorical Lol from where? I’m in rancho rn

ً ‏@gustdyg

@lvndrseok did u unf me

Zaheer Haral ‏@xharal

Dessert done right

Wiseman ‏@jomudany

Joe - Fare thee well. Brutally hacked by own brother because of land.. a fine man.

Selena Gomez ‏@mamachtia

I really feel comfortable when I see you write me words like this even when I'm not okay when I see you write me wo…

Kiara :) ‏@kiaryuhxo

I always play myself lmaoooooooooooooooooo

Jon Case ‏@HumanMalware

@philskents @0xAmit I reply with the percentage of the salary to be paid to me for doing their job for them.

Dylan ‏@thexandarian

@tragicheartss It's gonna be so amazing!!

Joe Duffy ‏@JoeDuffy_

Wish I had this advice a few years ago. Thank you @DocMcCockiner for spreading this powerful message

Corom 🇺🇸 - #Impeach45 ‏@coromd

@Rob98000 @bueno_deshawn18 @earnin Looks like he's disconnecting the battery before proceeding any further, which i…

Darren Izzard ‏@Dazizz

@benburrell 46 Crazy Town - Butterfly

Katrina Meade ‏@Katrina_Meade

Dammit @DareDB now people are offended by my pet peeve...for clarification: I personally hate being told that multi…


@ImposterTm Practice and btw the most straight doobs r not the best the ones i roll in 10 seconds r best lol ill se…

Al Haqq ‏@Swaggyxb

21 Yr old independent business owner 🏁

eromihc ‏@ctmgalwayslucky

Keep wondering in circles of life with the same bullshit. Missing out on new blessings.

Rebecca Rouillard ‏@rrouillard

Poor Charlotte - that was worst than a Mr Darcy putdown... #Sanditon

Carolina López ‏@Carolinalopezlv

My lungs are black, my heart is pure.

Animaidan ‏@Animaiidan

@andrewbrophy @nelward64 Looks awesome, where can I play it?

Leilani Marie. // NOT @kieraplease. ‏@TuumHelianthus

Seductive Sunday thing. This watermelon was actually so fricking good.

A N U P R I Y A ‏@cricketwoman

Wah sir ji! Respect!

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