Keyboard Emoji

Keyboard was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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⌨️ Keyboard


⌨ U+2328

️ U+FE0F


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Trumpista Granny ‏@estocker8

@stevema03838993 @Debbideedoodah @BreitbartNews We see it, and there better be a payback day when the people get to…

Gamers United 2020 ‏@MasyerGaming

Well time for bed this game is freaky but so good combat timing is so satisfying when executed correctly! Thnk you…


@mechachoi @Cheesemeister3k Me too... If your making stls let me know lol

Neil Salmon ‏@neilsalmon2

Wear it as a badge of honour, if you've not annoyed the gvt. enough to be included on the list you're not trying ha…

Yashna Yashna79856 ‏@yashna79856

Even i don't hate sid at all But i just hate his fans who try to defame my @Shehnazgill123

Pankaj ‏@Pankaj18122787

Haters ke liye darbaje band only sid matters #ChartbusterSid

lyn ‏@lnnnne

smh I really hav 3 accounts now , for 3 different personalities 😌 susah laki aku nanti nak faham aku

Steve Jones this country is great 🇬🇧 ‏@stevejoneszx9

@megaark1 @DavidLammy @Conservatives Least corrupt 😂😂 the Eu , you are taking the proverbial

Horizon Dance ‏@horizonccdance

Still so proud of everyone for last night! Let’s keep up that spirit! Not long to go! 🌈🤩👏🏻

kenho ‏@kenho98

@jypins_ So we igot7 should find what we love the most as field In order to success Thanks to GOT7 i have more goa…

ًyangyang ‏@tuanfIop

ion if it’s who i’m thinking it is but😭

BhaiyaJi_Smile ‏@BhaiyaJiSmile4

Me:- let's Skip this question in won't Come in exam Question in exam:-

Estanislao Herrera Mora ‏@Estanis72

@ShaunBaileyUK @GarethBaconMP Totally agree, to rise a kid in London is a very dangerous issue...

Aira Sarmiento ‏@aira9611

Only boring people get bored.

Jass♡ ‏@cutiejass2

what if mas better yung past kesa saken😓

Your Local Food Network ‏@WeAreYLFN

@CreativeDynamix Very interesting post Roisin esp #thefutureoffood items 👍 Look forward to otter recordings later. Thanks for sharing 🙏

لا دان ‏@ladanj23

@GeneralMahamed that’s actually Cupid I think

𝐥𝐞𝐱 ‏@mcucavill

might fuck around and rewatch daredevil for the 100th time

Marina-AMNP28 ‏@MAmnp2

@NamikSquad @namik_paul Wishing Firoz a very Happy First B'day🎂🎉🤗... may God bless her in abundance❤

Al Aqsa Translation ‏@TranslationAqsa

Do you need to prepare a legal document and you don't know where to start from? Contact us and we will do it for yo…

jolly ‏@Johlibeee_


MAC KNOWLES ‏@macwithhisbooks

@ET_Exists It's not cold here either.

Nashi ‏@KLD_KMZ

www.working Ep9 ... Done ✅ 🤣

Obi-Wan Watson ‏@DreyWatson

Get out of the way fam #GatchoAss #NBA2K20 @Kdot33G @FlyGuyGbG #PS4share

Elias G ‏@da1elias

When Rih praised my tat tho ☺️ #memoRIHs #memorylane

Livor Mortis ‏@Septic_Necrosis


DalSharp ‏@dal_sharp

@atensnut Just a Clone mouthing off for being hatched in the laboratory.

Gary Park ‏@Gaz5150

@ReturnofR Edward Van Halen by far 🤟👍


Is she Is she going to explode? "It's not as good as the others had told me. Personally, I'd rather starve."

»𝔽𝕣𝕚𝕕𝕒« ‏@Fridchen90

I always smile when i hear the #Spotify ads. "now listen to the hottest hits" or "what is heard in different cities…

Eranga De Silva ‏@erangarangers

Holiday time!!

Matt Bull ‏@bizfamilyguy

@RugbyPass Surely they need to choose a squad now that is within the salary cap, and those players not in the cap e…

cara ☆ #GoldenChild1stWin ‏@iIybeom

the way golcha love ness i think i’ll just cry

Ꮪꭲꭼꮲꮋ ⨺⇧🧛🏻‍♂️🍀 SHADY IS BACK ‏@WestOfHelll

@morbiusleto Same here.. it's insane I got tears too lol Still shaking

king z 💀 ‏@sheetszac_

we don’t do disrespect, u might wanna come correct.

Flipper Jaspreet Sandhu(charactermore/jealous) ‏@Jaspree63583236

I'm so happy that I can't express my feelings in words Her smile Her happiness Her adorableness is back and I can'…

Phil Bamber ‏@PhilBambs

Beautiful morning for a run ☀️@shrewsparkrun

Rupesh pathak ‏@Rupeshp8355

#ChartbusterSid Somewhere down the road might just meet up at the right time. – G-Eazy

keylie alexis ‏@keyliealexis


Бадрал ‏@SBadral

@zolboo_tuguldur All about marketing

Amped | Ancients 🇨🇦 ‏@CDN_AMPED

Thank you for tuning into the NHL 20 stream! Love streaming that game. Have a goodnight. I’ll be streaming tomorrow 💯

His Future Wife👰 ‏@Jarumaah

@Khalid_Iyal @alamin_ghost Wake uo jare😎

Lili❤️ Yuqi 💜🌧️☔Rainy princess☔🌧️ ‏@LilianaPauls

@letscherri Unfortunately true the more idle is getting popular the more toxic fans appear and it's sad because they give nevies bad image

Mira-cle! Re:Boot ‏@aestheticGNCD

Han before concert: i wont but dvd bcoz i dont have dvd player Han during concert: i really need dvd @bongjaeluv😂…

Bharti Airtel India ‏@Airtel_Presence

@sameer_sep29 Hi! I'm working to get this fixed for you. I'll ping you over DM the moment I have an update. Don't w…

ʸᵒᵘ ⁿᵉᵛᵉʳ ʷᵃˡᵏ ᵃˡᵒⁿᵉ დ ‏@iseeyouBTS_twt

if philosophers lived in this century and answered the question "What is evil," him answers would be selenators and swifties :d

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