Mosquito Emoji

Mosquito is a candidate for inclusion in Unicode 11.0 scheduled for release in 2018 and was added to draft Emoji 11.0 in 2017.

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🦟 U+1F99F


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Jalan J. Bell🌹🥀 ‏@JrxcoJB

@DemoWade Lmao 🦟 nawl we only kno him cuzza lil baby

BetterWorldCampaign ‏@BetterWorldOrg

Mosquitos 🦟 are annoying, but they don’t have to be deadly. See how the resurgence of #malaria in #Venezuela threat…

M O M O 👑✨ ‏@melanin__kweeen

the mosquitoes 🦟 in haiti come in threes 😩😭

adam ‏@theeadamoconner

Happy birthday @CaidenWeiss hope it’s a good one #Sawgang🐍🐢🦟

TiCL ‏@TiCLme

Anyone who suspects a sighting of the bark beetle to report these to @ForestryCommEng on this link:…

9Round Sage Creek ‏@9roundSageCreek

GOOD MORNING WINNIPEG!! It's a beautiful, sunny🌞, Wednesday morning...No mosquitos!!🦟 Get in to 9Round Sage Creek…

Patrick Galey🦖 ‏@patrickgaley

Traditional striped bodypaint - long used by indigenous communities for ceremonies and to regulate body temperature…

Hazel Mills ‏@HazelMills

Name this movie (I missed out the middle bit to make it slightly less obvious 🤔)... 🥛🥪🦅 ... 🏯 💀 ... 🦟 ...Can you…

Donny 🇮🇱🇺🇸 ‏@03_donny

@HagenSon_71 Pakistanis and terror are like shit and flies.💩🦟 Difficult to keep them apart. 😅

Wits University ‏@WitsUniversity

🦟💉Why does malaria recur? Some people suffer from repeated attacks of malaria. These can occur weeks to months or l…

x.callindy ‏@callindygayle

@Bronmed23 Danga mistake it’s a mosquito fam 😼🦟

R🎸S💫M ‏@DmvGlocka

Niggas Droppin ⚰️ Like Flys 🦟 In My City 💯

Shining Stars School ‏@Shining_stars10

Grade 1 hitting the Long O vowel fly 🦟

ayu ‏@ayyu25

Me : babe i wanna buy the ipad pro, it cos me $2200 Bae: wtf so expensive lah, what for bla.. bla Me: oklah wht abt…

Alexandra Tohme ‏@alextohme

Does it also work against mosquitos ? 🦟 🦓 I will paint myself immediately if so

𝓙𝓸𝓮𝓵 𝓢𝓮𝓼𝓶𝓪𝓼 ‏@sesjoel

me: 🐜 the side he tells u not to worry about: 🦟


@AdviceToWriters @r3flected ☝️🤨.. as such as: NEVER FOLLOW THE FLIES🦟💩🦟💩💩 💩

Nathalie Mahieu ‏@nmahieu

Fantastic talk about Flies last night by Dr Erica McAlister at our @LNHSoc E&E AGM (after very interesting reports…

Jarrad (Moose) Lawrence ‏@JarradLawrence

@Mikenicholls88 @MJBiercuk The dressing as a skin cover could make you super popular with flies 🦟

Diamondlangi ‏@Diamond_Langi

#Mosquitos 🦟 Don’t play in the area I am in. Stepped out for 20 seconds and ended up walking back in with 4 itchy bites 😂 #SummerSituation

Xiis ‏@Xiis28158450

@davidyelland TM isa bit of an old f**t. No idea why anyone listens to him. I guess they put him on TV as he is goo…

taz ‏@tazuj

@xiilled ok bro 🦟

EGUMAH CHIZI-OTU S. ‏@tushburg

Is it just me or have mosquitos 🦟 change to military regime 🤕 See even my finger them dey attack #BBNaija

taz ‏@tazuj

@xiilled you said idk if you guys know him or if he has a twitter but “PATRICK_FROM_ATLANTA_LOL” on twitch is liter…

Malaria No More UK ‏@malarianomoreuk

The target of eliminating #malaria by 2030 🦟 is realistic but according to @GlobalFund latest report, the health co…

Kumasi Tupac shakur ❤️/NUNGUA NAM1 ‏@JohnsarfoApost1

@_ChelseaAnn__ they join force with the mosquitoes 🦟 for them to show us sense 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ed O’Neill ‏@EdTheHatter

@80sThen80sNow The Fly 🦟

Zaydoun™️ زياد الدعيج ‏@zaydoun

Today in gym-skipping excuses: 🦟 MOSQUITOES!!

Hollows as Homes ‏@hollowsashomes

Tree hollows exist to provide, whether it is habitat or a resource. Christmas Island White-eye getting a drink from…

Babbit Ⓥ 🦁 ‏@babbit_janeway

Give me flies, give me sweet lil’ flies... 🦟💔

Taukondjele ‏@Tsobela

“You do not respond to a mosquito bite with a hammer” PL 🦟

Shibabz ‏@Mr_Shibaboo

@OzoraSeopa It was for killing mosquitoes 🦟

Rubén Bueno ‏@rubueno10

Why we need medical #entomologists? What are we doing now in #Europe? #Mosquitoes #SandFlies #BlackFlies #Ticks…

ጥቁር አንበሳ Tqur Anbesa ‏@Tikur_Anbesa

Mosquito known to transmit malaria has been detected in #Ethiopia for the first time – Scienmag: Latest Science and…

Ewan ‏@EoanGorgees

If you think you’re too small to make a difference, imagine sleeping in a room with a mosquito 🦟 on top of your head.

Sumitra Deb Roy ‏@SumitraRoyTOI

#Dengue cases in #Maharashtra jumped by a whopping 41% in 2018. The state also accounted for one-third of India’s d…

LLKT🤴🏾❣️ ‏@asiaLOU__

@IcyunvKee_ @theyYELL_asiaaa lmffaaaaooo brooo said 🦟

austin martin ‏@Austinmartin215

@hunttahh Yes it’s @hunttahh 🦟

Vivi 🐞 ‏@princehoneytea

a bunch of fanpros i personalized! 🦟 i left 0226 mostly the same as the original cuz hes already perfect lol. i ou…

Dan Whitcomb ‏@DanWhitcomb

@Eatthe_curry The Fly 🦟

Kim Norviel ‏@Kimmer4444

@ananavarro Yep...sadly that’s America. The attention span of a 🦟. How do you think we got trump in the first plac…

Mespeaks ‏@Sarcasm_BLOOD

@valliraghu @Yasmin103_ Sorry..No offence to any one but why does it feel like they are trying to kill mosquitoes 🦟 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Markus Smith 🎒🦅 ‏@markus_2202

Blessed to receive my second offer from Defiance College 🦟@DCCoachStarkey

John Connor ‏@MukondiT

Got woken up by a really thirsty mosquito 🦟 😭

Brian. ♥️🍀🌷 ‏@russianswimmer

Haiti 🇭🇹: Madariaga Virus spotted and reported in several young children. The Virus is Mosquito 🦟 borne. Can inf…

🧜🏻‍♀️✨ ‏@BeccaSaysHi

@JonathanOB_ That’s a mosquito lol 🦟

catroof ‏@ccrreilly

@AdamParkhomenko A large mosquito bite 🦟

The Gay Resident ‏@thegaymd

Reading up about dengue hemorrhagic fever while noticing you’re simultaneously being bit by Aedes mosquitos is cert…

Daniel Ceresia ‏@DCeresia

Today’s “Draw of the Day” - a mosquito 🦟 - fruit cocktail - a peg leg 🦵 - a spigot #Art #Artist #Drawing

Βαρβάρα 🇨🇿🇧🇪 ‏@grumpyAshkenaz

@GibberAUS You call and I displace them to your house 🦟 🦟

Melissa. ‏@_emmpee

When did these mosquitos 🦟 get so fucking small ??

DesertGirl ‏@CDeBey

@amyklobuchar @jaketapper How about a giant mosquito 🦟!? I remember those as a child on my Norwegian grandpas lake!

DesertGirl ‏@CDeBey

@burgessev They should have put lakes or giant mosquitoes 🦟 on the flyers

Kins ‏@kinsey_johnston

Blaine and I are far from rich and we are 🐶🐔🐣🐗🦟🐈🐐🐠

O'Hana-chan✿ ‏@NPKSOFT

I made her fly because the passage settings were so hassle.🦟 #RPGツクール #rpgmaker #gamedev #indiedev

FreeMike ‏@Sharmeseeee

How it make y’all feel to watch a bitch page u swear u not worried bout❓BUG🦗🐜🦟


@whewthe90s1 Women were proportionate instead of lookin like🐜🦟

greazi ‏@barfacid

Beautiful 🦟

Carmen Rizzo ‏@carmenrizzo

Very proud of this video/ interview I did of my brother @d10daproduca for @NI_News 🦟🙏 @Drake @OVOSound Big shout o…

Claer Barrett ‏@ClaerB

@GrahamofBushey Thanks Graham. I wasn’t very good at it! Attention span of a gnat 🦟

Trav🤷🏾‍♂️ ‏@Travis_Murray_

🦟 face ass

[John Malkovich] ‏@B_TheDreamer

This heat x 🦟. That’s a combo I ain’t trying to mess with.

Tommy Lee Jones ‏@t_isirov

@Maddierawrk 🦟 wall

Kaylee Arnold ‏@BlackWomxn_STEM

I was in my last semester of high school. Had recently applied to the University of Redlands and auditioned for the…

Shavorn ‏@ShiversSous

Just poesklapped a mosquito 🦟

Shaun Savarese ‏@shaunsav

@abdulllllaaaaaa @SpaghettiJoey 🦟 mosquitos, damn near every time

sex lacazette ‏@TjoshForest

Need to buy repellent cream tomorrow cos honestly... 🦟

Dr Cameron Webb ‏@Mozziebites

@siroccosky @DrCRampini @DrMelOB @TheresadeLangis Secondary benefits! 🎯🦟😂

Aled Jones ‏@aledjones_gsi

@l_gessner The Brexit deal just lost by 230 votes and you’re reading about insects? 🦟 🐜😉

Nana Rick ‏@jayberete

Just thank God you don’t look like a 🦟 now.

PistachiBow ‏@PistachiBow

Been listening to the main theme of RE7 lately, it's not an old game but it makes me strangely nostalgic. That game…

Z end ‏@antichromium6

@NBCNightlyNews @carlquintanilla People can be awesome - while others can be serial killers - i need help getting o…


@ThatKiaGyal We are that bitch. 🦟

Rich Tea ‏@assamtee220

@PWRLFTNGWomen @CharlesPPierce These two seem to have something in common too - feed on flies? 🦟

Musonda ♑️ ‏@ZoMcMania

It’s just u vs me Mosquito 🦟. I’m ready

Malope Bogatsu ‏@am_reb

@DeltaTheLeo 🤣🤣🤣🤣, you didn’t have to do hard at poor mosquitos 🦟

Parkside GGI ‏@ParksideGGI

Y3 have been learning about Robert Hooke the scientist & using microscopes to look at various items including peaco…

Warbird Nerd ‏@warbird_nerd

@Grunherzjager Certainly is 🦟

Horn Boys Basketball ‏@HornBasketball

‼️🏀 GAME DAY 🏀‼️ HORN V MESQUITE 🦟 📍@MESQUITE FRESHMAN A- 5:00 B- 6:15 JV- 5:30 VARSITY- 7:00 Be there to wa…

Natalie Jackson ‏@NatJackson52

Interesting stat @fionakshaw Although #SeeBluebottleBeBluebottle doesn't have quite the same ring to it 🦟…

Michael Glassman ‏@theknowledge12

@GB_Cabbie You can always mutate into a 🦟

💙💙💙Mags💙💙💙 ‏@maggiem38900853

@TheTweetOfGod Flurda fun fact: running very hot water over a skeeter bite’ll take out the itch. (Destroys proteins). Zzzzzt 🦟💉

notJosh | BigLing ‏@notJoshxd

@SkramFN really do 🦟 like that

Sebastian Kraft ‏@SebaKraft

@ThatSharkDude You could always be the manager of the band or the mascot 🦟

Mohammad SadouN ‏@MohammadSadouN

Mosquitoes 🦟

Rainie💖.| #WithiKONIMOK #iKONONISAC ‏@bunnymyeon_01

🦟 You and I lead🦟 in the same Live ❤️You're a mosquito, I'm a mosquito❤️ You Struggle to Survive…

Rosalyn🌹 ‏@Esinam_V

Can’t I just 🐝 a 🦟 and suck someone’s blood in their sleep...🤦‍♀️

no cuts no buts no coconuts ‏@BalmainParis33

Dumb 🦟 mozzies. I’m going inside.

Dr Cameron Webb ‏@Mozziebites

@DrJo_B @BallinaShire Move fast? 🏃‍♂️ I’m usually wearing long shirt and pants or at least repellent - provides a b…

David Slater ‏@wehave3instock1

@davepperlmutter " Said He ! I Know, I Had To Get Up So Early To Be On, And At My Age ! " 😎📺🐵🦟🐍🐛🦘🐜

Thamer Al ‏@thamer600700

That one fly won’t stop bugging 🦟

Lindsey ‏@Lindsarno

😂 the best one yet!! #PubertyChallenge 🦟

Jisca van Dijk ‏@VanJisca

@BrennanMartine My guess is E = very nice discovery & study 🦟

Rob Waterhouse ‏@rmwaterhouse

This month's cover @TrendsParasitol Of Genes and Genomes 🧬 Mosquito 🦟 Evolution and Diversity…

THE ISLAND GIRL ‏@The_IslandGirl_

The mosquitos 🦟 are haunting me!

Malaria Must Die ‏@malariamustdie

880 children die each day from this devastating disease 🦟 #MalariaMustDie

Malaria No More UK ‏@malarianomoreuk

We work to influence leaders to take real action to #endmalaria for good 🦟 Our aim is to turn your £3 into 3 milli…

gestalt ‏@gestalt46

@nypost What she doing there?🦟

ᘻᒚ “Ⓛⓘⓛ Ⓚⓘⓓ” 🇵🇷🧚‍♀️ ‏@mj_starchilde

@erichulen And cleaning bugs off the windshield. 😁🦗🐝🦟🐞🦋

Tharakat ‏@bvsche

@ParpanaParadesi @by2kaafi In some countries, they are banning cattle and promoting insects 🦟 for protein

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