OK Button Emoji

The letters OK, shown enclosed in a square. Meaning Okay, denoting approval. The opposite of the Squared NG Emoji.

OK Button was approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 under the name “Squared OK” and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🆗 OK

🆗 Okay

🆗 Square

Unicode Name

🆗 Squared OK


🆗 U+1F197




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FranÇois 🌹 ‏@xxjungiexx

bro wtf. why does Jamie Zhu have a small amount of viewers on his youtube channel. WTF

💕Fathima 💕Suheira 💕 ‏@SK_Sis_Suheira

🎈🎈 @VishvaSKF 🎈 🍩Happy Birthday🍩 Brother Have A Great Year Ahead May God Bless You Always Keep Smiling Everyday...!!!

lillian is a rat//stream Bears in Trees ‏@heccinslimeball

@THECOOKINMAMA @spillseshYT @JeffreeStar @shanedawson @beautybay yeah

Quinten Tarantiktok ‏@squadtanamobay

👇Check out this whole interaction if you wanna read what will probably be the stupidest shit you've ever read 👇 https://t.co/uBUYim2pVu

chasssthatbitch ‏@KenziMuva

Son kenzi and lil chad together is ah no 😡

Anna Mae ‏@AnnaMae22371722

💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 I see you white men but keep it moving

Bernabé ‏@B_Bernabe2

When I be ridin' man I swear I see her face at every turn

adelle 🏁 ‏@adelleplaton

@MarinaMularz how adorable is this photo!!! 💓

Greg Tippett ‏@gctippett

I get the feeling the ducks are thinking this is a cake walk. Hope they wake up.

7773 ‏@6adhabits

This Uber driver is going to b the death of me

KeithanNiece ‏@daeface_

What’s the move?😒

MrCrayfish 🍆 ‏@MrCraayfish

It's happening again! If you could have a very simple mod created for Minecraft, what would it be? I can't wait to… https://t.co/Oeh1XoAJiQ

Clara Weim ‏@clara_weim

@ddale8 @normangoldman Your lies won't help the Democrats win. It's over for them. The minority votes they depend… https://t.co/vpHbOC2Zym

عکسٖ آیئنہ ‏@AksEAina

@Dubaistar835 @AnsaOfficial @hinaparvezbutt Google education of all Pakistani politicians

slogans bot ‏@slogansbot

With Aids AIDS brings pain! Girls, Will

Don Frias ♟ ‏@Avaricious_A

@jvsmine_s Hate cats but that pussy fire

A Reader ‏@A_Reader_FT

We are at war, but not as we have known it. All the big powers are involved and the potential for catastrophe is gr… https://t.co/DmqyWvrwi2

ClayVol ‏@ClayVol

@kaileielizondo Sooo true!!

Vic ‏@victorkhoshoob

@peterdaou @JLG1017 I am too far left, because I love my America.

Cyndee ‏@cyndee31

Its not the people. The system is rigged with fraudulent voting https://t.co/SAT5bszlQ9 until we fix this we cant h… https://t.co/vnPq4gKoAN

Eryth ‏@ErythRadiata

I just completed Death Stranding and cried for 2 hours at the end. I think as a game this game is not super "fun" b… https://t.co/pG8zDfJCOP

BrownSkin ‏@BrunusCutis

@CalkinsMark @TCC_Grouchy @hyacinthgrrl Well duh...and the women were ugly.

No Love 💔 ‏@SouthsideKash

Took yo gurl now I’m scoring like I made the touchdown

Kyle McCall 🦃 ‏@K_McCall_STL

@bradpatejohnson Think that's fair, hopefully something they can improve going forward. Like the depth and they hav… https://t.co/6ZLng4OWKd

⚠️ ‏@finelinerry


WB ‏@choosenuther

@torazora3 Wealth, crabs, and love...I wonder which will descend upon me first...

Welliam Damnington ‏@welIdamn

Nah this is a paid for tweet lmaoooo https://t.co/pC481RNTxd

Cyberpunk 2077 04-16-2020 ‏@IntegridOW

@tearSs_CS Couldn't fucking agree more

Bob&ErinKiersted ‏@BEkiersted

@AHeinertMidcoSN Best in the business Alex!!

Donna - MAGA WARRIOR! ‏@Mudblood54

@no_silenced The President said “we will never be a socialist nation”. Now to me you can take that two ways. He’… https://t.co/fzYNh13nX5

aquarium fiend ‏@frauglet

guys i just saw parasite

eva ‏@goodheartedjc


Elizabeth ‏@Ashluvsme

Well what do you know!? https://t.co/znIHn9KnRa

seTH?! ‏@chirashitdon

@sunsetqIow its her fault for giving u a big chest tbh her own genes what

apple pie ash 🦃🍁 ‏@ashleyy_sg

feel like i’m at in n out

damaria 🐍💚 ‏@damariagibson

got wrote up at work today anybody hiring ?

𝘕𝘺𝘹 ✨ ‏@NyxKltz

LOOOOONG DAY, I’m exhausted

Peggy Nichols ‏@peggynichols15

@realDonaldTrump @foxandfriends You dug your own grave. You did it by yourself. More Americans dislike you by the a… https://t.co/ynen4EoyYW

crazy lizard queen ‏@glitter_af

@stuffmyshell is it the trash one at least


@CaveFG_YT No designer. We can’t put in work in Louis or Giuseppe!

Amy Klobuchar for President 2020! ‏@tercell98

@veracruisin @amyklobuchar @mare6367 Yeah...prison sounds great! 😀👏

luna ‏@ynamarlyn

Cheese 😠

darian YUGYEOM DAY!! ‏@kthcurIs

@LUIWOOZI now you’re just being extra

emma ❄️ ‏@emmajmsfraser

Harry is the funniest person on the planet I don’t make the rules

Cudii 🏁 ‏@KadeeTooCool

I’m over this bitch barely awake. I’m getting old

Rach Homie Quan 📸🇯🇲 ‏@itsleahcar

@mikey_esquire Same ones who consistently ask for extensions and get mad when people put "Hons." beside dem degree 🌚

A Clockwork Orange Satan ‏@thesatanuknow

Things I'd rather do than see Garth in Neyland tearing up the stadium:

Jarito Mella 🇩🇴‏ ‏@Jaritoh

45 minutes aint shit. I used to ride the train 2 hours to see my ex. Distance aint shit when you really feeling s… https://t.co/2UWkZqm4G5

Bo @ HUALIAN INVENTED LOVE ‏@airplane_bro

Everyday I’m more and more tempted to dye my hair black again and shave my sides more just so u can cosplay Genya

The Wisest of the Wise ‏@WiseOneIII

@ronpearson56 @ScottHech He won’t delete. He’ll say Rispone was behind by triple digits until he got involved.

PyneAple Brandon ‏@PyneApleBrandon

@JavMythic I don't even play music, though that's moreso me not being able to stand still than really dancing

dev ‏@dev0nrussell

how dare harry styles drop watermelon sugar without notice

Aigis ‏@knightofservia

Day 15 is Transdermal Celebration by Devin Townsend Project. Devy really did a Ween cover of all things and it's fa… https://t.co/9uRIbtfErr

Jason Moyes ‏@moyesee

@Cath_Tyldesley Yep no problem with it , down here in Australia we are already wearing the Christmas shirts 🤣

Codemelo Anthjimmy ‏@Jimsus_Code

@thatRYANgirl @overheardinchi_ You live in the suburbs

MarlainaChristine ‏@Marlainaayala

Hot tea for my sore throat😘

John Dales ‏@JohnDales_

@r_nelson18 That’s a hill I’m willing to die on

Baby Nessa ‏@babyynesssaa

My wiener dog looks like the slinky dog from toy story. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

Oh Hayoung ☁️ ‏@G0ogle_eEaa_

@GiveawayTimes @waqiah__ Done

ًalex ‏@busantoes

@jiminie43_ i see,,,

Barry Bahrychuk ‏@soazbnb

No timeout called there?

✨Elez✨ ‏@JCPEArneu

@realW0LFLY @swilleford2 @6SouthPatriot @archangelscottt @AmateurMmo @KBUSMC @RadioInfidelSho @B52mechanic… https://t.co/eFlKLZL1Dg


mannn dat nude color be so fye ona right females 🤦🏾‍♂️



jamie ‏@gnuman1979

Kicked his ass. https://t.co/5JMn2EGLj5

Connor Mortell ‏@ConnorMortell


Ahmad Ibrahim ‏@Ahmaddd_i

@IbraheemGidado @ahmed_nyako @lukmankankia_ @aliyu__aliyu No mind them 😂

A chair took off my bf 💌 /daru雨 🍌🐠 ‏@rainphones

@madlikealynx Ohh yes! xD it's not now tho (i'd be panicking lol). I'm in my house c:

🦁 ✌🏼 TheHappySinner 🔮 👽 ‏@TheHappySinner

Wow now there is a stable fuckin genius. His mind works like a well oiled french fry. Its amahzing. https://t.co/dgWxy3YAot

₵ʜᴀʏ♡ ‏@chiiichaaayyyy

I was never a jealous or insecure person until I was shown that I was so easy to throw away for just about anything.

jeeeeeeeks ‏@jeeeeeeeks

because I need my daily dose of RM... some days I need multiple doses, like today #dailydoseofRM #btsrm 💜 @BTS_twt… https://t.co/1sQ4ygMr5x

fizu ‏@fizabenjamin_

that really rude !!!!!! https://t.co/meooHohsym

DanyElf ☃️ ‏@dany_elle1819

so what I really gather from all this is no schol for me 😅

GoshSteve ‏@GoshSteve

@dcexaminer If it wasn’t for his wife, few people would know the name George Conway. A little less domestic abuse a… https://t.co/IzxIW8jorp

leigh ‏@hayyzeelll

11 hours of sleep

Spaulding Showalter ‏@spauldingshowal

@ChatByCC I’ll accept the results of this no paper ballot election as soon as Dems accept 2016.

M. Burke ‏@burkemm84

@Keepbraggincom @IamVinnyG @MarcellusESQ @TroyRenck You mean stubborn person. That's all a bigot is.

dgaf jr . ‏@methmralda

i’m peesed oof mate

Michael Boudreau ‏@mikeboud22

@damienwoody Was this a top college QB pro day?

Angelica ‏@Gelaiangge

@itsmecyrelle currently playing sakinnn ajakak

New-Yerrr-City !! ‏@Ssjgss7

Todayyy https://t.co/YvXR4TRy9a

Nicolete Marie ‏@nicolemclaine

@WarbyParker @DTSummerlin @GalleriaEdina @intlplaza Any chance you’ll open one in the Murrieta/Temecula of Southern California soon?

RightOfLeft~😉 ‏@AmbarishBanerje

@nikhil_thatte @seenmeme @brumbyoz From where do you get the figure of 70k?

huma ‏@canadiankarla

but yes I'm actually happy and proud of the fact that the main difference this relationship has had on both of them… https://t.co/ZuOq6wF3zi

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