Thinking Face Emoji

A face shown with a single finger and thumb resting on the chin, glancing upward. Used to indicate thinking, or deep thought.

Can be paired with a thought-balloon or a light bulb, to indicate an idea, and is sometimes used to question the intelligence of a written statement aka throwing shade at a person or concept.

One of the few smileys to feature a hand or hands.

Thinking Face was approved as part of Unicode 8.0 in 2015 and added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015.

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Also Known As

🤔 Chin Thumb

🤔 Thinker

🤔 Throwing Shade


🤔 U+1F914


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Kate Batt 🇬🇧🇪🇺🔶⚫🕷️ ‏@KateBatt1

@Journotopia @XRebellionUK He's actually dressed like Calabrese (Italian). British broccoli is the sprouting variet…

Gilberto Isaac Miranda ‏@GIM_Oficial

@MissMartinXXX Where is the video? 🤔😊😏😘

phoebe❤ ‏@phoeberussell_

Am I having a tough time or do I really want to cut my hair shorter 🤔😆

QUEE ‏@Queechurchboi

You funny fool.... We know you the only acting there.... Somebody KitKat have break _-?! 🤔🎭😭😵☕💯

yes™ ‏@Allyphrabot

Girls with this. Are vampires part of the election it's gonna be on here that's seen my face has called me 🤔.

Al Frame ‏@al_frame

I assume the almost unanimous answer from the Scottish football establishment is the UEFA shouldn’t punish the Bulg…

(((Robin))) D ‏@RobinRD4MO

@FoAnimated If my alt doesn't have any of these, how do you? 🤔

Kenny J 🍥 ‏@iKenny_J

I hate to say it but I'm happy 🤔 Fortnite is back for 1 reason.. my friends can shut up now and stop the drama 😂

IanSlaterPhotography ‏@IanSlaterPhoto1

@RubbishWife A big good. Is that Rubbish for “very”? 🤔

PredictZ ‏@predictzcom

Mick McCarthy has spoken out on starting Brighton's Aaron Connolly tonight vs Switzerland. He has reiterated that…

Adam Fletcher 🇬🇧🌳 ‏@adamfletcher03

@ProfBrianCox I always thought the continent of Europe had 44 Countries 🤔

Harrytheman ‏@Hsbmufc

@FlourishChinda @LifeOfOsas @Mr_Allwell @Mr_Owabie In fact that watch does look fake wow 🤔

Juber ahamed ‏@zbrahamed

@ashoswai @Mukth_air Lol how would they know about it when many of them are illiterate 🤔

DET-MASS-RX-78-2 ‏@2Ians

@AREvers Looks like they are trying to play victim...🤔

BugsLula all tweeted out ‏@BugsLula

Parent has given me a jacket potato for lunch with grated wensleydale and no butter 🤨 She just offered ketchup 🤔

Sporting Life Football ‏@SportingLifeFC

🗨️ The pundits on... 🤔🏆 Is the title race over? 👏 Player of the season so far? 👍 Team of the season so far? 😲 Bigg…

petite cha. ෆ ‏@gowoien

@loonyves who is dis? 🤔😂

Buzzing Tracks ‏@BuzzingTracks

3 of the biggest stars! 🤩 Will this be the most viral selfie of the year? 🤔 #ShahRukhKhan

Rooter App ‏@RooterSports

What do you think? 🤔 #MSDhoni #ViratKohli #DavidWarner #KLRahul

La Decima 19/20👆👆 ‏@Boitumellow18

Hebanna! If one cow is worth R205 000. How many cows would you give away as a lobola payment??🤔

The Joe Piscopo Show ‏@JoePiscopoShow

🚨NOW [7:40am EST]: Bob Hennelly (@stucknation), award-winning investigative journalist and a reporter with the Chi…

AlanChapman🏳️‍🌈🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🏴‍☠️🏉🥋 ‏@chapman020

@TheBruceMasters @RogerHallamXR @itvnews @DailyMailUK @TheSun @Channel4News @BreitbartNews @thetimes @spectator…

Movie Cric News ‏@MovieCricNews7

#BiggBossTelugu3 #BiggBoss #varunsandesh #Vithika #RahulSipligunj #BabaBhaskar #SivaJyothiScared4Nominations…

Michael Robinson ‏@MdDeactivated

I've noticed that the People benefiting from voting fraud are the same ones happy to see it continue 🤔

yuri ‏@izoneyur

so boyfie-able!! can i just call you yena oppa? 🤔

10Ten Talent ‏@10TenTalent

Ever tried recreating your favourite fast food at home? 🤔 Don’t miss tonight’s episode of Snackmasters as…

“EL Sueño Dominicano” Davey Duarte ‏@ELSuenoDuarte

@WWERollins I think you might have fallen into @WWEBrayWyatt trap. He is the only 1 who can keep The Fiend out. By…

silky ‏@SilkyNsa

@RaviSar59958392 @Puneetvizh @chinmoyee5 Indeed Govt is not working at all...N despite all this jio mobiles r at ha…

LL Cool Kagla🇿🇦 ‏@Phaleng85

@_Hybreed_ 94 years from now it will 2113,so you mean no one alive today will reach age 94?🤔

Tabitha is confused ‏@GhostOfYou93

I honestly have yet to understand how it is not akward to have your phone out and recording while talking to someon…

Jon Mac ‏@jon_macd

@BBCTalkback Only here would you have people moaning about this issue - elsewhere it would be seen as “having the b…

Cristian ‏@cris_zamudio_

We try for a boy or what? 🤔

Տɑվժe ‏@RealSlimSayde_

Think I want to change my name and @. 🤔

amanda gee ‏@amandagee414

i think they look badass but idk anything that i like that much that i want to tattoo on my body 🤔

JT 👭🌈🎩 ‏@beakerJT

Wow!! Well I managed not to self combust with the aid of an oxygen mask 😉🤯 If only Willow had drunk less tequila...…

Phon Thatvihane ‏@PhonThatvihane

@awonderland He was probably searching for his serotonin while tweeting this 🤔

Mr. Grizzco ‏@MrGrizzco

I am wondering... Which characters from Fire Emblem Three Houses would describe each of my closest friends best? 🤔…

주내이드 ‏@JujOfTheJungle

@Lagaduids I just think he doesn't fuck with Özil. He doesn't fit into his plans 🤔

Lorie_Sue ‏@Lorie_Sue2

@__Moonraker__ I think that phone has you beat.. 🤔

forkknifeioi ‏@forkknifeioi

@FuryArts I got killed by someone who missed a lot with a shotgun, but got me with a sniper. 🤔

🌻✨ ‏@EatItEdith

Saul is sound asleep too....should I wake him up and make him go to the gym with me? 🤔 Naaahhhh I’ll just crawl back into bed 😂

LilzoeboiFresh ‏@LilzoeboiFresh

@gshit_trab Slight 100 🤔

jnothing ‏@joannothing

@tinderdistrict If you don't have any standard you can't [email protected] nobody but you. Huh!? 🤔

Bashir بشیر ‏@bashirska

@ndtv Why only during election 🤔

Claire Lettice 🇺🇾🕷 ‏@letticebegin

@TheEventGB @MandrakeMoon @stephenkerrMP *Embassies.....and diplomats 🤔

Mondo Lopez ‏@mondolopez2

@kat77candyman @RudeKara Indeed...🤔

𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕪𝕒𝕒𝕒𝕒.𝕤𝕪𝕞𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕖🤩 ‏@aniyaaaasymonee

@MWolfffff @ColeCarrigann @AustinMcbroom wouldn’t you be scared if you got raped too? 🤔 wouldn’t you want your frie…

garbage salad🥗 ‏@goodbuzzbro

unlimited breadsticks were introduced specifically for hungry boomers but they don't believe in healthcare for all? 🤔

@Nicole ‏@Collaikulay

@stvn_kyle Oh ano yon?🤔

Catherine Graham ‏@CGrahamPoetUK

@IMcMillan Looking back, I realise Aunty Edie was completely oblivious as all she said was, “Anyone want a Murray M…

Kristina ‏@fairymoon4

Seems like a trick question 🤔

joe griffin ‏@joegrif81306734

@CaraCreditUnion I sent u a message asking will be be introducing the current account card 2 all ur members, I have a account with u.🤔

R3V3RS3R Mayers 😱🔪🇵🇹 ‏@R3V3RS3R

@tinyBuild Yep. Legit! It happens more often than I would like to! 🤔😆

B🌹 ‏@bankroll_boobie

I’ve NEVER had a white iPhone. I might order the 11 I’m white.. decisions decisions 🤔

Black Ice Gaming ‏@_BlackIceGaming

@UGKEli Battle rap don’t have arenas 🤔

Sarah ‏@s124_x

I do not think I automatically deserve someone’s money just because they are submissive. No one is. Yet I see so ma…

Rishi ‏@MrIndian15

@devduttmyth In USA ?? Till date how many Americans win Nobel Prizez 🤔

Amanda Bordin 👩‍🔬 (at NRLSID2019) ‏@AKBordin

@speedx @NRLScience What a funky bunch! 💃🕺 Who's the Marky Mark of SpeeDx? 🤔

dean biggs ‏@biggsdean

@CarnoustieC @coys100 Of corse it useful that 4 mill pound that whl would not of generated . That on top of a ten m…

UndiscoveredFamousPerson✏ ‏@SkyIsntDaLimit

@SadityyyB But u were still able to tweet this 🤔

Christopher Wright ‏@ChristopherWri4

@StanCollymore Well done England fans? 🤔

Paco de Miranda 🌐 ‏@PacoDeMiranda

@vpetrash Repulsive is right. Wonder if Napoleon's reference was about Macron 🤔

Lethokuhle Kambule 🇿🇦 ‏@IamLtkWarric

@SizweDhlomo “simple life..” 🤔

John McCarthy ‏@JohnMcC35020422

@piersmorgan BS Nobody remembers losers 🤔😂

MokgatlaⓂ🇧🇼 ‏@Wa_Ga_Mmanaana

@deemah_setso Mmh! And le na le setshwano, you and her...🤔

Ola.O ‏@OlaOwojori

Interesting how many African governments are choosing to control freedom of speech through censorship 🤔

AnakAgungYoga ‏@gungyogawisma

@ARINDApramesti Introvert 🤔

max ‏@MaxSapitula

@KairuAstilla Aw true to life no partner 🤔

nina ‏@roaffff

I’ve been in bed since 7am waiting for an email that says class is canceled 🤔

⚔️🛡🔆Baltim🔆🛡⚔️ ‏@HighlordBaltim

@ElfShadez Ice it. Carefully. With a good cloth padding between the ice pack and your eye. And maybe take some ibu.…

Nina Caliente ‏@Courtney_Haven

Since my birthday is in the middle of the week next year I’m trying to do a week off and travel but where to go 🤔

Paddington Ewart ‏@mik61scot

Minor Miscalculation by @POTUS 🤔

Brixx ‏@brixxmcrae

I have always said when by 10 to 14 points in the nfl in order to keep thr refs at a distance. With all the bad ca…

𝘿𝙮𝙣𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙘𝙋𝙪𝙡𝙨𝙚 ‏@dynamicpulse_

@Leizehh It went pretty well! Still haven’t decided yet between DLive or Twitch... 🤔

jhandy ‏@JhandyLast

let's end this. 🤔

big'Dawgg ‏@kickinSHIT4real

No fr 🤔

🚩 ‏@CashOutTick

@Poz80 Scary. But I wonder what he was betting on 🤔

American Warrior ‏@Swilkins1998

Newsmax poll this morning. Sad that it loooks like just under a quarter of the votes are still ignorant enough to v…

ʏᴜɴᴋɪ ᴍᴏᴏɴ ‏@littleonemyg

I wonder if he has my notis on 🤔 That was fast to see

Patrick M. ‏@sfpodge

anyone know the source of this photo? this was taken at night, right? how’s that kid reading the newspaper after th…

Sandra Ifeoluwa Aworinde ‏@Sandralistical

@Moss_2kriss @bizzleosikoya 🤔 Because it's more fluffy Or we don't even know

🇿🇦SkhuraFortify🇿🇦 ‏@SkhuraOmen

@akhona_nkangana @Nhlokzin @adammohammed_54 @akaworldwide I think he's not talking about US music but South African…

Pat's O'dest Mandarinia Moose Limb ‏@metooqmcgds

@PatUnleashed @KeithMalinak @JeffyJFR #putthatinyourpipe @glennbeck @SteveDeaceShow @ValentineShow @SaraGonzalesTx…

//Lorenzo\\ ‏@Lor6436

@TUPPERWAVEMUSIC Wonder who won 🤔

BetterDayTomorrow ‏@tdayisnotsobad

@ABCWorldNews You have NO credibility now. I thought the first rule was to check your sources. 🤔

Abdishakur Hussein 🇰🇪 ‏@ASHAKURHUSSEIN

@FauziaAliHassan What have they given you? Some shares? 🤔

yakap ‏@yakapngtb

lmao. but i gave my guy best friend his dream pair of shoes for his bday just recently. kami na rin ba nun????? 🤔

Ola.O ‏@OlaOwojori

@qzafrica Interesting how many African governments are choosing to control freedom of speech through censorship 🤔

Fatima ‏@fatimaaaf123

I just realised how cheating is so normalised is so many of american series/movies set in the olden times 🤔

Pidge. ‏@LukeyPidge

I swear to fuck I’m either bi polar or I’ve got a split personality 👼 😈 orrr I could just be a full time lunatic not to sure ....... 🤔

Blue Rose Samurai ‏@LionHeartKnight

These answers are actually really interesting. Consensus seems to be re-election whether people hate him or not. 🤔

mom. ‏@_OhhEmGEE

I want to buy a 7-Eleven 🤔 how much do I need for that?

Ste ‏@SteSlinger

@jenn_bbygirl89 Really 🤔😂😂

Emperor maruda ;) ‏@rob_krol

@MuseZack maybe this is answer for your questions about guliani 😏🤔😎

The Man In The High Castle Humour and Discussion ‏@tmithc_fanpage

@hornedfrog86 Right?! I don’t know if the original world would have bright colours and all that but defo the alt-wo…

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